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  1. But if Sony sues this guy for ripping off the Vita then they would have to acknowledge that the Vita exists?!
  2. Well I started Orcs Must Die which shuts down in April so I might not being playing much of anything else until then, we'll see. I don't know if it counts but I finished Batman: Arkham Asylum on PS4 yesterday. The game was given out for PS3 quite awhile back, before I had PS+ but I bought a used copy for the PS3 and platted it a couple of years ago. I recently picked up the re-release combo pack on sale cheap because they were two of my favourite games. It's up to you if it counts but if it does then I guess that would be the 4 games in one month challenge. No worries if it doesn't, I started late December and wasn't really thinking about this event at the time.
  3. would your save still work if you downgrade the game version?
  4. Just finished Tearaway Unfolded (PS+ Nov 2017). That was before I had a subscription to PS+ and I picked the game up sometime afterwards in a sale for a couple of bucks, so that should qualify for Hard Core Requirement challenge. I really liked the Vita game and was hoping this was going to be a sequel or it's own game but it was really just a remake with some mechanics changed to fit the PS4. All in all, I liked the Vita version better and was a little disappointed but it was still a good game. I guess this also qualifies for beat a game in a month but I already got that challenge with King Oddball.
  5. There was a really unique game for PS2 called Magic Pengel where you collected colours and used them to draw your own pokemon type creatures to fight for you and the game would try to animate your drawing the best it could. That would've been an awesome remake for the Vita, touch screen would've worked soo much better than trying to draw anything with the analog sticks. C'est la vie.
  6. Oh, you need to pick a particular trophy for 100% games? I thought it was just worth a gold star or something. This one I guess. Full of Diamonds I also got 100% in Darkstalkers Resurrection (PS+ July 2017) today. So this event prompted me to revisit those combo trials at least. That game was released in 2013 but it was a re-release of two games released in 1995 and 1997 so I it should qualify for the challenge "Complete a 10 year old game." Although I liked the characters I found the moves really finicky to chain together. Guess I'll pick this trophy since it's the last one I picked up. First Son of Uros
  7. Got 100% completion on PS4 version of King Oddball that I got off PS+. No platinum. Also fulfills the challenge "Complete a game started this month."
  8. I haven't bothered to go through the single player campaign yet and I was the only one that had the mp done when we started that group, iirc. Was going to finally do it for plat #125 but then Castlevania Requiem came around. I regret nothing!
  9. Playing Arkham Asylum again on PS4. Last trophy of the year was ... Poisoned Ivy Defeat the giant Titan Ivy plant na na na na na na na nah .. Bat Stack!
  10. I'll join this event as well. Might as well post my stats. I won't be completing any games tonight, I might increase my percentage rate but only marginally. Plats earned - 125. 100% completed - 173. Completion rate: 80.46% Too bad I already beat Castlevania Requiem on Dec 27th as that would definitely count as a re-released old game but I wanted it as my 125th specifically.
  11. So hyped for a 3D Dot Heroes 2! I hope this time they were able to include a map editor.
  12. Just went through this game for my 125th platinum, good times revisited for sure. Would love to see more Castlevania re-releases and I hope they get the same guy to do the trophy lists. Some of them were really good. Don't know how many people would've got this reference though. Wish I Was A Baller Equip the Secret Boots to make Alucard a little bit taller. I probably would've changed the "Shafted" trophy to "He's a Complicated Man..." and added a trophy for killing 6+ enemies with one attack from the Marsil. Maybe called it "There's a new Marsil in town."
  13. Nice! Not to make it sound like I'm personally invested in whether or not you get this game but I did notice it was on sale tonight while I was on the PSN store to pick up Requiem for myself. $3.75 Canadian so it's probably like $3 in the US. Merry Christmas!
  14. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair supports up to 6 players in a lobby. You will need 6 players to get the Boned trophy. When a player dies they tag along as a skeleton and do a laughable 1 point of damage until they are resurrected by another player. For Boned you need to defeat a boss (most likely the boss of level 1 on Normal) with 5 skeletons so only 1 player is doing real damage. The other trophies requiring other players are Lifeguard, Grim Synergy and Poetic Justice. Poetic Justice is the hardest, there are some bosses (like the Succubus in the Pyramid level iirc, it's been a couple of years) who will charm players and you need to kill a charmed player while avoiding the boss. The other trophies can theoretically be done solo but there's a trophy for beating level 6 on hard mode and hard mode is pretty tough. This is a very grindy, random loot heavy game and if you don't happen to find someone who has already built a good character who is willing to carry then you're looking at a long grind to get hard mode capable. I'm sure the random player base is all but dead now but sessions still pop up occasionally on PSNP. Here's one. Notice there is a guy in there who claims to be capable of carrying. I thought it was a pretty fun game and until Requiem came out it was the closest thing to old school Castlevania with trophy support although I didn't think the controls were 100% up to par with the controls in the original games. Unfortunately some of the additional levels after Dracula in the base game (Level 6) are paid DLC but I had a real blast playing through all of Castlevania 1 remade as a single level in HoD. If you do choose to pick it up this might make a good milestone for your profile. Slaughtervania Rack up 10,000 enemy kills.
  15. 2018 Year in Review Piece of cake award - Burly Men At Sea. I'd be hard pressed to call this a point and click adventure / puzzle game since there really isn't anything I'd call a puzzle. How about interactive picture book? Thanks for the interactive picture book, PS+. I took a bit of a break so it wouldn't inadvertently grab my fastest Platinum title. It's like Dark Souls - Downwell. It's not like Dark Souls at all but it was the hardest game I completed this year. Random level generation and enemy placement means that you'll never memorize your way down the well but with persistence you can learn how to manage the environments well enough to set yourself up for that one storied run. Bad ass award - Downwell. Honorary mention to Curses 'n Chaos. That aforementioned storied run. The first time I got past level 4 on hard mode was obviously the first time I fought the boss on hard mode and I beat him with 1HP left. I was quite happy with that as I'd previously discounted the chance of ever beating hard mode but with that one run the plat was finally mine. Getting a 200 combo in the Chaos Realm for the last trophy in Curses 'n Chaos was an exciting moment as well and I managed to complete the entire area without taking any damage! That didn't take me nearly as long as Downwell though. Grind of the year - Spellspire. Honorary mention to Brawlhalla. The grind for Spellspire on the PS4 is pretty bad and it's almost twice as worse on the Vita. Getting both stacks around the same time was like 4x the grind! The MP in Brawlhalla can't really be boosted effectively so I played it all legit and by the time I was on my last trophy, that 100,000 gold grind, I still needed about 50K gold. The most effective way to grind gold was 10min fights against AI bots in a private server for like 150G so I did that ... forever! King of the Internet - Destiny. Maybe it's because the game is essentially a ported PS3 game, I don't know but I get significantly more stable netplay from Destiny than any other PS4 title I've logged online with my subpar internet connection. Also what you are doing is fun, I liked all the PvE activities. Raids and strikes and extra hard Nightfall strikes and tooling around in patrols doing special events. The Court of Oryx and the trials of Elders or whatever that one was called. Good times. Worst online experience - Drawn to Death. I had numerous connection issues playing this game. Me and the people I was playing with had to frequently close the application and restart to connect again. Sleeper hit of the year - NeverDead. Honorary mention to Truck Racer. NeverDead was an older title that got blasted by critics for it's controls and game mechanics and silly story but I had a lot of fun with it. It's a 3rd person shooter / hack 'n slash where your character is immortal, if you're damaged you lose limbs until you're just a head rolling around until you can regenerate or collect your body parts. I thought the online was fun even though the escort missions were a pain but they only took a couple of attempts. Truck Racer was a PS+ freebie. I wasn't expecting much but I quite liked it. Biggest bomb - Drawn to Death. Honorary mention to Bombing Busters. I don't think Drawn to Death is a bad game, it drew me in with it's unique art style and it played alright but for a game with a creative theme it was rather limited in scope. It would've been sweet if there were some PvE game modes, like your team against waves of enemies or some giant boss encounters. The reason I'm putting it down for my biggest bomb is the producer had some clout from working on God of War apparently but then his passion project is getting shut down March 2019 and since it's an online only game that's it. So it didn't really stay up all that long. Don't forget the above mentioned network connection issues. No one was really expecting much from Bombing Busters but it still managed to disappoint. This was by far the worst title offered on PS+ this year. How do you mess up a simple Bomberman ripoff? Poor controls and truly obnoxious voice clips are a good start. If you couldn't disable the voice there would've been no way I could've been bothered to get the 100%. Best trophy image - Rime. Worst trophy image - Truck Racer. Best female character - Abigail "Fetch" Walker from inFamous First Light. Best male character - Sir Galahad from The Order: 1886. Most of the games I played this year didn't really feature a strong narrative so I'm not saying these are the best written characters ever but they stand out as the most memorable characters when I look back on my plats for this year. Best plat of the year - Destiny. This is easily one of my longest plats. I've never really been into first person shooters but a friend of mine gifted me this game on PS3 back in December 2014 so I could play with him and his friends. I took a bit of a break from gaming and by the time I came back with a PS4 they had all moved on to other things so I wasn't very motivated to buy the game again on PS4. Fast forward a couple of years and there was a particularly good sale on Destiny and the DLC and I decided to jump back in and clear it off. I got back into the game and found a guild and eventually got all the plat requirements in time to make Destiny my 100th plat, which was some pretty good timing. I stuck with it to grab the 100% and still fire it up occasionally to join in on a raid or a nightfall strike because it's pretty good fun. Wurst plat ov teh yeer - Albedo: Eyes from Outer Space. Ugh. A first person point and click adventure. You didn't even need to beat the game to get the plat and once I had the plat, that was that. I couldn't delete this turd fast enough.