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  1. Go into the challenge with princess, make a note of the rayman character currently in the challenge, quit out of the challenge and then change into that rayman character. This should give you the princess character in the challenge
  2. I’ve not done one of these challenges before, but how do you ensure that when you reach the 4095 part that you endure that reach the glitched distance. I hope that makes sense.
  3. Thanks guys. So if I was on my survivor + save file to start the game on grounded difficulty, it would count as a grounded + playthrough and so I would get both trophies? That’s a relief if that’s the case. @FeelTheCosmos Weirdly I’ve always found Chapter 9 to be one of the easier chapters but maybe I found that section so traumatic in years past that I am selectively forgetting the pain I went through. For me, the sewer section with the stalkers was the worst part. Very thankful they were hardly in the first game.
  4. Looking to do one final playthrough for the two grounded trophies, but I think it would be more enjoyable to play the games in chronological order rather then playing the second last chapter on grounded + and then working backwards? Is this possible provided I have a completed survivor + save file or is the only way to get both trophies in one go the reverse playthrough method.
  5. What I’m wondering (and admittedly I’m not going to read the entire thread to find out) is how this trophy syncing thing would affect PS3 games on PS Now. That’s of course if this who PSN shutting down thing is true as who knows until there’s an official statement.
  6. Thank you looks like I’ll wait for the Digital Pro Edition to go back on sale then.
  7. The description on the Playstation Store says that the Digital Pro Edition includes the Season Pass which is comprised of "4 action-packed DLC Packs". I'm guessing these are the Havoc, Ascendance, Supremacy, and Reckoning packs but I'm not seeing any information that confirms this. Also, any reason why I would get the gold edition over the Digital Pro edition? Thanks
  8. Thanks! Looks like I won’t be getting the game then as seems like more trouble then it’s worth
  9. As title says, want to see if I can play all the parts in this game with just a ps3 controller, as I imagine the specific drums and guitars would be annoying and inconvenient to buy and have around. Also, is this platinum available solo or do I need other people?