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  1. Took me 1 month to get the online M , I was failing at the beginning but I eventually used the guide on here to win the matches and survive the entire 12 days.
  2. You are not missing anything, it was a terrible. Gillian may have got the walk right and the voice but I don't remember Maggie Thatcher having a hunchback posture. Meryl Streep in contrast did a way better job.
  3. I am pretty glad that there is no speedrun or permadeth or both together trophies in this sequel, still haven't tried to achieve that one again [ I kept dying to those slug things every time ].
  4. I agree it should have been separate 100% or Platinum so that you have the choice, I just think it was mean of them to disable saving.
  5. Dumbest thing they could have done imo, it's not possible to do this game in one sitting, even the Amiga allowed you to save. It will probably sit at 1% on my list, shame GODS Remastered didn't have any of this no save stuff, and I doubt Shadow of the Beast remakes has this either.
  6. Seriously doesn't anyone understand sarcasm when they see it๐Ÿ™„ @Arijain I am sure this game is able to be Platinumed on the PS5, check your connections with your TV to the Console it could be an issue with that or your TV itself as other posters have suggested.
  7. and:
  8. Possibly Demon Souls especially the one on PS5, still no stock here of the console here in the UK.
  9. @enaysoftI received Turrican Flashback, I pre-ordered mine from Amazon UK, I heard about the Anthology version but I haven't seen it retail.
  10. I have 735 Unearned Trophies.
  11. Received the game in the post today, I only ever played Turrican 2 on the Amiga, don't think I ever finished though but certainly looking forward to hearing its soundtrack after all these years. I guess you could play the game in Standard, so there is no pressure to get the trophies and familiarise yourself with the game then go into Trophy Challenge mode, which I think I will do as I haven't played since the 90's.
  12. Hollow Knight: Test of Resolve: Defeat Hornet at Greenpath. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY Edition: Family Councilor: Find the Baron's Wife and Daughter.
  13. The games are not terrible, with regards to their storylines, its just the orb collection in Jak 2 and 3 are far harder than in the original story which were collected and traded through natural progression of the storyline - there are plenty of Youtube videos for collecting them in Precursor Legacy and picking them up isn't that hard, might need some serious platforming skills in the final level of Precursor Legacy though. Where as in Jak 2 and 3, some are in areas that you visit but some are won in mini games that involve time trials which can be very annoying in one particular one where Jak is being bombarded by enemies and only has a few seconds to get the Orb that has appeared above him. I just used the debug code for the final orb collection trophies on both Jak 2 and 3 as I couldn't face doing all the mini games for the final lot of orbs, particularly the one I mentioned. I liked the storylines though.
  14. Speed Demon Complete the game in under 3 hours I enjoyed playing the Monkey Island Original games again, I just so wish that Curse of Monkey Island could be remastered.
  15. I am struggling with this one too, the one where you are riding Mr Pink and its out of reach about a spiky bit and the bounce pad. The guide says to get hit by the spikes ie get hurt and use the space with the bounce pad to bounce and reach the hundredsparkle but I cannot get Kuturo cannot reach it that way. They should have had a platforming [ cutting ] bit there imo. I love platformers but at the same time they annoy me with out of reach collectibles. Would be nice to get the Platinum for this rare game.