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  1. No but most trophies will. You still need to play about 9 hours to do the extra content they added to get the platinum
  2. Every PS4 game that has a ps5 version will have a new trophy list on the ps5 it’s the way they built the ps5
  3. Check this site out on weekends it even tells you what tracks are coming up for next week. Also then you know when reset is
  4. ZOS_Kevin August 10 Staff Post Thanks for the follow up on this thread. We want to provide a quick update on this issue. We are working closely with our partners at Sony on investigating a solution. This will take some time and we’ll provide an update when we have more details to share. Thanks for your continued patience.
  5. Your best bet is to try and make a loop team that way the enemy don’t even have a chance to take a turn. I can beat level 1000 players with a loop team and I’m only level 257, and also most content can be taken down with a loop team. So best bet research what cards you need to make a loop team
  6. The guy above you seems to care 🤷‍♂️
  7. Yeah it’s happening for a lot of people in the uk and eu at the moment for this game and assassin creed Valhalla. I have seen one work around to try and fix this problem for now if you can’t wait for Ubisoft/Sony to sort it. Make a turkey 🇹🇷 psn account then use that account to get that free upgrade then play on your main account.
  8. It’s because they changed the trophy icons so having a shared list with PS4 wouldn’t work because of the icon size difference. 😂
  9. It will be only one list you will be fine to save it to play on the ps5. it’s only games with dual releases that will have two list
  10. This was probably an expansion for final fantasy 14 and square just told them to turn it into a full game and release it because we need a new final fantasy game lol I definitely thought it would be a expansion for ff14 while watching it had the same vibe
  11. Congratulations to the winner
  12. Hey there I have just platinum uncharted golden abyss thanks for the competition
  13. You get it for unlocking battle intel 16
  14. Mine from very got dispatched today so don’t worry I’m sure yours will too 😊😊😊