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  1. That makes 4 flagged games total. Hiding any of them won't return you to the leaderboards as you have crossed the 3 game threshold and are permanently off. If you can get at least 2 of the flags lifted then you could get back on, but you haven't had much success with that.
  2. Edited the title.
  3. Done.
  4. You used to get the trophy when you got the flashpoint reward from Cayde, but since the release of Forsaken the flashpoint reward is collected form the vendor of the respective planet which doesn't trigger the trophy. When I typed that initial response, I wasn't aware that Bungie hadn't adjusted the trophy trigger.
  5. OP's question was discussed in this thread already:
  6. Moved the thread to the correct part of the forum.
  7. Seems my earlier response was inaccurate as you don't get the trophy by collecting the reward from the respective Flashpoint planetary vendor. The trophy trigger used to be collecting the reward from Cayde, but seems Bungie haven't adjusted the trigger to be collecting it from the planetary vendor yet. Hopefully this is something they will fix soon.
  8. You need the game on your profile to be able to create a session for it. Creating threads looking for players is not permitted.
  9. There are already plenty of similar threads like this on the forums already, like top 10 favourite games, top 20 favourite games etc. I'm not gonna link them all, but here is one exactly like this one:
  10. You get 3 tiers of each mission type for the multiplayer. Each tier is more difficult, or requires more to do, than the previous tier. For example, if you pick the one for healing teammates. The first tier might require 3 heals, while the 2nd tier might require 6 heals and the 3rd and last tier might require 9 heals. One you have completed the 3rd tier then that mission disappears.