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  1. Hey guys, today I received a unexpected email from PlayStation (Spain) with a key for redeem FIFA 20 Platinum Avatar after 4 months since I got the plat lol. Idk if this is new or I just didn't know that exist. It's not really cool one but better than nothing! ps://imgur.com/a/WcAVxmy
  2. I just bought today AC Chronicles Trilogy Pack (6.99€) on PS Store (EU/Spain) and I can confirm that is an All-in-One game port and includes a Platinum list. Hope it helps to everyone who have any doubt about to get it or not 🤓
  3. PlayStation posted recently this tweet. Lewis Hamilton time challenges. Will they really make us to pay for this? Expecting some DLC trophies like Senna time challenges on GT6 I guess.. What do you guys think?
  4. I got "Only One" trophy recently and I made this video guide without using Skill Points til 80 Overall/Rating. (English Roadmap in the PINNED COMMENT below) Hope it helps! ^^
  5. Well, I'm glad to don't see "reach lvl 250 online" until I saw "Around the Globe" trophy.. around 40.000 km to do. What a huge damn grind!
  6. It looks like an "affordable" platinum compared with the usual nba2k games. What do you guys think?
  7. Only "The Generous Friend" is unattainable at the moment. I talked with EA many times this last 2 months by call voice, explaining the issue but they told me won't fix it.
  8. I tried in a new acc adding myself and same thing. Try yourself if you wanna and let me know. Idk what to do.. I contact every 2 days with EA and seems they won't do something to fix that because "the game is too old"
  9. Well, I got this game recently because I saw the servers still working and I decided to start before 3 days ago. Seems everything works well except the EAS FC CATALOGUE. Usually when I open the EAS FC CATALOGUE automatically pops this ERROR message: TXT_GIFT_RETRIEVAL_FAIL_MESSAGE (I tried in another accounts without friendlist and same thing) Well, when I try to buy any item it works perfect, "Receipt In The Bag?" Trophy pops. But the problem starts when you try to Gift an Item to a friend.... I tried to gift tons of different items on catalogue, try to send to many friends of my friendlist, and when I press any friend of the list this happens... Infinite loading screen.. I tried to wait for 2-4 hours waiting a miracle, and nothing happen. It doesnt matter the item or the friends of your list, won't work. The last achiever got this trophy on 21/11/18. I have contacted with him and he got it normal without problems. Also I have contacted with EA on chat and voice call and they didn't gave me a solution. Can we assume that this trophy and therefore platinum is unattainable?
  10. 17 online trophies. Seems "easy"
  11. Easy plat compared with the last PES titles.
  12. Hello! Today the EUR PS Store has been updated with GAMES UNDER 15€ until 8th July, including this one for 9.99 € I'm curious and interested on buying this game and I have some doubts about the online trophies. (I'm new getting trophies in NBA LIVE games) Can all of them be boosted? Will it take too much time? Is it to late for buy it? When do the servers usually close? The season has ended, and I do not know if it can affect like in nba 2k games... Hope you can help me guys!
  13. Sorry I had a mistake. I mean nba 2k17 on ps3! 😂
  14. Hello! I'm curious and interested in buying nba2k17 on ps3 and I have some doubts about the online trophies. (I'm new getting trophies in nba2k games) Can all of them be boosted including the 5 win streak? Will it take too much time? I have compared and checked the old one games like 2k16 and 2k15 and I guess the server of 2k17 will close at the end of this year, so maybe I still have time. Hope you can help me guys! 🙃
  15. Finally works lol