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  1. Finally got this trophy! Played on a friends account and even with the exploit it took me ~10hrs. EU version game played in German. Didn't recieved my reward after the fifth win so I had to restart the game a few times until the crown was recieved and the trophy popped. I'm wishing everyone great luck with this. Don't give up.
  2. Thank you, this was very helpful!
  3. Great idea! I just did that and it showed 71 gold medals but the trophy progress was at 98 I guess I get one more
  4. I have 71 Gold medals now but still no trophy, anybody know if some of the story medals don't count towards the trophy? Update: After one gold medal more the trophy popped.
  5. I got this on my first run at the endfight something is odd with the trophy.
  6. Sign me up for Legend got all of them.