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  1. Also a shawn of the dead and crocodile Dundee reference as well
  2. I finally got it. Played a casual coop on beginner level. Just did lots of threw balls and scored a lot. Ended up 14-0 and the trophy popped at the end.
  3. I would like to know as well. Im level 17 and have played close to 40 games and still nothing.
  4. Should be out on the 27th
  5. 2 people have got the platinum so looks like its finally been fixed
  6. Eastasiasoft confirmed on twitter its digital only, there will be a ps4 list and release date is 27th july.
  7. I was just looking for a list myself. The ones in the burger joint are in a cupboard on the right hand side and as your moving on to the next level, there is a star hidden under the table on the right hand side just before you go out the door.
  8. Id buy that for a dollar
  9. Nice. I'll give this a go. Thanks
  10. Anyone find a good way to grind up the levels in order to get all the liveries?
  11. I managed to get it on the alaska checkpoint race - lumber mill. There's a down hill bit and got it without trying.
  12. Ive completed all the skill checks but the trophy didnt pop. Looks like it glitched. Any ideas what i could do to try and fix it?
  13. There looks to be 2 or 3 difficult trophys but these look to be against com fighters so as you play, youll pick it up. The grind will be to get up to level 150. I seem to remember the grind in ufc2 was to get to level 26 which took me a few days fighting online. Hopefully the leveling will be a bit quicker other wise it will be a long time to get to level 150.
  14. Ok is there something im missing? People are saying this is easy, yet ive just spent 5 hours going from level 17 to 22 on linear mode. Is there a special button ive not found cause this game is both crap and hard.
  15. This is easily the worst game ive ever played and ive played some crap