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  1. Done and done, thank you as well.
  2. Hi @swedechick, I share your hesitation against spamming randos trash for trophies and noticed you haven't got the remix trophy yet. I published a sculpt called "Ro-bat" that you can remix and send to me. My psn is mking_63. Hopefully you've got something published I can remix and send to you?
  3. I watched the ingame replays for challenges that gave me troubles. I mainly watched the 10-30th placed times so I wasn't focusing on trying to replicate frame perfect manipulations.
  4. Battle Fantasia. Never even heard of it.
  5. GTA 5. GTA's seem pretty daunting to 100%. 👍
  6. One note about the pvp trophy. It is still possible to play the original pvp modes and level your pvp up to Level 50. The original modes aren't accessible in the public hub but you can find portals to og pvp maps in club worlds and you can start a 3v3 map if you've got 5 other people that want to boost. So the trophy can still be boosted without getting 500 legit kills in Bomber Royale. Also, for myself and everyone else I've played with the trophy for throwing 5000 bombs glitched and popped up after finishing a level in a Delve so you can get 100% in the game without ever playing Bomber Royale.
  7. It was my understanding that GTA V was already unobtainable on PS3 if you haven't started because of some kind of bounty feature that didn't work anymore.
  8. This issue has been resolved and you get the trophy after driving 300Km now.
  9. Right on slime almost to thy 200 :)


    To a grand Sunday

    1. Metal Slime King

      Metal Slime King

      Close, so close! :awesome:

  10. @rockstarjazz Glad to see the servers held long enough for you and your friend to get through. Please feel free to share your thoughts on any particular trial that stood out to you.
  11. There's a bit of an issue with the Highway to Hell trophy in this game. The trophy says like "drive 300,000 m" or 300 Km but it doesn't pop at 300 Km, it's actually 300,000 Km which would take years. Apparently there is a message from the devs stating that they will change the requirements to 300 Km with an update. This may or may not actually happen and there's no guarantee that if you were above 300 Km before the update that the trophy will pop the next time you login. If you want to avoid unobtainables I'd recommend avoiding this game until this has been resolved.
  12. Been focusing on Blaster Master Zero recently. The original NES game has a special place in my memory so when I saw the BMZ 1 & 2 games that I hadn't heard of and they were (and still are) on sale pretty cheap I bit and hoped for the best. Went through the first game and had a taste of the second, the first is a faithful reboot of the original with some nice twists and the second is a new story and introduces new mechanics and weapons (maybe it's a reboot of the Genesis or PS1 sequels, I've never played either but I doubt it). I've gone back to tackle the hard mode in the first game and it's pretty tough. The normal mode was maybe a little too easy and I guess the devs got some complaints about it because an early update included this hard mode which makes a number of somewhat obnoxious changes and on PSN there is a trophy for clearing it. Should be done with it shortly though, making decent progress then I can dive back into the second. :awesome:

  13. There's also get 666 kills in online matchmaking so unless you're averaging 6.66 kills per win then the 100 wins wouldn't be the final grind. Well I suppose you could get some kills but then lose the match. Hard to say but either way it's a bit of a grind for sure.
  14. I prefer Discord over PSN VC because it's a more maintained connection, like games the voice might cut out during loads or at certain times. I've got a USB headset so I can plug it into my PS4 as easy as my laptop but if I'm charging my controller on PS4 then I'm out of USB ports without a hub, since I've got an external hard-drive attached. If it's PS3 then Discord hands down!
  15. Voting because I'm listed as co-author in Children of Morta guide and it was requested. Gameplay - Dreams - prize bubble guide (actually used this one) - Dead Rising 4 - Trials guide Walkthrough - Tales of Graces F - Walkthrough guide - Divinity Original Sin 2 - Tactician and Honour Mode Walkthrough Niche - Jotun - Trophy Guide - Moonlighter - Trophy Guide DLC - The Binding of Isaac Re-birth - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ DLC guide - Minecraft - Expansion 11 DLC guide Formatting - Jotun - Trophy Guide - Divinity Original Sin 2 - Tactician and Honour Mode Walkthrough Imported - No opinion Original Content - Trials of Cold Steel IV Overall Walkthrough - Jotun - Trophy Guide GOTY - Jotun - Trophy Guide Hopefully that is an acceptable submission.