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  1. Just finished Nier: Automata, which counts as a hardcore for May as it was in that wikipedia list you provided as Hardcore Gamer's pick of the year. Double Hardcore! One of the better games I've played recently, so good job Hardcore Gamer, on being the only group I believe to pick Nier: Automata as your GotY. Also counts as finished this month. 2 weeks and 2 days. Really got sucked in. Could've got the plat a couple of days ago because there's an in game merchant that you can buy trophies off of with in game currency but
  2. War Theatre. Looks interesting.
  3. Fallout 76. I've heard so many horrible things. How was it?
  4. StarBlood Arena The server for that game will probably get shut down before I get a VR headset. It certainly is, there's even an exploit you can do with an alt to make it more so, detailed in threads in the games' psnp sub-forum. But it's a fun multiplayer game and there are even plenty of decent rando's who'll still jump in to your game as of now, unless you specify offline.
  5. Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat Lol, never even heard of that one.
  6. I got a game done for this month's theme. Gauntlet. It's got a platinum and should qualify for the Hardcore, I think the original version of this game was for the Atari 2400! It also qualifies for the other event challenge, I reviewed it for the last KYC event.
  7. Final Fantasy 14. I've been working on it whenever free demo periods pop up.
  8. Fallout Shelter. Stupid trophy for building a weapon, armor and theme kept glitching for me.
  9. I know @Dragn_Dolphin got the Empty Pockets then was having trouble getting together with others for the 15 combo trophy but he got it in the end, congrats! I think others didn't have time to grab all the 5 stars on Rift Lord. Condolences to everyone who tried but didn't quite make it.
  10. Iirc, all of the time related trophies in Happy Dungeons can be cheesed by getting to the end of a dungeon and when you get to the final door that chimes at you then you can safely idle for however long you need. If you try to idle somewhere else where you can't hear the final door chime then you get kicked for idling, I think. Sorry for being a little fuzzy, it's been awhile since I 100%'d that game. @Winterglemm
  11. Orcs Must Die! Unchained got shut down today, right on schedule. Sometimes server shutdowns don't happen when they are announced but if there was an in game economy tied to real dollars that got shut down ahead of time then it's a pretty safe bet that the game will get shut down when they say it will (or even earlier! Marvel Heroes Omega). I managed to get what is easily the hardest trophy in Neverwinter yesterday, Master of Svardborg. You have to get through the 10 player Svardborg (Master) trial without anyone in your team dying once. Players can revive other players or revive themselves using scrolls but not for the purpose of getting this trophy. Honestly it's a little unreasonable as you don't have much influence over how others play. Just not dying yourself would've been more reasonable but it is what it is. Currently the only thing standing between me and a 100% in Neverwinter is one trophy for completing another 10 player trial called Cradle of the Death God which our group is planning to work on this weekend. Of course there will most likely be new trophies added in the next planned update in like 3 months. People are actually concerned how the game will play after the update as it is supposed to change a lot of the core mechanics of the game. So some of the trophies in the game may be even harder after the patch but I also heard something about the developers re-balancing earlier encounters with the new mechanics in mind, so who knows.
  12. Orcs Must Die! Unchained is supposed to be down today. Although it didn't give me anything definitive when I tried to log in it did keep saying "Disconnected from Server". Congrats to @EdinhoN for getting that crazy grind done!
  13. Pretty tough og arcade game. I'd fire it up every now and then. Finally got past level 5 for the last trophy I needed yesterday.
  14. I got a 100% game that should count for March's theme yesterday. Q*bert: Rebooted. Normally you jump around the pyramid of cubes but there are discs on the side that you can ride to the top of the pyramid. Does it count as HC? I don't know how the discs work, is there an engine underneath it or is it video game magic? I guess it would've also counted for April's theme but I ended up beating it in March. I guess there's always the PS3 stack
  15. As I'm somewhat of an aficionado of F2P crap I suppose I've come to the right place. Started Fallout Shelter Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Neverwinter Trove Completed A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV Brawlhalla BreakQuest: Extra Evolution Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Happy Dungeons Kill Strain Kitten Squad Licky The Lucky Lizard Lives Again Marvel Heroes Omega Orcs Must Die! Unchained Run Sackboy! Run! The Tomorrow Children Vitamin Z Welcome Park Feel 'free' to ask me any questions about any of the games on my list.