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  1. For heals, heal over time is your friend. You get points for each tic, versus just one round of points for something like Breath of Life. The restoration staff is your friend, stack all those HoTs up on your teammates. If you die don't respawn right away. Someone may resurrect you, for starters, but you also still get AP for your HoTs as long as you are within range (or DoTs if you are damage), and if you are in a group in range you get a fraction of their AP as well. Try it on your existing magplar first if you are unfamiliar with PvP. You want to get a feel for what works for you in PvP before trying for emperor.
  2. I did not actually do it myself (I don't have the patience) but I know someone who spent an extra day in the campaign. Of note, you only have to worry about being removed AFTER you hit level 50. Until then you can log in or out as much as you want. If you have friends across factions you can also legally "boost" this without breaking any game rules just by getting small groups together to fight for different objectives. The bridges were popular when I still played because they are choke points. Defensive ticks are also great if you have a larger force attacking a smaller one, and defending is easy if the attackers are disorganized. I did do a lot of PvP just to level the skill lines and my best runs were healing the people on siege equipment on the keep walls defending. They can't self heal without backing out of the siege machines so it's good for them too. Siege machines do great damage too. Also good for points. Just don't steal other people's machines. If you are needing to do that your campaign is too active or you are trying to solo it. Ideally you want friends to play with. Too large a group will split the AP too thin, but a focused group can do a lot with a little. Make friends with some PvP people. If you are not good at PvP but are good with other parts of the game you can also trade carries. It's not uncommon for PvE players to help a PvPer grind for gear only available in PvE or finish vet trials in exchange for help with PvP achievements. And it's not against the rules to carry someone. (It's just a matter of how patient you are sometimes! :P)
  3. My favorite game right now is probably Horizon: Zero Dawn. Played through it twice for the 100% and already debating doing it again on another account. Honorable mentions to Skyrim, Fez, Journey, and Hellblade.
  4. It's easiest in the under level 50 campaign. You will need to do some prep work in advance as well. The easiest way to do it when I still played (on Xbox, so not on my Playstation profile) is below. It may have changed though. 1. Have a character with enough Champion Points to wear the highest tier armor. (This was CP160 when I last played, but I am certain it's higher now). 2. Create a new character, and level up to 10 so you can enter Cyrodill. I believe one of the races gets a small boost to Alliance Points so something to consider, although not necessary. 3. Create armor for your new character. You will want new armor frequently, every five levels or so. You also need to upgrade it to at least purple at the bare minimum. Put these in the inventory of your new character. 4. Enter the below level 50 campaign shortly after the reset. Go to a delve and kill the boss(es) for the AP buff. Keep this active 5. Grind AP. If you can attach yourself to a group healing is one of the fastest ways to rank up. Stock up on wall repair kits and soul gems as well, and make sure to get the AP ticks after conquering and defending. Switch your armor as you level up. 6. When you have enough AP to become Emperor get a group together to take all six keeps around Imperial City. If your faction already owned these before becoming rank 1 in AP you will need to lose at least one keep and retake it again. EDIT: Forgot to mention, after you hit level 50 you will be able to play in the same campaign even above the cap until you leave Cyrodill (or are kicked due to a server bug, but those are less common in the no-CP campaigns), so DO NOT LOG OUT until you have Emperor in that case or you will need to start again. Good luck.
  5. Personally I prefer console games, even if they are more expensive, because it's cheaper than maintaining a gaming PC. As a result my computer just has to be able to run PowerPoint and Word and it does all I need. Plus it's easier to game on a console than a PC with a little one in my lap. I will admit that's a big factor in my decisions as well these days. PC does have ready access to mods and the like, though, which I see as a major point in its favor, even though I have never played a modded game myself. I know there are some really nice ones out there, especially on Bethesda titles.
  6. This, I agree with. I actually set the in-game brightness to maximum. Had to so I could see where I was supposed to go in caves when playing during daylight. Didn't realize until now that I had never set it back after that section. Huh. Aside from that, though, I liked it. Definitely took some inspiration from Journey I think, too, in addition to Ico and Unfinished SwaN.
  7. I am sorry, that is just too funny! Definitely something going on there. I ran an ESO guild on Xbox for about a year, and my best recruits came from running with randoms. I knew what I was getting usually when I grabbed them there... I mean, to each their own I guess, but he sounds extremely pushy. I joined a guild like that on ESO before starting mine, and left a month later after one of the officers started hounding me that I hadn't posted the daily dungeons that day. (1. I was on vacation and 2. I wasn't an officer, I didn't have any official role, I didn't even have bank access). Good thing you discovered it early.
  8. A good clan can be ruined by a bad leader. I understand wanting an active group. There is nothing wrong with that. But I would not feel comfortable trying to stay in a group where the leader will kick at a moment's notice just because my play schedule didn't match up with when they specifically were online. Sounds like there weren't even any inquiries to other active clan members to see if they knew you. I would not have stayed either. Better to go your own way now than have it happen again after you have invested a lot of time and funds into the group. Keep the friends, though.
  9. My condolences. I will miss the PS3 and PS Vita games, but it's nice they are giving a year's advance notice of the change.
  10. That depends on the answer to this question: ... Are the safeties on?
  11. The guy I was dating, who talked me into buying a PS3 and playing his favorite racing games online with him and his friend, basically just took my money and ran. He also used to tease me about my low gamer level. (He was level 6 with no platinums, by the way). So... I got the Platinum in Shift. It seemed like a good idea at the time. He raced a lot online but never really played the rest of his games, yet was so insecure as to compare our levels anyway. Pretty sure he never noticed my platinum, since I blocked him and all, but it made me feel better. 😆 Now I just enjoy knowing that I played the game to its fullest. I don't have some super impressive profile or anything, and I don't game much these days compared to back then, but I am happy with where I am and I like trying to finish the games I get.
  12. And in cases like this, intent would be important. The intent is obvious in your example, but it isn't always going to be so cut and dried. One of my friends in High School was named Phuq, pronounced "Foo". He was Vietnamese. Using his own name in a tag would potentially draw some attention through no fault of his own.
  13. You have put into words what bothered me! The first death of a character I played, that one really stuck with me. That was well done and unexpected. Nothing I could do to prevent it in the game, but if it were real what could they have done to prevent it? And why would they do those things? It was unexpected, outside their control, and if the game wanted to shock me it did a very good job. That one was well done. But the other storylines after that? Especially that whole King's Landing storyline? She dug her grave and by the end of the first chapter none of the choices she had available per the game were ones I would have taken. I stopped caring about her because she was already dead, it was just a matter of time. The squire will probably make it okay though.
  14. Regarding this exact story, I am guessing there is more to it judging by the other stories about having things transferred to a new account with a new user name. (A resolution that is much more fair than simply banning). The bit that worries me sometimes though is the retroactive bit. Things change all the time. "Retard" used to be a medical term. "Isis" used to primarily refer to an Egyptian goddess. Then there is the difference across languages that has been addressed here. Then there are cultural differences about what is and is not offensive. For example, some places people are offended by things that others use as nicknames. I remember my Spanish teacher telling us how she doesn't understand why Americans get offended by being called "Fatso" when in Cuba people would introduce themselves proudly as "Gordo." Then there is the double standard Sony sets with "offensive" trophy names. I guess what I am trying to say is that 20 years from now I am probably going to get banned because "rCat" became a highly offensive racial slur in France, so of course six games have "rCat" in their trophy list somewhere. 😆 Meanwhile a friend of mine will still safely have his gamertag, which is based on a description of a plumber's butt, but through the filter of his pronunciation of that announcement when he was four, so nobody will figure it out and therefore nobody is offended. Until someone named Hairy tries to wipe out entire global ethnic groups, anyway.
  15. For Origins on PS3 there is a disk version with all DLC. I got it used for $12 and can confirm that all DLC is on the disk. (You will need to install them individually to access them, they will be listed for installation under the icon to play the game). If you don't mind the physical version, that is.