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  1. Don't mind the color issues, didn't realize recording off PS4 when HDR is enabled causes these issues. But I wanted to show what I meant by this glitch being a progression bug that breaks the game.
  2. This whole game is full of progression bugs that devs say we need to wait another week before they look into it (low priority). They are focused more on microtransaction issues now than fixing the story mode issues.
  3. The story mission - Interrogation Anxiety - has three different progression blocking bugs. The most common is loading into the mission AS BLACK WIDOW (so you don't need to change characters) and the objective glitching to tell you to talk to Tony then Hank (making it impossible to talk to Tony, which needs to happen before you talk to Hank). It makes the War Table unavailable so you can't do anything more in the campaign. Nothing fixes this, not exiting to the menu, exiting the game or going into Initiative mode and doing missions there. The others are minor and can be fixed by playing a war table mission as BW and coming back to the hub. But this main one even blocks you from using the war table so you have no way of progressing. The biggest problem I have with this is the Devs claim they are looking into it with low priority as they are focusing more on micro-transaction issues. They said to expect a patch to come out in the next 7-10 days to fix some stuff, but to not expect this mission to be included in that patch.
  4. Thank you for putting this on here. That is so cool to see this compilation get such high praise.
  5. Ok, so I figured it out. I started a new game on my second profile and jumped right into Avengers Initiative. Guess what, it's TOTALLY DIFFERENT from when I did it after playing some story. It did give me the mission to talk to the Harm Tech and then it started the tutorial. This is the only time it gives you this specific tutorial with the light attacks, and combos but you are playing as Iron Man. If you open the HARM room in the story (like 3 hours in) it has you 'pretending' to be Iron Man but you are still Kamala and it actually SKIPS the first half of the tutorial. So yeah, depending on if you started Avengers Initiative first or Story Mode first it gives you two different tutorials. Ok, so the confusion is because you get two different tutorials (and are stuck with the one you get as the mission on the list of HARM missions). If you jump right into Avengers Initiative you get a mission to talk to Wu and you get a tutorial with basic attacks. If you play story up to where you unlock the Harm room, you get a tutorial but it isn't ranked by stars and it is missing the first half of the tutorial with the light attacks and combos. The big difference is Story Mode has you being Kamala controlling the Iron Man suit and the other is just Iron Man.
  6. That's a story mission, right? Where you have to collect the part to fix Jarvis so you can open up the war table... You can't replay that once you beat it. I already beat it... Story missions are not replayable.
  7. I am trying to get Seeing Stars but I am not understanding instructions I found on GFaqs. I was told to start Avengers Initiative and after the cutscene it would tell me to talk to someone in the Harm Room. I see the guy but I don't get a prompt to talk to him to start a tutorial. Actually, even going to the War Table and choosing Iron Mans challenge room (doing it on Challenge 1) puts me right into battle having to dodge 3 attacks, then overload and kill 10 enemies and then take down 3 waves. I was told there is a tutorial where enemies don't even attack and you are just testing strong and light attacks. How do I get that tutorial??
  8. You can only replay side missions from the main story. So you can't replay Kamala sneaking through Jersey. If you missed 3/6 intel files you can't go back and get them... There's plenty to collect for the trophy that requires collecting 50 of them, but still I was hoping for a new game+ for the main story so I could collect what I missed.
  9. Can someone explain how to hatch eggs? What do I do? I had like 10 following me and nothing hatched, even after finishing 2 levels.
  10. This is a kids game. Like made for 5 year olds, not adults. I literally let my 4 year old play it and she understood what to do and she still has a hard time jumping over a gap in Super Mario Bros on NES.
  11. Looks very simple, I like how a lot of the competitive ones are just 'finish a round' and not 'win a round'.
  12. Rankings are for War levels - Solo vs AI or you can farm this by grinding with others. Squire = 1,000 pointsKnight = 2,000 pointsLord = 3,000 pointsKing = 4,000 pointsHigh King = 5,000 points The higher ranking you get the lower your score for each match gets. But it's still doable in one sitting. Damage and Time do not affect score, so its basically just keep winning. Find a community made War level that is tagged Short or Easy. Just keep winning and you will get these trophies in no time.
  13. I think it is pretty simple, the whole point of this game is to use the level editor. I think you can create simple levels (or join simple levels) and just earn points to rank up. You shouldn't need to do ranked vs matches to get these trophies
  14. Is the minimum number of players only 3 (2v1) or do you need people in reserves (2v1 plus people waiting)?
  15. FYI this patch wasn't to fix trophies, it was only the first step to fixing progression bugs. The next patch will retroactively pop trophies. The game is now playable for new players (new games) but if you load a save, it won't pop stuff you should have earned.