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  1. Plenty of crazy ahead!
  2. 3 new games I believe qualify for this month. The Bridge, a physics puzzler with a 100% list. The level hub is in your house and your destination is the bridge in your basement, so HC? The next two are Cosmic Star Heroine for PS4 and Vita. Although it is an RPG game in space you will always wind up in an underground cave somewhere! I don't know if stacks count in the same month but it wasn't popped by cross save, if that helps. All 3 were started this month and if they all count then that would be 4 games for this month as well. If I needed to pick a trophy for the Bridge to represent it, then I would pick Visionary.
  3. English articles coming in. So a guy who had an idea or script and thought the company infringed upon it.
  4. I fired this up and have been having a blast with it. Have only 100% the first 4 worlds and the Amateur Tournament but have been spacing it out a bit so it doesn't get old. Most of the races so far have been pretty easy, usually getting 1st and all tokens on first playthrough. A couple of races in South Africa required a few retries. I'm assuming it'll pick up in challenge pretty soon. There is no online multiplayer I can see. Local couch co-op for up to 4 players. Read something about an exploit using co-op to make some things easier but I'm not worried about that yet.
  5. You made the right choice. A good idea to get Lollipop Chainsaws 1 online trophy requiring access to leader-boards out of the way.
  6. That would be neat but personally I'd rather see another collection with all of the portable titles that came out after SotN. I bought this collection awhile ago and fired it up a couple of days ago and can confirm there's an update that includes the Japanese version of most of the games included. I don't know if beating the Japanese version of a game counts for the trophy for beating each game because I got 100% before the update came out.
  7. Quantum of Solace RIP.
  8. Good selection. I'd take the Wolfensteins I don't think I'd ever play. Mein Leben!
  9. Finished The Bard's Tale. Definitely qualifies as HC as there are plenty of underground cairns and ruins to explore. Also qualifies as the most "Scottish" game I've ever played so if that comes up as a monthly theme I'm pretty much boned because I don't know any others. A funny story sort of offset by horrendous play mechanics but at least there are in game cheats that don't disable trophies for when you get tired getting insta-ganked by off-screen enemies. Worth the $0.33 I payed for it in the last Humble Bundle and hey the exact same Humble Bundle is going on right now!
  10. Sounds kind of like Papers, Please. So do you walk around and look at stuff or are you stuck behind the bench. Graphically is it more like L.A. Noire or Papers, Please?
  11. Finally got back into this a couple of days ago. Took a couple of hours to rebuild my character around the new mechanics, followed a guide found here. Then over a couple of days I ran through the new campaign and found the 16 scrying stones for 2 out of 3 of the new trophies. Here's a list of map locations for the 16 scrying stones that should help with those. The one in the 2nd floor office of the Tavern is only accessible after you investigate a book shelf in the room. One could probably run through the new campaign in a couple of hours if they wanted to as there is no waiting mechanic that interferes. @Kallume LotMM was made available some time yesterday. It shows up at the bottom of the epic dungeon queue list if you are at level 80. It won't be accessible though until after the campaign has been completed and you have an Item Level above 20,000. Even at that you'll probably want to grind out the new master expeditions for some high level gear, which will be easier in a group. It has a mechanic similar to hunts in Ravenloft where items can be used to make expeditions harder in exchange for better gear. Edit. Here's a video of the new dungeon.
  12. Just finished King Oddball which is a 100% game with 16 trophies. Counts for game started this month and 4 games in one month!
  13. Think I'll sit this next event out, kind of got burnt out on typing up reviews but I'll follow along for sure.
  14. I've only got one trophy besides the plat for Rogue Legacy that I was saving for next month. Sounds like it won't count anyways so I might as well pop it now?