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  1. I had this glitch the first time I went through Co-op on someone else's save file as well. I don't know if it's from having the Cleric in the party and a result of the choice made regarding the Moontear or not. Second time I went through Co-op the player picked saving the Moontear and the Cleric wasn't in the party and it seemed like the one AI in the party functioned normally.
  2. Game #4 - Bard's Gold () Bard's Gold? More like a silver, at best. This is a simple little dungeon crawling action game where your adventurer (who is presumably a bard but doesn't really show that by doing anything bard-like, he could've pulled out a lute or something for an idle animation but nope) goes through a series of rooms throwing knives (or other purchasable weapons) at enemies, finding the key and proceeding to the next level. There seems to be 4 worlds, each I would assume consisting of 6 regular levels followed by a boss encounter. I'm currently working on the 2nd world. After you clear a world you can begin subsequent runs at the start of any world you've reached. It has rogue-like elements. You collect gems which can be used in stores found in the levels to buy upgrades that last for the duration of your current life or when you die you can spend any remaining gems from a run on permanent upgrades to give you an advantage in subsequent runs. The rooms aren't randomly generated but are chosen from a limited pool of possible rooms which is good because a lot of the challenge is from instant death traps and you can start to recognize threats and memorize areas to get further in the levels. The game controls alright and plays well enough but there's no real narrative and you're not given any instruction or context for what you're doing. When I first started playing I was wondering if the game was even possible until I realized there was a double jump that you need to get anywhere. The rooms in the first world kind of have a medieval castle theme to them but I found a lot of the background objects looked like they should've been foreground platforms you could jump on. Then you get to the second world and you're in some Desert Temple looking area with scorpions and there's really no reasoning behind the contrast beyond "You are in a video game and this is the next world". For a game with Bard in the title, the music is just bland background filler. I'd say this game is a poor man's (way easier) Rogue Legacy but in Rogue Legacy there's actually something of a story going on and the different areas are contextually connected to each other and the music is better, it's just a way better yet similar game. Bard's Gold is pretty cheap regularly and goes on sale for like a buck pretty frequently and for that price offers some decent platforming and is alright fun but I can't imagine anyone getting seriously hyped over it.
  3. Got all the companion quests out of the way on my second playthrough, finally. Waylaid. Be wary ... Something has interrupted your journey. (Spoilers: It was another unsolicited 5 minute load time.) A few of questions for anyone that might have some ideas; regarding the 5K kills, is it across multiple player characters? Does it count kills from your AI team mates? Do unhatched spider eggs count? Regarding save file shenanigans in order to help with Dedicated, when you copy your save files over they just show up with generic names and different time stamps. Are people just restoring all the save files when they go to re-setup their save for before the last fight? Is it just the last two (presumably the last active character and game save) people are restoring? Does it matter and how does it effect your own progress. I was working under the assumption that it was best to get your own Dedicated out of the way before playing around with save files. Any ideas?
  4. Ohh, I remember I played this for a past KYC shortly after it dropped on PS+ and haven't touched it since, so mission accomplished I guess. I never really looked into the requirements and was dreading the mp but knowing about the bots I might have to give it another shot. I really panned the storytelling in this, it's so bad.
  5. Don't panic! There's always offline games
  6. Well jumping is a "form" of interaction, I suppose. Kind of glad I decided to switch this game out.
  7. I've been playing around with leveling characters with dm mode. Due to the scaling of xp in dm mode I would say for characters up to Level 5 it is faster to get those initial levels by starting the dlc campaign, accepting the first quest, loading the second area, getting the flat 1200xp and restarting. The starting xp from kills for low level characters is really low but if you have two players in a dm session and one of the characters is high level the low level character gets xp scaled to the higher character and levels up super fast. I was level 18 and my friend was level 1 and he went up 12 levels in one dungeon session. So keep that in mind if you are boosting this with at least 3 people.
  8. So if you only got the plat in the version with the least trophies you wouldn't show up on this hypothetical board? What about games with the same number of trophies? Which stack is the one that counts?
  9. Makes sense, that's a companion quest trophy for the dwarf rogue's quest. I would assume all of the companion related trophies would work the same.
  10. Why? is it unobtainable now? Thought it was pretty easy to run through Crota's End on easiest level with a pack of 400 light super dudes?
  11. The first one. I'll save the second one for Plat #200, it should be nice and cheap by then (if it's still up).
  12. @Kevvik Well it looks like you already got the best trophy in the game.
  13. @Kevvik You playing Spellspire on the Vita or PS4? It makes a pretty big difference. I found the touchscreen controls on the vita worked a lot better than using the controller on PS4 but to offset that the Vita requires you to do 100 levels of the dungeon whereas the PS4 was patched to give you the Chrome Dragon after only 50 dungeon floors. Either way, have fun.
  14. Oh man! How did I confuse those two games? Thanks for the clarification @Dr_Mayus! You should check out Type:Rider.
  15. Game #3 - Type:Rider () I swapped out Claire because I'm getting really close 100 platinums and I was hoping to save that for Destiny, not just some random filler PS+ plat so I went with a game I didn't know anything about (besides not having a plat) called Type:Rider that I picked from the current PSN sale, recently recommended to me by @Dr_Mayus. What I found was an artsy, unique physics platforming game with some puzzle elements. You play as 2/3rds of an ellipsis or maybe a rogue umlaut, either way your character is two dots held together by some unknown force. You can move, jump and spin counter / clockwise which alters your momentum. Fortunately you don't have to spin too much because I found that mechanic a little awkward. You can tolerate having stuff between your dots but if the dots are separated too far or if one of them is stabbed, squished or shot then you die. Death is pretty painless though as automatic save points are pretty forgiving. The only exception being the one level you have to ace for a trophy which isn't too bad. Your objective is to collect information on typographic history which is to say the history of how the written word has been displayed, published and propagated. This is done by collecting the alphabet in various iconic fonts and asterisks, which represent a text which when collected will be added to your history books. Each level represents a different era in typographic history and consists of two short platforming segments which are both punctuated by a short puzzle segment which typically evoke some device employed in publishing during that levels period. I had a lot of fun with this short game, I completed 100% on both PS4 and Vita over the last couple of days. The graphics and music were both quite nice. Clean vector art mixed with background assets in an abstract collage worked with the music to give each level a real sense of the period they were for. The controls were decent, the levels were fun and the puzzles were interesting if not taxing. There is also an optional (no trophies) speed run mode that actually isn't just going through the original levels but which contains all new levels done in each of the original level's themes. These are also substantially more difficult than anything else in the main game. If you love surprise spikes and fidgety physics then be sure to check it out. I did have a couple of issues with the game. The secret level was a little annoying (that dang cat!) and the only level I muted on my second playthrough. For the importance of the texts in this game (a game about the history of text) and having a trophy specifically for you reading (or at least opening) them all then you would think the devs would have read the texts and then read them again but I still noticed numerous grammatical errors throughout. There was a consistent, well known issue with collection trophies not popping correctly and you had to replay an old level and collect something before they would pop. Not a huge technical issue to work around but stands out as poor coding or testing. When going for the no death trophy in one level it was annoying that there was no apparent way to exit the level or completely restart it. Minor quibbles aside I'd still strongly recommend picking it up on sale for a couple of bucks sometime. It's pretty short so I don't know if it would be worth picking up full price but I think it goes on sale quite frequently (like right now, in NA) and even full price it's only a couple of bucks.