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  1. Very much. It means you have to do the playthrough from scratch.
  2. Here's another link:
  3. It has been confirmed yes. 10-14-2020 is the date.
  4. Far Cry Primal.
  5. I had no problem getting the Out Of The Fire trophy. I guess not.
  6. It means while playing from scratch regardless of difficulty.
  7. I got the trophy although I played the first 13 chapters on Ubers and the final 3 chapters on the lowest available difficulty.
  8. I played all but the final 3 chapters on Uber difficulty. After getting frustrated with not being able to fight off a wave of enemies at the beginning of Chapter 14, I decided to forget about trying to Platinum it and settle for just beating the game. The Uber Hero trophy came as a surprise, because most games which I'm allowed to switch the difficulty during the campaign would have just gave me the trophy for the difficulty I ended up beating it on.
  9. I just got the trophy for beating the game on UBER though I played the final 3 chapters on the lowest difficulty. I didn't see that one coming. After struggling to get past through the part where I crashed the space pod into the building and fight off a wave of enemies, I decided to forget about the quest for Platinum and just settle for whatever I could on a lower difficulty. The copy I own is digital. Apparently, you have to start and play most of the game on UBER. I got the trophy that way.
  10. I'm 2 days into the game and I'm still not able to sync the trophies into the PSN servers.
  11. It is indeed hard.
  12. It can be done in Mission Select. It's the rare weapons that might prevent you from getting the trophy since you'll most likely miss them upon a single playthrough.
  13. I finally got the trophy with a 14.9. Same here about the last part. I actually beat the record (14.85) and tied the record (15.1) before only to see the trophy not pop for some reason. I thought I got screwed. Now with that out of thew way, I can go for the Platinum. I thought the same thing yesterday. It does help, especially at the end where you have to hit the final 2 targets.
  14. Indeed.
  15. If you want an easy Platinum, yeah! Otherwise, you're better off sticking to the main AC games that usually come out on home console.