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  1. 2. You can disable the milestone feature of the marker and have it point to the destination instead. It's in the settings. In case anyone else is getting frustrated by this. I do miss having a mini map. 3. I think lots of RPGs borrow a lot of mechanics from each other anymore. Skyrim has a skill you purchase to slow down time when aiming arrows. Shadow of the Colossus has weak points to take down an enemy. Some shooters are big on the headshots. Most games have some sort of crafting anymore. I guess it's just a matter of opinion for what things you enjoy, and how much you enjoy seeing it repeated across games. I personally liked it. Made the combat feel familiar in a good way instead of a bad way. I am enjoying the assortment of weapons, too. I have my favorites, but I use most of them in different situations. Except the Rattler, I don't like that thing. Spear does have other attacks but they are all R1 and depend on where you are standing (or for Critical Strike, the status of the machine). I prefer stealthing, though. This game doesn't really seem built for you to always go charging into combat openly, anyway, so it's combat is geared more towards my style. The big thing to me is the story though! I like my stories new and fresh and it's just really cool wandering around in a society where our future hologram-loving society is called "The Ancient Ones" as I piece together what happened. So far my favorite part was meeting the All Mother, I was *not* expecting that. I love the protagonist, too, she speaks her mind but with empathy when appropriate and I am just really loving her development. A good story is the most important thing to me in a game and so far I am hooked in this story.
  2. Somehow my phone changed threads on me, sorry!
  3. I think it's just that Gaming takes thinking and such too. Sometimes I will not play a game for several weeks, preferring Netflix and such, because I needed to relax more. But I always go back to it.
  4. I do love how Sony reacts with PS+. Extra days when the network is down and such is more than a lot of places. That's cool they gave you a one month extension, with the fires. I hope everyone in California stays safe. I was just reading about the fires a bit ago, it's really crazy how many there have been this week alone! To those displaced by the fires, my thoughts and prayers are with you.
  5. Sometimes we play at the same time. Our baby likes to watch sometimes, and Saturdays sometimes we will stay up late to play. Usually if we are both home only one plays at a time, but sometimes that means the other PS4 is on pause rather than off! Other times it means Netflix on the other box, though, with a children's educational show on. We don't play together as often as we used to. Back before we got married and all through my pregnancy we actually ran an ESO guild together on Xbox and would do dungeons and trials and all together. But life is always changing, and you have to keep adapting, right? It works for us, though, so we are happy.
  6. I game in the evenings, mostly after the baby goes to bed but also sometimes during the afternoon depending on what I need to accomplish and what mood the baby is in. I don't play much on the weekends because that is my time with my husband since we work different shifts. (His game time is the morning when he has the baby.)
  7. Horizon Zero Dawn I am loving this game. It's clear a lot of thought was put into the details. I am excited to see this is slated to become a franchise, and elated it's going to be one with a few years between installments. It will be worth it. Also slowly puttering away on No Man's Sky when I want something even more open ended. I will have the Platinum here someday but I see no reason to rush.
  8. Rage quit a trophy? No. I have stepped away from games when they have been stressful, though. Sometimes I go back to work through it again, sometimes I don't because I would rather play other things. I have gotten upset briefly over environmental issues that prevent me from succeeded at something challenging in the game, but then I let it go. My relationships with people come before relationships with video games, after all. And it's not like I can be angry at my daughter when she is grinning up at me like that, even if I failed at that thing I was doing because the controller looked like a good thing to chew. (She is teething, and too young to understand "No" although we are working on it anyway).
  9. Need for Speed: Shift Also my first Platinum, although that was several years later. Funny enough, I bought the PS3 because it was cheaper than a Blue Ray player and would also run Netflix. I figured the games were just a bonue.
  10. Game was okay but I stopped caring about the outcome of the characters about a third of the way through. They did a great job with Ethan's storyline, as in I wasn't expecting that result at all, but watching Mira railroaded into her storyline... Her obvious lack of any semblance of choice until the very last episode meant I stopped really caring about her, and then the others by association. I guess Garrett will be the only one who matters in Season 2 if it happens, since everyone else is dead in some version of the choices?
  11. Just remember to update your cell phone number if it changes, too.
  12. It's okay. Maybe that full scene is only included in my version of HBO? Do they do stuff like that? Different HBO regions? Here it is, minutes 1:45-4:00 of this clip, in case anyone anyone else is confused about which scene I am referring to that told me Sansa asked Bran for help: Lord Baelish Trial and Execution I hope that clears things up for anyone else confused about the scene on which I base my analysis. I am sorry not everyone got to really see it, it added a lot of punch to Lord Baelish's ending, and made the whole thing a very beautiful scene. Well, aside from all the blood, anyway. :X
  13. I don't base it on a deleted scene. I figured out she must have consulted Brandon before I had learned about the deleted scene. You want a longer version of my reasoning? Fair enough. Sansa's comment, "I am a slow learner, but I do learn," is from the actual show as it originally aired. Go watch again if you like, you will hear her comment. If she hadn't consulted Brandon in advance, how would she know that: - Baelish had betrayed her mother - Baelish had betrayed her father - Baelish had given her aunt the poison to kill her husband - Baelish had convinced her aunt to write her mother that the Lannisters had administered the poison If she was going to learn these things without Brandon, she would have been more likely to learn them in King's Landing with all its court intrigue rather than in Winterfell. And yet Sansa certainly trusted Baelish when she agreed to marry Ramsey, because if you recall her own gut feelings at the time said no and she said as much to Baelish... But she let him talk her into it with his standardly sneaky "You certainly have a choice but consider this..." and so she couldn't have known the rest. By the time of the distrust of Arya she certainly knew enough to distrust him... He tried to kiss her in spite of being married to her aunt, killed her aunt, talked her into the Bolton Mistake... But she would not have known as fact EVERYTHING that she ultimately accurately accused Lord Baelish of doing. Nobody in Winterfell would have known them EXCEPT Bran. Some of it was even a surprise to the viewer. I haven't seen the deleted scene, but from what I have heard about it the scene is just Sansa knocking on Bran's door and asking for help. I like that they are finally using Bran's knowledge, it was driving me crazy that he wasn't getting involved... But I personally think the show was better without the deleted scene. Again, my opinion, your mileage may vary, but those are my two cents.
  14. Physically sharing isn't account sharing. My husband has Xbox Gold and his account is primary on my Xbox One so I can play his games and play online. I have PS+ and my account is primary on his PS4 so he can play my games and play online. All consoles are hooked into one of two televisions sitting next to each other in the living room, hard wired into the same router. (Different battery backup surge protectors though). Not game sharing, perfectly legal. The family that games together...
  15. If they want to sell cosmetics for a set up front price, I don't really care. Some people enjoy the game more when they can also play dress up, and it's clear what you are getting for that money. But I am very much against games selling gambling boxes and (for multi-player games) useful items with in-game functionality. The first one turns a game into an unregulated casino for the sake of a quick profit and the second makes the size of a player's wallet more important than their skill of the game, forcing them to buy stuff if they want to fare well in PvP or get into the best raid groups.