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  1. I broke down and bought it yesterday. Maybe I could still find it because it was on my wishlist, maybe it just never got delisted in the CA store? Either way it's 🍔⏰. Now that the only person who wanted this game has bought it, it's almost certain to be free for October.
  2. Sporadic update time. I finished Evolve, the first game I started for this event. I think the I originally gave this game holds up because of the crazy grind to finish it off insured that it stuck around long after the appeal had worn off. The servers may have shut down making some of the trophies unobtainable when they were supposed to or they maybe up sporadically, reports seem conflicted. Either way I deleted it shortly after helping the last person I was boosting it with. I was actually planning on taking the disc in today to see if it had any resale value. I finished Sword Coast Legends, which I believe I started for KYC6 and think I gave a ? That might've been a bit harsh. There was a bit of a push on this game as there was a server shutdown reported for the PC version and nobody was hearing anything officially about how that would effect the PS4 version. The original devs for this game closed house shortly after release and the title was kind of in limbo so the safest path was to assume that none of the mp would be available after the posted PC shutdown date, possibly even before. Some of the trophies totally require mp and some of the super grindy (level every class to max, beat the game with every class) trophies could be significantly shortened using certain mp tactics. In the end the PC shutdown date came and went and nothing happened to the PS4 version. Current thinking is that the mp is P2P and as such not dependant on the maintenance of any central server. After playing through the push a couple of times and getting used to the controls and mechanics of this RPG I'd probably bump my score up to a . I even wound up co-authoring a trophy guide for this game on PSNP, though to be fair @big_bob002 did most of the work and I just helped with the formatting as he was only accessing the site through a mobile device and formatting was much easier on a PC. I finally got around to playing and finishing The Order: 1886 which I started way back in KYC4. Fun fact; even though I started a year ago I never earned 1 trophy back then so it still shows as being completed in under a day. Back then I gave the game a even though first person shooters aren't my thing because the quality put into the title was still obvious. I suppose in the interim my tolerance for this genre has increased somewhat by playing titles like Destiny and BioShock. I knew the game was panned for being short and took that into consideration in my review and suggested picking it up on sale but it wasn't just that the game was short the story concluded at an unexpected point. Like there was supposed to be an Order: 1887 or some DLC or something but it's been awhile and ... nothing. It was an interesting story that just got cut off prematurely.
  3. Final Round Speaking of spelling out user names... What kind of slime am I? I'm a METAL slime! (Not a MEnTAL slime) Never mind that Neverwinter. I got that plat ages ago, it's just passing through with some new DLC.
  4. That's quite an act, what do you call yourselves? The Aristocats "I vaguely remember this, wonder why Disney never talks about it?" Out pops Ching-chong the Chinese stereotype Siamese cat. "Oooooohh"
  5. My Marvel Collection (not including Lego games) Marvel Heroes Omega Marvel Puzzle Quest (PS3/PS4 - 100%) X-Men Origins: Wolverine X-Men: Destiny Anyone know what's the status on Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2? They delisted it right, so you'd need a physical disc to obtain? So that would make the DLC and therefore the 100% unobtainable (unless you already own it)? Seriously Marvel is the worst for keeping their stuff around. Whole games, dlcs (Urg LittleBigPlanet Vita). I guess they should be more stable now as Disney won't sell the rights as long as those movies keep bringing in that sweet nerd coin. Well, then Heroes goes and shuts down for totally non-licensing related issues. Oh Marvel.
  6. Would it be Disney to blame for all the Marvel expired licensing issues? Boycott the mouse!
  7. You can add me to the group of people that got Destiny as plat #100. It was a bit of a push, a game I started way back when on the PS3 when and old friend of mine bought it for me so I'd play it with him. Eventually picked it up for PS4 at a steep discount and pushed through. Still have a couple of dlc trophies for 100% but I'll grab those eventually. Hopefully dlc for Destiny 2 is finalized and on sale before I hit #200.
  8. Still 1 day in this sale, I believe. Was thinking about these two games. I don't own either in any format. For Lego Avengers I guess I want the Deluxe Edition to get 100%. For LiS:BtS can I get 100% completion with the Complete edition or do I need the Deluxe edition? Thought I remembered some kind of stink about trophies when this game came out.
  9. I get the concern for servers for PS3 games and am trying to focus on the ones I want to get done but in all honesty it seems PS4 servers for online games are more tenuous as they keep getting shut down after a far shorter operation cycle. Maybe it's the mindset in current gen that the reason to have online is the operation of a game oriented marketplace and once the owners realize that the marketplace for a particular game is failing to bring in all the money then it's time to close up shop. Games like Tomorrow Children, Evolve, Kill Strain, Marvel Heroes (yeah, there were extenuating circumstances in that case) and the announced shutdown of Happy Dungeons. Those are all games involving marketplaces of possible small item purchases which seemingly weren't validating their continuing operation. I'd almost be more concerned about having unfinished PS4 games of this variety on your profile.
  10. Sometime in the next year while they're still giving out PS3 games I'm still hoping for Burgertime World Tour. 🍔
  11. Update to my list. Added E and I and changed a couple of other titles. All that remains is the ever problematic Q. 3D Dot Game Heroes Axiom Verge Batman: Arkham City Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Darksiders II Evolve Final Fantasy X-2 HD God of War II Hotline Miami Infamous First Light Jak II Kill Strain LittleBigPlanet Karting ModNation Racers NieR Odin Sphere Leifthrasir Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Q Remember Me Sword Coast Legends Trine Unit 13 Venetica World of Final Fantasy X-Men: Destiny Ys: Memories of Celceta Zombie Driver HD
  12. Qualifying Round Got my 5 letter word. It is what I am. What am I? I am a SLIME!
  13. I got a nice E from Evolve, just now. I guess it's just a question of what I'm going to do with it.
  14. Trove is a free to play, mega-grind. You wouldn't have to pay for it (?) but you wouldn't be done by the time this event is over.
  15. Long live the king.

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