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  1. It's more grounded but I've noticed a bunch who like Sakura Wars, also like Valkyria Chronicles Remastered and part 4.
  2. Roswell (1999). Though it was kinda the showrunners' fault when they regraded the plot line they were building up to, all for the sake of shipping. Angel Beats! wasn't exactly cancelled but it ended way too soon. Ought to have been at least 30 episodes worth.
  3. Even though I sold one of them, the trophy still popped. Whew.
  4. Bet that fossil engine is having problems. Even more so now that it has to compromise with the technical ceiling Series S is forcing on it.
  5. For those who played this in the Japanese dub, do the Phantom Thieves address Maruki as 'sensei' instead of Dr ?
  6. Games with a strong art direction from legacy platforms will endure. Also, modern technology has challenged our wisdom to respond to it. One instance is Instagram's algorithm to manipulating teenagers into depression for emotional dependency on the app.
  7. Could you verify if you were playing the PS5 SKU patch of the game or the PS4 SKU?
  8. I'm 106 hours into the game and still at <50% on the trophy list. They've definitely earned my interest for a potential season pass, if it's worth its weight.
  9. Had a FuckJimRyan.jpg moment when I found out PS5 could not do USB backup, for the want of incentivising PS+ subscribers.
  10. I had cooperators smack him for me.
  11. ...that's kinda weird and borderline sus.
  12. Which Yoshida are you talking about? Because Shuhei Yoshida is lower ranking than him in the PS organisation.
  13. He's overkill into the numbers spreadsheet profit thing. I get that executives have a corporate responsibility to turn in profits but not to the levels of: Ending the free upgrade for PS studio cross-gens like with the HFW debacle. Pushing GT7 to have a GaaS/microtransaction crap rather than a purebred racing game in the vein of GT4-GT6. This guy has a perverse belief that he thinks he can speak for everyone in a hyperbolic which adds to this persona that he's bullish/sociopathic against everyone and anyone who doesn't see it his way. "Nobody wants to play old games." (then wtf is PS+ Premium charging legacy for??) "Everyone is happy with the breakaway with PS exclusives". He's also bit of a cunning bastard too. A bunch of Sony PlayStation lay-offs were timed with big news drops like the reveal of the DualSense controller - right on the same day. Anytime Sony PlayStation is about to make an unpopular decision, he offsets it with something else. After the initial attempt to shut down the PS3 store completely (they backtracked), Jim's garnered this aura that Sony leadership has these fogs of uncertainties and lacking of confidence, when it comes to server support for first party MPs from precious generation. Like I'm in this headspace where I'm unconsciously bracing for more bad moves from PlayStation. When this guy first came on, I was willing to be open-minded and I even credited two positives he gave to Sony. One +ve is pushing Shawn Layden out. Layden was not good enough in his job that he completely fumbled the Gravity Rush series marketing and distribution for NA territories and he blew it fucking hard when he shuttered Evolution Studios. All that hype and success of Sony first party during the PS4 era was hard carried by the studios themselves. When it came to the meta-production/marketing, Layden was inadequate for that job. The other idiotic thing Shawn Layden did was deluding himself into thinking he was in the right to export his personal American socio-political values to PlayStation global - like yeah dude 🙄 If there's one thing America is famous for it's making decisions forcibly against other people's sovereignties, leading from one clusterfuck to another. We can put aside CIA genocides, war crimes or West Papua; look at how corporate-America has sodomised its own people like in medical or banking sectors. Now this American suit wants to be censorious to Japanese studios creative initiative? Because his own backyard has sane happenings? Fuck - off. American values has a shit ton of problems and it is one of the last cultures on the planet that deserves to have a moral authority. The other +ve I'll give Jim (though one may argue that Andrew House would have done the same or better), was that he gave generous amounts of investment for PS5's technology to Mark Cerny. I get that a degree of corporate responsibility is absolutely necessary for men in his position. They have to govern a complex machine of thousands of employees, deal with complexities and technicalities in a consumer market that's disrupted by so many things (semiconductor shortage, technology advancements, trends differing country to country), in a market where hardcore gamers are more agnostic in seeing through bullshit, compared to say Hollywood. But there is a line where you can have corporate responsibility and good profit (look at the PS4 era, PS2 era), and going batshit psycho in the monetisation gouging. PlayStation's core fanbase is currently being sustained by a lot of gamers who got in at the PS1-PS2 era. A lot of that goodwill is responsible for PS4 and PS5's success with everything else snowballing from the select right choices Sony has made this generation. But Jim is burning out a lot of those core values, leaving only superficial security for the brand in the future, as gamers grow out of the hobby and new generations arrive in.
  14. Low key I kinda want PlayStation to get bitch-slapped so they can work harder to impress Consumer-sama. Added bonus if it gets Jim Ryan out and undoes his damage.