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  1. Ooh, Final Fantasy XIV for sure. Save me the cost of subscribing to Square's service and it's a shame they made the trophies focus so heavily on grinding professions.
  2. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. One of the Final Fantasies I haven't picked up yet.
  3. Just copying my response from the other thread. It's entirely possible that there will be no connection between the server status and the status of the offices of Gazillion. You certainly don't need devs coming in to keep a server running and we don't even know that the servers are physically located at the offices, they could be 'on the cloud', hosted at some remote server farm. Sure it's a good idea to get this done asap if you're interested but we all may still have until the officially stated time to get this done, so I wouldn't delete the game now out of frustration or anything. That being said, if you haven't started yet you might want to wait until Saturday to see if people can still login before you commit this game to your profile. With the free boosts people are now completing this game in a week.
  4. It's entirely possible that there will be no connection between the server status and the status of the offices of Gazillion. You certainly don't need devs coming in to keep a server running and we don't even know that the servers are physically located at the offices, they could be 'on the cloud', hosted at some remote server farm. Sure it's a good idea to get this done asap if you're interested but we all may still have until the officially stated time to get this done, so I wouldn't delete the game now out of frustration or anything. That being said, if you haven't started yet you might want to wait until Saturday to see if people can still login before you commit this game to your profile.
  5. Plat #80 - Marvel Heroes Omega. Snatched from the jaws of server death!

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      Well done! 💯

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      Nicely done! Finished in the nick of time.

    4. fabmorais_2011


      @mking_63 Yeah, I read that after I commented on your status update. I was hoping to have a few more weeks, so if they shut down the servers tomorrow, there's no way I'm completing this.

  6. Oh that's dirty if true. Glad I've been pushing hard on this though. All I have left is the last level of my legendary. I've been running Operation: Church of Purification on Heroic so the normal guys still die in one spam of AoE, clear out 225 of them and grab the two chests in a 5 min run for ~4mil XP. Noticed the fastest times on the leaderboard went down from 1 week, 3 days to 4 days, 4 hours.
  7. I started my seventh game Strider and played for a bit. Strider is one of those age old classic stories about noble ninjas versus Space Commies. It seems ok, it's one of those games that looks like it was rendered in 3d but then it's nailed down to a 2d control structure. A definite metroidvania type game. The control is decent but they force you to use the analog stick for movement whereas I prefer to use the d-pad in 2d games if given the option. There are a series of minor boss characters called the Pooh sisters that you encounter through the course of the game. Maybe Pooh is a valid Chinese surname, I don't know but certainly they could've found another surname that translated better. 💩 Regarding the rest of my scheduled line-up of games, I moved from an 80Gb PS3 to a 500Gb PS4 and it seemed like I'd have enough space forever. Turns out not quite and now I'm down to under 50Gb free so I don't think I'll be able to download either Arkham Knight or Injustice until I finish off some of the bigger games I already got on my system. There's always next event. Since I've already got Knack on my system and I've never played it, I'll put that in the 9th slot since I remember someone else had it there. So the rest of my event line-up will look like: 8 - Strike Vector EX 9 - Knack 10 - Castlevania: Mirror of Fate HD
  8. After about 4 days I got my 5 characters up to 60 and my 1 character prestiged twice. Also got the first level on his legendary item. Maybe now I can start episode 6 in the main story. I found a cosmic doop in the last sewer area in episode 5, right before the Juggernaut.
  9. Game #6 - Marvel Heroes Omega MHO is an action-RPG MMO that's F2P on PS4 but I'm pretty sure it has been delisted across the board so if you haven't downloaded it yet you may be SOL. If you're interested in it, then check PSN for yourself, reports on it's availability have been spotty. The servers are shutting down on Dec. 31st, 2017 but since all available boosters are essentially free it should still be possible to complete. As you could likely surmise from the title, the game is set in the Marvel universe and it has a large selection of available Marvel characters to play as. Most importantly you can play as Squirrel Girl and kick enemies in the nuts. The graphics are adequate, pretty mundane actually and the music is practically non-existent, like they knew you were going to spend most of your time listening to something else while you were grinding XP. There's a lot of grind if you want this plat, even with free boosts. You have to get 5 characters up to lv60 (which is the level cap) and then prestige one character twice so that's getting lv60 7 times and fully levelling up a legendary weapon (which rises with the same XP) will be more grinding still. When you start there is a main story with 9 episodes and then after that there are post-game operations you can take on. I've been focusing on levelling up the 5 different guys so I've just got up to story episode 6. When you start a new character they start the main story back at the beginning. Without free boosts apparently you would normally beat the whole story mode before reaching lv60 and then have to grind out some operations as well. The game is simple fun, the episodes are a decent length and there are plenty of boss encounters through out. While low-effort for the devs, the still-image, comic-style, voiced cut-scenes work well with the subject matter. Although there are a lot of different characters to use, all of the characters I've used have felt mostly similar. Other MMO's I've played had classes of characters that focused on three main roles (Tank, Damage and Heal) but in this game every character can be a damage dealing tank with the right gear. Each character has their own moves but those moves all serve the same function more or less. Each character has some ranged attacks and some melee attacks. I'm giving this game a solid, middle of the road (). Nothing horribly objectionable but nothing really spectacular either. If it weren't for the free characters and free boosts I would find the required amount of grinding to be far too excessive (which I'm sure was the point). I may have to re-evaluate after I've at least gone through the main story, we'll see.
  10. Even getting 1,000,000 credits shouldn't take too long, selling the unneeded stuff from the SHIELD loot boxes. I sold a bunch of stuff and the merchants went into a state where none of them would buy stuff from me. I noticed all that stuff was staying in the buyback tab. After I logged out and logged back in the buyback tab was cleared and I could sell stuff again. fyi. Edit: After reading another thread it seems the only money that counts for the gazillion trophy is money that falls on the ground (?). I've been seeing a lot of doops today but no cosmic doops yet. A little concerned about anything random, hope it happens in time.
  11. If you like Math and Logic in a puzzle game and are not allergic to the occasional PC game then I cannot recommend SpaceChem enough. It was my favourite puzzle game and one of my favourite games of all time. I'd pick it up again in a second if it came out on a Sony platform, sadly that's not going to happen. Another substitution for me on my 6th game, why did I bother making a list? Well you know sometimes things happen.. my 6th game is Marvel Heroes Omega, a beat-em' up style action-RPG MMO which probably boasts the widest range of Marvel characters in any Marvel game. It certainly wasn't my intention to start two MMO's in one month, I'm not that insane but I was interested in this game and when the news broke of the upcoming server shutdown (Dec 31st, 2017) my hand was forced. Sometimes when server shutdowns are announced due to a general lack of interest those servers don't actually go down (Kill Strain, Batman Origins, LBP Karting) but this server is going down. For the purpose of this thread I'm not going to bother speculating about the particulars. Gamin' on the edge (of server shutdown 🎵)! There's nothing quite like news of a server shutdown to motivate me to play a game. The added tension of a concrete deadline. The impending unavailability of that UR plat. Plus there's a real party going on right now in MHO 🎉. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play an MMO if you just had too much damn money for your own good sitting around? Well this is your chance to find out because the devs have lowered the costs of everything you used to buy with real money to 1 unit of an in game currency! You can grind xp at warp speed with all the paid free boosts you could ever need. Buy whatever characters you like friend, forget that free Daredevil, they're all free now. The fastest completion times before "the event" were under 2 weeks which was obviously with the assistance of paid boosts, boosts you can now get for free, so completion should be no issue. Unfortunately you might not be able to download it if you haven't yet already. Shortly after I started downloading it I read that it had been delisted. I checked the store (NA) and couldn't see it so I assumed that was the case but later heard that it was still available in Europe and a friend of mine in NA said he did start downloading after I did, so I don't know. If you're interested, check it out for yourself. Regarding the game itself my initial opinions have matched closely with @Jaguargenie who reviewed it as his first game, which is to say it's addictive fun. How have you been enjoying the new cost structure Jaguar?
  12. The devs posted that date on their twitter and official forum
  13. Game #5 - Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse - Episodes 1 & 2 That title is a bit of a mouthful, isn't it? BS5 is a 'Slide and Tap' (the game's own terminology, as opposed to being a point and click) adventure game currently available as a (NA) PS+ freebie. You tap on the screen to move the character around the current scene and interact with available objects and characters to solve puzzles in order to advance the story. You play mostly as Fred the blond pretty-boy from Scooby-Doo George, an insurance claim investigator(?) and sometimes you play as George's sort-of partner Nico, a french reporter. Since I mainly played for the story I'll talk most about that, I found the story pretty interesting and I was surprised that I had a decent amount of fun going through it. The first thing that caught my attention was that the prologue was in Catalonia during the Spanish Civil War in the late 1930's which is currently relevant as Catalonia has been in the news recently. (IRL) The regional Catalonian government held an 'illegal' referendum on whether Catalonia should seek sovereign independence from the country of Spain and as a result the federal government have taken direct control over Catalonia. There have been concerns that this incident could spark another civil war in the region. I'm not a Spanish citizen and don't know anything more about this situation than what I've read in the news I just thought it was weird timing that this game went on PS+ now and I was just curious if this was a deliberate choice by whoever is in charge of picking PS+ games. Without spoiling the story too much, the first episode is mostly focused on investigating a painting stolen from a family in Catalonia which has since resurfaced in the Paris art community. The second episode is focused on investigating a lost Gnostic artifact in the Catalonia region. The first episode was goofier and comic relief characters were more predominant in the story while the second episode had a more serious tone and I found it far more interesting. The game talks a lot about it's interpretation of the Gnostic belief structure and I did actually find some historical reference to the idea that a small group of Cathars (a sect of Gnostics) had escaped the Roman Catholic crusade of Southern France to the Catalonian region carrying treasure, which the game employs. In the writing of it's characters the game itself seems to favour (it's interpretation of) the Gnostic viewpoint as being the most rational. From the little reading I did on the Gnostic belief structure after playing this game, it didn't quite match up to reality but they did capture the sense of dualism which made Gnosticism 'heretical' to the Roman Catholic church. Funny how this game review turned into some kind of high school research project, sorry about that (especially to the one teacher in this thread) . I'm giving this game a (+). Graphics and sound were alright, nothing special but they functioned to create a coherent space that you could navigate. The interface was awkward at times, mostly when trying to combine items in your inventory. Other criticisms I have are probably better directed at the genre itself, so if you like the genre this might be your game of the year. Weird game logic, of course in these games you're supposed to pick up every weird thing and use them in every weird way until one of those weird ways solves whatever arbitrary roadblock you're at, usually to comic effect. In this regard the game is probably the least offensive in the genre. I didn't really like any of the ancillary characters but I particularly disliked the ones that were in a useless state until you solved their silly problem. In all of those cases it seemed like the most logical solution was just yelling in their face "Wahh! Get over it, you useless tool!" Regardless, my interest in the story made going through the game a worthwhile experience.
  14. @Kevvik I just did Ys Origins, overall I liked it and I particularly liked the bosses. I've been linking all my reviews to my post on the first page as we've been going if you want to find it easily.
  15. So we have ~46 days until server shutdown (reported date: Dec 31st, 2017). Some stuff that costs money now may be made freely available but for now there's no telling what. Assuming nothing useful is made free, is it possible to 100% this game in the time allotted without spending any money on it? It looks like spending money on it won't be an option for much longer anyways but really, who would want to support this game now. Fastest times for 100% on PSNP are under 2 weeks but they probably used XP boosters. Anyone with experience playing this game care to comment? Can you get the DLC trophies free? Edit: Apparently the game got delisted from PSN shortly after I started downloading it. Also according to a post on the official forums everything now costs 1 unit of currency and apparently you get some currency every 5 min in game or something like that.