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  1. Congrats. You found the same glitch that's been mentioned a few times on these boards. I hope you have a backup save file or else you'll be replaying the whole game again...
  2. Like I said, you really need that skill that heals you whenever you use a special ability (at Level 3). Map the two 4th Gears abilities and then map the Thor Drop Hand and Fist abilities (where he balloons his hand and the other his foot) to clear out mobs. You also need to have the maps fully completed. So Luffy is 100% upgraded. Also, don't be afraid to RUN! If you feel a fight is going bad, unlock from the target and hightail it out of there. Kill mobs, use abilities to regain health. Another tip is to use the skills that let you do max damage to break gauge and to giants.
  3. Maybe it is the digital version then? But I booted it up on a PS4 Pro with a SSD and it still ran horribly.
  4. I bought it, played it for maybe 2-3 hours but it was almost unplayable with the framerate, wonky/laggy controls and just overall suckage compared to other Gundam Breaker games.
  5. Took me 40 minutes to complete that horrible boss rush of a map. Maybe like 5-6 attempts before finally beating it. My advice - fully complete Luffys maps. Use both transformations. Use the skill that heals you on special ability use.
  6. When enemy is at the point of death, press Triangle and make sure the attack connects and kills them
  7. Trophy never pops. I've been in matches where we kill and secure the body at 100% too. We've disarmed the bomb, killed it before it could arm the bomb too. Killed the thing multiple times now and still no trophy. Is it glitched?
  8. Just turn cross play off Yes. It also helps to find matches quicker
  9. Played and beat well over 10 expeditions with other players online and still no trophy. Is there a way to track this, is there a log or something that would tell me if it counted towards the trophy? I mean I just kept beating the first 2-3 levels over and over for the past 4 hours. Maybe beat 20 levels with other people. Not random encounters either, selected encounters and created a room and joined rooms.
  10. Made the mistake of buying this, now when I play other games and get trophies I can't sync to PSN because the trophies aren't up on the server. Ran into this issue before with Evoland. The PS4 errors out when trying to sync any trophies now because it can't sync Oniken. Hopefully they fix this soon.
  11. Takes me 5 minutes to collect the dragon balls. I get two wishes each with them. Right after I make the wish and control the character again, I move to a different location and Bulma says the dragon balls can be collected! (Sometimes even that glitches and she pops up 2-3 times in a row). So in an hour I summoned the dragon about 10 times. Loaded up on $$ and balls.
  12. Can we start listing games with trophies that are horrible to do without the help of a turbo function? I only know of Dragon Ball FighterZ and farming money. What else can it be used for? Any other fighting games?
  13. Simple plat, single playthrough, nothing missable only a slight grind at most. Very pleased with this list. Powerpyx says it takes 30-50 hours depending on if you are a monster who skips cutscenes.
  14. Awesome! Good news then. I don't like having to replay a game for one or two trophies.
  15. Looks like a great list.Nothing too grindy, nothing difficulty related, nothing missable, nothing that requires multiple playthroughs. Seeing as how there are multiple characters, I am sure the ones that require 100 D tokens or 100 abilities unlocked combined everything from each character, it won't be like Level Goku to 100.