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  1. Side by side comparison also shows the new version (S) actually has worse graphics as it is a direct port of the Switch version which in itself had to downgrade graphics to play properly. So this version has worse graphics and better music...
  2. No lol, the ones they removed are ones that required traveling the map looking for specific points (takes 20 minutes total with a map of all the locations) and a battle trophy for hitting an enemy before a battle begins (on the world map) The ones they added are actually a bit more grind heavy as they require Persona style interactions throughout the game to raise bond levels.
  3. REMOVED: crossbow colossus island hopper mooteorologist pre-emptor till death do us part NEW TROPHIES:Light of hope - Awarded for filling your companions' hearts with hope.Magic moments - Awarded for spending some quality time with a special someone.Savious of the Tockles - Awarded for saving all the worlds of the past from certain destruction.
  4. Are there any custom online games like a 1v1? So I could boost with a friend online?
  5. Can we farm the 50 scorestreak kills and 50 vehicle kills against AI matches?? Or does it have to be online mp?
  6. Well, fuck this game and it's horrible trophy list.
  7. Are we still able to see our ranks if we get flagged for removal? It was my first offense and I hid the game and it updated so it is no longer showing on my stats. But I can no longer see rankings.
  8. Spraragen88 Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time I have two ps4 consoles, one I have online hooked up to my living room TV and another I don't have internet on in my office that I primarily use when my kids are watching TV in the living room. I spent an entire month playing Crash 4 to get all the trophies, but was mainly using my offline console. I carry over save games (same profile) by using a USB. When I loaded up my 106% save from my offline console to my online console to finish cleaning up the miscellaneous trophies everything popped at once the moment I beat another level.
  9. Treasure Trove is glitched for many of us. Not sure if its because we were supposed to get the trophy when we hit 50 but the trophy didn't pop and it stops counting at 50.So we got 50, trophy didn't pop and we can get 1000 more Shield Cache chests and it doesn't matter as it only counted to 50 then stopped. We've tried collecting 50 of these boxes offline and online and got nothing, not even after 1.3.1 came out.
  10. Same issue as above. Turned off network connection, booted game, got to campaign map and entered the level. Got the two cache chests then only option was reload to main menu. Kept doing this 25 times and got no trophy. It is probably glitched for us
  11. Same issue as above. Turned off network connection, booted game, got to campaign map and entered the level. Got the two cache chests then only option was reload to main menu. Kept doing this 25 times and got no trophy.
  12. Don't mind the color issues, didn't realize recording off PS4 when HDR is enabled causes these issues. But I wanted to show what I meant by this glitch being a progression bug that breaks the game.
  13. This whole game is full of progression bugs that devs say we need to wait another week before they look into it (low priority). They are focused more on microtransaction issues now than fixing the story mode issues.
  14. The story mission - Interrogation Anxiety - has three different progression blocking bugs. The most common is loading into the mission AS BLACK WIDOW (so you don't need to change characters) and the objective glitching to tell you to talk to Tony then Hank (making it impossible to talk to Tony, which needs to happen before you talk to Hank). It makes the War Table unavailable so you can't do anything more in the campaign. Nothing fixes this, not exiting to the menu, exiting the game or going into Initiative mode and doing missions there. The others are minor and can be fixed by playing a war table mission as BW and coming back to the hub. But this main one even blocks you from using the war table so you have no way of progressing. The biggest problem I have with this is the Devs claim they are looking into it with low priority as they are focusing more on micro-transaction issues. They said to expect a patch to come out in the next 7-10 days to fix some stuff, but to not expect this mission to be included in that patch.
  15. Thank you for putting this on here. That is so cool to see this compilation get such high praise.