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  1. Yes' i have the same problem to.
  3. Hello, I am trying to get the tropht a "steel fist expert" and i killed 10people in a row with a fist after shooting them 2 shots because if i am shooting them 1 shot and them hiting them they aren't dying but after i am killing 10 in a row i am still not getting the trophy. ANY ONE KNOW WHY??? PlEASE HELP ME ITS MY LAST TROPHY FOR A PLAT.
  4. Did the update fixed the "Know no fear" trophy and echo number 3? Those are the only trophis that i got left.
  5. where can i find the pipe wrench?
  6. i completed the lest mission after i did all the homies mission and i got the gold trophy saints and sensibility you are getting him after completing all the homies mission before the finell mission but there was i gitch and i didnt get kinzi trophy. i already did sex with her so its not this. any one know why? without him i cant get a plat.
  7. hello, in th egame i did every thing for Kinzi but i didnt get a trophy. any idea? please help me its my first plat lol.