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  1. Actually Morrowind and Summerset are under ESO+ now. Elsewyr is not, for now, but likely added in a year once the next chapter is released.
  2. There are lots of people online although with such a big map some places are super crowded and others are sparse. Just depends on what's new and what events are running, though, really. Guilds are a lot easier to find now than when I played two years ago on Xbox. They've added options to search based on categories and such which is pretty awesome. It's definitely a time consuming game, but it's fun. If you want the 100% you will be doing a lot of different varieties of things. And I highly recommend ESO+ for the extra storage, trying to manage inventory turns into half your playtime otherwise.
  3. I loved watching him. He is #2 on my Tormund scale. So much fun! Also the husband and wife team who did the prosthetics and makeup and all. Her joy at the work but sorrow at not seeing their daughter... Oh the feels. And Vladimir Furdik having fun with the fans and his excitement that they recognized him, that was sweet to watch.
  4. Congratulations and my condolences to the new mods. 🙂 🙃
  5. I did like the sudden surprise effect of the first arrow. The dragons' themes playing, then suddenly bam there's a ballista arrow. But the next two in quick succession felt too unrealistic especially given it looked like just Euron was firing them. I remember looking at my husband and saying she must be having a nightmare or something. They could have fixed that scene by having more ballistas firing at once and some of them miss, adding a little more "limping" to the dragon's flying to show he is still injured from the White Walkers at Winter fell, and reducing the number of ships in Euron's fleet to just three or something so it truly looked like a secret ambush. This is Game of Thrones, not a How to Train Your Dragon spin off. And actually from watching Netflix's Race to the Edge with my two year old all week, DreamWorks handles dragons versus ships more believably. I have no objections to the plot they picked for this season. They put down a really good framework to build on. It's just that they forgot to add almost anything else, so it's not engaging the way the earlier seasons were. I mean, it used to care a lot more about showing character development.
  6. Last episode was a roller coaster of emotions for me. Got excited when I saw Tormund was in it, then very disappointed when he didn't have any speaking lines. So disappointing. Other notes: - Loved the shot of Drogon taking off from behind Daenarys, beautiful. - What happened to the Dothraki? If they are still wandering Westeros that is going to be a big problem given their culture... - Hooray for Sam becoming a Maester! Dream accomplished. - I missed Cersei. Lena Heady did a wonderful job with her acting for her character, even with what little she had to work with this season. Oh, and also Bran's statement implying he knew he'd be named king means he can also see the future. So he could have seen the burning of King's Landing too and didn't stop it. He has been the driving force behind the events of the last two seasons leading up to him taking the throne. Ergo, Bran is only pretending to not want the throne, and he is the real villain. Doesn't help his case that he also has many sociopathic traits. A king without empathy, who views those around him the same way we view ants. It'll be great.
  7. This. Log into your PS4 and check that it's still your primary. If not you can log in online and reset it then select your PS4 (which is likely what he did to you to set his as primary). Also change your password. The fact it's a Russian PS4 too... Russians keep trying to steal my Twitter, my Instagram, and a few other accounts. Always "we see you are having trouble trying to log in from [some place in Russia], would you like to reset your password?" It's annoying as all get out. Change your password. Set up two step authorization. EDIT: Oh, and requiring to retype your password to buy things is good too.
  8. Numbers mean nothing. The truth is in the words. I have a movie review site I love because I know how to interpret it to my own taste. It's highly religious in nature so they nitpick on everything, so I pay attention to what they don't like and use that to decide if it's something I would like. They don't like the humor? I won't like the movie. They don't like the message? The movie is worth a look. They highly recommend it? Hit or miss for me but the 2 year old will love it. The advantage of movies though is less than 3 hours of your time and you saw all there is to see. Game reviews are more difficult. Take something like Skyrim, spending 3 hours to review when it first came out you could speed through the main quest line, you could get distracted with side quests, you could hunt daedric artifacts or dragons, you could collect houses, or you could just wander. You cannot do all of these things or even most of these things in that timeframe, so a review is going to be incomplete and may not even mention the activities that would most interest you. So, need to read quite a few to get the full picture. Not take a modern MMO. Let's say something like Destiny when it first came out. No way you are getting to end game by the time you need to write your review if you want the views so the reviews you see for a pre-order time frame don't even include the main part of the game for hardcore people. Useful information for more casual gamers though. Games are tough to review. Fine who you trust and pay attention to the words. And pre-orders are usually disappointing.
  9. This feels like good news to me. I do feel in part it's an effort to discourage fickle Google from investing too much in Stadia, but Microsoft has been doing well with their streaming efforts so hopefully Sony will benefit from this which benefits us. Regardless, I am rooting for Microsoft to do well with consoles and gaming. Healthy competition, and/or healthy collaboration, is good for us gamers.
  10. This season is so rushed it's hard to enjoy the same way I did in the early seasons. It's like they just have a list of bullet points they want to cover and are skipping everything in between. I did see Danaerys heading in the Mad Queen direction, but even so her systematically burning down King's Landing street by street to take out all the commoners before even taking out the Red Keep did not make sense to me. Her attacking instead of sieging, yes, absolutely. If she had gone after the Red Keep after the surrender and burned it to the ground in spite of her desire to actually sit on the throne would have made sense. But there was definitely some character development missing to lead to the full war crime massacre. All they had to hint at that full 180 turn of events was her complaint about the people not rising up against Cersei. I did like the bits of Dragonfire going off while she did it, a reminder of how her father hid it around the city when he wanted to set it on fire. Seeing things from Arya's perspective too was an interesting change. I suspect Danaerys is on her list now, unless the Hound completely changed her thoughts on keeping a list. Sansa went from one of my least favorite characters to one of my favorites. She's shrewder than Tyrion these days. Wonder if he will survive the last episode. Really going to miss Tormund. I think the writing is very lacking this season. The actors are doing a magnificent job with what they have been given though. And of course the soundtrack never disappoints.
  11. Farming Simulator 17 (my daughter insisted that I buy it for her to watch me play and it's been rather relaxing) and The Talos Principle (I love puzzle games). I intend to platinum both eventually anyway because they're not difficult games or anything, but I am playing them for fun.
  12. Fortnite The Battle Royale and Creative Modes don't have trophies, but the original PvE mode Save the World is online only even though you can play matches solo. (Save the World is also not free, unlike the other two, although they do have frequent 50% off sales).
  13. I don't really have any platinum that bored me. (Don't have a ton of them though either). Definitely understand why Everybody's Gone to the Rapture is on here so much. I might feel the same way except (1) I figured out how to run and (2) it was the first game I played after the birth of my daughter so I needed something slow paced that I could put down without warning to take care of something. The game is perfect for that, I would just rotate the camera to look at something pretty and let it play birdsongs in the background. The baby loved it too. But that's where I was in my life at the time, would be a different story today. Dragon's Crown was my least favorite, though. I enjoyed the gameplay and all, but I am not one who enjoys playing games with women falling out of their underwear as the character model, so... Most boring game ever though would be Hatoful Boyfriend. Cute premise, it was fun for the first 5 minutes, and the full sized secret ending thing portion was unusual, but man was it boring to get all the endings and such. So definitely not my preferred genre. But now I know.
  14. Horizon Zero Dawn - I love how at first you wonder how all the elements can fit together (Robotic dinosaurs with primitive tribespeople? And the racial diversity within the same small tribe?) but as the story unfolds it becomes clear that there is a reason for all of this. So many fun surprises. Tacoma - Short and sweet, but very narrative driven. You are sent to an abandoned space station to retrieve some things, but in the process you slowly unravel the mystery of what happened there. No combat, but also closer to "open world" style (albeit the world is just a small space station) than games like Telltale. Firewatch - Even people who don't like the ending seem to love the style of this game. Another short one. Also a bit of a mystery unfolding. I like how you get conversation choices that have some impact on the storyline but your choices will not change the core of the character you play. He is not a white knight and you can never play him as one, he is an imperfect person. (Your choices do not have large impacts on the story though, just small ones). The world is also beautiful, I had fun just exploring it. Gorgeous. Hellblade - I did enjoy this one. Definitely a fighting game, but a solid story that I really enjoyed. Recommend playing with headphones for maximum effect, especially since the game doesn't have a HUD but uses sound to orient you with your opponents in addition to using that sound to add depth to Senua and the game itself. Obduction - If you like Cyan studios and their Myst series you will enjoy this one. If you have never played a Cyan game it is basically a puzzle/riddle game where you unfold the story to solve the riddles. Just be prepared for some really long loading times when switching worlds, some of which needs to be done multiple times in short succession in order to solve certain puzzles.
  15. I did the DLC first on normal and then the NG+ Ultra Hard. Because you get to keep your equipment from your first run through I actually found the DLC on normal to be more challenging than the base game NG+ on Ultra Hard. (The final boss fight on UH did require me to adjust a few strategies so I wouldn't run out of healing options halfway through but that was it). It's those Frozen Wilds hunting grounds, took a few tries before I figured out the strategies on that limited arrows one. Well, and every fireclaw and frostclaw feels like a miniboss. Suggestion for NG+? When you pick up loot in your regular play through that comes in packs don't open them all. This lets you keep more than the maximum of materials. Or, more importantly, health potions. My laziness opening those during my normal playthrough saved me a lot of grief in the NG+ UH final boss fight.