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  1. I got into trophy hunting after they shut down Gran Turismo 5's servers.
  2. Doesn't unlock with Kat.
  3. Downloading the game right now. Hope these raids won't be too much of a hassle lol
  4. Most abysmal fighting game I've played. Paid to play, several times nerfed in-game currency earning system, microtransactions, Toggled Ads which give meagre amounts of FM - even if you play 3-4x a week, always online requirement for rudimentary feature access, ugly ass U.I that shills MTX and the worst sin of all, a broken netcode system. Tekken 7 isn't perfect either, but it deserves every mileage of success over the Street Fighter series now. Can't wait to be done with SFV's platinum.
  5. I just had a look at the game on the PS Store and holy Batman, they went nuts with the DLC modelling. Hard copies on eBay seem kinda pricey for a PS3 title too.
  6. I dig this game's aesthetic.
  7. Anger against developers is misplaced. Anger against the shareholders and executives is not misplaced. The cynic in me believes the bosses (basically the same ♥s which enable lootboxes in the first place) made the internal directive for this statement(s) to be released to the public, as a way of holding people's goodwill as hostage. edit: the system swapped out c.u.n.t out for a heart. As an Aussie, I am miffed.
  8. I managed to get the trophy on my own. Did a hotspot from my phone with has a VPN client. 1. Established VPN connection first, then opened game. 2. Played two matches with a connection set to Hong Kong. Lost 2. 3. Closed game. Set new connection to Brazil. Rebooted. 4. Played one match with a connection set to Brazil. Won 1. 5. Closed game. Set new connection to normal, no VPN so I was on local Australian servers. 6. Played one match in my local region. Won 1. Trophy popped. I don't know if that sequence will work for others but I thought I'd write it here just in case.
  9. Plus a game with production values to hire star power from Game of Thrones should be able to do something as rudimentary as getting all the trophies right.
  10. I wonder if 1.00/1.01 software were prone to save files creating errors for their trophy trackers🤔 I started New Game a bit after launch (backlog dilemmas) and a bunch of updates had rolled out by then. Had no issues with the trophy unlocking.
  11. Okay, got the trophy. It seems error connections to Battlelog can create issues when earning MP trophies.
  12. Thanks for the links. I'll check em' now.
  13. It's a lazy cash grab from Square Enix anyway. Almost everything they release now is that. Only the character models look better than emulating it on Vita. Everything else is better off played on the original.
  14. The 'Won them all' (Win a round of each game mode) trophy is proving to be a conundrum because I've checked off all the listed modes detailed in the two guides available. Still doesn't pop the trophy. Not sure what's not being counted or if the trophy requirements were silently changed via an update.
  15. I'm having issues with 'Won them all' - Win a round in each game mode. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? I've checked off all the modes listed in the guide.