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  1. Build a pile of junk right up under the net. I used two barrels and one of the grey sacks on top. Then I made a ramp up to the right of the hoop to jump onto to roof of the ball machine and able to climb up to the top of the hoop and look down at the net. I then dropped the ball down and caught it the moment it made the swish noise. It should bounce right back up to you off the item at the top of your junk pile that's under the net. I'm not fast so I got about 30 points at a time, but it's a lot easier this way than shooting 500 times from the ground.
  2. Yes, it doesn't create any trophies at all. I did that, I know how to look for offline trophies. I am saying they are missing 100% Devs have announced on Twitter they are aware and are working on a patch to fix this.
  3. It's out now... No trophies though... Even after launching the game, nothing shows up on my list. Not even the error saying it can't sync because trophies don't exist. Nothing.
  4. This is Hot Shots 1, it was very laggy when it came on ps1... Hot Shots 2 is so much more refined, had no input lag issues and was the best of the series for a while.
  5. I know it is silly to say the second one was the best, it had more humor and better stories - as simple as they were. But I really thought this third one felt rushed and didn't care about the storyline for the chapters... The walking sim part didn't bother me though, but it felt like it was trying too hard to be different with it. It was like My Name Is Mayo 2.5 with a DLC of walking for 10 miles.
  6. Awesome!! So I can get in a lobby with just friends and still earn trophies. I was worried I would be stuck with random people who don't know how to stick together or even level up their characters (a big problem at the moment)
  7. Are you playing Matchmaking, VS AI or in a private room?
  8. Some games like this force you to matchmake and not play in the private setting to track trophies. What about Vs AI - does selecting this mode block trophies as well?
  9. I set my clock to 11:58pm on May 2nd, let the game run to 12:01am May 3rd then changed the time forward to 11:58pm and let it run to 12:01am making it the 4th but no trophy. But changing the clock ahead 11 hours worked for the 10 year trophy...
  10. I got to a certain point before the level bugged, so I quit the level and it put me in free play. I couldn't find the level again after that. Tried rebooting my console and beating a few levels in story mode in other episodes.Any idea how I can get this level to return so I can play it through ok?I can even see the minikit I got and challenge I completed for tossing cake. But the level is not appearing in space above mustafar.If I go to a different episode then back to III, It will say to continue the other story mission like "find a way into jabbas palace" even though I chose to go to EP III.
  11. 6 lousy trophies!? The game is actually fun but nobody will buy it without an easy platinum...
  12. It's not fun, not scary, totally broken with bots that teleport every time you pass through a door, and the level design is the worst I've seen in a long time.
  13. Played from 7am to 2am and it just flew by. I didn't even realize the audio cut out at some point until I built a Merc trainer and the only noises were ducks...
  14. My squad extracts with 9 drives, but I only had one since they hogged them all. Does it only count one for me, or nine?
  15. For the trophy - try exiting the game and fully turning off your console (hard shutdown, not rest mode) then boot back up and it should pop the next time you enter a match. I've had to do this to get half the trophies to pop, but it worked 99% of the time.