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  1. My favourite part about the trophy graphics is that if you click on the platinum image to get the large size version it says "Silver".
  2. I know this is a super ancient thread but I just got 100% on the ps3 version and I had a question that a google search didn't resolve for me. If I purchase the ps4 version of this game will the ps3 season pass grant me access to the dlc on the ps4 version as well? That's how the dlc for LittleBigPlanet 3 worked but that game may have been an exception.
  3. Hey it's well into 2018, where's my final Shovel Knight campaign?!

    1. KingGuy420


      I wouldn't expect it for a few more months lol. They haven't even showed anything new lately.

    2. mking_63


      Boo. I was hoping to setup the final dlc trophy for my 5000th to match my 4000th with the Spectre Knight campaign but I'm not going to stop playing. Oh well, we will see.

  4. You can randomly find gems in chests before collecting all the gadgets but after you've collected all the gadgets you'll only find gems. Sadly after you've collected a gem set you can still find worthless duplicates gems for a set you've already completed, so this grind can take awhile.
  5. You gain access to the upgraded Knack's by collecting complete gem sets from the treasure chests. It's not missable because after the game you can restart the game from the start and go through again and collect more gems. You might have to go through the game multiple times to unlock Diamond Knack by collecting 10 Diamonds, the most elusive gem. I found it quickest to play through on easy to hunt for gems so you can rush through the levels.
  6. I couldn't find much information on this game but here are some detailed maps that might help others find stuff.
  7. Whoa, that's short notice. Thanks for the heads up Sony. Looking at trophy guides there doesn't seem to be any online required trophies so these games should still be obtainable after server shutdown? That's good news anyways.
  8. I guess my luck had to finally run out, first time in having PS+ for almost a year that I already owned one of the games being offered. Knack, which I picked up for a couple of bucks in some PSN sale quite a while ago. It was a fun action game which sadly wore out it's welcome with all the grinding required to get all the diamonds for the plat. Has anyone checked if all those Spelunker DLC's are free additional content?
  9. Final Fantasy Type-0 would be good.
  10. Oh man, I forgot that I picked this up.
  11. WipEout 2048 Halfway There Complete 10 Online Multiplayer Levels Half way is a flat out lie. True, there are 20 levels but those levels have a growing number of nodes per level and the requirements to complete a node become more demanding. I'm getting there though.
  12. Level 26 Spellspire Royal Jelly As king slimes go, this pretender to the throne isn't very metal but I still like the cut of his jib. I picked up Spellspire for a couple of bucks off psn. It's a simple little game that looks like it could've been done in flash where you spell words from a pseudo-random selection of 10 letters to hurl magic spells at a series of enemies. I think it's fun and it's become my new goto game when I'm just firing up the Vita for a quick couple of minutes. I wouldn't call it a quick plat as there's a lot of grind but I like it. It's cross-buy with PS4 so I guess I could fire it up again but I can't imagine it would be as much fun without the touchscreen interface which is really ideal for this type of game.
  13. I'm kind of surprised that only 29 other people have got 100% in Modnation Racers since I did it on Sept 27th, 2016.

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      Something like modnation on the PS4 would so be awesome.

    3. Vincent Brooks

      Vincent Brooks

      I felt literally the same way about Worms Battlegrounds and Worms WMD.  The 2%~ plat rate didn't make sense to me, given both games are not excruciatingly long winded/difficult to get, like GTA V.

    4. mking_63


      A new Modnation on ps4 would be great, I'd also love to see a new Lego Racers.

  14. But it sounds like people are getting screwed over with a trophy list that can't be finished?