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  1. You're confusing cross-buy with cross-play. Cross-play is different platforms being able to play together, i.e. PS4 & Xbox One playing together. Cross-buy is getting the same game on different consoles for the price of one game, i.e. getting a PS4 and vita version
  2. That's weird. It happened to a friend of mine recently and they rolled his account back. Luckily he hadn't synced the trophies.
  3. You can contact Rockstar support and they will be able to reset your character's level (and money amount) to the level it was before you met the hacker.
  4. I think you should stop trolling now. That is unless you want a warning point.
  5. You should still be able to redeem the code on an EU account, download it form there, and play it on your US account. As both the game and DLC will be from the same region, you should be able to play it on your US account just fine.
  6. Read the first 3 words of the post for your answer.
  7. I have moved this thread to the correct section of the forum. Please be aware of where you are posting threads in the future.
  8. One thing you have to be careful of is if you buy a game from a particular region and it has DLC, then that DLC needs to be bought from the same region. It doesn't matter what region account you end up playing it on, but for the game to be able to recognise the DLC they both have to be from the same region.
  9. The UK store still gets a few vita games on sale. The Big in Japan sale, and the bigger Summer sale, or the sales around Xmas and New Year are your best bets for vita games to be on sale. There is definitely less of them going on sale now than there used to be, for sure though.
  10. Couldn't find it in the UK store, so looks to be a NA exclusive for the time being. Maybe the EU release will happen later.