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  1. I've edited it for you.
  2. If the profile is set to private, then their trophies aren't affecting any of the leaderboards, so there isn't any reason to report them. If they do make the profile public, then you will be able to report it at that point.
  3. Gaming Sessions shouldn't be used "too", they should be used exclusively for this purpose. The forums shouldn't be used at all for this. Please see this thread for details: This thread shouldn't have been left open this long. Obviously no-one reported it so the mods could be made aware of it.
  4. Changing the address should work.
  5. This game has a Very Easy difficulty that doesn't earn you a trophy for completing, but does unlock Crushing. In the future, please don't open a thread but instead use the report feature to send a report to the flagging team. Also, it might be a good idea to make sure you have the correct facts before you do this so as not to waste the time of the flagging team. They are busy enough as it is.
  6. Just to add to this, it's best to pick a US state that doesn't charge tax on your purchases when you enter the address. One to choose would be Alaska.
  7. Memories of what exactly? I ran into the glitch because I backtracked as I missed a couple of upgrades (think they were the 2nd and 3rd ones). Backtracking through a portal (one that doesn't progress the game) is what can cause the glitch.
  8. EA will announce it and give at least 30 days notice on their website: Most likely on this page under the F section: