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  1. Got my 10,000th trophy but it was only a bronze!? :facepalm:

    But what a bronze it was! :awesome:


  2. Got the plats in Megaman X Legacy Collection 1 & 2. Obviously I'd expect that to count as 2 'games' not 8. Though I'd say both collections count as 10+ yrs old based off the age of the games they contain and started both this month. Should count as HC, here's a link to a vinyl album attributed to "Capcom Sound Team". Seems legit.
  3. Got the plat in Blasphemous. Should count as HC. I found the soundtrack on sale online and I did see there is a vinyl album pack available. Well it wasn't available for purchase but it exists. Seems to have been a limited run. Hope the point wasn't to actually obtain the vinyl because I have no intention of doing that. Other than HC the game didn't qualify for any other challenge.
  4. Plat #175 - Blasphemous!

    A very cool metroidvania and I think a great milestone. :awesome:

    It's like some kind of Catholic fever dream. Not specifically Catholic or even religious myself but I thought it was very interesting.

    1. Raveniteh


      Congratulations! This game is still on my wish list. Want to buy it once it's on sale again as the aesthetics are fantastic.Ā 

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. ihadalifeb4this
  5. Don't know this game but .. offense and defense? Makes sense.
  6. @KingofRapture Custom timed matches for 15 minutes in a private room. Not sure if the number of bots matters or not, I did it with 3 bots set to easy. I was getting about 600xp every 15 minutes with less loading / lobby time in between matches. If you have another human player in your lobby then you can exit the match, then rejoin right away. As long you don't move the controller then a bot will play for you and you'll still get xp so you can afk it 15 minutes at a time. You have to coordinate leaving the match though, if you both leave at the same time the match will terminate the instant there are no human players in the match. If you just idle for a match with your character not moving then the game won't kick you but it will say you weren't active enough to get xp at the end of the match.
  7. Oooh. Now that I think about it. Zombie Driver was just released on PS4 within the last 6 months too. Probably my only shot at that challenge, assuming it qualifies.
  8. No worries, you can always throw it on to the heap. I got 100% in Sideway: New York this month. The antagonist is guilty of abduction but I'm going to argue it qualifies as HC because player character abilities revolve around graffiti which is technically a crime. Started the game this month, sadly it's not quite 10 years old. Also, got the plat in Zombie Driver re-release for PS4. It does go into how everything was started by a company who had chemicals stored around town. Wouldn't argue HC for your crazy driving because it's not a crime if society has already broken down. Started this month and it was released on PS4 within the last 6 months.
  9. SpaceChem! Probably would've ported better to the vita actually but I would've loved to see a trophy set for this game either way!
  10. Update: Just did the online today, no problems!
  11. Oh dear, Burger Time deserved better than this.
  12. Just finished a second stack of Q-Bert Rebooted on PS3. The crime was Gonzo Games sticking that horrible controlling Rebooted on to poor OG Q-Bert! Not seriously claiming that one for this months theme, just bitchin'. Here's a theme idea; Wrap up that online game. Finish a game with online requirements. HC - Finish a game where the server shutdown has been announced or has already happened (and you just need to polish off the SP)!
  13. Not interested in Steam games but that's pretty epic, dude!
  14. Rise from yo grave! Just bumping this thread in case it could be useful for anyone who is looking to knock this dlc out, now that the servers are back up. .. but for how long?!
  15. I had Sidra at 10 before the DLC. I leveled up one random character and cannon trophy didn't pop. I started leveling another cannon character and I got the cannon trophy when they hit level 5. Regarding the dash-jump into a signature slam, I had the most luck with this using the spear. I'd stay on higher platforms and spam that attack on anyone below me whether they were by the edge or not and got enough KO's to eventually get Wall Cleaner. Spear was way better for this than Great Sword.