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  1. @VI_underGROUND Yeah, the armor related DEF boosts you farm by having enemies beat that piece of armor off of you. They were the last hold outs for me as well, particularly arms and legs. When I was grinding them out I would equip low level starter gear on those specific slots as that would ensure they would break way sooner than my good gear. I'd fire up Level 6 on Easy, I think and just let guys beat me up until the cheap gear broke then salvage a win to save progress.
  2. Oof, that's a rather nebulous shutdown announcement for Darwin.
  3. Played Child of Light again this month, fun little game. There is a school in the gnome town, the teacher will trade you an apple for a shovel. Certainly not HC but it's there. - Counts as a game I started this month.
  4. Guess I got a Silver with Final Fantasy 14? Finished the main base game campaign this month and everything but those stupid Levequests. Definitely multiple types of terrain in an open world. Think I'll have to wait for two more free server access periods to get this platinum.
  5. Finished Tera for a plat. Definitely counts for HC, whole lot of different terrains.
  6. March. The Wolf Among Us - HC, started this month. Rain - Started this month.
  7. Got some HD space on my PS4 and finally started to play some Batman Arkham Knight. Pretty good so far, I don't mind the tank mechanics. Funny a new enemy pops up with a speech about how he knows Batman's weaknesses then immediately pulls out an army of unmanned drones Batman can blow up with zero consequence. Just put goons in the drones, lol. :awesome:

  8. Yay! Servers cooperated long enough for me to 100% Battleborn! Qualifies as HC since there are playable characters that run the gamut of robotic dudes, from totally a robot to mostly cybernetic to guy bird in a mech suit. Scads of robotic minions to beat up on, too. I've also finished all DLC for Battleborn.
  9. I thought War for Cybertron had a server error where it wouldn't save your stats so you'd have go to level 100 without turning off your console or something like that? Maybe that was just for new accounts, but I certainly remember hearing there were issues with it.
  10. Probably won't be done Battleborn this month as the servers are still being less than cooperative and it has robots all over the place, robots you kill, robots you play as. Oh well. I did plat Epic Dumpster Bear and it has robotic enemies in world 4, in the wild wastelands of Northern Alberta. No HC as it's not a dumpster Robo-bear, guess that would've been too epic. That plat graphic though ..
  11. Same. 50/50.
  12. Yay! Thanks to the Friday night Star Wars Battlefront server surge I was able to get into a lobby playing Scarif and was able to get my last 3 Infiltration wins and 100% of the DLC!
  13. Wasn't sure if I'd have anything for this month since Battleborn is being so problematic but I managed to crank out the plat for Star Wars Battlefront yesterday! It should certainly count as the Jedi characters you can play as have telekinetic abilities and the emperor you can also play as can shoot lightening. Everyone else just shoots laser guns. HC: While I didn't know whether there were any Star Wars comics a quick web search confirmed that of course there have been some published comic adaptations so I guess this would count. WikiLink. Whether I can get all the DLC trophies this month depends on whether I can find a lobby to get the last 3 Infiltration mode wins I need for the last DLC trophy tonight.
  14. The game already appears to be delisted for me.
  15. BurgerTime World Tour 🍔⏰ I am a Burger God! First game completed for 2020 and a resolution to clean up some old stuff satisfied. A remake of an old arcade game that is superior in every way. Not that that says a lot, the original game wasn't that great but I enjoyed this silly, rather obscure title. The 5 star requirements for some the levels are no joke though. Pretty tough stuff. Going to have to celebrate by braving the elements and grabbing a burger. A burger fit for a burger god!