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  1. A lot of them are not cheap trophies too. Yet no platinum You can make a Boosting Session
  2. Man, I'm really nervous about third party games, after seeing that the Series S has an inferior memory streaming solution (despite the SSD) to the One X. The backwards compatibility for One X enhancements will not work on Series S. Really hope PS5 exclusives come out in full force. I don't want my hobby to be detuned on the whims of short term marketing. Axel is a principal programmer at iD Software
  3. Maybe they swing the other way.
  4. From a technical perspective Him (and Mika & Capcom) was a villain of SFV's season 1 netcode. 8-frame input lag. His dash animation was 17-frames, but it only actually started on the 8th frame which meant his ground movement was breaking the game's fundamental balance cores. Forward dash into jab confirm was impossible to whiff/pre-emptively punish on reflex which made people mistakenly think that he was not only a good character, but god-like. Story perspective: His character arc sucked Bison's sweaty balls in the story mode. To be fair, almost everything about it was so shit. Meta perspective: Guile x Nash shippers.
  5. ew Nash What times do you usually try to play. In my country it was mostly active on evenings for weekdays, midday-night for weekends.
  6. Oh dang, I didn't know III didn't have its localised guide up, until now.
  7. At some point I was concerned about stuff like that but then I realised my trophy hunting career is at a point where my profile will always be more decorated than the average PSN user who don't care about trophies. So I've just been chilling and playing whatever. What I do give credit to the sometimes un-fun discipline of trophy hunting, is that it encourages me to actually play and finish my games. I'm glad for that because by the end of it, I find that I get more engagement out of my library of games. More enjoyment. In that way, trophy hunting does the opposite of burning me out from gaming.
  8. I also saw the rise of the ninja allegory too. If it was just that to me, then I would have let it rest (even if. . .culturally ninjas were despised in Ancient Japan, rather than having the street creds which the characters of Naruto enjoyed). However, the dimension of the Ghost was going to have rippling effects socio-politically. Fear-factor aside, it was a force of nature that openly defied the shōgun, the highest reign of power in Japan, just beneath the imperial royalty (who are said to be descended from divinity). To which I consider, did Jin in all his upbringing and duty to Tsushima and Japan, did he consider these implications in that moment? As far as my Japanese history tells me, ninja clans were clandestinely employed by warlords of certain clans, but never the shōgun himself. With consideration to the sizeable force Jin's uncle had at his command, I'd say scattered remains of the Mongol force had a mortal coil that was limited to mere days -without their leader and the invading force crippled. Although, one could also say it's a welcome thing for video game convenience, since the player still has opportunity to sample combat against different classes of opponents as well as an easier trophy clean-up. Even straw-hat ronins were found here and there, post-story.
  9. 2,000 units
  10. The story was all good for me until the ending. With everything that the game showed about 'Bushido Shoshinshu', historical novels and texts which I've read about the times and Japanese culture, I feel like the game would have strongly benefited the choice route of allowing Jin Sakai to commit seppuku, rather than going for the typical western hero ending like 'Fuck u, I'm going to live no matter what', which felt so...I hate to use the word but it felt like Jin got whitewashed with his personality. Samurai of that time...and the way people lived, it was like a world unto itself where they did a lot of heavy stuff (seppuku, executions, hierachies) which would shock us, but to them in their stoic attitude, it was business as usual. They weren't just people who swung swords. They were a class who held worlds within themselves. Who cultivated Wa. If anyone wants to know more about what I'm trying to say here, I recommend the novel (I consider it to be the Dune of Japanese historical fiction), Shōgun by James Clavell. He was an Australian WW2 soldier who was tortured by the Japanese as POW. Years after the war was over, James went to Japan to understand its people and their customs to overcome his hatred for them, along with his demons of trauma. When Lord Shimura was explaining the bigger picture to Jin, the shōgun's order, the cultural and social order implication which the Ghost's existence brought - it made a lot of sense. As justified as Jin's actions was to stop the Mongols, the legend of the Ghost would only continue to do a lot of damage to Japan's way of life. The Ghost was a living weapon, one that was a necessity and very much needed to fight the Mongols off. But now that the war was over, Jin's existence was almost as threatening as the Mongol invasion was. There are a lot of things we take for granted with our modern civilised world, it's formed by sediments and sediments of culture and political order. But in olden times, holding together a functioning society was much different and I was hoping to see the worldbuilding reaching effect of that, of a Tsushima Island before westernisation arrived. When the game forced me to kill Shimura (I purposely gave up in the first round, hoping SP programmed that alternate ending) and his uncle asked Jin to kill him with honour, I just went, "Oh man, this guy is 10x the samurai Jin is right now." I want to stress that SP really did give us so much of that authentic Japanese feel, more than what many anticipated. Despite the sense that Jin suddenly transformed into a western Ayn Rand protagonist to my cognition. I very much enjoyed the closeness Jin built with the people he met in his conquest against the Mongols. And of course that compassionate part of me that wants any likeable protagonist to live. Yet the part of me that has a stimuli for organic storytelling, wanted the seppuku option. I guess it's kinda funny and ironic to me that I wanted a death ending for Jin, considering all the screams the TLOU fandom made about Joel.
  11. You know the vitriol has won, when folks use TLOU Part II's social media atmosphere to bash on Ghost of Tsushima or other PS exclusives :/ you can like games agnostically without the need for fandom baggage.
  12. I got the for this game in 2019. Here's some meta stuff I can say, which is also what I wish I knew before I bought this game with the intention to platinum. 1. The difficulty of your climb to Gold Rank will be dependent on the region you're playing in, the player pool size, concentration and popular choices character in said reason. Having spoken to folks in the FGC who have played SFV rank in different countries, this is the skill ranking hierachy that's been painted to me for Rookie-Platinum tier. i. Oceania ii. Japan iii. North America iv. South Korea v. UK If we're talking skill hierarchies beyond Diamond, into Grandmaster territory, USA, Japan and South Korea take the top three spots. 2. Your choice of character will matter. If you're playing someone like Ryu or Ken, chances are more than half your opponents in Bronze (and all in Silver and Gold) will have familiarity with the tools of how your character attacks, defends and controls spacing (also known as zoning). Tiers will matter. They're not the end-all of everything, but they will affect your difficulty to Gold Rank. Top tiers right now I believe are (without consideration to the new characters) Bison, Ibuki, Seth, Akuma, Rashid and Urien. Maybe throw Karin in there too. But if you don't want to use any of these, it's not a big deal. Sakura won EVO Japan so your mid-tier choice can make it. I've even known average skilled players being able to take a low tier character like F.A.N.G to Gold because hardly anyone uses him in my region therefore most people are unsure of how to deal with that character's gimmicks. Also note some characters are hard to effectively use. Zeku is a strong character but tricky to nail his fundamental game plans across the MU. Juri Han is the hardest character to learn, to the point where some folks dismiss her as the worst character in the game (which I don't necessarily agree with. She had issues in past seasons, especially her debut time, but right now her tools are mid-tier optimised). 3. Use LAN. Don't be a WiFi warrior, it's too erratic and memey. Unless you're a drunk Ken main. 4. Favour using a PS4 Pro over a standard PS4 if it's within your means. I've noticed my Pro has a better connection with PC players. I suspect this has to do with the overclocked CPUs. You can also blacklist a player who is always laggy with you even on 5-bar setting (I use a three strike system then removing them from the blacklist after 90 days). 5. Once you've committed to a character, learn his/her neutral game (how they control spacing) and match-up gameplans with different characters from the roster. Horizontal spacing control, response to fireballs, the anti-air and okizeme. Stuff like combos will come later and naturally to you. Learning how to neutral will be the harder part of your journey. 6. It will be challenging, but it's not the most difficult trophy out there. There's minuscule room for luck involved, assuming stuff like match connection is stable so it's hardly like Fall Guys Infallible. It will be an honest assessment of your skill in SFV. With the PS+ saturation happening, now is the least difficult opportunity since the game's launch window to get to Gold Rank. If you want to the platinum, start hustling now.
  13. Something like 9 or 10. Is there a page I can check?
  14. I'm quad-dipping this game. Already own the hard copy of the standard game+season pass. Will get the GOTY edition - PS4 PSN, GOTY edition - GOG and PS5 hard copy edition.
  15. I always remember their usernames for kamikaze takedowns in shows like Block Party. I'm that spiteful.