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  1. How well does Alice: Madness Returns run on PS3?
  2. Backlog is too much at the moment. It's that point in the console generation where Day 1 buys are becoming rarer and rarer (even though I wanted to support this collaboration).
  3. Reminds me of A Hat in Time, except old dude on trippy surfboard instead of hat.
  4. Back to fan fiction writing...

  5. First time clicking on this thread. That list was longer than I expected. I don't usually throw around the term 'SJW', but what you said in the last paragraph, reminded me of a passage I read in a book recently.
  6. It would be ludicrous if the Chinese version is not censored, given that country's reputation for content curation.
  7. So that's where all those Japanese novel/movie plots about crazy cultists come from...
  8. I would agree with this, if it weren't for PS+.
  9. Never seen a gameplay like this before. Drawing tangent to the VN-esque screen in some parts of the trailer, I hope it's more interesting than Root Letter (which is the only VN I have played on PS4 thus far).
  10. The absence of the Bloody Palace-esque trophies makes this slightly easier than DMC4:SE's trophy run. Heaven of Hell run is can be a bit flukey - not too bad. Itsuno-san said on Twitter that getting S-rank is a challenge, but not as hard as DMC4:SE's steep requirements. Still a challenging trophy list.
  11. When did EA graduate from "I'm not buying this because it's incomplete at launch/microtransactions" to "This game will fucking murder your PS4" ??!!
  12. Gotten them combo macros to work smoothly?
  13. Official trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Td3FL4zCB8
  14. Pretty ostentatious trophy list. All these prerequisites and not a sliver of platinum.
  15. Days Gone Concrete Genie Yakuza 4