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  1. Time to lock this one up as people can't keep from going off topic. This thread wasn't for discussions about TLOUII. This thread wasn't for discussions about your opinion of Neil Druckmann. This thread wasn't for discussions about agendas in games. This thread was for discussions about the pics hinting at Naughty Dog's possible next game, of which there was not a lot of actual discussion posted. I thank those that actually did keep it on topic, but as always it's the usual suspects that can't keep from posting their tired opinions over and over again.
  2. I've had to clean this thread up and many posts have been removed. I won't be doing it again, as next time it'll be locked and warning points will be issued. I'm sick and tired of seeing people argue about TLOUII. This thread isn't even about that game
  3. You kind of answered your own question. It's due to those 3 hidden trophies. PSNP removes the hidden trophies from your stats. The only way to fix it here is to unhide them:
  4. It's on the UK store:
  5. 34 posts deleted. Please use the Gaming Sessions feature to boost trophies, not the forums. Any more boosting requests posted in this thread will result in it being locked. There's even a pinned thread for trading items. That thread is the one that should have been used, not this one.
  6. You glitched the game by not following the instructions. See this thread for more info:
  7. - EU - NA - Non-JP list - JP
  8. Very good, but nope.
  9. If you don't post the thread in the correct place then people aren't going to know which game you are talking about. I have moved the thread to the right place. The PlayStation 5 forum is for threads that are specific to the console itself. Threads for games each have their own forum.
  10. The PS+ collection isn't designed for previous PlayStation owners at all. It's designed for people who are buying a PS5 as their first ever PlayStation console and giving them a collection of some of the best PS4 games available.
  11. The PlayStation Classic mini console thing that came out has Tekken 3 as one of the games loaded on to it, so that's another option for getting it.
  12. DLCs from another region will generally play on any account, but the region of the DLC has to match the region of the base game or the game won't be able to recognise it. As far as Sony are concerned, I believe Turkey is classed as EU region.
  13. Seems people can't just keep to only discussing the actual theme itself. Locked before it got really out of hand.
  14. It's a pity people can't discuss and debate a topic without resorting to insulting each other. Calling things "cancer" and "autistic" isn't the vocabulary you should be using either. This one's locked.
  15. 2 of them are unlocked from the start, but the rest are dotted about the map and have to be collected.