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  1. I am happy to achieve a Platinum for any game, whether it took me 3 hours or it took me 3 years.
  2. It was Malfoy whom created the badges, not Ron - he is way too loyal to do that, his Patronus tells all you need to know about Ron's true nature. Yes John Williams is a great composer, he only did the first 3 movies though, which were rated PG [ Parental Guidance here in the UK ] so are family viewing but with some guidance due to some dark themes for younger children, given that Harry and Co are aged between 11 and 13 in the first 3 movies and books, its safe to say that's the target audience. He had other commitments so other composers did the other movies [ Patrick Doyle for Goblet of Fire, Nicholas Hooper for Order and HBP and lastly Alexandre Desplat for the final two movies ]. The thing with Ron is he is embarrassed about being poor and he has this famous friend whom is a like another brother to him and although Harry doesn't care about his "fame", Ron often feels like he is living in Harry's shadow [ his misplaced envy in the Goblet of Fire last a lot longer in the book than it does in the movie ]and he has conflicted feelings over Hermione as she has been a friend [ annoyed with her at the beginning but admired her for her brilliance and giftedness in magic ], but even at 12 going on 13 he is starting to see her as more than that, and vice versa but isn't able to say how feels properly towards her until he is 18. Alan Rickman [ a major loss to the thespian world ] played Snape brilliantly, a complex anti-hero whose bitterness over his mistake [ not in the movie ] and the loss of someone he truly loved [ if not reciprocated ] in the world, made his relationship with her son a very difficult and complicated one as he was the embodiment of both the love of his life, Lily and someone he disliked intensely due to him being ridiculed and humiliated by him, his father James. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The last movie I watched was: I didn't think it would be very good, I had the original on VHS. But, it was very entertaining and the stunts, of which Tom does his own are brilliant. Naturally he still has issues with his superiors but there is another complication in his life, the shadow of his late friend from the first film, played by Anthony Edwards [ E.R ] Goose, is in the form of his son, and sadly there is conflict there because he promised his mother [ played by Meg Ryan in the original movie ] that he would not fly thus stopped his application and the boy has a hard time of forgiving him, not realising his promise. A small cameo appearance from a very sick Val Kilmer [ total shock ] as his former colleague and later good friend too, Iceman.
  3. I remember having it on Taito Legends for PS2.
  4. Yes the Kingfisher is a bird: The Marsh Harrier is a bird of prey species.
  5. Thanks for the response, I shall try some the options and I think I will give it a clean as well whilst I am at it.
  6. I was just going to address this, since the recent update of the dualsense, my launch controller too has been pulling the camera angle to the left. I have just recently got the Platinum again for Rift apart on my second account, but when I played and got my 75th on this account, the camera was perfectly fine and was always to the front and behind rivet or ratchet, but when I played it on my other account, the camera was constantly pitching to the left [ or swing around fast ]. I have just launched Death's Door again and whilst the controller is sitting still on the floor whilst I am typing this and the Crow is just standing in front of the first levels door, the screen is shuddering left to right, sometimes uncontrollably. This is the first time I have ever had a drifting controller, not even PS3 or 4 ones ever did this[ certainly not mine anyway ] wtf did Sony do? It's only 16 months old and the controllers don't come cheap especially if you go for the coloured ones [ the purple one being almost £90 ] and if it IS the update then they are going to drift as well as soon as you launch the update. Is there a workaround in the settings maybe? Maybe Sony need to be informed that their update sucks and has made things worse for players, and for players that are prone motion sickness [ one big reason why I don't play games in first person ] its not good.
  7. 15 Double Iceberg Combine 15 Double Iceberg Gems
  8. The Rig on Amazon Prime, good special effects but terrible plotline and sadly even veteran actors like Iain Glen and Owen Teale don't distract it being awful.
  9. Reached Level 30 Reached Player Level 30
  10. Rode All Regular Mounts Rode A Charger, Bristleback and Clawstrider Finally got to override the Clawstrider, as the guide says it looks and acts like a Velociraptor, sadly I only got to ride him a little while as we were set upon by 3 Acid variants and sadly he died trying to fight them to their acid attack.
  11. Recovered AETHER Defended the Kalrut and recovered AETHER
  12. Must of changed it in an update because you had to do as you said, beat the game in story or any other lower difficulty before going for Master.
  13. Reached Level 20 Reached Player Level 20
  14. PS1 Deathtrap Dungeon Tomb Raider 2 and 3 Metal Gear Solid PS2 Definitely the HP game series Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly Alone In The Dark: A New Nightmare PS3 Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction Assassin's Creed Folklore From the PC era The Monkey Series, especially Curse of Monkey Island as it was the best one LittleBigAdventure and its sequel LBA2 also known as Twinsen's Odyssey The 7th Guest and its sequel the 11th Hour We have also seen some Amiga Classics get the remaster/reboot treatment like GODS, Turrican, Shadow of the Beast, Flashback but what about James Pond 1 and 2 [ Robocod ], Rainbow Islands and Zool I believe Bubble Bobble is part of the Arcade Archives series so that one is already out there.