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  1. I wish they would fix these trophies or at least add some kind of tracking. Done over 1.2k kills this season alone but still no trophy. Also think the distance ar trophy has been fixed as I've killed over 250 people with ar/sr but no marksman trophy.
  2. Found out how to score from your own half
  3. If you search on YouTube for new star manager - how to score from a corner, there's a video that shows the exact place to kick the ball. I got it on my 2nd try.
  4. Yes there was 2 glitched trophies but it looks like one has been fixed with the latest patch.
  5. Also a shawn of the dead and crocodile Dundee reference as well
  6. I finally got it. Played a casual coop on beginner level. Just did lots of threw balls and scored a lot. Ended up 14-0 and the trophy popped at the end.
  7. I would like to know as well. Im level 17 and have played close to 40 games and still nothing.
  8. Should be out on the 27th
  9. 2 people have got the platinum so looks like its finally been fixed
  10. Eastasiasoft confirmed on twitter its digital only, there will be a ps4 list and release date is 27th july.
  11. I was just looking for a list myself. The ones in the burger joint are in a cupboard on the right hand side and as your moving on to the next level, there is a star hidden under the table on the right hand side just before you go out the door.
  12. Id buy that for a dollar
  13. Nice. I'll give this a go. Thanks
  14. Anyone find a good way to grind up the levels in order to get all the liveries?
  15. I managed to get it on the alaska checkpoint race - lumber mill. There's a down hill bit and got it without trying.