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  1. Isn't TERA already playable everywhere? It came out in March of 2018 on PS4...
  2. Nice. So Postgame just means you beat the game and it allows you to roam freely and explore every area without restrictions?
  3. I was really looking forward as well. It's why I spent extra to play it early! Idk why I did that since it released totally broken. Shame on me I guess.
  4. Day 1 patch is out (1.01) says - minor performance fix. Doesn't fix anything, still major tearing up every time you move the camera.
  5. Not creepy, more like a trip through Wonderland and you are Alice. Lots of mystery, strange world, but nothing really scary. Pro
  6. I will update on Tuesday. People who bought the season pass get to play early, so maybe there is a day 1 patch coming when everyone can play it. But yeah, the game is super unstable. It doesn't matter what you do, everything causes screen tearing. This is a budget game too, so at least Fallout 4 had devs with time and money to patch. These devs are known for releasing buggy games and either not fixing them or taking a month (Sherlock Holmes games) to do get a patch pushed out. I really wish I paid like $40 at most for this. It has an interesting story but tries so hard to be Evil Within that nothing about it feels natural or polished.
  7. Sad but that is probably the cheap route they are going. Hopefully it gets a day 1 patch (though it should have come out the day the game launched (today) or else what was the point of paying to play a few days early? It just breaks the game. Everything from aiming at enemies to just walking around the city causes the screen to look like it is being sliced with a katana.
  8. This game has the worst case of Screen Tearing I have ever seen. It breaks the screen EVERY time you move the camera in the slightest.
  9. How do we search for shared stories in the game?
  10. I haven't talked to any cows... Am I screwed? I just started Chapter 5... Is there a time where I can freely roam the lands and go back to cows I missed?
  11. Controls are a bit better and smoother now, so the triple drift boost stuff is easier to pull off IMO. But yeah, it is still a pain in the tuchas to beat some time trials.
  12. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I wasn't expecting so many replies! This was a lot of awesome feedback. This is why I love this sites community! You're all awesome!
  13. I want to start platting some RPGs (I prefer JRPG over stuff like Fallout/Skyrim...) Can anyone give some suggestions as to what PS4 RPGs are fairly easy to plat? I am already on my way to finishing DQXI but need suggestions for my next game.
  14. Game has been out for months now, yet there are still 3 glitched trophies. I know for sure the He's On Fire trophy is glitched. I have timed myself with a stop watch and can get everything collected in 13 seconds with sensitivity set to 10. From the moment you hit Triangle to reset to the time it takes to press X on the trash to dump the final paper should take 12-14 seconds. The trophy is supposed to pop the moment the boss comes back in to thank you.
  15. I lost all interest. There is no point in rebuying these games anymore. I already have them (even the JP games) on ps1/famicom and was looking forward to a good trophy list to be a reason to replay/rebuy them.