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  1. Obtain 100 Stars Obtain a total of 100 Stars
  2. If you are missing Gold Bolts even with the Map to them, then you haven't gone back to the Great Clock and gone into Clanks memory banks [ one of those chambers he goes into ] where you get the last bolts by completing multi-clank puzzles to reach them [ you need some serious muscle memory for them as they are harder than the ones you did with Sigmund ]. You just have to complete all of the Cup Tournaments for the Arena trophies to pop: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Raritanium Cups have to be completed in order to achieve the trophies for them individually. If you are missing some space missions, then talking to a Vullard at any of the depots can sometimes give you a mission to do if you have missed any. Hope that helps, the bolt one can be misleading on the secrets map [ map o matic ] as it shows them in thin air in the Great Clock but they are in Clanks head. You just go into one of the Mneumonic Chambers and you will be given the same thing as before with the coloured holograms to use them to reach the bolts.
  3. 30 Double Windchill Combine 30 Windchill Gems
  4. Mine are in my signature [ for both accounts ].
  5. Ultimate Collector Transfer All Holo-Trinkets to Your Brooch
  6. The Zen of Screaming Set The Kids Exhibit to Speak "Aggressively"
  7. The remake is said to be Single Player only with the DLC Left Behind attached, so just the Single Player campaign. I did the MP on the Remaster eventually because I didn't have a Plus account when the game came out, there are a lot of toxic players on the servers though and it often had connection issues. It took me 7 months on my second account to Platinum and complete the remaster on PS4 and 2 years on this one [ due to coming back once I got plus ]. I am glad that the new PS5 remade version will be Single Player, I am not paying 70 pounds for it though.
  8. Beyond A Steel Sky Your Lesson's Are Over Complete All Tutorials Only installed this one last night, I bought the Steelbook edition which is interesting. So far an interesting kind of game, fascinating way to have animated the main protagonist whom the creators have given a cartoon style kind of facial features. Will be doing some more later on today.
  9. Thanks for the tip on Peaky Blinders Mastermind, a very annoying little puzzle and also annoying to be stuck on the first puzzle too. I will probably go back to it at some stage.
  10. Time and Time Again Possibly the only trophy I may get, since I am stuck on the first puzzle, the Guy that you need to get a door open to get steal some Champagne, only has a very short 10 sec timer, which is not enough time for me to have the door stay open whilst I get the champagne and leave, I got this trophy just by trying to rewind enough time for him to keep the door open for me, but the timer is too short and runs down too quickly.
  11. Yes and I have just done a third and got the new code via my computer instead of the QR and typed it out and its just going back to the QR page every time.
  12. I have already done that twice and the PS3 just goes back to the QR code page every time, it just doesn't accept the code - it won't log in.
  13. PS3 is connected to the web as I have checked it status list but I cannot actually do at test as the PSN fails due to no login , inputted correctly as well - it just won't except the password, is there any way of syncing any PS3 trophies I get on my alt account on another system so I don't get that missing timestamp crap.
  14. The Device password isn't working and I am typing out the letters correctly including capital letters that it has and now its just going back to the QR code page again, I created one 2 weeks ago [ I am doing Ratchet and Clank 3 on my alt account ] and that seems to have expired and the new one doesn't work either.
  15. Sadly no, my old 2007 Fat model got so noisy and it didn't have as much memory either so I replaced it in 2013 with the 500 G Slim model that has the slide CD Rom draw.