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  1. The 2 above posts are correct, I had to talk to Yuzu and Lime. Knew I was missing something obvious. I was avoiding talking to Yuzu and Lime as I didn't want to progress to the next chapter, but turns out there was some other scene that played out first which makes Mao friend-able.
  2. Hey guys, could anyone help me.with the Mao bond trophy. I've maxed bond events with all the other girls but for some reason Mao isn't working. Think the game might have glitches on me. The mission for 'communicaring with mao' is still open even though I have her 'feeling' maxed out from inviting her out after school. No events seem to trigger from doing this. Not sure if I'm glitched or missing something obvious. Did you have to do anything different for Mao's bond compared to the others?
  3. No, the frame rate is absolutely terrible, particularly in the start of the game and in the dragon sequences. Not sure if it has improved since launch, but I've been playing the EU version this week and it's awful. That said you do eventually sort of get used to it and some other aspects of the game are fascinating. For Yoko Taro fanboys only I think.
  4. Anyone know how to get this one? Can't find any info anywhere. Figured it would be about doing something wrong repeatedly when feeding the creature in the explore section, but I feel like I've tried everything and got nowhere.
  5. DriveClub is a fantastic game. If you have a wheel and are more into serious sim stuff maybe think about Project CARS, but if you're playing more casually DriveClub is a better experience. I actually also really like The Crew, but this is more about open world exploration and upgrading a single car (or a small handful) over time. If you value exploration and progression and playing a character maybe this is the game for you (but bear in mind the story is pretty crap). The map is huge and interesting to explore though. If you just want to race with tons of different cars (and even bikes with DLC) again DriveClub will be the easiest to dip in and out of and have a great time. It's a beautiful game too. Definitely th emost traditional racer of the three too, and now (unlike at launch) it is a very polished experience all round.
  6. Are you sure it was 100% downloaded? Needs to download application data as well usually. I'm still waiting for any reviews before I buy, if you ever do get in please post your impressions!