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  1. Hahaha my sides are in orbit. How do big developers still do this occasionally?
  2. Not true. No Playstation game by Insomniac has ever had DLC trophies, but that's because no Insomniac Playstation game has ever had DLC. They made Sunset Overdrive for Xbone, it had DLC and the DLC had more achievements. Not a doubt in my mind the DLC for Spider-Man will have new trophies.
  3. Oh I did. I triple checked every area, even went through guides to check more slowly. I have everything. It's just glitched.
  4. From what I've found, playing coop is what glitches some of the trophies. Like if a friend picks up a bonus medal, it counts as you getting it BUT it doesn't count towards you getting the trophy. So you have to start a new game and pick up bonus medals until the trophy pops.
  5. I started playing this game just before the new year. I was sure by now the glitched trophies would have been worked out, but nope. There are 5 trophies glitched for me. They are: 1. The Whole Story (Found all documents) 2. Legendary Hunter (Discovered all legends) 3. Heavy Medals (Collected all the bonus medals) 4. Assault Rifle Fanatic (Collected all assault rifle models) 5. Mission Master (Completed all Story missions) I checked and double checked and I should have all of these. Anyone know any remedy?