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  1. Been focusing on Blaster Master Zero recently. The original NES game has a special place in my memory so when I saw the BMZ 1 & 2 games that I hadn't heard of and they were (and still are) on sale pretty cheap I bit and hoped for the best. Went through the first game and had a taste of the second, the first is a faithful reboot of the original with some nice twists and the second is a new story and introduces new mechanics and weapons (maybe it's a reboot of the Genesis or PS1 sequels, I've never played either but I doubt it). I've gone back to tackle the hard mode in the first game and it's pretty tough. The normal mode was maybe a little too easy and I guess the devs got some complaints about it because an early update included this hard mode which makes a number of somewhat obnoxious changes and on PSN there is a trophy for clearing it. Should be done with it shortly though, making decent progress then I can dive back into the second. :awesome: