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  1. @KacoBeltrao Sorry for the late reply, must've missed or forgotten. I think those base stats are earned like the spells, somewhat randomly while going through the story missions across all difficulty levels. Not entirely sure, I haven't played since I originally posted this thread but I would check if you've done all the levels on all the difficulties and if not try that.
  2. Got the plat for FF14 recently! So I've got 7, 10, 10-2, 13, 13-2, 13-3, 14, Type 0 and WoFF from main list. Bonus games I've got: AoM, A King's Tale and FF15: Multiplayer. Also have Crystal Defenders (PS3) which isn't on the list.
  3. What's the word on Hitman 2 coop shutting down? A little confusing but it seems the consensus is only 3 trophies going inaccessible? I was looking at picking it up and it was a mess of options; base, gold version, dlc pass. Two trophy stacks for the same version of the game? It's just all over the place. Haven't seen a harder date than just "middle of January" for shutdown.
  4. Here's a handy hint for anyone going for this game now. Keep the Sword quest on the first map where you have to kill a Ghul Matron until you are at hunt number 9, I believe. The one for a Ghul Matron. Otherwise you'll have to spawn one randomly on the map which has been a bit of an issue for me so far. I figured out what I was doing wrong. Ghul mounds spawn at night. If you kill all the Ghuls then the event stops but if you leave the last couple Ghuls then they will return to the mound and bring reinforcements. Repeat that process 2 or 3 times and you should get two Ghul Matrons spawn as well. They can be killed in one shot with the Shadow Strike Kill. Still easier to leave that sword mission with the guaranteed Ghul Matron encounter.
  5. What am I waiting for to finish my online for PS3 games? To finish all the games with online that I already know are going down on PS4!
  6. Bonus: A Christmas Story. Double the nostalgia, looking back at the 80's looking back at the 50's.
  7. Not sure if it counts but I plat The Lord of the Rings: War in the North this month. If you use a certain item in the last fight then a non-playable (but best in the game) character dies! If that doesn't count then I guess I'll take a skip for this month with that title. Not HC but started this month. Not quite 10 years old. Also not sure if it counts but I plat Fighting EX Layer this month as well. A fighting game with an arcade mode, each of the playable characters have their own little story that's dependent on the character you chose. I didn't see anyone die in the endings I saw so not HC but started this month. Looks like I'll probably be skipping December as well since I'll be doing a run of LotR games. Guessing that Elf-tech doesn't count.
  8. Coming up on the 11,000th trophy milestone. Torn between Mega Man 11 and Dragon Quest 11. For a bit of context, I've got a MM10 trophy for my 2000th, my first planned milestone. I've also got a bit of a DQ theme going on that my 10,000th trophy reflects. :hmm:

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      Dragon Quest 11 took a bit of time, but it was one of the most enjoyable platinums i've ever worked on :)

    2. Mike13858


      Just so you know, your 11,000th trophy will not be displayed on this site as a milestone. After 10,000, the next milestone on here is 15,000th.

    3. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Well boo to that then. 11K is still going to be one of those two, lol.

  9. I think the weirdest part of this decision, to port a Switch title to PS4 where there was already a PS4 version, is the lack of PSN ports for other SE Switch titles like the Collections of Mana or the Final Fantasy Legends / SaGa Collection.
  10. I didn't see any problems. Super handy list, thanks for this. It's generated by a script that pulls the sales details from PSN right? Cool. Not a complaint but just noting, I was looking at a title from the last sale and your site was still listing the sale price shortly after that sale had expired.
  11. I was going to plat it on the 13th but I was ready to plat before the update, so I did. 100% sure you can still plat the game > a nifty time stamp. I can confirm from friends that there didn't seem to be any issues with trophies or any stat progression after the server transition / patch. It would be nice if more games could just switch to p2p rather than being dumped into the void. Also, I enjoyed my time with AirMech Arena. A nice little 100%'er.
  12. Friday the 13th update. The final patch is scheduled to be implemented on PS4 on Tuesday November 10th at approximately 10am EST. To clarify, this isn't supposed to effect trophy availability but some people expressed concern that progress towards rounds or kills could be lost in server transfer or other errors could arise.
  13. 1 more October entry for me. I finished the other 5 game Sam & Max series Beyond Time and Space. Not as much 4th wall breaking as the first series but still some and it still has the sentient Pong console in it to count for HC. Started in October.
  14. This isn't F2P? I thought it was a port of some mobile trash game.
  15. Finished Sam & Max: The Devil's Playground series of 5 games for 1 combined plat in this event. Pokes so many holes in the 4th wall it ends up looking like mesh. Counts as HC since there is a sentient Pong console that lives in your car. The game is 10 years old and I started this month. This is probably the best trophy icon to represent the game, imo. Although it doesn't apply to me this game reminded me that Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations also has a sentient Gameboy that walks around your treehouse, if anyone is still looking for a quick title for this month's theme.