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  1. Anyone know how many levels there are? I ran out of time on level 20, whomp whomp
  2. Today (04/15/19) Harvest Boom popped for me once I started the up the game. I technically earned it months ago. Looks like the latest patch fixed it. i have played all the levels yet, not sure if allied trophies are glitched/fixed/difficult as there the gold and plats are still at 0.00%
  3. Conpletely agree, I really enjoyed a Bound by Flame. Maybe because it was my first “Souls” type game? Lord of the Fallen also, I don’t get all the hate. I played this one after BbF and before Bloodbourne but still looking back I enjoyed LoTF a lot. I didn’t plat yet like BB but I will go back one day to.
  4. Great, thanks for confirming and all the info.
  5. So it's ok to quit the game? Doesn't have to be done in 1 sitting?
  6. Same for me, double take says 1/2 on mission select but in the level it shows as complete. Since I beat all rune challenges, I can't interact with them in level. I noticed the weapons upgrade symbol is brighter than the other two completed challenges for the level like mine, anyone know why? Will this need a complete playthrough or is the challenge trophy across multiple slots?