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  1. 42 posts deleted. I don't know what went on in this thread (or the others), but this stops now. If I see it again then there will be warning points handed out. Consider yourselves lucky I didn't hand any out on this occasion.
  2. That's a DLC for the game Yoostar 2.
  3. If a discussion is about trophies in general, then PlayStation Network is usually the best place for it. You would only post in PlayStation 4/3/Vita if the discussion is specifically about that console. The amount of times I've had to move a thread from those areas is crazy. Off topic is also fine, but I've gone ahead and moved it to PlayStation Network.
  4. We prefer threads to be "necro'ed" than a new one opened.
  5. There isn't a version of The Last Of Us without MP trophies. When you have a mission objective it will always start at tier 1. if you choose that same mission objective the next time, it'll start at the tier after the one you completed. So say for example you chose revolver kills then you would have to complete tier 1. if you completed tier 1 and chose that same objective for your next mission then you would need to complete tier 2. To complete a mission objective you only have to clear 1 tier. It's best to only do objectives when you are at 100% risk (pick an easy one you know you'll manage to do) and ignore them when it's not 100% (pick one you know you won't complete). Iirc, there are 5 times a 100% risk mission will appear in a journey, and they always appear at the same week/day. You get 3 matches to complete an objective, so if you needed 3 revolver kills you could do 1 in each match and it'll complete that objective. The MP is still popular. It can be done solo, but is easier to boost.
  6. This thread has information about the Medic trophy: Also, please note that posts are required to be in English only in this forum. Thank you.
  7. Just for the record, your other account isn't banned: They do have an expired warning point that they haven't acknowledged yet. They might have to acknowledge that first before being able to post on their old account.
  8. I‘ve read your Interview. As you said San Francisco 49ers, I remembered the Time I was following Steve Young in the 90‘s. Ahh...what a great Time. Rice and Young. I was a Fan of them.


    So here‘s a special Greet.


  9. What was your mission on July 30? No matter which profile I visit, you were there on that day. 😅

    1. Stevieboy


      There was some glitch that showed me as visiting a lot of profiles when I wasn't even online. It's happened on more than one occasion. No idea what's causing it.