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  1. It seems they changed the actress from the original trailer.
  2. How was it censored? (to answer your question, probably not if that's the case).
  3. I've been told game designers from Alien: Isolation's production, were involved with this project.
  4. I don't mind these new characters. Will stick to my Cammy and Juri 👍
  5. Anyone finished this game? Is it good?
  6. Wonder if it is the same engine. With Tale of Arise shifting its own series visual fidelity forward with Unreal Engine 4 over the previous in-house engines, I wonder how Trails would be like in something as sophisticated as that. Granted, few Japanese devs have achieved the technicality of pushing these current consoles and their Jaguar CPUs to full potent utitlity....
  7. Guts (Berserk: Band of Hawk) and Kirito (SAO). 😆 Serious answers: Ignis (FFXV) and Bayonetta. Juri Han (SFV) and Hwoarang (Tekken 7) Raiden (MGR) and Aloy (HZD) Xenomorph (Alien: Isolation) and Geralt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)
  8. This game was backed by a kickstarter so I'm guessing this is one of those indies that's really going to deserve the wallet love if it turns out good. I like the gold:silver:bronze ratios lol
  9. Anyone owns this on Vita (EU) ?
  10. How well does Alice: Madness Returns run on PS3?
  11. Backlog is too much at the moment. It's that point in the console generation where Day 1 buys are becoming rarer and rarer (even though I wanted to support this collaboration).
  12. Reminds me of A Hat in Time, except old dude on trippy surfboard instead of hat.
  13. Back to fan fiction writing...

  14. It would be ludicrous if the Chinese version is not censored, given that country's reputation for content curation.
  15. So that's where all those Japanese novel/movie plots about crazy cultists come from...