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  1. Vita is Sony's GameCube.
  2. I’m missing the one listed next to the NOS historic relic. Anyone know where it is? I’ve popped ‘Up to the Task’ and collected the hidden relic in Pink Eye’s (assuming there’s one there). edit: Found the missing one. It was at a balloon location.
  3. Yeap. Plus if Jin spared his uncle the shōgun would have ordered his seppuku ritual for having disgraced himself for failing to execute the Ghost. It is western naïveté to think that Lord Shimura was being spared to live if Jin didn’t do it. He was a doomed man if he lost that fight. The real mercy was giving him death with dignity. In the end, Jin never fully shedded bushido shoshinshu. If he no longer cared about it all, he would have been no different from Sensei Ishikawa’s former disciple.
  4. The only part that was buggy for me was a certain car chase scene. Everything else worked out OK.
  5. They explicitly tell you that in the game that servers are used for scrap collection when the Scrap Crew parts collection is unlocked. You simply have to play the game to see that.
  6. This is factually incorrect, from the GPU tools and cofiguration, to the bottlenecks which one console has, while the other doesn't have it. But yes, the PS3 did end up being used as a server of sorts. The U.S Air Force turned a bunch of them into a supercomputer.
  7. Jettomero - 284 owners. It's got a dope soundtrack and aesthetic. Punch Line (Vita) - 640 owners. Interesting story.
  8. Might be this
  9. I was able to get the scrap in time but I wanna know why the guide on this website didn’t mention there was a online dependent trophy in the trophy classification section? It’s a critical failure in trust between a guide writer and trophy hunters (especially those who plan to play games with online trophies first before offline only games).
  10. It feels like this was announced to early if this is all they've got to show. Unless there's more at the TGA show.
  11. Unfinished Assassins Creed II Tomb Raider: Underworld Catherine Ninja Gaiden: Sigma Mirrors Edge The Sly Collection (x3) Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch Bleach: Soul Resurruccion The Saboteur Tales of Xillia Tales of Xillia 2 Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus Nier Red Dead Redemption Gran Turismo 6 Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories Final Fantasy XIII-2 Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns Yakuza 4 inFAMOUS inFAMOUS 2 The Puppeteer Shadow of the Colossus HD Ico HD Zone of Enders HD Collection (x2) Bayonetta Okami HD Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Batman: Arkham City Beyond: Two Souls Finished: 0/31
  12. Not going to buy a PS5 until I hit 100 platinums.

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      Depending on what you play, that could go very quick or very slow.

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      Madara Uchiha

      @Eraezr Nek minit it's already pre-ordered and you have stacks of Ratalaika Games ready to play :lol:

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