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  1. On 05/02/2021 at 9:23 PM, Lanky-Lemon said:

    I'm surprised

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    they even let Drake live in the end, especially after The Last of Us 2...


    Overall I thought the ending was heartwarming and offered closure to a great series, especially enjoyed the nod to their original IP (Crash).


    Maybe Druckmann felt weird about killing off a titular character he did not create. Uncharted is Amy Hennig's thing.


  2. On 10/05/2021 at 9:38 AM, Ptirle said:

    Tlou2 is targeted toward really small percentage of certain people so it's no biggie. 

    No wonder majority of devs left Naughty Dog. 


    Do you have a number on that? I also heard they lost a good portion of the experienced animator crop because of the harsh crunching but could never tell if that number was in the realm of a dozen or 50+.


  3. OS: Windows 10 Pro

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700U

    GPU: Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx

    RAM: 32GB DDR4

    Storage: 512 GB m2 SSD | 2TB 2.5" SSD | 366 GB microSD


    I used to have a laptop with a better GPU. GTX 1050Ti. Bought it in 2017. After two years, I swore off gaming laptops for their un-optimal build quality and bought into the business laptop hype with the numbers you see above. Haven't looked back since.


  4. Not love but in 2016 I connected with someone who lived in my city, through Journey. She first accompanied me from the bridge right to the end then helped me get (I forgot the official name for it) my white robes. After some messaging I found out she was seven years older than me (so she was in her 20s) and lived in the same city. We met for coffee near my university and one thing led to another. The relationship never went too far because of our schedules, I was focusing on a challenging year in academia; hers was work which left most of the time, the weekends to travel and meet...on top of everything else we wanted to catch up with in life. It ended within five months after a mutual agreement. We still talk from time to time, content with being mates.


    My only regret is that I lost the save file for the white robes haha. Too lazy to get it back cuz I'd rather focus on my current plat runs and backlog.


  5. I envy those who are experiencing it for the first time in native 4K/60Hz. Most of Days Gone's shortcomings were attributed to technological limitations and optimisation.


    A common critique the game head was that some people thought the first act was too slow but I disagree with this since I've been gaming on PS One and games in those time (and they were good and interesting to play too) did not need to crutch on short term dopamine cycle rewards to prove a shallow merit. Days Gone does what it does to get the player into the headspace of Deacon's world.


  6. 23 hours ago, karpathoulas667 said:

    I was trying to upload my current game saves, as i always do at the end of each day. An error appeared: CE-107304-5 "You 've reached the limit for the number of items you can upload to cloud storage". Looking it up on Google, i found that you can at most have 1.000 save files on the cloud. Having over 1000 games and with games having multiple save files, this limit is easily reached.


    I'm so angry now. I have over 90 GB left on my online storage, which, by the way, I PAY FOR. Has anyone heard of Sony taking care of this sometime in the future?




    lol if some litigious Australian gamer ran into this problem, the laws here would make sure Sony gets fined like what happened with the illegal (but very American) refund policy.


  7. 3 hours ago, GonzoWARgasm said:


    I strongly disagree.


    The core of your position appears to boil down to: 

    I like Playstations's culture and games the best.


    PlayStation cultivating exclusivities benefits gamers as a community.




    Not really. A more correct conclusion is:


    Gamers like different cultures and kinds of games


    Ecosystems of exclusivity cultivate a democratic market where the sensibilities of the consumers dictate the trends.


    Irrespective of what kinds of games I prefer (and mind you, my own tastes for interactive entertainment aren't 1:1 to what PS Studios produce, it's more of a Venn diagram), the bottomline is that Sony's majority market share proves what a greater slice of the pie are choosing from the exclusivity offerings. I could suddenly prefer games as service tomorrow and the market share would barely shift an inch.



    This will inevitably lead to a top-down inspired focus on those entrenched ideals and then a lack of overall diversity.



    Not true, as per the above. And this balks at Yoshida's PS Indies initiative, among the other long list of indie exclusives which have been brought like Journey or Bound. Just because TLOU is famous, it doesn't mean the dozens of other unique titles are wiped from history's existence. I am (as everyone else is) complicit in how prolific such games are.


  8. 11 hours ago, Paperclip1776 said:



    Nothing you said was wrong from what I can see and it was a good read.  But every company has pros and cons.  What you didn't mention in your comment regarding Xbox is the following:




    My main topicality was about exclusivity itself (and to a mild degree, the consistency of Microsoft across varying products and services) and because PlayStation has done much better than Xbox in this regard, of course the write-up favours PlayStation on that issue. If I wanted to do an Xbox vs PlayStation in gaming division as a whole, write-up it would have different coverage of course :lol: