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  1. Chine Version. Buy to way;!/zh-hans-cn/游戏/雷曼:传奇/cid=HP0001-CUSA01523_00-RAYMANLEGENDS001
  2. Which region is this game?
  3. 2 different list. Maybe this is US. But other wihich region?
  4. Which region is this game?
  5. Which region is this game?
  6. Wish list; * GTA Liberty City Stories * GTA Vice City Stories * Silent Hill 4 : The Room * Silent Hill Origins * Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks * Rocky Legends * Max Payne 2 And In all of games, Platinum must have.
  7. Remember Me. Thanks.
  8. You troll. This is news real.
  9. I want it RDR coming to PS4. And yes, I've done well in advance. Is it forbidden? No. In that case? Not your business.
  10. Red Dead Redemption Xbox One Coming, Wherere PS4?
  11. Hi guys. I want to see; Silent Hill Origins & Silent Hill 4 : The Room on the PS4 and Trophys(included platinum trophy). Your comments?
  12. I see Google Images. Is that a real pictures?