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  1. For the base trophy list, it wasn't difficult. I got 3v1 when I went for my online trophies cuz only those experienced randoms were online. Still managed to pop them all in one evening session, through a noob's attrition.
  2. has retired.
  3. Don't remove it. The bitter tears of trophy hunters will keep me eternally young.
  4. Ghost Ship was the first thing I thought of back when I first learned of 'Man of Medan', when this game was still in its marketing phase. The premise, the trailer reminded me of the movie though not to the point that I suspected blatant copying. I also haven't played the game because Unreal Engine 4 felt like a visual-downgrade, coming from the Decima Engine used in Until Dawn.
  5. Some of these hoes will reee at CDPR than open wide for 2K's microtransaction chode.
  6. Gran Turismo 7 if they don't fuck it up. It's a wait and see for me.
  7. *Pulls out handgun and shoots his own PS3 cold-blood.
  8. Agree. The trendline I've seen with those who like the games a lot vs. those who dislike it among my mates, is correlated to how much one was following the marketing closely. The more they soaked up CDPR's words and marketing footage, the more they were disappointed.
  9. Not that I know off. Some of the gigs activate pretty far into the story for me even though I drove by the area(s) more than once while having max 50 cred for a while. Others say it is dependent so I dunno.
  10. Now this game will sell well for an indie of this stature. I'd rather support something like this than AAA studios who hospitalise their staff from crunch and threaten to withhold the pay cheques of its animators. That is not only scummy but illegal. Which makes such studios a dark mirror of the death threats which come their way if they're almost killing their own developers or compromising their wellbeing.
  11. Unfortunate that those threats insinuated about sending a bomb to their address.
  12. I mean, you just kinda reinforced my point at that 2nd post So it was appreciable.
  13. Could not agree more. When people want others to delete their account, they're quite emotionally immature and overtly sensitive.
  14. When people lack basic mastery over their own emotions and needs, they try to compensate by trying to control what other people choose for themselves. It's a kind of destructive shadow that lacks self-awareness and emotional maturity. Another variant of this is when people are angry or bitter about their powerlessness in their lives. You see this in retail stores or any customer service joint. Some customers poorly treat cashiers. These people are prone to adopt an attitude when they see someone who’s in a position that cannot fight back – all in the name of ‘customer service’. By exerting this brutish control over another, they find it easier to cope with their shadow’s feelings of powerlessness and frustrations for whatever may be happening in their own lives.
  15. Coincidentally, one of the characters is based on a 3D printing/aerial drone enthusiast personality, Naomi Wu. It looks like a collaboration. This is her Twitter
  16. I've been thinking of doing this for the Tales of games that had PS3 ports but at the back of my mind I hear Samuel L Jackson saying, "Motherfucker are you crazy?!"