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  1. I enjoyed the challenges on the base game, got the plat and stopped playing after feeling powerful enough.. but now with this dlc im really disappointed, i thought they would add a separated trophy list with a plat since the price is very high... =(
  2. no cross save and no auto pop, when u buy it u get ps4 and 5 version, no major differences but the game is pretty good especially if u couch coop so.. i would reccomend this game to anyone, its easy and a great game for your free time.
  3. Nioh 1 and 2 Remastered Complete Edition =)
  4. This biome was the worst for me, took me almost a week playing on my free time(1-2h a day) keep rushing that and just pay attention to the map. Ignore most enemies and you'll eventually get it. I heard a lot of people in the same situation, but im sure when ull find it besides the stress youll get that good feeling of completionist hehe
  5. There are trophies related to getting kills using the dlc weapons.. theyll help u too =)
  6. can confirm to u that alienation is great! If youre going for 100% make sure to get the dlcs =)
  7. man this is great, i never knew about this. Im just amazed hehe
  8. i wonder how long it should take too, i think something around 90-100h at least.
  9. Wolfenstein 2 The new Colossus. Finally, im Free.
  10. Both of them are gltiched/broken a while ago. You can contact them at their discord server, it sucks they didn't fixed yet. I heard it's because it depends on their port them.. Really sad.. You can try to earn them on a guest account then login into yours..
  11. I think u need to do the quest from blood mages, then get the vampiric weapon...