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  1. If you're picking the hood ornaments up in places like scrap locations or during wasteland missions, then those are DLC hood ornaments that were part of the Road Warrior pack. Those ones don't count for the stats percentage. It's only the hood ornaments that you collect from defeating a convoy that contribute to the stats count.
  2. ICEY was originally only released in the Hong Kong PSN store, but then it came to NA stores. It hasn't been released in the EU yet though.
  3. This isn't the "Asian" version of the game. It's the EU version, as that's the list I got from the Vita version I bought from the UK PSN store.
  4. Please use this thread to discuss the trophy: There are also 2 other threads that contain advice for this trophy:
  5. Servers went down in 2014. The online trophies are no longer earnable.
  6. The way I pronounce it is as follows: Pow rhymes with how Gi rhymes with me
  7. Reopened this one as they finally got round to posting the video. I added the video to this thread.