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  1. tried reinstalling it says need network
  2. i will start with the easiest one first Thanks
  3. Thanks i am very determined!!
  4. nat geo challenge !!
  5. glad to have you have aboard the hype train
  6. loved bad company series well mainly because of the humour more of like the cod world at war with the campaigns I just hope it will have at least decent conquest your right we need a new interesting change and I'm all in!! how dare you not like battlefield ! not even the goodly bf1944?? thanks 's for the addition
  7. What are u guys speculating is gonna happen ? I swear I hope there's no spaceships! (Less than 24 hours till full trailer!!)
  8. DMC

    Thanks will be grabbing this soon!
  9. Seems like a great start to this challenging game thanks.
  10. DMC

    Should i get the remastered definitive version of DMC1 or play the old version? im a noob so i have not ever finished a DMC game
  11. Thanks for the tip after reviewing some of the trophies i agree its scary but then again its a pretty damn fun game i am going to start gearing up for the perfect boss fights!
  12. I thought about that and I might ! Thanks for the response
  13. Currently beating up fo4 and soon wolfenstein for plats then dmc
  14. fo4 or dmc thanks for stopping by! fo4 or dmc thanks for stopping by!!