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  1. I see it on the UK store, and the download option is there for me for the trial. The unlock key is in the add-ons section and is able to be purchased at £1.99.
  2. I see it on the UK store, and it has a download button for me. I must have got it with PS+ all those years ago too. EDIT: It says it's a trial version in the description. The unlock key is listed in the add-ons section and is £1.99. So I didn't get it with PS+ after all.
  3. We have a thread to discuss "cheap and easy plat games" or "garbage games" as a whole. Use that thread to complain, or give your opinion, on games like this in general. Use this thread to specifically discuss this game, and this game only. If I see posts generally complaining about "the state of the PSN store" or "people only buy games like this for easy plats to pad their list" and adding nothing the discussion about this game, then those ones will be removed (some already have) because they should be posted in the thread linked above.
  4. Fair enough. I just thought I'd point it out in case you weren't checking the store on the PS3.
  5. The webstore no longer shows PS3 games. The only way you'll find it is by searching the store on the PS3 itself, unless it has actually been delisted.
  7. You have 2 months to clean up as many trophies as you can. The game is already on your list, so you've not got much to lose. You already have the rank trophies, and those are the most time consuming. Might as well see what you can get while you can.
  8. Doesn't buying the expansion pass just make all the individual DLCs appear as "free"? You would still have to claim all of them to add them to your library to be able to download them. Also, Sony will suspend your PSN account if you reverse a charge on a purchase. You have to be patient and wait for them to reply to your communication.
  9. The only thing I can think of is you had previously stolen them and they haven't respawned yet. Not sure how long it takes for them to respawn though.
  10. The games will still remain in the library of the account that bought them, and be able to be downloaded from there after they are delisted, and providing that account is primary on the PS4, they will still be able to be played by any other account on that PS4. The delisting won't have any affect on any of that.
  11. The games will still function as normal after the store removal. Removing the game from the store doesn't affect anything with the game itself. It only means they can no longer be purchased.