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  1. What are the odds the publishers will have the horse sense to enact one last sale for their Vita games, given that the store is never coming back? Might as well get as many copies out there as possible.
  2. Only found out this existed a couple of weeks ago. I'll be picking it up at the next discount/price drop.
  3. For now, I figured I'm gonna turn Kurt into a busted evading punisher with Sirius+Aegis.
  4. If it means them easing off from PS5 stocks, I won't mind.
  5. Is the game good?
  6. Honestly, I'm hoping they make a VR mode if they're going to commit to a re-release. The original SKU was PS3-tier hardware demand. Designing it for the PS5's power ought to be do-able.
  7. Wait, really? I figured trophy lists became compulsory at some point during the PS3-era. It's an odd compulsory fee to enforce. For those who got the game; is it good? How's the performance on PS4 Pro?
  8. Fyi for audiophiles
  9. It was in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Good movie.
  10. Welcome to 2017.
  11. Fingers crossed the game turns out at least decent.
  12. I completely forgot I had this until I saw the thread.
  13. For those who have this platinum, which one is harder to do, the Babel stages trophy or getting gold on hard mode? Cuz I was managing the latter up until stage 5 or 6 I think, in 2015.
  14. Gran Turismo 5. I don't have the infiltration skills to break into Polyphony Digital studio's offices to steal the multiplayer server source code thereby allowing me to create a faux-server to lie to the game so that I can get the online trophies.
  15. Street Fighter V for the Fight Money trophy. Capcom has nerfed the FM gains, season after season. (unless you intend to grind the game everyday, 6 hours x 1 x 365 x 10 years = 21,900 hours or some crazy shit like that)
  16. I recommend Until Dawn.
  17. The intimate care to narrative storytelling was on par with a decent literary novel. It was that good for me. I hope one day, Remedy does a 'riskier' project where they know they can still make an interesting video game where you don't need to shoot or kill something.
  18. When I was little, a raiding war party of trophies attacked my village, killing everyone including my family. They left behind the charred ruins of my village and a devastated orphan. Today, I hunt them down one by one.
  19. Bruh.
  20. Simply enjoying the hobby. But if you still want a trophy related answer; then I guess getting SFV's in the MP pools of Australia.
  21. Well it's a good thing I didn't say that. Guess your wording has proven to be a fail on why GR2 is "generic". This is the second time you've tried to shift goalposts.
  22. Tip: Physical copies prices will drop drastically after the PS+ pukes out this pizza slice JRPG. Usually in my country they go as low as $10. So you can have a free upgrade path via that.
  23. So now the goalpost criterion has shifted from Kat being alone, to a companion that doesn't talk? I'm curious to know what open world games you believe are not generic because of those above things because even some of the best open world games I played like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would be classified 'generic' for committing those scenes. Anything with going from A to B. Doing a side quest. Collecting things. Doing story missions.
  24. The 'Americanisation' of Sony PlayStation initially started with the Shawn Layden era. He busted the kneecaps of a bunch of non-American studios like: Bigbig Studios Studio Liverpool Evolution Studios (this one still hurts me) Guerrilla Cambridge Manchester Studio And what's the left-over wisdom for creating a high concentration of studios in U.S.A? Developers have to operate and try to develop games in a country where COVID-19 is the worst, worse than any other country, even the UK. Shawn Layden also fucked over the Gravity Rush series by setting retail exclusivity to Amazon for GR:Remastered. I remember that year, going into forums and seeing people asking where they could buy a copy of the game because they weren't the digital types. It was completely sold out from Amazon and there was still more interest from newbies who wanted to try out the series but eventually they moved on when it turned out to be a dead end. Then comes Gravity Rush 2. What does the head of SIE Layden do for a gem of a game like this? Gives it an absymal marketing. That combined with the GRR fuck-up led to mediocre sales. When Jim Ryan came in, he had this pitch that he was more of an international type of leadership guy. He was someone who worked the Europe region and some people say he's the reason why PS3 eventually overtook 360 in the end of 7th gen. Now I don't know what the internal conversation has been like, but it seems to me that a lot of veterans of Japan Studio were not happy with the hierachy of leadership shifting to ASOBI as overlord. Another person in the equation here is Hermen Hulst (head of PS Studios). He nurtured Horizon: Zero Dawn so it's safe to say that a Dutch executive had input in this. I think it sucks that key creatives who gave us Gravity Rush are gone. I think it's unfair they've been punished by the current leadership because of the past regime. But I hope things will prevail. I read before this restructure that Japan Studio was the largest in PS Studio by headcount, so maybe even after the restructuring, they will still be a sizeable studio. Santa Monica studio has also gone through something like this, after GoW Ascension came out and directors were leaving. Did we play the same game? Kat is with Dusty most of the time and I don't see how omni-directional exploration and city-scapes is "a pretty generic open world game in terms of structure".
  25. So yeah, people have been threatening the studio saying their game promotes violence and that if they don't comply, they'll kill the The game has already launched on Steam where it's currently 25% off. It's about to launch on Switch and the PS4 | Vita ports are on their way soon.