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  1. They've changed the page. Before when you scrolled to the bottom it showed this:
  2. PS4 version is completely fine and all trophies are still earnable on that version.
  3. It's technically platinum blocked on the PS3 already, as if you don't have the Run Like The Wind trophy then you can't get it by legitimate means any more as R* disabled the bounty system years ago. There are 17 total MP trophies in the base game, and all 9 of the heist DLC trophies are MP. The MP ones all have "GTA Online" at the start of the description.
  4. I'll expand on the post by @jrod2510 above by providing links. tagged as NA, should be AS. tagged as AS, should be NA.
  5. GTA Online is the MP component of GTA V, so it's not really separate.
  6. It's possible it was tagged wrongly by this site. Let them know in this thread:
  7. It's possible it was tagged wrongly by this site. Let them know in this thread:
  8. Can you add me to this please. My list is: # 4 Elements HD Abzû Boggle (UR) Castle Crashers (UR) DeathSpank Echochrome (UR) Final Fight: Double Impact (UR) Ghostbusters: Sanctum Of Slime (UR) Hitman (UR) Indoor Sports World (UR) Journey K Lara Croft And The Temple Of Osiris (UR) Machinarium Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent Outland (UR) Pure Chess (UR) Q Rain Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves (UR) TV Show King (UR) U Voodoo Dice (UR) Welcome Park X Y Z Bonus: ドリームクラブホストガール オンステージ (Dream C Club Host Girls on Stage)
  9. Playing 500 matches is 1.07%, and playing 1000 is 0.82%. Not sure what the problem is.
  10. The trophy "Up to the Task" has 2 challenges tied to it that required the server to be able to collect scrap for them. Since the servers have been shut down, those 2 challenges are unable to be completed. So unless you have them done already, the platinum is unobtainable. There is already a thread discussing this:
  11. The reason the guides for both games show up is because the PS4 Redux version and the PS3 version have been linked as 2 versions of the same game. As you can see in the series list, they are both in Stage 2. You would have to make a case that the 2 games should be listed separately and not linked together in the following thread: You could cite the example of the Shantae series having the Ultimate Edition of Half-Genie Hero separate from the original version (as both versions have vastly different lists) to back your case.
  12. It's GTA V's PS3 servers that are getting shut down (on 16th December), not GTA IV's servers.
  13. NecoRave is banned from the site so won't be able to respond here.
  14. We already have a thread discussing this