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  1. Separate trophy lists. Looks like I’ll be playing this again whenever I get a ps5 in the future 👍🏼
  2. Does the game have any post-game content? As in extra dungeons or bonus quests? I’ve never played a game in the Tales series.
  3. So square Enix is trying its hand at a Spider-Man clone? Meh.
  4. Technically, no. Because the boss reappears in a later stage of the game.
  5. Thanks! It finally popped for me. Just seemed like I had to win about 10 times instead 🧐
  6. Do they have to be on different difficulties? I’ve won fast money over 5 times.
  7. Does anyone have a surefire way to get the riding higher trophy? I’ve won fast money several times but it never gives me the option to win the car.
  8. No trophy for finishing in expert mode (unless I’m blind)? I can dig that 😀
  9. For #3, does the difficulty HAVE to be on experienced? I’m playing a new game on normal mode and the game will not allow Kara to die if I let Connor die first, no matter if I do nothing on the QTEs. It’s frustrating because now I have to play through Kara’s story to the near end again 😕
  10. It wouldn’t surprise me that they’ll use sequels to push some sort of progressive propaganda on us, like some green earth concept or more “white males are evil and/or stupid” nonsense, more diversity needed” crap. Which, by the way, was implicitly suggested in the first game, if you pay close attention. Other than that, the gameplay was simplistically addicting. So I agree that sequels aren’t needed.
  11. This needs to happen.
  12. Platinum #106 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Overlord: Collect Every Other Trophy Difficulty: 4/10 Fun Factor: 9/10 If you liked SOTN, this is a spiritual successor, especially if you want more Metroidvania. Some boss battles could be difficult, especially late game, but nothing overwhelming. I really liked this game, so if anyone knows of any other games similar, i'm all ears!
  13. The trophy for beating Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune on hard mode. I’m piss poor in games that require precision shooting anyway, so I gave up after like the 5th and 6th mission and never went back. It was a shame, because I wanted to play the rest of the games to experience the story.
  14. Don't starve Together--Defiler of Odds--2.29% Star Ocean 5--Warden of the Stars--2.83% Thief (ps3)--Man of Steal--3.37% Silent Hill 2--She Would be Proud--3.58% Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood--Julius Ceasar--3.96%
  15. Hi I need help.  I just logged onto PSN profiles and tried to update my profile.  I had to wait 4 minutes because apparently someone else updated my profile about an hour ago.  Anyway, the website is saying that I have ZERO trophies.  I tried troubleshooting on the ps4 (making sure that i had no games checked as "hidden) but it didn't work.  Is this a known bug, or did someone hack my account and nuke it? 

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    2. DaivRules


      The trophies are showing now. 

    3. BG_painter


      yes it is :) was it you Daiv? if it was thank you very much my friend :D

    4. Metroid-Prime


      Yes they are showing now.  Hehehe I think I actually lost a little sleep the other night trying to figure out how I could have been flagged.