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  1. Post have been removed. Please keep discussions on-topic and relevant to the dispute in question.
  2. You can play any game (including the DLC for it) from any region on any region's account, however the region of the DLC must match the region of the game, otherwise the game won't be able to recognise it. (I think there was only ever 1 game that was region locked and I think it was a Persona game)
  3. Added the spoiler tags for you.
  4. Oh yeah, that too Or another possibility is they were previously flagged then it was subsequently lifted. Pretty sure you can't be flagged again if it was lifted.
  5. You have to have the game on your profile to be able to report it now.
  6. If you know which is which, then you could request the tags be corrected here:
  7. None of the servers for the games were actually shut down. Only the uploading of a character to the website was shut down, although the relevant trophies can apparently still be earned as long as you are connected to the PSN and try to upload a character.
  8. You might want to check this thread:
  9. Go grab your freebie now. Only less than 2 days left to claim it.