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  1. That's...audaciously lazier than the publishers who at least tried by using different colour combinations over the same artwork template.
  2. Yeah I believe there's a ton of mistakes for item descriptions. The rest seems OK.
  3. Ah shit, I was hoping cross-save would be possible. But then again, it wouldn't be a bad thing to re-learn the stuff after not playing for ages. A couple of the boss fights were rough though.
  4. 1.1 added a game-breaking bug relating to Takemura's dialogue not activating to forward a story mission.
  5. "So here's our new consoles, XBOX SERIES X, XBOX SERIES S, not to be confused with XBOX ONE X, XBOX ONE S, y'all oh yeah and we're hiking subscription prices during the economic strains of COVID. Peace out ✌️" -Microsoft's energy
  6. I'm guessing you're not one for using money gain exploits in trophy hunting?
  7. Gonna be a grim month when I finally resume my platinum run for this game.
  8. Oh thank fuck, finally a platinum. I was half-losing my mind trying to 100% Hitman 2 but knowing there was no plat.
  9. I've heard it plays crisp in the PS5 version, to the point where it feels like a better game. Native 4K, hordes running at 60fps.
  10. I imagine it's similar to their reasons for not making DLC stories for GTA V's campaign. That want to keep the spotlight on the cash cow of GTA Online for as long as possible.
  11. For the base trophy list, it wasn't difficult. I got 3v1 when I went for my online trophies cuz only those experienced randoms were online. Still managed to pop them all in one evening session, through a noob's attrition.
  12. has retired.
  13. Don't remove it. The bitter tears of trophy hunters will keep me eternally young.
  14. Ghost Ship was the first thing I thought of back when I first learned of 'Man of Medan', when this game was still in its marketing phase. The premise, the trailer reminded me of the movie though not to the point that I suspected blatant copying. I also haven't played the game because Unreal Engine 4 felt like a visual-downgrade, coming from the Decima Engine used in Until Dawn.
  15. Does this still apply with the season pass?
  16. Some of these hoes will reee at CDPR than open wide for 2K's microtransaction chode.
  17. Gran Turismo 7 if they don't fuck it up. It's a wait and see for me.