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  1. Plus, One's Chakram that you get for finishing it is arguably one of the better chakrams in the game.
  2. No worries. I've moved this thread to that forum then.
  3. The PS3 and Vita versions of this game are completely different. They don't even share servers. Trophies will not autopop.
  4. The PS4 Definitive Edition of the game should have all the DLCs already included.
  5. It doesn't matter what account you play it on. What matters is if the game can recognise the DLC or not. For that to happen, the region of the DLC should match the region of the base game.
  6. I did Ending A, then played One's DLC, Two's DLC, Three's DLC, Four's DLC, Five's DLC, Ending B, Ending C, Ending D, then Zero's DLC. I probably could have done Zero's DLC sooner, but decided to do it at the end. Story wise, I felt only really One's DLC, Two's DLC and Zero's DLC had anything important to add to the story. Three's DLC, Four's DLC and Five's DLC felt like side stories.
  7. I'll say one thing about the DLCs. They have a pretty high price, but you do get worthwhile rewards from them, imo. One's DLC gives you One's Chakram which is arguably one of the better chakrams in the game. Two's DLC gives you Two's Sword which is also a really good sword (but I preferred Zero's sword myself). Four's DLC gives you Four's Claws which have a powerful charge up attack, and is quick to charge up fully too. Makes light work of the bigger enemies. Five's DLC gives you Five's Spear which I liked a lot. It was pretty powerful and had a jumping AOE attack which was good against the bosses. I wasn't a fan of Three's Scissors that you get from Three's DLC though. Zero's DLC gives you an outfit that extends the duration of Intoner mode, which is nice. It should also be noted that finding all the chests in each DLC gives you half a million money, plus 1 Copper, Silver, Gold and White material piece from each DLC, so if you do all 6 you'll get 3 million money total and 6 of each of those materials. This helps a lot with the end game grind.
  8. I actually just downloaded this game recently. I got it from PS+ and both the demo and unlock key were next to each other in my downloads list. All my PS+ games had been moved up my list and were all dated as the day I renewed my subscription. All the Ubisoft games were at the top of the list, and the demo and key were 4th and 5th in that list, so it didn't take long to find.
  9. I just bought that a couple of days ago too. I still see it on the UK store now.
  10. I just played this and the final ending didn't erase my save. All the trophies are supposed to still be available after that ending. In fact, you can't upgrade all your weapons until you finish that ending as one of the materials only becomes available to buy when you finish it.
  11. You can still buy things from the PS3 store, but you have to use PSN credit now. You can 't buy things on the PS3 or Vita stores using a debit/credit card or PayPal anymore. You can still add funds using those methods, but you'll have to do it using the web store, or I believe it can be done using a PS4 or PS5.
  12. My copy of the GOTY edition had the DLCs as bubbles on the XMB, and you installed them from those.
  13. The DLCs should still be in the PSN store on the PS3 though. Can you not find them?
  14. There is a physical GOTY edition that has all the DLCs included. You have to watch which version you buy as the first releases had codes for the DLC, while the later ones had the DLCs on disc. The cover states whether you'll be getting a voucher or not, so it shouldn't be too hard to avoid it.
  15. Boosting partners can be found here: I don't know about the availability of the online trophies though.