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  1. Don't have one. I pay attention to the sales but I can't justify the cost right now because I get motion sickness and there is no room in the living room to play my PS3 Move games safely so no way will I be playing a game where I need to move but can't see my surroundings. Not going to drop a few hundred on something I won't be able to use. If I got one for free, or insanely cheap, I would be excited though. I do have a few VR games like the free PS+ ones and Driveclub. Skyrim VR is on my wishlist too but unless it goes on a deep sale I won't snag it because I don't have a PSVR to play it with.
  2. I boosted King of the Hill in SHIFT 2. I did have my follower pick up stuff for me a lot in the beginning of Skyrim to bypass carry limits. And reloaded my save frequently of my horse or an NPC I liked died to a random attack. And there was a glitch that wiped the stolen tag I used on a few things after getting hit with a bug that marked them as stolen when they weren't. Pretty sure those are the only glitches I used though. (Did discover a weird item duplication glitch too but didn't pick up any of the duplicated things after the first time when I realized that's what had happened). Nothing directly tied to a trophy. I have also reloaded saves to get the both ending trophies at one go, or looked up solutions in puzzle games when I got stuck and frustrated, and sometimes I have checked walk through to be more efficient at long things, but I am the one who did the actual work. Oh, and I did get someone to get a bronze qualifying run for me on one of the Trials in GT5, but only after I had unlocked it on his account by accident and then was unable to repeat the feat on mine. My time on his was still better than his time on mine. And a friend unlocked a trophy on Rocket League when I let her try it out but I would have gotten that one naturally eventually anyway, it was just a luck based thing. Pretty sure that's it.
  3. Fortnite saves your progress to your Epic account if you linked one to your PS4. As a result all progress is cross saved across platforms. Originally this would only cross save across PC and PS4. Now with Sony opening up cross play you may be able to use the same account on Xbox as well, I have not tested. But yes, hypothetically I could have played the whole game on PC and then autopopped a lot of trophies on PS4. I could also create another PSN account, unlink my Epic account from my current PSN, and link it to my new PSN instead. This would create the same scenario. All stats and progress are saved to the Epic account. You can actuallysee my stats on my Epic account via Stormshield One here: My Epic name matches my PSN but it does not need to; I just like to keep things uniform. Epic accounts can also be renamed, I think once a month? As a note, mobile and Switch only have access to Fortnite: Battle Royale, which does not have trophies. Due to processing requirements Epic has no plans to add the ability to play Save the World to mobile or Switch. So for the sake of this site, those platforms don't matter.
  4. Not me personally! LOL. But I did watch a former coworker send tens of thousands to a girlfriend he never met. And in my experience most genuine female gamers tend to keep a lower profile. Safer that way. Sad sign of the times. So people this blatant are generally guys.
  5. Do people really fall for these sorts of profiles? "Check out my naked picks." Sheesh. Then come the requests for money. Then you find out it's a guy. Anyone who is genuinely this desperate would use Tinder, not the Playstation Network...
  6. I have a regular PS4. I picked No Man's Sky up again this past week and have been having a blast. Since 1.55 if I leave it running for 2+ hours it starts getting laggy but if I close the game and restart it returns to its usual self. I am assuming there is a minor memory leak at play. My problem is in multi-player though. Twice this weekend it crashed on me, both multi-player with my husband, both unexpectedly. First time we were on a planet, I was halfway through interacting with a knowledge stone. It was my instance but became his when I crashed. I was able to rejoin him but it stayed his instance after that. Second time was his instance. I helped him fight off some pirates, then died suddenly after we cleared them out. (Must have hit a civilian ship and not noticed). On my way back to my grave to get my inventory it crashed as soon as I activated my thrusters. He kept watch on my grave, and I could see it on his screen, but there was no grave for me to pick up when I rejoined him. RIP my massive stockpile of copper for restoring my shields. He has not crashed once. I have only crashed in multi-player. Both PS4s hardwired, neither one is a Pro although his is almost a year newer (but same basic model, just different bundle themes). I hope this helps someone. I am just keeping away from multi-player unless I slim down my inventories in case of sudden disconnect death.
  7. There are four biomes: - land - air - water - caves Most will be on land but there are probably several in the other categories too. I have noticed more in caves since the Next update. Also the air and water animals are now quite annoying to scan. I have had to shoot down any air creatures I wish to scan and then hunt down their corpse... Haven't figured out water animals yet. It's doable though. I was about ready to give up with 9/10 on two planets in my last system, but I got 10/10 on both of them this weekend while playing with my husband. If you have a friend with the game playing with them can help. His playstyle is different than mine, so we spent a lot more time underground which made all the difference on one of the planets
  8. At least in the past, sometimes there were multiples for the same species because sometimes the genders would be split out (which is annoying!) so it might be that?
  9. So kind of you to do this! Last I played permadeath I remember having a very bad time trying to get to the Heridium deposit I needed to repair my ship. Will have to check where that stands with Next now. As a result I won't be able to join in the festivities this weekend, but will definitely keep my eye open if you run another taxi weekend.
  10. When selecting Play with Others, are you doing the top (default selected) option or one of the other two below it? Doing the default option to continue your questline does NOT count for the Play with Others. You need to pick one of the other two options, which don't guarantee to further your questline progression
  11. Type your Epic name in there for a look at your stats. (It goes by Epic name, not Playstation.) The side quest to kill mimics doesn't appear until sometime after Plankerton Storm Shield 4 which is why you don't have full credit yet. Also it does not roll over into the next quest until after you successfully finish the current quest you are on. So if you have to kill 2 mimics and you kill three in the same mission, you only finish the current stage you are on, you don't start the next one with 1 already done. (And if you fail that mission you don't get credit for any of them.)
  12. That's weird. Hmm. The games I deleted never came back, but I have not played any of them recently so I guess that changed. Thanks for letting me know.
  13. Had you played it and deleted the 0% trophy list before? Because once deleted it won't reappear until you earn a trophy. EDIT to add: It won't reappear until you earn a trophy in the list you *deleted*. (Realized it sounded like any trophy would do, which is incorrect).
  14. That makes sense. I have never been this prompt grabbing the Plus deals. Usually I forget until a week later or something.
  15. Is Mad Max not showing up in the PS+ list for anyone else? I searched for it and it is priced as Free for PS+ so I was able to add it to my library... But it's not in the PS+ list on my end, which I thought was weird. I was actually excited this was on PS+. I had been hoping for it on Plus before they actually announced it. Perfect game to play when I was home on medical leave with a newborn. I enjoyed the story immensely, plus when the baby needed me I had soothing birdsongs and such as background noise, so very soothing for her too. Different games for different tastes (and different times). This was about the only game I felt comfortable playing at that point in my life, actually.