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  1. A real F for effort on the 1 copy-pasted trophy image. Ugh.
  2. I beat two 100% games that should count for HC for November; DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue (HC and all DLC) and DeathSpank: The Baconing (HC and started this month). Both games feature Orcs (spelt "Orques" in the game for some reason) and Leprechauns as well as other assorted mythical creatures. Both games were fun, humorous Action-RPG's. Recently played through the entire series of 3 games and enjoyed each thoroughly. It was kind of weird seeing the EA logo and then being treated to a simple game that wasn't about emptying my wallet. Guess that's what happens when you go back 9 years. Well ToV had one DLC level with a trophy associated to it which was also fun and doled out super level gear that kind of trivialized the rest of the main content. I wonder what happened to developers Hot Head. Anyways, if I don't get any qualifying platinums this month, I'd use the following trophy image for seeing both endings in ToV.
  3. 2x 100% games for October: Streets of Rage 2 - (PSNP trophy guide rated it at 15 hours) - Started same month, more than 10 years old. DeathSpank - (PSNP trophy guide rated it at 12 hours) - Started same month Would want to use this trophy image (Perfect Win) from Streets of Rage 2. Now this part I'm unsure of. I beat all 5 episodes of "Strongbad's Cool Games for Attractive People". Trophy guides over at .org rated them as; 4-6 hrs, 4-6 hrs, 4-6 hrs, 4-6 hrs and 4-6 hrs for a total of 20-30 hrs. I started them all in October. Let me know if that counts for anything.
  4. #147 Halloween Forever Happy Halloween! This was an easy little platformer that I had a lot of fun with.
  5. Happy Halloween!
    Plat# 147 Halloween Forever!

    It was a really fun little platformer. Pretty easy but I had a blast with it.

  6. Apparently SingStar is getting shutdown Jan 31st, 2020. Props to @dottyduke1 for the catch.
  7. I've been playing Halloween Forever like a Halloween advent calendar. Going through a character play though a day until finishing on Halloween. It's a pretty fun little game, fighting the temptation to just rip through the rest in a single sitting. :awesome:

    1. MidnightDragon


      Is it hard or pretty straightforward?

    2. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      It seems pretty easy but I haven't done the 1HP mode yet. :o

  8. I voted for the $30 PSN card. Thanks for the contest!
  9. I got two more games done for this months theme; 100% in Sonic the Fighters and a Plat and 100% in Batman: Arkham City (on PS4). I started both games this month. I got all the DLC done in Batman and the Sonic the Fighters game was originally released in arcades in 1996 so should qualify for older than 10 years. With the other games that should get me 4 games this month as well. I was pretty happy finishing all that Batman DLC content in time.
  10. Got 100% in Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Both are older than 10 years old and both were started this month. Imo, Mega Man > Sanic.
  11. Good luck taking down a Predator drone with an AR-15. Nuclear arms are the only means by which a "sovereign citizen" could hope to assert their sovereignty over state authority. Hopefully they stock those at Walmart as well. Was it also the intent of the Founding Fathers that their initial draft of the Constitution would be taken as divinely inspired dogma, infallible and immutable until the end of days?
  12. I started this game years ago but just got back to finishing it off recently. I started noting the gold time requirements when I had silver in a challenge but I don't know the gold time requirements for the challenges I did years ago or any where I went straight to gold. Here are my Gold times: MM1 Remix 1 - 1:53:81 MM2 Remix 1 - 2:17:36 Yellow Devil - 1:22:43 Mecha Dragon - 0:24:86 Craig's Challenge - 2:36:83 MM1 Remix 2 - 3:35:38 MM2 Remix 2 - 3:40:05 MM1 Robot Rush - 1:39:56 Wily Machine 1 - 0:30:33 MM1 Mega Mix - 3:51:06 -> 4:00:00 for Gold MM2 Robot Rush - 1:53:45 MM2 Mega Mix - 4:44:40 Wily Machine 2 - 0:17:38 MM1-2 Mashup - 5:28:43 -> 5:30:00 for Gold MM3 Remix 1 - 2:28:28 MM4 Remix 1 - 1:59:01 Yellow Devil MK-II - 0:28:78 Square Machine - 0:39:98 MM3 Remix 2 - 2:48:70 MM4 Remix 2 - 4:37:96 MM3 Robot Rush - 2:36:16 -> 2:45:00 for Gold Wile Machine 3 - 0:25:38 Cossack Catcher - 0:24:71 MM3 Mega Mix - 3:56:56 -> 4:00:00 for Gold MM1-3 Mashup - 5:27:75 -> 5:45:00 for Gold MM4 Robot Rush - 4:26:00 -> 4:30:00 for Gold MM4 Mega Mix - 5:19:38 -> 5:30:00 for Gold MM1-4 Mashup - 6:11:60 Wily Machine 4 - 0:48:35 MM5 Remix 1 - 2:42:48 MM6 Remix 1 - 2:12:30 Big Pets - 0:24:66 Mechazaurus - 0:20:51 MM5 Remix 2 - 5:28:96 -> 6:00:00 for Gold MM6 Remix 2 - 4:42:81 MM5 Robot Rush - 3:41:18 -> 3:50:00 for Gold MM5 Mega Mix - 4:47:03 Wily Machine 5 - 1:36:55 MM1-5 Mashup - 6:19:51 -> 6:50:00 for Gold MM6 Robot Rush - 3:23:33 -> 3:45:00 for Gold MM6 Mega Mix - 4:59:50 Wily Machine 6 - 0:48:91 MM1-6 Mashup - 6:40:03 -> 6:50:00 for Gold All Appearing Blocks - 2:07:06 Dr. Wily Forever - 7:30:35 -> 8:25:00 for Gold All Robot Rush - 19:33:73 -> 20:00:00 for Gold MM1 Robot Rush (No Items) - 3:09:00 -> 3:20:00 for Gold MM2 Robot Rush (No Items) - No Times MM3 Robot Rush (No Items) - No Times MM4 Robot Rush (No Items) - 6:54:05 -> 7:20:00 for Gold MM5 Robot Rush (No Items) - 6:12:26 MM6 Robot Rush (No Items) - 6:20:30 -> 6:30:00 for Gold All Appearing Blocks (No Items) - No Times All Robot Rush (No Items) - No Times
  13. Early start on Septembers theme. I finished Mega Man Legacy Collection, it's a 100%. HC for sure, even if you count the collection titles as singular entries there's more than 4. Should qualify as play a game that's older than 10 years and finish a game you started more than a year ago. Made a chunk of progress 2 years ago then put it down for a long while and really only started it up again because a friend was going through it and that motivated me to give it another go. Definitely a challenge and glad I got it done. Use this trophy image if applicable.
  14. I also finished Frogger Returns this month. You pick up baby frogs that randomly spawn and if you can take them to the objective point you get bonus points! HC?
  15. Let me run a couple past you @MarkusT1992. Platted Umbrella Corps this month. It's a 3 vs. 3 battle arena with zombies thrown in. You play online with at least one other person in your team, they are a person not an npc so I don't know if that counts for the purpose of this month. Got 100% in Crystal Defenders this month. It's a Final Fantasy themed tower defense game where you place a bunch of characters with different FF job types on the map against waves of FF enemies who try to clear the map to steal your crystals. The characters you place on the map automatically do their own thing when enemies are within proximity so I figured it would be allowable for this months theme. HC? The Time Mage and Berserker look fairly animalistic. I probably wouldn't consider it for HC since the characters are suppose to represent sentient actors. Would count for a game I started this month though. If neither game count then I'll have to take a skip this month with Umbrella Corps, I guess.