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  1. You've already disputed your flag for this game and it was upheld. Time to move on: To answer your question on how to reappear on the leaderboards if you have less than 3 flagged games, refer to this thread:
  2. Yeah, same thing happened to me with a couple of the games. Can't remember which ones though
  3. I only had something like that happen when I replaced my PS3 (the old one died due to the dreaded YLOD). Once I synced my trophies all was fine.
  4. Not sure what happened then. At least it's sorted now though
  5. If you have replaced either your PS3 or HDD in your PS3 then your offline trophy data for the game won't be there. You'll have to sync your trophies so your PS3 can get the info from your online trophy data on Sony's servers. EDIT: seems you've already done that. Perfect
  6. The Vita version of this game was cancelled back in May 2017, so the tags need removed.
  7. A Vita version was cancelled back in May 2017: Have edited the title too.