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  1. Good to know. Thanks for your quick answer!
  2. Hey lads, do you know if the games that will leave will be playable if downloaded? Or do I have to hustle Shadow Warrior 3 now?
  3. Hey guys, is it possible to autopop the trophies from PS4 to PS5 or vice versa?
  4. Thanks mate! Guess who has to download the PS5 version again..... deleted it two days ago^^ *edit For all of you who also deleted their PS5 version. It is enough to get it playable! You will end up in the Music Rally menu. Then quit and start the PS4 version. Autopop starts.
  5. Awesome! Thanks for your work! Small bonus: If you want to get the trophy on your PS4, just buy a cheaper car from the "Legend Dealership" and you will get it! You don't have to buy one of the expensive legendary ones.
  6. This is what works for me the best: Just use ONE driving assistance, either TCS on 1 OR counter steering assistance! Using both at the same time will slow you down a way to much. I would advise to get comfortable with TCS off and use the CSA instead.
  7. This is exactly how it works BUT it seems like one of the developers forgot a semicolon somewhere in their script That's why we still chill on 0 percent!
  8. To increase the outcome, do it at night You will earn a bit more runes than during day time bc the bowling ball will be a red eyed one
  9. Decent list. The events in 100 different cars could be annoying but sounds also doable. Luckily no globe trophy....
  10. Guess who played the games in the wrong order.... need an PS5 to PS4 feature... ASAP
  11. It happened to me once or twice. But after a "reclick" it worked without any trouble. The DLCs took a while to load in the career menu.
  12. Hi, there are a lot of these "easy trophiepop" games out there. Here are a few more for you: LOOT HERO DX BURLY MEN AT SEA A WINTER'S DAYDREAM JACK N' JILL DX CHICKENS ON THE ROAD ROAD BUSTLE THE WORLD OF NUBLA MIDNIGHT DELUXE LITTLE ADVENTURE ON THE PRAIRIE But be aware, most of the games aren't that good^^
  13. Same problem for me. No chance to start the career mode.
  14. Does anyone know if the "Teambuilding" trophy is achievable trough the web app?
  15. There you go: 6/27/2018 (PS4: v1.03 / PC: v1.02) [Update for Vita at a later date] -Reduced the frequency of application errors -Fixed an error in which a specific magic effect remains inverted -Fixed an error in which arms weakness against sub-race did not work properly -Fixed a part of magic behavior, state abnormal behavior, ally AI movement -Fixed an error in which attack target specification does not work properly -Fixed an error that was partially not working properly, regarding the extent of attack and the determination of deathblows -Changed camera position in battle with some monsters -Fixed an error on the part of the display in the event scene, in the menu screen, during the magic action, after the game data is loaded Additional Functions made: -Changed to open the ring command used last time as the initial position -Display magical effect content when selecting magic with ring command -Added a comparative guide display with current equipment when purchasing armor at shop -Change to the specification that the cursor hits the current equipment when armor gear is equipped -Display MISS and Damage 0 separately when attacking -On the load screen, display the cursor on the latest saved data -When the name of the character is called during voice playback, only the name of the character whose name was changed is changed to specification that SE is played -Added playback of NG sound when trying to open a ring command at the timing when the ring command can not be opened