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  1. Alice: The Madness Returns The Saboteur rain
  2. When I first saw this game, I automatically binned it in the 'Never going to buy' catalogue after the way FFXV burned me out with it's dishonest marketing (Luminous Studio was formerly Business Division 2). Even skipped over many other Square Enix published games cuz I was that ticked off. But the more I hear of Forspoken, about the writers involved, new studio head, the composer they've got and how the engine is no longer constrained by memory streaming and weak CPUs - all good things, I can't help but wonder how it will turn out by launch window.
  3. Ah I see. If there was a specific decimal value left you might have been able to deduce which activity it was. Example 1 bounty = 0.1% of game completion. The numbers breakdown
  4. Probably 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. Physical copies were sold out in a week in my country.
  5. Out of curiosity, how were you counting the bounties? Was it through your own record keeping or in-game stats? I've noticed the game tracker sometimes glitches in not counting a newly completed bounty in the SCORE tab for statistics.
  6. The future is bright. Now they can build upon the foundations with Unreal Engine 4-5.
  7. Once you understand driving lines, it opens up and a lot of tracks become much easier. GTS was Polyphony charging folks to beta test GT7's multiplayer lol
  8. A lot of the original BioWare devs are in on this one so it's going to be a title to watch. My mates rave about the KOTOR games a lot so I'm thinking this can be my in, for the series. RPGs that care to its designs are precious in modern gaming. EA's BioWare isn't remaking it. It's Aspyr + the original devs.
  9. In a not-bad way, this kind of looks like AU fan fiction of Nier: Automata's 2B and her traversals in a post-apocalyptic city, saving humanity blah. Anyone know if Yoko Taro has said anything about this game?
  10. Wait and see for me but if peer reviews are pleased with the port quality, I'll probably get it to support Remedy.
  11. Wonder if they will let it be R-rated.
  12. I'm mixed on this. GoW Ragnarok will be a good PS4 game but on PS5, it will be a PS4 game with PS5 graphics glitter pasted atop+60 Hz. Even the FOV is still narrow. It makes me wistful that this will be the last game in the Norse saga (according to Hulst) and it was held back by the PS4 in its final title.
  13. Looking at a couple of the scenes in this trailer, I'm not surprised this isn't on PS4. The memory streaming would have outpaced the mechanical HDD's capacity.
  14. No. Does your motion sickness happen at 120Hz VR too?