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  1. You got 'The Path is Closed' during season 1 or after?
  2. Was the game updated?
  3. FFXV's official forum. It was a relatively good community. Not perfect. All avenues of free opinions and varying types of people gathering are like that - but it was a good forum when it was actively moderated to keep away the spammers and the rare toxic-well. I think many members developed emotional investment for the place before the Technical Support section got flooded by glitch reports on the Xbox port and complaints on the game's story & content. There was the near-immediate timing of mods letting spammers flood the place only to have the site shut down for "maintenance". We often discussed not just feedback or topics on FFXV, but other topics as well. The 2016 election, other games, anime/movies, SJW/Kotaku culture, etc. Since it wasn't a big community, you got familiarized with all users quick. My regret was spending all those hours on a forum which Square Enix was not willing to honour to keep running for at least a while.
  4. Back in my PS2/PS1 days, I rarely got new games. It was not actually because my family was poor, in fact my dad was/is a really successful business man. My dad came from a poor background (e.g he never got to sleep on a mattress until he was in high school) so when it came to material things like gaming, he restrained in treating his children. I never got pocket money and I was ok with that because all my needs were provided for, along with the occasional cinema outing with friends. I did not mind playing Gran Turismo 4 all day, or finishing Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/Prisoner of Azkaban five times, along with other games. Cue 2013, I finally got myself a PS3 from the money I earned from a part time job while studying my diploma (I graduated high school 2012). My completionist attitude from the previous console gen eventually made me a trophy hunter. What was kind of lucky for me, was that in 2013 - the PS3's library was very solid, TLOU just came out, lots of games were cheap. A huge backlog eventually followed.
  5. Is it practically possible to get this trophy without boosting?
  6. Falling to my death with D.Va.
  7. As in we have to get that number exact? What sort of buying an earning system is in this game?
  8. What would platting this game be like? Never played a Persona game before.
  9. Any idea if someone has done a draft of the trophy guide thus far, based off the import copy? I've never played a Persona game before. Wonder what the platinum will be like for P5. Main concern is missables.
  10. My level 25 trophy glitched. I tweeted to Blizzard Support, asking for help, but no response. Just reached level 50, hoping the level 25 trophy would pop with it, but nope. R.I.P dreams of getting the plat.
  11. Same here lmao During the PS3 generation, I would have agreed with you, but right now, there's a triumvirate leadership at Sony Playstation that is very strongly believing in long console generations. Two long videos, but after watching them, I realized Andrew House, Shuhei Yoshida and Mark Cerny will be embodying consistent principles in the Playstation generations to come. Scorpio is a reactive move, a knee-jerk move against the PS4's immense success. It was a project started a year after PS4 launched, while Pro was something the engineers were thinking about right after launch when Sony saw how successful the PS4 was and how its SKU could give the ecosystem a long tooth. This is where PS4 Pro comes in. Its philosophy was to help extend the PS4 generation to give developers more time to bring out 2-3 AAA titles at least, per generation. The other was to offer something more to those who wanted it, but did not have the option because some of our souls are owned by trophy hunting. The belief in mastering a console is strong. Horizon: Zero Dawn is a testament to that. Even Naughty Dog said that they did not master the PS4 with Uncharted 4 and that there was more juice to squeeze out for their next title. The biggest weakness I see with Xbox's Helix program, is that it won't have the care to detail optimization that long console gens enjoy, but instead be 'mildly optimized' like the way you see different tiers of PC rigs run games. The way things are going, I doubt Sony will do 3 year hardware refreshes. Cerny's basically got the PS5 in his pocket and he strongly emphasized the importance of long console gens at around the PS4 Pro's unveiling. It would seem, that PS5 will launch with two models. The standard PS5 will have large boosts in RAM and new Ryzen CPUs and of course GPU, but there will be a companion +model, a high end version of the PS5, priced higher. This is where Andrew House's influence comes in, from his observation of the PS3 vs PC data that convinced him the need for a high end model like the way Apple does for its iPhones, except this time, it will be to keep the console gen strong into the years as hardware stagnates.
  12. Need for Speed. It's an easy one.
  13. To be fair, the dunkey one doesn't count because he was transparent that MS sponsored that video, and he still poked fun at the game's flaws which led to a bitter fallout between him and the company.
  14. Frame rate is already stable though.
  15. For some reason, I really suck at bikes.
  16. Man I wish this game got a Pro update
  17. I wish FFXV was delayed for a year. or two.
  18. Not DF, but others have tested The Witcher 3. It's stabilized in areas like the swamps. --- I purchased my PS4 Pro last year for FFXV (which turned out to be an incomplete game and a disappointment - laughs on me I guess) but the other games have made the purchase worth it for me. Titanfall 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, COD: IW look really good in 4K and I played Rise mostly on the high framerate mode. This boost "Beast" mode is icing on the cake. Time to play Until Dawn
  19. Oh yeah, I was playing more today and I noticed it happens at specific missions/random times it seems. In the second mission, it happened for me.
  20. Yeap, they do. Mine popped after using a briefcase on some random pedestrian.
  21. I've tweeted to Playstation and Ask Playstation. Hopefully the relevant departments are already working on a counter-measure.
  22. Main team Ace. Queen. Seven. Secondary team King. Sice. Nine. I got the canon ending :'-|
  23. This reminds me of Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time's platinum. There was this one bronze trophy that took epic effort to get 'My Blaster Runs Hot' or something where you had to get a 10k+ high score on the arcade machine at the Gladiator Arena. Good times.