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  1. Another one of Baba Vanga's 2022 predictions has come true.
    A Siberian virus has released, to trigger the next pandemic.

    1. Abby_TheLastofUs


      Fingers crossed for the alien invasion. 

    2. Sikutai


      Aliens would be my favourit. Maybe I can switch sides and join them.

  2. I'm a little puzzled for why people compared this title to Gone Home. The depth of variable interactivity and the story emotional pay-offs are in completely different leagues.
  3. Now if only they'd apply this line of thinking to a PS5 port for RDR2...
  4. Speaking of, I wish they'd do a native port to PS5 for the recent mainline entry.
  5. It was always a matter of 'when' this would be announced and not 'if'. Control got Remedy a lot of respect despite the relatively mid-sales. They received a lot of investment and partner projects after this solid single player game released. Even Rockstar made amends after the Max Payne fallout.
  6. Round 2 with Malenia in Elden Ring.
  7. I will buy this. It will be my first VR kit.
  8. I'm expecting 30fps games towards the end of the PS5's generation to become a norm. With Gotham Knights , this game doesn't 'earn' its excuse to be 30Hz, being a former cross-gen game and not demonstrating optimisation mastery in tapping out PS5's true power. I read on Twitter some Rocksteady developer was blaming Series S for this limitation in stretching production values thin for better optimisation. Mark Cerny made the PS5 in such a way that many of the traditional bottlenecks in a traditional PC have been removed, between throughput computation, memory streaming and CPU. This console is even easier than PS4 to develop for. 60fps should absolutely be the standard from developers today in the near coming years.
  9. PS4 is last-gen.

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    2. zizimonster


      PS5 is current gen. And PS6 is next gen.

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite


    4. MidnightDragon


      In other news, the sky is blue and water is wet.

  10. After the Sakakibara killings, the Japanese politicians wanted to put the appearance that they were going to ‘do something about it’ so they became more hardline on violent media.
  11. Metal Gear Solid Legacy Collection
  12. Toxicity multiplied by five-fold when they opened up crossplay to Xbox on Overwatch. Stuff that would be said would be things like 'I hope you mother dies in a car crash, Eraezr' from the enemy team, just because I carried my own team as Orisa ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯
  13. Did I imagine that or was Sony supposedly blocking these 'Sakura' games from being published with additional titles on PlayStation? Yet this one is coming.