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  1. "Say cheese"
  2. cool idea to tackle my back log sign me up I will be down for this
  3. Human eyes don't have a zoom - Well then how do you bring a small object into sharp focus? - You just move your head closer to the object!
  4. Even the ps4 got Remastered this gen lol
  5. I started playing the game of the year edition, but stopped when I heard they were working on a hdr patch. Finally glad I can go back to it in all its glory
  6. I used the insect glaive but the Best way is to use the bolt gun on the side of the arena it kills them really quick. So kill 10 of them then flash the puki then use the gun again repeat easy as that
  7. Quick there's a special arena quest that has you killing bugs takes two minutes to do that's how I got my 50 in quick time
  8. swashbuckle
  9. 2 words for you "Political correctness" 😉
  10. Left!
  11. No just look for the map names.
  12. It all depends on the colour of the unicorn
  13. Cool I sent you a friends request I'm gmt so your time zone is only one hour plus for me so it's all good
  14. Well I have the trophy but if I'm on the same time as you just send me a message and we can team up. Neon gladiators is the best map so far for it, it's quick and last night most people voted for it.