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  1. Even offline saves are buggy...
  2. Which one will Puyo Puyo fall under? I hate stuff like this where it's 90% easy and then the last 10% to get the platinum is stuff like batting cages 100%, bonkers Puyo puyo goals and stuff that depends less on enjoying the game but rather an insane amount of skill.
  3. Came out in April and trophies never worked and bugs caused some to even be unobtainable.
  4. Cheats work from the steam version too, and they don't disable trophies. I made a post listing them.
  5. Not at all. I did the opal cheat and mark collectibles cheat the moment the game lets you play then beat the first level, got that trophy then bought all boomerangs and got that trophy. You still need to collect opals legitimately to unlock that trophy but starting off with 100,000 doesn't hurt and you can still unlock trophies.
  6. Left, Right, Action, Left, Right, Action Then followed by the same keypresses as in the original release Add Opals – Bite, Jump, Bite, Jump, CollectableLocator – Up, Down, Left, Right, AllLevel1Rangs – Bite, Throw, Bite, Throw, AllLevel2Rangs – Throw, Bite, Throw, Action, GetBunyipLicenses – Throw, Bite, Throw, Jump So to add opals with default controls, while playing press L, R, Triangle, L, R, Triangle, Circle, Cross, Circle, Cross
  7. You need to beat it a few times it seems. No Future Mode is like Hard Mode, only unlocked after beating it once. It's a pretty easy game, but I'd say it will take 40-50 hours to platinum, 2-3 playthroughs (2 at minimum) and a difficulty rating of 4.5/10. Grinding to 99 takes a few hours on its own. The game can be beaten in 15-20 hours without doing everything. But the first run will easily take people about 30 hours if they are getting to 99, finding all the collectibles needed for trophies and so on.
  8. Being sold as two separate games. You must buy PS4 and PS5 individually. It is not a free upgrade/crossbuy.
  9. CraiggerBear #3 Planet 3: Scarstu Debris Field – After entering the Pocket Dimension to the Gastropub (purple portal), a CraiggerBear is on a box left of the receptionist. It’s on the mandatory story path. I, along with a few other folks, had to collect this one twice. Not sure why. But I know I got it the first time, noticed I had 7/9 when I should of had 8/9 (following the guide) so I went back through and found it again.
  10. Not possible. They don't respawn each time you visit. Nobody else's game works like that, so I am calling your bluff.
  11. Holy cowabunga!!! List looks perfect. More trophies for using skills and focusing on combat mechanics, less about winning ranked matches. I just preordered the $100 edition thanks to this list!
  12. Ugh a forced online game, no offline or single player mode. Even free I wouldn't play this.
  13. Counts if done offline (couch coop) so you can boost this one alone with two controllers.
  14. This is easily a 7/10 in terms of platinum difficulty and 100+ hours over many playthroughs (even with saving at certain points)
  15. It's not bad and the reviews aren't bad either. It's just mediocre. 6/10 does not mean it is bad at all. 5/10 is average and below is when it gets bad. If this was getting 3's and 4's I would tell you to stay away. But honestly it is a decent 6/10. Nothing amazing, it isn't a AAA title, it isn't a huge open world and the plot is really silly, but the combat is fun and the equipment mechanics alone are worth getting the game for.