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  1. Game #3 - Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms () So what is this game? Idle Champions is a F2P "Idle" game set in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons universe and available on PS4. After you start a quest your party will automatically fend off wave after wave of different enemies while the short stories are told in dialogs between waves. You manage your party, as enemies drop gold you can spend it to level up your characters and recruit new ones from the available roster. The game is laid out simply with 2d cartoonish graphics, you move your characters around a formation grid on the left and enemies come out from the right, over a simple background that changes between waves to follow the story. Formation grids can change depending on the quest you are running. You can tweak your DPS out by positioning your party and focusing on which character to level. Waves of enemies get progressively tougher and give more gold so it's a matter of seeing how many waves you can progress and level up your characters before you hit a wall. You can complete a quest if you've gone far enough which will end the current quest and convert the total amount of gold you've earned into "Favour" with a deity which will act as a gold multiplier in the next quest, allowing you to level up faster and get further in the waves and collect even more gold. Ridiculous amounts of gold. In my initial thoughts I said this game was a trap, lol, a money trap. It struck me almost immediately as the lowest effort game to make to include some established IP characters and plenty of micro-transaction possibilities. There are 4 currency types; in game cash to recruit and level up characters in a specific quest, deity favour which increases the cash multiplier in new quests (and can also be spent on permanent buffs), emeralds which are earned by beating a boss character every 5 waves and real dollars. There are new characters that can be bought with real dollars or unlocked in events. There are equipment for each character that raises their stats, which can be found in chests which can be bought with emeralds or real dollars. There are familiars which are companions that can be set to spam certain inputs to automate the game further. 4 of the familiars can be bought with emeralds and the rest can be bought with real dollars. I know it's a F2P game and they're going to try to make some money but the micro-transactions aren't very micro. Familiars range in price from $7 - $26. Characters are $13 each but they are $80 each to buy the character stacked with a good armour set. Listed prices are Canadian so would be slightly lower on US market, I'd imagine. That's a lot of money imo to watch your favourite D&D characters whack some wolves and orcs in a glorified mobile / Flash game / screensaver. I've had technical issues with the game as well. Twice I've had the game crash on me during a quest. Fortunately I was able to restart the game and it jumped back into the quest I was in and I didn't lose any progress. That only worked because I was actively observing and was around to restart but if I'd set it up to grind afk I would've been out of luck. I've had a consistent issue just starting the game, sometimes it'll time out trying to connect to the game server repeatedly. I thought I resolved this twice by resetting the router which then let me back in the game but I got the same issue today and resetting the router didn't help, so I don't know. All of the support information I've found online seems directed towards the Steam version like the developers themselves weren't even aware this game got ported to PS4. I've had some decent fun with F2P games in the past but I would certainly NOT recommend this game to anyone. It's a glitchy, greedy, grindey game that will take a lot of time to platinum if you can even get it to work.
  2. I really enjoyed Strider despite it's laughably bad voice acting. Top shelf ninja action.
  3. I hope they've been eyeing Capcom Mega Man Legacy collections and just decide to barf out the entire series with a trophy for competing each game.
  4. Game #3 - Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. Initial thoughts - It's a trap! Secure your wallet and run away. You can try scolding a cat but chances are kitty don't care.
  5. Game #2 - Gauntlet () Gauntlet is a remake of the old school overhead dungeon crawler which feels very close to it's roots and allows players to relive some of that classic Gauntlet action in an updated format for a more modern release. There are two main modes; campaign and endless that you can play online with friends or randoms or offline. In both modes you crawl your way through dungeons towards the level exit, fighting through hordes of enemies. Running through dungeons increases your gold count which you can use to buy new weapons, relics and armor. Weapons and relics alter game play but the armor appears to be cosmetic. I wouldn't really say the weapons you buy are a linear progression of overall strength, they just play differently so the most expensive weapon may not be the one that you want. In all honesty, it's a little dull. The action is pretty samey and the trophies appear to be quite grindy. You just have to run a lot of dungeons with all the characters, do a certain amount of damage and take quite a bit of damage for most of the trophies. The graphics are passable but nothing special, the music is pretty dull, there's not a lot of polish. If you love Gauntlet then this would probably be a great re-visit for you but short of that there's not a lot to recommend it.
  6. So it's an army game that's not a shooter game? It's a story game like a Tell Tale game (rip) and not a shooter with a story on top, like Spec Ops: The Line?
  7. Eh. My intro paragraph for LEGO worlds was still spot on, so I just edited my last post with my final review. It's still at the top of this page. Up next is some Gauntlet Legends or just Gauntlet as it shows up on the PS4 library. Either way it should be downloaded tomorrow and ready to go.
  8. Game #1 - LEGO Worlds () I've put a bit of time into this game now. It's a LEGO game by TT but it's quite different than the other IP focused titles. Although the introductory and tutorial voice overs may make you think you're getting into a Little Big Planet game it's more of a cross between Minecraft and the conventional LEGO titles. There isn't much of a narrative, the sole purpose of the game is to collect gold bricks to become a master builder. There were 3 introductory levels that opened up the games tools and they had an easy to follow path and then you are free to muddle about randomly generated worlds with poorly defined quests to search for more bricks and I got kind of lost after that. Unlike the other TT LEGO games this one has a UR plat and the main reason for that seems to be the Collect a Billion studs as there are no red brick stud multipliers so it looks like I've got myself into a rather unstructured grind. On the plus side, unlike all the other LEGO games there is an actual build feature where you can construct and save actual LEGO models which is pretty interesting. Maybe another reason the plat is UR is most people made 'something' that got their account banned before they could complete the grind. After putting in some more time in this game I feel I'm ready to give it a score. As a game I would give this a but as a virtual LEGO simulator I would give it a so I'll split the difference and give it a . I'd say the biggest flaw as a game is the absolute breakdown in structure after the first 3 introductory levels. You just generate a random world and see what gold bricks you can find on it. Although the worlds are generated randomly the quests that happen on them seem to be set by biome so there's not even a lot of variance there and the quests aren't even very interesting. If you've played a more conventional TT LEGO game imagine none of the levels were present and the only game content was what was found in the hub worlds (minus the races) and that's about it, from what I've seen anyways. Different game play tools are locked behind getting a certain amount of gold bricks so maybe more interest content lies ahead. Graphics and sounds wise it's about par for any of the other LEGO games. The game play is a little different, you can't move around with the d-pad, only the analog stick. You certainly have more control over the worlds. You can raise and lower terrain and create anything anywhere. You can also scale any incline so you don't get stuck on terrain. As a LEGO modeller app this game probably isn't as good as freely available PC apps but it does let you then put the things you make in a world and mess around with them. It's fairly simple but a little time consuming to make anything but I could see it being a little frustrating for younger children to use. Probably a great thing to play with kids and certainly a lot cheaper than going out and buying an infinite amount of LEGO.
  9. @Crimson Idol I like the first one, I don't really like the second and here's one of mine. Gourmet Gaming. Requirements: Play a game with a food related mechanic. HC: Play a game with a food related enemy.
  10. Near the end of the match you kill yourself then buy your way back into the match immediately by hitting . It costs around half of the money you have so you can blast through your money pretty quick by repeatedly dying and buying back in. Look for an area you can jump into the water for an instant death.
  11. Terraria
  12. Happy March. Just popped LEGO Marvel's Avengers. Should count for HC because not only do you unlock cars and planes but one of the DLC's includes a giant ant that you can fly around on. Also completed all the DLC's for that challenge.
  13. Starting stats: Games Played - 240 Games Completed - 179 Trophies Earned - 6,680 Trophies Unearned - 1,592 Completion % - 80.74% So at the start of the last event I was at 81.03% and at the end I was at 80.01% so I guess I've made some progress in recovering. Congrats. I've just been doing 1 or 2 runs of the trials and taking what I get. Still at about 5250 / 6000. I recently did Orcs Must Die: Unchained which was a hell of a grind but it left me wondering which was worse, a crazy grind that I could do all at once or the slow. daily Rayman grind.
  14. OK, so I got my list chosen for March. LEGO Worlds Gauntlet Legends Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms Hyperlight Drifter TypoMan
  15. Your time has come! This is now free on PSN! :D



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