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  1. I'll sign up for this. I've got a lot of old games to clean up and I'm still on a bit of a buzz from knocking Quantum Theory off of that list recently. 1.) Red Faction: Guerrilla (PS3) - 40% 2.) Jump Force (PS4) - 15% 3.) Blade Kitten (PS3) - 28% 4.) Magrunner: Dark Pulse (PS3) - 15% 5.) Assassins Creed Freedom Cry (PS4, Stand alone DLC) - 5% The online for Jump Force is shutting down on 8/24 so I'd like to have that all cleared off by then. It's the only one from the list I've been currently working on but I'll make sure it stays below 33% until 6/1. Red Faction is the next priority and really the prime motivator, I've been meaning to get back to it for a while. I did the online with a group but there's one trophy for playing online after you've completed the campaign, with another person who has completed the campaign. I just kind of fizzled out like I often do with open world games, they're certainly not my forte. Same goes for Freedom Cry, grabbed it off PS+ since I'd never played an AC game and I wasn't really a fan of the mechanics. I may add more games during the course of the event but we'll see how it goes. If I do add more, does it have to be another block of five and if I do add another block of five can one of them be up to 50% again?
  2. Not sure if I've posted in this thread since the first thread or not but since I finally got around to platting Quantum Theory I've finally got a FULL SET! # - 3D Dot Heroes (UR) A - Axiom Verge (UR) B - Battleborn (UR) C - Clan of Champions (UR) D - Downwell (UR) E - Evolve (UR) F - Friday the 13th (UR) G - Gauntlet (UR) H - Hotline Miami I - Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms J - Jak II K - Kill Strain (UR) L - LittleBigPlanet (UR) M - ModNation Racers (UR) N - NeverDead (UR) O - Orcs Must Die! Unchained (UR) P - Paladins (UR) Q - Quantum Theory (UR) R - Rogue Legacy (UR) S - Sword Coast Legacy (UR) T - Trove (UR) U - Umbrella Corps (UR) V - Venetica W - World of Final Fantasy X - X-Men: Destiny Y - Ys: Memories of Celceta Z - Zombie Driver HD Still got some UR to hunt down, HIJVWXYZ. Idle Champions used to be UR but I guess it got easier with time. Axiom Verge may not be UR much longer, might have to find an alt there. Anyways, still pretty good!
  3. Plat 250 - Quantum Theory
    1La7e31c.pngGlad to finally knock this one out, almost 6 years after doing the online.
    Guess now I can finally update my A-Z trophy list :awesome:

    1. ihadalifeb4this



    2. MidnightDragon


      Congrats and nice milestone!

  4. I boosted this game with a full, active group of 11 or so and it was certainly easier than with just 2 or 3 active players. Easier but it still took a few matches. We just ran around looking for duplicates, met up near the end of the round and called out what we had 2 or 3 of and dropped stuff so one player could build a complete set. Then that player could be killed or manually drop their stuff and someone else could pick it all up. More people equals more chances to match up.
  5. Probably my last update for awhile. I got an UR "X" with Xenoraid and upgraded my "P" to UR in Pure Chess. # A - AirMech Arena (UR) B - BurgerTime World Tour (UR) C - Curses 'n Chaos (UR) D - Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (UR) E - Extreme Exorcism (UR) F - Final Fight: Double Impact (UR) G - Genesis (UR) H - Hyper Scape (UR) I - Island Saver (UR) J - Jetpack Joyride (UR) K - Knights of Valour (UR) L - Limbo (UR) M - Mega Man 10 (UR) N - Namco Museum Essentials (UR) O P - Pure Chess (UR) NEW Q - Q*bert: Rebooted (UR) R - R-Type Dimensions (UR) S - Starlit Adventures (UR) T - The Tomorrow Children (UR) U - Ultratron V - Vitamin Z (UR) W - Welcome Park X - Xenoraid (UR) NEW Y Z - Zack Zero So I'm at 24 / 27 regular and 21 / 27 at UR.
  6. Huh, wonder if both stacks will auto-pop off the same OR plat.
  7. Another Neverwinter campaign!
    Shield of the North
    Complete the Dragonbone Vale campaign.

    I'd guess today was the first day you could've done it without bypassing the time gate or maybe I missed a week?

  8. Well, I wouldn't take my post as an absolute confirmation, I'm just going by what I've gleamed from the thread. Somebody said the Legends DLC shows up as a free download if you own the game so presumably it already exists on the store. If it already exists but doesn't have a separate list (that much I've checked) then the trophies either pop up on the main list or they don't pop at all. Either way, a pointless download if you're going into a game with the intention of completing it 100%.
  9. Typical PSNP PS+ thread. 5 pages of shit posts on whether or not you personally are satisfied with the games and absolutely no information on 100%'ing the games in question. Sonic Karts looks easy enough, minimal online requirements, no leaderboard trophies like ModNations. One trophy requiring 3 controllers is a bit of a pain. No DLC listed in the trophy list, big plus there. Even if there is DLC available for the game it doesn't look like you'll need to buy anything else to 100%. Curious since the percentage is so low, is story mode hard to play solo, since there's an emphasis on team mechanics? Ark status was a little confusing, looked up a thread on that. Apparently the DLC's listed with trophies are free updates but there may be a couple of base trophies that are locked behind other DLC that aren't free? Like max level and find all the notes, or something. Then someone else said something about bypassing that with admin codes that just give you the notes and levels? Using admin codes seems a little janky but if in-game then allowable. Still doesn't make me too interested to jump on that one. The Legends stand alone seems a little pointless to me, from a trophy hunting perspective. It sounds like it'll pop the dlc trophies in the base list, so I'd need to buy the game to 100% and if I bought the game then the Legends DLC would be a free download for me anyways. I guess it's good from the perspective of opening up the pool of available co-op partners.
  10. This is right up my alley since I've never let the lack of a plat stop me from playing a game and I love looking through my list in alphabetical order! # A - AirMech Arena (UR) B - BurgerTime World Tour (UR) C - Curses 'n Chaos (UR) D - Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara (UR) E - Extreme Exorcism (UR) F - Final Fight: Double Impact (UR) G - Genesis (UR) H - Hyper Scape (UR) I - Island Saver (UR) J - Jetpack Joyride (UR) K - Knights of Valour (UR) L - Limbo (UR) M - Mega Man 10 (UR) N - Namco Museum Essentials (UR) O P - Pac-Man 256 Q - Q*bert: Rebooted (UR) R - R-Type Dimensions (UR) S - Starlit Adventures (UR) T - The Tomorrow Children (UR) U - Ultratron V - Vitamin Z (UR) W - Welcome Park X Y Z - Zack Zero I don't really like having trophies or lists on my profile that I can't read so the bonus will never be applicable for me but I'm at 23/27 regular (need #, O, X, Y) and 19/27 UR (need P, U, W, Z upgraded). Good start!
  11. Had issues looking this up myself, just did it recently, no info online. In game, in the character profiles it lists the 'honors' you got with each character if you press one of the buttons it will give you the following descriptions for the honors it keeps track of on your character profiles for each character: - Most hero kills in a match - Most gold gathered in a match - Most turrets destroyed in a match - Diabolical. For a kill streak a certain length. - Most assists in a match - Most damage dealt in a match - Most damage taken in a match - Highest Participation (% of time in active combat?) Besides those, I've also seen a 3, 4 and 5 honor pop up at the end of a match for triple kill, quad kill and quintuple kill. I'm not entirely sure those count towards the trophy as when I earned the trophy I had a triple kill but I also got 7 honors that round. I would imagine they count, which would make getting a 5 kill a good way to get 6 honors in one match as the multi-kill honors stack. If you get a 5 then you'll also get a 4 and a 3. Quick Match always filled with bots for me, after waiting 6 minutes for a match. What I did was take the middle lane at the start of the match and let the bots team up on the sides, then I'd be killing all the mobs, getting all the gold and xp, hopefully get a bunch of kills on the one AI I'd be up against. After wiping out two turrets on the middle lane the enemy would group up and push middle. I'd take top or bottom and hopefully get some more turrets and mobs. I had the best luck with Kat-X, physical perk at start and buying physical damage gear. I had one piece of gear that I'd hit square to activate that gave me decent life-steal and made me shoot faster. That one was important to keep using. Hope that helps and good luck getting whatever trophies you can before shutdown. One thing I noticed going for the Level 20 AI bot matches was that the boons the enemy would get at higher levels would rotate daily. I'd say the worse boon for the enemy to have was Leadership because it effected all the enemies whenever a hero character was around, which is most of the time.
  12. On the trophy list for the game Genesis the pictures are all messed up on PSNP, this looks like the thread @MMDE was talking about when I mentioned this in discord. Now that I've 100%'d the game I can totally confirm. PSN shows PSNP lists the picture as Galactic Champion Veteran Tactical Genius Legend Personal Favorite Galactic Champion Jack of all Trades Tactical Genius MVP Personal Favorite Terminator Master at Arms Bot Enthusiast Terminator Enhanced Arsenal Rookie Master at Arms Jack of all Trades Rookie Bot Enthusiast Veteran Enhanced Arsenal Legend MVP Hope that helps.
  13. I heard today it's still listed on the German store but never confirmed.
  14. Oh, if you haven't put it on your profile or if you're at 0% and can take it off your profile then RUN, don't walk, away from this game! It's the WORST! There are 2 modes; PvP and PvE Co-op (or Solo) which seem fire-walled off from each other. PvP is 5v5 moba. Trundle your dude around the one map and destroy the enemy objective. There are trophies based on performance in this mode. There is also a trophy for PvP versus Lv20 AI bots, which is unlocked by beating Lv1-19 AI bots. Then there's PvE which is broken up into Campaign and Colosseum. Campaign is 5 short levels of enemy mobs and bosses at different difficulties. Each of the levels and each of the difficulties are locked by gear item level, so you keep running the early levels to grind resources to upgrade gear and there's limits on how often you can run those levels. There's a standard gear system; green (common), blue (uncommon), purple (epic) and orange (legendary). I wouldn't have made any progress but one day I logged in and was gifted a full set of blue armor from an in-game dev email. That got me to 15K item level. I need 20K to run the last campaign level at the highest difficulty for a trophy. I think around 13K I unlocked the Colosseum and there you can grind resources for Epic gear, which you need for a trophy and hopefully hit 20K gear. You can run the Colosseum twice daily and unless you've got a super levelled guy in your party you probably won't get far enough to get a lot of resources. Unless the devs handout another set of at least blue armor I don't know how anyone starting now would have any chance. PvE gear doesn't seem to have any benefit in PvP either. That being said, if someone's already started this game then I guess they might as well try to get whatever trophies they can. I've started it years ago and I'll be looking at boosting opportunities.
  15. Get 1 trophy with an army of alts!