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  1. Good idea @JaM. While I don't own the X collection or MM11 yet, that certainly shouldn't stop you from adding to the collection. πŸ˜ƒ
  2. Game #6 - Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades Wait a minute, that's only a DLC mp addition for Final Fantasy XV?! Well since Square is pulling it out of FFXV and releasing it as it's own stand alone game I guess I can call it a stand alone game . Technically I started all of Final Fantasy XV but since I'm focusing solely on Comrades that's all I'm reviewing right now. As you may have heard there was recently some news regarding FFXV, they are cancelling 3/4 of the second season of content for the game and reworking how the mp works. As of December 12th Comrades will be released as a unique game and will no longer be available in the main game. Not sure how that'll work, if you'll still be able to access it if you don't update and just play offline with AI team mates (you can play the whole mp with AI bots, which is nice). Whether the new Comrades will unlock the existing trophies in the main game's list or have it's own list (it is supposed to have new content) and whether the existing trophies will still be obtainable. There's been speculation but I don't even really think Square knows right now how it's going to pan out . One thing is for sure, if FFXV is in your backlog and you eventually want 100% well it's better to start now then to wait and see. Comrades takes place somewhere later in the story of the main game, I think between chapters 13 and 14. You roll your own character who wakes up with foggy memories and finds out you are a member of an army of sorts, comprised of ex-military and hunters. You're en route to the last functioning urban stronghold in a world that is falling into an endless night of attacking demons. Your goal is to collect magic rocks that can be burned for electricity so you reclaim the lost continent by returning their electricity so they don't fall into darkness. You collect these rocks by doing missions and you get more missions by rescuing more territory. It's a vicious cycle. So far doing the missions has been enjoyable. I won't stop this one in a couple of days but I'll give a more final assessment.
  3. Game #5 - Burgertime World Tour πŸ”β° Started Burgertime World Tour today, it was everything I was hoping for, which is to say a reboot of the DataEast "classic" Burgertime. Burgertime was an early 80's arcade game about a little chef who ran around weird scaffold structures floating in a void of nothingness. He would make giant burgers by running over the ingredients which would then topple down to the bottom of the screen. Angry food items would chase him around and they had to be outmanoeuvred or stunned with a limited pepper spray or crushed under falling ingredients. It was a weird premise for a game but a lot of game premises were weird back then. Pac-man, Q-bert, Dig Dug. Burgertime fit in the club just fine. I don't know why I was looking but I saw the Burgertime remake on PSN quite awhile ago and I it caught my fancy. It looked goofy and seemed like an odd choice for a game to remake. I put it on my PSN watch-list. I hoped it would go on sale or be released on PS+ but eventually Sony wore me down and I dropped the full $10 on it. So in the remake you're still making burgers by running over the ingredients and you're still navigating weird scaffold structures but there are more platforming elements and the levels are located in different themed areas (The first two areas are New York and Mexico). The new game is 3D with (laughably bad) 3D character models and environments but the action is still on a 2D plane wrapped around like a tube. You're still chased by mutant foodstuff and you still have your pepper (and a lot more of it) plus you can also pick up special secondary weapons and items. There are bosses now, which is new. I've only encountered the first boss and you beat him by making burgers. I'm curious to see how other bosses will be defeated by also making burgers. For interest sake here are some gameplay videos of both the original game and the remake in action.
  4. Plat #123 - Downwell I was pumped to finally finish this game off, I thought it was really hard. I'm amazed the fastest achiever on this site beat it in around 30 minutes, that's just one run on normal followed by one run on hard immediately after, getting all the miscellaneous trophies along the way! Insane! This was a game I'd just fire for a couple of runs every now and then without really expecting to make any progress. I've been having better luck recently managing hard mode and I thought if I practised I might get it for my 125th plat. I got past the fourth level today for the first time and in good shape and I certainly wasn't going to lose to the boss on purpose! I managed to beat the boss on hard mode the first time I reached him with only 1 HP remaining. That person on the bench, he's looking like I felt! (satisfied, not pixelated )
  5. Plat #123 - Downwell!
    Maybe the hardest game done on my profile. Just had a really good run. Beat level 4 for the first time and the boss in the same run. 1HP out of 8 remaining :awesome:

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      Huge congrats! I've heard this game is tough.

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      Congrats! It always feels great when you knock down a hard game on your profile :)

  6. Destiny (1) - 100%! It was a long time coming. The only game I started on PS3 and finished on PS4! An old friend actually gifted me this game back on the PS3 so that I could play with his group. 1st person shooters were never really my thing. Anyways they moved over to the PS4 and it was quite awhile before I grabbed a PS4 and by then they had moved on to other things. I picked up the game again for PS4 and all of the dlc pretty cheap in a sale at one point, joined a D1 guild and got it done. It was my 100th plat and now it is 100% complete. Maybe the dlc for Destiny 2 will go on sale for real cheap before I get to 200 platinums? Here's hoping.
  7. Game #3 - Moon Diver () PS3 Moon Diver is a rather obscure (I never heard of it) 2D hack n' slash published by Square in 2011 for the PS3 that I picked up cheap in some sale because the title interested me. You play 1 of 4 ninjas (in up to 4P co-op, couch or online) on a quest to kill the bad guy who's already pretty much blown up the world. I don't know why those ninjas are only acting now but better late than never, I guess. An army of very similar mechs stand in your way. What they lack in diversity they make up for it with quantity. I've got to level 4 and encountered 2 bosses so far that are both pretty big and interesting. Starting with level 4 I'm seeing some branching paths. Levels are broken up into numerous scenes, you follow the arrows through some platforming to the next scene, sporadically interrupted by force fields that come up and you get some enemy waves. The platforming is similar to Strider's, you can cling to (certain) ceilings and walls and pass through platforms. The jumping and attacking on angled platforms can get really wonky, imo the platforming isn't as good as the Strider reboot for PS3 / PS4 but to be fair this game came out 3 years earlier. Just like Strider it's a 2D action game that makes you use the L stick to move around and your D-Pad is relegated to switching out weapons. I didn't like that in Strider and I don't like it now, I guess it's just personal preference but I find the D-Pad much more precise for 2D games and I wish that in these games you could swap the controls around. A lot of this game is focused on the co-op. There are special moves that you collect and map your load-out to (with the D-Pad). Certain moves can be team triggered for greater effect, some moves can be activated by all 4 players for I would assume a huge effect. When you use a team capable move other players are also prompted to hit to join in. So my opinion of the game may improve after I've managed to do some co-op. It's not a bad game. The controls are alright. It's kind of odd you can't duck by holding down but you have a slide-dash with R2 that manages to get you under incoming fire. It's a bit wonky in parts, like on angled platforms and your attacks are severely limited while climbing. The graphics are alright but the environments are all rather drab and samey post-apocalyptic city shots. I am only a third of the way in the game though, hopefully it changes things up. The music is made up of repetitive techno tracks. The title theme has a kid laughing mixed in that just sounds weird. So it's an alright functioning game but it hasn't really kept my interest well, it's just kind of weird and I wouldn't strongly recommend it.
  8. Awesome work @Kristycism!! I knew I was being nice by picking a noun . Could I grab the 150x150 and 250x250 versions as well? Thanks again for all of your effort!
  9. Game #4 - Burly Men At Sea () PS4 (also available on Vita but only has 1 shared trophy list) So I was really going to kill my completion by starting up Red Dead Redemption last night but the single player campaign glitched out three times in a row at the very start. I was quite disappointed and decided instead to download Burly Men At Sea from this months PS+ lineup. I didn't know anything about the game so I fired it up and got the plat in one intermittent session so here's a final review, I guess. Burly Men At Sea is a game, of sorts. The closest genre to describe it would be a point and click adventure I suppose, but there aren't really any puzzles, there are a few objects you can interact with in a couple of different ways to branch the story in different paths. I certainly wouldn't call it a VN because there isn't really much of a narrative. Maybe an interactive pop-up picture book would be an apt description. You control a trio of burly, bearded fellows who find a blank map in a bottle and are thus spurred on in a nebulous search for 'adventure', where ever that may take them. This is a short and easy game. In order to get the plat you will need to play through all 12 unique paths to unlock all the trophies. The individual runs are fairly short and it's pretty easy to see where the branches occur. It does get repetitive going through the same initial sequences to get to the later branches. If you want to bang out the plat in record time then here is a thread with a trophy guide. The graphics are alright, like a simple flash game, the music is fairly repetitive but fits the nautical atmosphere quite well. The controls are a little wonky but fortunately you don't have to do anything too demanding with them. Maybe this game plays better on the Vita with touch controls, I don't know, I never tried. I'd recommend it if you picked it up with PS+ and want to relax with something simple or are just looking for a cheap, quick and easy plat.
  10. Game #2 - Rayman Legends () - PS4 (also available on PS3 and Vita) Yoink ! I had fun with Rayman Legends, it's a well produced platformer with a lot of content and a good level of variety in mechanics between levels. I particularly enjoyed the final levels of each world which are a unique blend of breakneck platforming and rhythm mechanics that are an absolute blast. Looking forward to the final world which is apparently a collection of those levels. The graphics are well done, cartoony and colourful. Good layout on the levels I've played so far and the collectibles are mostly intuitive. The music is great in parts but the whistling predominate themes and the silly voices started to grate on my nerves. My biggest point of contention with this game would have to be with the online challenges mode. There are two weekly and two daily challenges available. From what I've gathered about this game there's potentially months of grind challenges after the rest of the game is over in order to get the plat. From what I've seen of the challenge levels themselves, they appear to be randomly generated from a set collection of level chunks with a couple of different objective types. The levels aren't random each time you play on the same day (or week) they just appear to be created randomly so they'll quickly feel samey and uninteresting. There's also the inclusion of the worst type of online trophies, imo, Leader board trophies. There are trophies for coming in bronze, silver and gold once on a challenge level. I've already got those trophies myself without any issue but it's potentially a matter of when I started. Rayman hit PS+ in May, I think, so there would still be new players coming in as they play through their free backlog. If you picked this game up during PS+ or in a sale and put it off for some time, even if the challenges are still online if the only people who are still logging on are the top 1%ers then getting those trophies could be an issue. If you like platformers and can stand a little grind I'd recommend firing this game up but I'd recommend it sooner than later.
  11. Lego Dimensions. All that DLC for the 100%!
  12. What's the name of the game?
  13. What unholy grind have I gotten myself into now? Game #2 - Rayman Legends - Day 3 Well at least I got my Gold Challenge trophy out of the way . Looks like the challenge mode in this game is where most of the grind will be. You need to earn cups in order to gain XP towards your "Awesomeness" level which there is a trophy for reaching Lv11 I believe. Obviously the better the cup the more XP earned. I think I lucked out getting a daily challenge where you had to get as far as you can without getting hit which I had a better chance in scoring a gold than a time focused challenge. There are trophies for getting a bronze, silver and gold cup. Fortunately there's no trophy for getting a platinum cup, the top ten scores on challenge frankly seem insane to achieve. I got 1450 M into the level for a gold trophy, I think someone in the platinum range got like 50,000 M!! Game #3 - Moon Diver - Day 1 I had no idea what to expect from this lesser known title published by Square. What I got was a rather generic seeming cyber-ninja hack and slash where you hack up a lot of generic dudes in generic apocalyptic levels. It didn't leave a strong first impression but I'll give it a chance. The grind in this one appears to be getting a "powered up" special ability that you can use with 4 players for one particular trophy.
  14. Game #1 - Bloodborne () - PS4 I'll just come out and say it, this game is an artistic achievement for the system and if it's the kind of game you can get in to then it's a must play. Bloodborne is a western style RPG by From Software, makers of the Dark Souls series. Though this game is a stand alone title it does tend to get clumped in with the Souls series when talking with series veterans. I've never played any of the Souls games, the only game by From I've played is 3D Dot Heroes (which is still pretty tough in it's own way ). I found Bloodborne to be an unwelcoming game at first, mechanics are poorly or just not explained and the story at first seems minimal. You create a character who goes through a blood transfusion procedure for some reason and wake up or are whisked away to some alternate universe Gothic city and you're a hunter and it's the night of the hunt. Most everyone else who isn't locked up inside has been exposed to some vague plague making everything beastly and the story is opened up slowly by exploring the area. It's an RPG with an action oriented interface. You dodge-roll around with Circle, attack with your primary and offhand weapons with the shoulder buttons. L1 "transforms" your weapon into a more cumbersome, longer range variant of itself. Neat . Square uses a selected item and the d-pad cycles through your equipped weapons and items. Combat works well and there are advance tactics you'll eventually pick up. When you find certain lamps or die (and die you will) you can transport back to "the Hunter's Dream", an inter-dimensional safe space where you can spend your currency (Two main currencies I've found; blood echoes and insight) to gain levels or purchase items or repair and fortify your weapons. When you die you lose all your blood echoes, which sucks but if you go back and kill the guy who killed you then you can get them all back which is a fun and fair trade-off. The graphics and music are excellent and really work well together to create a bleak, Gothic environment. The enemy character models are well detailed and wonderfully macabre. The giant rats and crows genuinely make me a little queasy. If I were to make any critique it would be that the game could give more instruction and direction at the start of the game. There were side quests in this game I wouldn't have even been aware of if I hadn't been looking up information on the web. I'm not going to ding the score at all because it's clear that was a deliberate choice by the devs to trade off inviting for intriguing and given the general success of this title and the dark souls series they've certainly found their market with that formula. I made it past the first two bosses and into the next proper area and I'll certainly give the game a genuine attempt to complete. I would recommend this game to anyone interested. Even the intentionally vague facade can be helped with online resources. If you're just looking for an easy plat then this game probably isn't for you.
  15. Game #1 - Bloodborne (Day 3) I made some progress, reached the first boss then levelled up a bit. I was making another run for the first boss and then saw something new on the ground that said it was going to summon the second boss I was looking for. Well it summoned him as a minion so I figured I didn't want to waste him so I ran straight away to the first boss and the minion took most of the aggro and I just stood behind the boss and threw Molotov bombs at him and hacked at his back legs until he was dead. So it felt sort of like I cheesed him but oh well, he's dead and this game is on my profile for good now. I did some further exploring and found a sewer area and some giant rats and they were really revolting just to look at, so good job with the character models. I'll certainly give it some more time in the next two days now that I'm more into it. Game #2 - Rayman Legends (Day 1) Decided to throw some more games into the mix because why not? Maybe on a rotating sort of schedule. We'll see how it goes. Rayman Legends looks more like a simple 2D action platformer with colourful graphics and nice music. You go through different levels to collect rescue 10 little kidnapped creatures and get a high enough score to ace the levels. There's also a daily challenge component to get more cups, I'll have to look at the game requirements a little more thoroughly tomorrow. I know it's supposed to be a bit of a grind. It controls well enough and they let you use the d-pad, which I always appreciate in 2D games. I'll have more on it later.