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  1. When selecting Play with Others, are you doing the top (default selected) option or one of the other two below it? Doing the default option to continue your questline does NOT count for the Play with Others. You need to pick one of the other two options, which don't guarantee to further your questline progression
  2. Type your Epic name in there for a look at your stats. (It goes by Epic name, not Playstation.) The side quest to kill mimics doesn't appear until sometime after Plankerton Storm Shield 4 which is why you don't have full credit yet. Also it does not roll over into the next quest until after you successfully finish the current quest you are on. So if you have to kill 2 mimics and you kill three in the same mission, you only finish the current stage you are on, you don't start the next one with 1 already done. (And if you fail that mission you don't get credit for any of them.)
  3. That's weird. Hmm. The games I deleted never came back, but I have not played any of them recently so I guess that changed. Thanks for letting me know.
  4. Had you played it and deleted the 0% trophy list before? Because once deleted it won't reappear until you earn a trophy. EDIT to add: It won't reappear until you earn a trophy in the list you *deleted*. (Realized it sounded like any trophy would do, which is incorrect).
  5. That makes sense. I have never been this prompt grabbing the Plus deals. Usually I forget until a week later or something.
  6. Is Mad Max not showing up in the PS+ list for anyone else? I searched for it and it is priced as Free for PS+ so I was able to add it to my library... But it's not in the PS+ list on my end, which I thought was weird. I was actually excited this was on PS+. I had been hoping for it on Plus before they actually announced it. Perfect game to play when I was home on medical leave with a newborn. I enjoyed the story immensely, plus when the baby needed me I had soothing birdsongs and such as background noise, so very soothing for her too. Different games for different tastes (and different times). This was about the only game I felt comfortable playing at that point in my life, actually.
  7. Something that has meaning to you. Not an obsession, because those change. More like a fond memory. Bonus points if it's something you would not mind your mother knowing was you. (Or your boss, if your mother is cooler than mine. Ha!)
  8. 42.84% Not too bad, considering I don't hunt for rare games or anything like that.
  9. It drives me crazy when there is no "press X to jump". I was playing Firewatch the other day, and I kept hitting the X button and getting surprised. There is literally no need to jump in that game (and you hit X to climb over things where you would usually jump) but the absence drove me crazy. So many games, X is jump, it's almost universal. Almost. Of course, the first salad I ever really enjoyed was in a Japanese restaurant so even ten years later sometimes I get confused eating salads with a fork instead of chopsticks, too. It is just how my brain works. I am a creature of habit. It won't keep me from enjoying the game! But I am anticipating that subconscious confusion now when I do play it.
  10. Congratulations to the winners! 😀
  11. It's also been in the top 10 most played games list on this site consistently since release, which also says a great deal about the popularity of the game. They deserve to do well. There was a lot of heart poured into the development of Horizon Zero Dawn, and it shows.
  12. I like trophies that encourage you to explore things you wouldn't have explored or try new approaches to things that you might not have tried. Optional bosses or locations, different playstyles, short tutorial style weapon quests, things that briefly pull me out of my comfort zone to try something are very fun. Emphasis on brief. I don't want to play an entire stealth game as Rambo, but a level is fun. Collectibles are okay if they are done right, adding to the story or providing a reward, and always obtainable either via chapter select or a true open world. But they better be interesting. Multi-player trophies for single player games is stupid. If you need PS+ to get the platinum for a single player game, someone is trying to take advantage of their player base. Also the trophies "Kill x of y" or "Play Z hours" don't belong in games. If you need to use your trophy list to get people to play you did something wrong. Please note that I am not talking trophies with purposes like "Take down 5 of the toughest monster in the game" or "Survive 30 minutes in endless labyrinth permadeath mode" or "Score a killshot using this cool perk ability 12 times" because those are challenges. But grinding 10,000,000 grimmelbutts or spending 20 hours playing Tacked On Arcade Mode probably means I will get bored of your game. Difficulty trophies are fine as long as they are stackable or your game is short and fun and sized to play in one sitting. Missable trophies are the worst. I want to enjoy a game, not follow a step by step walkthrough so I don't miss anything. Same with multiple endings, if they are implemented poorly they can take away from a game so please make sure all paths are interesting. I hate slogging through a game trying to get a bunch of lackluster endings just so I can unlock the ability to try for the only interesting one. Put equal attention to all endings. Likewise, if your game is an RPG with multiple quest choices please pay attention to both moral choice options, not just the one. You put in enough flavor to make both paths appealing for different reasons, so don't shoehorn everyone going for the platinum to choose the same option. I also enjoy storyline trophies. It's fun because it shows how far along that storyline you have reached so far, and if you and your friends are playing the same game you also have an easy way to check how much you can say without spoiling anything.
  13. The PS3 is surprisingly sturdy. I dropped my slim on the floor once and all that did was bend the plastic around the power button. Just make sure nothing rattles, and dust around it periodically to keep the airflow clean, and you should be fine.
  14. I don't watch anime. Not that I object to it or anything (aside from the fringe cringe stuff but every genre has that), I am just not into it. I have played some games with those elements of course. I loved Ni No Kuni, for example. But I don't go out of my way to seek that style or anything. I *am* a fan of some aspects of Japanese culture, of course. I am especially a strong supporter of Lean Engineering, for example, which actually originated in the West but was adopted and improved by the Japanese. (Meshes really well with the work culture in Japan, plus it was brought to Japan when they were trying to rebuild after WWII so they were able to essentially implement it at the beginning instead of trying to adapt something already well established). Meanwhile in the West we developed Lean Engineering to mass produce for the WWII war efforts and then set it aside to go back to our older less efficient methods once the war ended. Go figure.
  15. Nice! That's clever, I love sales like that. I don't think they have a similar deal here in the US or I would definitely jump on it for this game. I did get $100 off a really nice vacuum by trading in a broken $30 one once, though.