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  1. There's something dodgy about the way Rapid Discord unlocks. There were times when I sure I nailed it but the trophy didn't pop at those moments.
  2. Street Fighter V.
  3. Is the platinum easier this time around, compared to launch?
  4. Crocodile tears when I saw M.S cry (the trailblazers of paid subscriptions for online MP) that not having cross-play is anti-consumer. Holler at me when Xbox Gold and PS+ are rescinded, then I might take this debate seriously and not find that it helps ameliorate the sales and platform experience for no.3 of the console wars.
  5. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  6. Example: Stardew Valley Platforms: Vita, PS4 Question: Not counting the platinum, there are 40 trophies in Stardew Valley. If I earn 1 trophy on the Vita, then unlock the remaining 39 on my PS4, will my platinum still unlock despite my PS4 save file not recording that other one trophy?
  7. Not a fan of the wonky controls in this mini-game. I don't mind if a trophy is hard, it only needs to give me all the standard tools (good controls, low input lag, smooth frame rate) to get it, which I've done with some difficult platinums like Gold Rank in Street Fighter V or Rapid Discord in Overwatch. I shall persevere with this trophy and achieve it, but I won't respect it as something of merit in the platinum run.
  8. Steelbook edition for Ghost of Tsushima.
  9. Okay, I'm only going to explain this for your benefit of understanding what happened and not to ridicule you or anything. And to clear up the air for anyone else who are thinking about trying this amazing game but are unsure about the stuff you mentioned here. The way the game programmers designed the A.I of the Xenomorph and its interaction with Ridley, is analogous to an invisible elastic band that's connected between the two. The longer Ridley stays in one spot (in other words what you did here) of the area, the shorter that elastic band gets between the Xenomorph and her = more frequent encounters, getting killed and walls of frustration. The philosophy to beating and enjoying Alien: Isolation, is to constantly be on the move whenever possible, progressing through the mission checklists and hiding only when it's absolutely necessary. Running is never worth it. By playing this way, your encounters with the Xenomorph reach the absolute minimal (on my easy mode, no deaths run - I ran into the Xenomorph only once throughout the entirety of the game's corridor roaming) and the fear factor is preserved organically. Also, the sudden pop out ambushes the alien does happens (assuming you've kept the elastic long) when you walk beneath a vent that's dripping its nasty saliva or fuming black smoky breath. It's a subtle visual cue meant to keep the gamer on their toes.
  10. The only thing that made me salty about this one was the glitchy trophies.
  11. Which was intended to be playable at GDC, according to John Linneman.
  12. Really enjoyed the OST. One of the better indies I've played this gen.