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  1. It should still working. Try it and let us know ^^
  2. Following the video you'll get Rank 50 once you reach 1.530.000 XP in around 60-90min. You'll get ~20k every 40 seconds. You can use any car. Cheers!
  3. IMPORTANT, This only works in special events where there's FREE ZENI rewards once you enter in the online server. If you entered and claimed the reward already, the glitch won't work anymore. The reward must be active and you haven't entered the server. This video was recorded at 12/25/2020, so if you watch this video later, probably the event has expired. But it can be used for future events. The glitch consists in 7 easy steps. 1. Launch the game 2. Select PLAY OFFLINE. Once you enter the arena, look at the money you have (reference), press Start / Options and return to the main menu. 3. Select PLAY ONLINE. 3.1 IMPORTANT. Several windows will appear, loading server information, credentials, recent server updates, etc. Just when all the windows disappear and a BLUE SYMBOL appears in the upper left margin of the screen (a blue ball circling), you have to quickly press the PS or Home button, go to SETTINGS on your console, NETWORK and DISCONNECT FROM INTERNET. 4. BEING DISCONNECTED, return to the game as normal and an error message will appear, followed by a cinematic. Simply press the continue button and it will take back to the main menu. 5. STILL DISCONNECTED, Select PLAY OFFLINE. Enter to the arena normally and see that your Zenis have risen. Press Start / Options and return to the main menu. 6. Once in the main menu screen, press the PS / Home button, go to Settings / Network / Enable your internet connection. 7. Return to step 3 and repeat as many times as you want. Remember that if you have an error and you enter the online server and come to claim the reward within the server, this Glitch will no longer work. When you go online, there is usually a somewhat long cinematic, so you have time to go to settings and deactivate the network without problem as long as you have not skipped the cinematic. But I recommend that after seeing the blue symbol when the online loading windows disappear that you deactivate the internet connection. Hope this helps! Merry Xmas everyone!
  4. I started the game today and I got exotica trophy without getting 250 stars. Just on private lobby. I tried with one guy who has the platinum already. Trophy popped for both. Hope this helps!
  5. I found this glitch recently, for all the people who don't want to wait 3 weeks or more to get enough tokens for "The Best" trophy. (325 tokens. Remember that you can redeem 1 token for 20,000 credits. That means you'll need around 6,500,000 credits for get all of them). I recommend to do this once you have reached the world No. 1 driver position on World Tour. Following the video you'll get: 78,540 Cr x 1min 2,356,200 Cr x 30min 4,712,400 Cr x 1h You don't need to buy/get booster pack for do this. Alternatively, I found another glitch/method for all the ones who got the Booster Pack. You can do it anytime, even if you just start the game. Following this one you'll get: WITH BOOSTER PACK 5200 x 15s 20,800 x 1min 624,000 x 30min 1,248,000 x 1h NO BOOSTER PACK 2600 x 15s 10,400 x 1min 312,000 x 30min 624,000 x 1h hope this helps!
  6. I can confirm that right now you need to complete to maximum the skill tree whatever your specialization is and you'll get the trophy.
  7. Is this by far, the easiest NBA game in 2K history? Glad to don't see "Collect X million cards" anymore. The "hardest" trophies apparently will be 594 stars (long one) and 5 unlimited wins (in a row I guess). Waiting for some good deal in $5/5€ or if they'll give with PS+/PSNow again πŸ˜‚
  8. I finally got the GOAT Ultimate Collector after 3 long weeks (NO MONEY SPENT). Seems apparently hard til you find how broken the Auction House is. There's so many ways to trade and multiplicate your MT's (pretty easy compared with the FIFA AH market). I didn't play that much (300 Triple Threat offline games, first domination and half of the second one, and 6 Spotlight Challenges. Just AH all the time when I had around 100k MT. NBA 2K21 is coming and launch at 4 Sept. so that makes the chance to get the trophy will decrease a lot since then. I'm pretty sure many premium cards will disappear, specially Heat Check ones (441 cards on it). So I recommend you guys to go for them first if you started recently. Now it's time to sell all my collection (I didn't block anything). So if anyone wants some MT (on sale), just DM here or PSN
  9. Following the the video you'll get the next trophies: 1 - Cashing In (Gold) Earn and bank 1 000 000 REP during one night 2 - Notorious (Silver) Reach REP Level 50 (3,150,650 RP required) You need a car that is capable to reach at least 274 KMH / 170MPH on a relatively short and fast straight, I recommend +300/400 performance rating car to do this trophy so chill, fast and safe way. We equip the auxiliary parts in our car with repair kit and inflatable tires ( last one is not necessary, but just in case). Once we have our car ready, we have to go into free roam and choose to run at NIGHT. The goal is to increase or get some police Hight Heat level, so the fastest way is to complete a quick race and drive to the Palm City Circuit (Oval) behind our main garage in the beggining of the game. Once we have a some police Heat (probably 1-2), we enter the oval and we will go around the circuit following the path of the video and always making sure to go through the light portal at each lap, That will increase the High Heat fast (our goal is to reach level 5 quickly in 3-4 laps) to get the maximum REP possible. High Heat goes up very fast to level 5, so it won't be a problem to get there. Each lap to the oval is about 20-25 seconds (it depends on the car we have and how improved it is). This is the RP that we will receive per x lap according to our High Heat level: High Heat 3 - 5280 RP x 20s High Heat 4 - 7040 RP x 20s High Heat 5 (Max.) 8800 RP x 20s 26400 RP x 60s (1min) 1,584,000 x 60min (1h) * To reach level 50 you need 3,150,650 RP, so if you follow the video, you'll get it in just 2 hours). You can get both trophies offline / solo. Hope this helps! 😁
  10. Hey guys, today I found a good and fast way to farm easy money to get +400 Koenigsegg Regera ($1.228.000) and also get the trophies: - I Said Right Now! "Win a race with a car at 400+ Performance Rating" - Warp Speed Hit 240 mph using any car If you follow the video you'll get $4950 x 10s $29700 x 60s (1min) $1.782.000 x 60min (1h) I tried to switch at night for get some RP on High Heat 0 but I got around 700 RP, that means can be a good amount of RP at High Heat 5, but probably not enough for get 1 million RP faster than playing just normal (30min with +350-400 car). hope this really helps, specially for all the people who got the $0.99 / 0.99€ EA Access month offer like me and want to get the platinum asap πŸ˜„
  11. Join to any online random lobby. I highly recommend a short race (1% 2-6 laps depends of the track). Once the race starts, DON'T TOUCH your controller for about 5-10 seconds. You'll see on the bottom on the screen "LOST SERVER CONNECTION" and all your rivals disappeared on the lobby. Finish the race and the WIN will count. Do it 10 times and you'll get the trophy. Hope this helps! 😁
  12. Hey guys, today I received a unexpected email from PlayStation (Spain) with a key for redeem FIFA 20 Platinum Avatar after 4 months since I got the plat lol. Idk if this is new or I just didn't know that exist. It's not really cool one but better than nothing! ps://imgur.com/a/WcAVxmy
  13. I just bought today AC Chronicles Trilogy Pack (6.99€) on PS Store (EU/Spain) and I can confirm that is an All-in-One game port and includes a Platinum list. Hope it helps to everyone who have any doubt about to get it or not πŸ€“
  14. PlayStation posted recently this tweet. Lewis Hamilton time challenges. Will they really make us to pay for this? Expecting some DLC trophies like Senna time challenges on GT6 I guess.. What do you guys think?
  15. I got "Only One" trophy recently and I made this video guide without using Skill Points til 80 Overall/Rating. (English Roadmap in the PINNED COMMENT below) Hope it helps! ^^