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  1. Hardly a tragedy. We got 3 Battlefields (four, if you want to count that leech Hardline) on PS4 already.
  2. A Silent Voice.
  3. Well if I had to be unironic, I'd say props to his efforts in Europe during the seventh generation console era. Because of that, PS3 overtook the 360's cumulative sales.
  4. The only thing I bought was P4: Golden. $15 AUD is fine with me with the turn of events. Kept putting off buying that one too. This is the only valid reason to dislike Jim Ryan.
  5. Time to bust out my Winnie the Pooh Driver's ID.
  6. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Ultimate Fall Guy
  7. Is the multiplayer p2p dependent or server? Wondering if they're still up.
  8. It was $40-something AUD. I didn't buy it though.
  9. For a game with ass optimisation, this game is pretty audacious with that DLC pricing of a console generation, twice-erstwhile.
  10. Probably be an upgrade if greedy scumbags like EA picked them up, after the way FFXV turned out.
  11. Does the (EU) Special Edition come with the blue light censor because the planet will detonate if gamers find out what a bum looks like?
  12. Misleading title. Folks have been playing 120Hz modes since launch.
  13. R.I.P my plat ambitions for this one then lol. I'll probably do a 33% minimal and leave it at that.
  14. I've got some bullshit error where the save file is causing my game to crash from the main menu. Did fresh installs on two different PS4s (a Pro | SSD | Rebuilt database & PS4 | HDD) and the issue still persists. It only goes away when I delete my save file and start afresh but when I restart the application with a save file, it crashes. Happened seven times today.
  15. I'm wondering if it's more difficult that the Venom Hot Laps in DriveClub.
  16. Dude, that's a parody account. It says in the bio-description.
  17. I was more surprised that they prompted the $70 raise AND decide to bring titular exclusives to PC which diluted the PlayStation exclusivity identity. I had some disagreements with some of Shawn Layden's policies and choices, like shutting down a lot of non-US studios (Evolution still hurts) but it seems Jim Ryan is going over-the-top on the spreadsheet profit attitude without truly considering what the longer term repercussions are that negatively affect the cutting edge culture of PlayStation gaming. But then again, I can see how his choices appeal more to Sony's shareholders (which was probably instrumental in ousting Layden) but not as much as to the gamers. I'm deeply unhappy with what happened to Japan Studios (big Gravity Rush fan), but I won't pretend Jim & Hermen Hulst (remember, he's head of PlayStation Studios, he's also involved with the departures of all those devs) have done more damage than the predecessors to the PS studios. Studios closed during the Jim Ryan/Hulst era: - Studios downsized during the Jim Ryan/Hulst era: Japan Studio Studios closed during the Layden/House/Kodera era: Evolution Studios Guerilla Cambridge Studio Liverpool Bigbig Studios Manchester Studio I don't agree with all of what Jim has done and part of me fears that his style might see the likes of Media Molecule as a liability but looking at the 'Before vs. After' carnage, he hasn't pushed himself into the 'This guy needs to go' zone yet, compared to what Layden did. A lot of Japan Studio's merit had hinged on the Gravity Rush series making it. Layden fucked it up by having the physical NA copies exclusive to Amazon for the first game (I would see threads of people wanting to buy the game but they couldn't) and snowballing from there, with a poor marketing campaign for GR2. Is it unfair that Herman and Jim punished them for the inequities given to them by the previous regime? Yes. Definitely yes.
  18. I hope this shit doesn't happen to Bayonetta.
  19. Tried checking for this glitch in Armadillo and McFarlane yesterday and today. Nada so far. Might setup a routine of doing 1x check then heading to Pikes Basin for normal grind.
  20. Side trivia: I highly recommend the book The Race for a New Game Machine: Creating the Chips Inside the Xbox and the PlayStation 3 by David Shippie and Micki Phillips. Eye-opening insight by IBM employees on how PS3's R&D went for the CELL chip as well as bitter corporate espionage involving IBM, Toshiba, Sony and Microsoft.
  21. An under-discussed topicality I find to this discussion of platform store shutdowns is how not enough people support physical sales. This is why digital will always be inferior. Even if the digital sale has a game I want for $5-10 cheaper.
  22. I see. In that regard, I have left feedback at PS Blog. It's slim but it's better than nothing at this point.
  23. I didn't know Okino was censored like that in the English subtitles for 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim. I wonder what his original meanings would have read as.