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  1. Awesome I will email them now and hope they fix it lol
  2. Not sure how that works, but you can buy this for PS5 (in a bundle with the PS4 version) but there are no trophies for it listed, yet they do pop (except for the Bookworm trophy because it is bugged as much as it was when it was released for PS4). So the Devs basically put this out for PS5 but put out the unpatched PS4 version as the PS5 version, and never told Sony to update their servers to include the PS5 versions trophies...
  3. Bugged trophies suck. Don't play Returnal, EVERY trophy is bugged at launch. Can someone explain what the new mode is, is it just replaying the game on a new difficulty or is it like a new chapter?
  4. Welp this fuckin sucks. You need to buy the second season pass and beat the RPG levels with the new characters to unlock this trophy if you own the game digitally.
  5. Sounds like a new franchise in the series, but why call it Wonderboy? Is Asha a boy?
  6. People are crying over a simple list?? The game itself looks insanely difficult. I just watched the gameplay and its like a bullet hell type game. Lots of dodging and wizzing around, trying to take down a bunch of bullet sponge monsters.
  7. I've been stuck in a falling animation loop, fell through floors, stuck animations (or something odd) when possessing/chanting Sligs. Game is fine since we got it free on PS5 (with PS+), but I don't see it playable for another few weeks.
  8. Hard mode is pretty tough, but the game isn't long. You can beat it in about 8-9 hours on hard mode.
  9. So we bought a game that is 'Online Only' and the only way for Devs to fix things is to take the game offline, making it unplayable until they reboot the servers. You would think Square would have learned their lessons from Avengers, but it seems this game doubles down on stupid.
  10. Matchmaking is totally broken for everyone, right?
  11. Game is now about 4 months old, still no events to help boost influence. Still takes 500 wins in a week to get only 1000 influence. Did they put this out and forget about it? Every week I see it on sale for like $20 so I wonder if they stopped supporting it due to low sales?
  12. Can anyone do a text guide?
  13. Platinumed this back on PS4 last year, booted up the PS5 version and EVERYTHING popped again... Now I have a 1 second platinum.🤓
  14. It's a 1 or 0 flag. You either beat it and it triggers the trophy (1) or you don't and it remains a 0. Progress trackers would work the same way, you beat it and it jumps to 100/100 or you don't and it stays 0/100.
  15. It looks bad when you get 20 trophies all at once, I've even had to dispute stuff like that before. I don't want to play this on my PS5 if I am going to be flagged for trophies popping too fast. Is it safe to play this without getting in trouble on this site?