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  1. You get a new revenge vs character each day. I'm not sure the exact time it rolls over to a new day, but I'd take a guess it might be midnight UTC, which is just over 2 hours away.
  2. So were Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally, but those are in the EA shutdown list. With EA purchasing Codemasters, it means that EA does indeed have something to do with this game now. It's possible they might not be fully aware Gamesparks are the server hosts for the game, so that's why it hasn't been mentioned by them yet.
  3. .

    That game didn't have trophies on PS3, which is why you won't find it listed here. It was released on 5th November 2007, before trophies were a thing. Trophies weren't introduced until June 2008. The game never got a trophy patch later either.
  4. When you've beat everyone once (not including the special vs characters), the revenge vs ones start showing up. Beating rank 6 and moving up to rank 7 is when that happens. Adam is the last one you'll face, so when you beat him the revenge ones start showing up.
  5. Came up straight away on in the UK web store (also found it right away on the US web store too):
  6. I can't remember if it shows you the amount in your stats, but probably not. The ones that count are the tournaments you play offline against the AI, either the 9 hole ones or the 18 hole ones. The same tournaments where you unlock gallery members. The vs matches where you are up against just 1 AI player don't count towards those.
  7. Yes, it's the hitting of the pin that triggers the speciality shot. The blue tail means you did a super back spin, or super top spin, which is what you end up with if you don't hit the pin.
  8. If this is true, and a common occurrence, then this is the most disturbing revelation in this thread. This kind of "favouritism" should never be a thing as it can quite easily be the least likely people who you would expect that can have illegitimate trophies on their profile. Anyone and everyone can cheat, so it should never be ruled out, regardless of if you know them.
  9. There isn't anything that'll make the shot easier, except for practice and a bit of luck that it hits the pin. Obviously the closer you are to the hole, then the better. It should also be noted that you don't have to be under or level par for the shot to trigger either. A chip-in spiral shot that results in a +8 score for the hole will still pop the trophy as much as a birdie shot will.
  10. You're supposed to hold the d-pad while the power bar is riding, not before it. So you hit to start the power bar rising first, then hold the d-pad, then hit again to set the power level, then hold the opposite direction on the d-pad, then hit again to set the impact and take the shot. If you got perfect impact and then hit the pin, the speciality shot should then trigger.
  11. You got the 100% trophy on 2nd June 2010. Then on the 24th July 2011, you got the trophy for solving 85% of the Riddler challenges. That's out of order.
  12. Probably has something to do with these timestamps: Not only that, but you got the 100% complete trophy before a bunch of others that are required for 100%.
  13. You probably would have had to ask when the code had been used. I don't think Sony would have just offered up that info. It sucks that it never got sorted out and you ended up losing that money though.
  14. I feel Sony were right in this instance. I would think it's up to the store where you bought it from to sort it out. Sony would have even been able to provide a date and time when the code was used, so you would be able to inform the store of that info. Your transaction was with the store, not with Sony.