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  1. I personally got fed up with the fake controllers and invested in a chronus max plus usb stick. Been using my xbox elite controller on the ps3 and ps4 and havent looked back, hope this helped!
  2. Hello, this is an interesting question. Actually you need to advance the campaign mode far enough (sorry, I do not recall precisely how far into you need to go) in order to unlock camaradarie. Do not worry though, those points you earned are actually saved, so when you unlock it in campaign you will be able to check how much you have earned. Hope this helped!
  3. Thank you for being my friend for the past 4 years. You kept hunting until the very end :platinum:

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    2. Anxiety


      I didn’t find out because he deleted me right before he passed away, and now I just found out by checking his PSN profile, I’m so sad I’m glad that he’s in a better place now. 

    3. skateak


      @Anxiety I am sure it was some type of accident. Might have been a sister that accidentally did it. He just wasn't that kind of person.

    4. AJ_Radio


      I remember seeing his face a few years back when I was just beginning to post here regularly. Very tragic, especially someone younger than me who has passed on. Hope he is in a better place.

  4. Thanks for the info dude, I tried the same with riddick assault on dark athena and would suffer psn disconnections twice a day... I may give this game a go anyway, if I suffer from the bug I might as well delete my ps3 user and thus remove all unsynced trophies
  5. So if I were to self boost this in early 2019, I would need to keep my consoles connected for a few days non stop, hoping there are no network disconnections?
  6. Unfortunately no, you need 3 systems / 6 controllers minimum to start a game. Good luck!
  7. Can europeans take advantage of this and matchmake in oceania at odd times of the day? In other words, is matchmaking in gt sport restricted to the IP address, or can you manually select your region?
  8. Gentlemen, as you have seen some items related to neverwinter are up for sale, different packs, hairloom weapons, dragon race (?) etc. I was wondering if there is something worth buying, something that will perhaps make the life of a new player easier or reduce the time required for 100%?
  9. Thanks man, I didn’t know. Oh well, gonna enjoy double stacking 🙌
  10. Is using this “gonespy” a flaggable offence?
  11. FF 15 comrades, bring back the crazy laser sensor drop rate? 🤔
  12. Thank you!
  13. (Noob question, never played a ff game in my life) Gentlemen, could anyone comment whether there is any benefit using 2 ps4s for this DLC? Can I have a second character follow me around and just do nothing? Using it as an extra bank by dropping items I dont need? Maybe in this game there are unique quest rewards? Can I get credit/item drops etc no matter how far away the idle character is from my main account? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you so much, with a bit of trial and error it took me 48 minutes to get from 0 to max rank.
  15. This is about right, however I disagree about the no cap xp because there is indeed a soft cap of xp per minute. The first few kills you get about 600 xp per kill, if you kill fast enough you will be awarded no more than 150 xp, so its better to kill a bit slowly and always keep getting 600 xp.