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  1. You won't be able to do the online trophies while the server isn't working anyway.
  2. None of the Criterion/Ghost NFS games were taken down when the others were.
  3. Maybe the code you got from CDkeys was issued by Sony before they had discounted PS+ and it was still full price. Remember it's not the date when you bought the code, it's the date when the retailer got it issued from Sony that is the important part. It does make it a bit inconsistent though, and is a weird thing for Sony to track anyway.
  4. I meant that if a retailer got a code for PS+ from Sony while Sony were doing a 25% off discount on PS+ and you redeemed that code, then it would show on your "Subscriptions Management" tab that you got PS+ at 25% off. Sony must have a way to track from the code itself what PS+ was being sold at on the PSN store when the code was issued to the retailer. You must have got a code from CDKeys that they got from Sony when PS+ was full price on the PSN store. What the retailer sold the code at doesn't matter, as Sony can't track that.
  5. I buy my PS+ subscription as a code from a retailer that sells them at a discount. This is usually around the time of year when the Days of Play event is live and the PSN store itself has the yearly sub at a discount. When I checked the "Subscriptions Management" section on the PSN store earlier, it says I'm currently subscribed to PS+ but at a 25% discounted rate. The codes I bought were discounted more than 25%, which leads me to believe that the retailer got the PS+ codes from Sony while there was a 25% discount on PS+ on the PSN store, and Sony has a way to track that by which code you redeemed. So while they might not be able to track how much you paid the retailer for them, they can track how much they themselves were selling PS+ for at the same time.
  6. I think you two should drop this before it escalates. Also, @sci-fi-math repeating a post a moderator has removed is never a good idea. It was removed for a reason.
  7. They aren't kicked off the forum, but their PSN profile is no longer tracked by the site. It's not like the usual situation where they are just removed from the leaderboards, but can still see their PSN profile here. Their PSN profile is completely removed so the site doesn't need to use processing power to maintain a profile that uses CFW to create impossible, generally future, timestamps.
  8. 0% games are not included in the unearned trophies stat on this site. They only become included once you earn a trophy in the list.
  9. VR gamers already have the hardware, they don't need to know if the game is for them. They know they can buy the game and they'll be able to play it, regardless of if it's a VR game or not.
  10. If a game can be played without a VR, then is it really a VR game? The tag is an information piece to let people know the game requires a VR, not that you have the option to use a VR or not. It's to let non-VR owners know that game isn't for them. VR owners don't need to know that, as they can play VR games. If you care more about losing leaderboard points, then that sounds like a whole other issue you need to deal with.
  11. The way I see it is that the VR tag should be a way for people without a VR to know they won't be able to play that game. Removing the VR tag means that it lets those without a VR know they can play it. That's a positive consequence as far as I'm concerned.
  12. It's simple. Do your research. Google the title, read a description of the game, watch a gameplay video, anything that'll give you information about the game. Don't just buy games blindly.
  13. Seems like a discussion more suited to this thread:
  14. The only issue is if it's something that's broken and can't be fixed at their end and it needs patched, then Sony won't allow them to do it, as they stopped all patch support for PS3 titles last summer.
  15. EA usually give notice when there's a shutdown planned, like they did with the other NFS games that got shutdown last year. Would be weird that they never gave notice for this one. Is this not just a temporary issue that could be fixed?