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  1. It goes up to 1000 pressing the L3 and X on the second controller and you get no trophy or the platinum.
  2. All I need is the orbiter of record trophy and I don't think I want to do this method 600 times, couldn't they just of made it like the PS3 release, with using the second controller.
  3. Debug mode doesn't work for Orb collection, just gives the orbs but no trophy.
  4. Practically every game I have owned whether physical or digital has crashed on me sometime or other, you are not alone. Its very annoying, I really hope the PS5 doesn't crash this much as this Generation has. PS2 and 3 never crashed on me.
  5. I don't actually own a Vita but I still own a PS3, and play games on it from time to time and also need to get trophies and Plats for some. The only ones I cannot complete are The Last of Us and the two Uncharted games because of the servers and LBP Karting too.
  6. Then that doesn't make you a very nice person, this is a game with a sense of humour and we could all do with that right now. So don't be all pithy about people having this game on their lists, I believe at least one gamer on this site found it difficult. A Game is a game and its your choice whether you want to spend 99 pence on a bit of harmless fun for 1hr or not,
  7. One of the reasons why I avoid any game in First Person [ I have Soma on my profile but wasn't aware it was FP although with hindsight it didn't make me feel ill ], is because they make me feel disorientated and motion sick and motion sickness is very rare for me generally, only thing I can suggest is taking something like Joyrides which are very inert seasickness pills, my sister takes those on holidays and stuff, anything the Ginger in it helps enormously for any kind of sickness so Ginger Fizzy Pop, biscuits, cake or even sweeties with Ginger will help. As for the game suggestions, I don't know - I have actually only recently purchased the game myself and haven't played it yet as I am doing Mad Max at the moment and trying to get that Dividend skill before the time runs out [ personally wish I had bought it 5 years ago ]. Turning the motion blur off etc should have helped you though.
  8. No, all the DLC's in this game are single player.
  9. Then don't get yourself stressed about people whom are stupid online, it takes a lot of practice to be able to do MP, I only recently did the MP for The Last of Us and I failed a lot of times, until I read the guide here and used a strategy to win the matches and survive and complete the MP and get the Platinum. Not everyone is good at online stuff, hope the servers of Sucker Punch are not as bad as Naughty Dog's were. You are going to miss a great game, and very nice graphically even on the PS4, so don't know what PS5 will be like, because you are worried about MP. Kind of stupid, but you could do as someone suggested and create another account and just Platinum the game without it and NG+ and forget the MP on that account, if MP stresses you too much.
  10. Yes it is the game developers responsibility to create patches for the game, given that this game was quite pricey and we know that its nearing the end of the PS4, although games are still being created for it, its not being phased out like the PS3 is. So they need to patch it, you forked out some £55 or whatever country equivalent of that. Of course backing up is probably wise, I should do it too and I don't.
  11. I have that version still and it never did this, I am glad I haven't purchased this game yet- I hope that Toys for Bob, whom did a good job with the Spyro Remaster [ although I wish they had allowed Spyro to use the Boost Stars in the Bonus round to create permanent boost like I was able to do originally. So I am sort of glad the Bonus round wasn't for Platinum, but hopefully TFB will patch the game [ Crash ].
  12. I got all the parts for Jeet's Stronghold but cannot craft a Scrap Crew because its not appeared in the Stronghold to create, so what do I do? None of the other things are either like the Supply Crew etc, just says go back to Stronghold. Never mind, you had to do something with your friend first then talk to Jeet, didn't know that.
  13. Trophy: The Bigger They Are from Mad Max.
  14. Okay, I am going to download this game tonight so I can start it tomorrow.
  15. So basically you need to be offline to gain this accumulation of Scrap for these two challenges?