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  1. Hi, everyone! I've played tons of games, some I platinumed, some I've just completed, and some I've dropped without being hooked, and now I feel emptied because I have no idea what game to play and I'm just messing some mud in Snowrunner. Would appreciate some advises on the must play games I may have missed.
  2. Thats exactly why I'm asking, because I'm afraid of this bug being fixed before I can get my hands on all the trucks, so I'm backing up with money now.
  3. How much money is required to buy all trucks?
  4. How do you get lvl6 in 2 hours? I've played about 15, and I'm level 8 I'd like to get some progression tips in the guide. Like the easiest order of buying new trucks, getting upgrades on the maps and specing trucks for easier playthrought. I had no major problems yet, I have finished about 50% of michigan, but I still have no idea what heavy and road trucks are for. I'm running just Paystar 5070 as my truck and scout 800 for scouting and doing quite fine, but I think I'm missing something, especially exploring Island Lake and Drummond Island. The only problem I have is tipping on my paystar, but reloading the game works good for me. How do I use that huge heavy trucks efficiently, what is their purpose?
  5. I'd like to get more info about that, if I may
  6. BL:TPS. Really was too much for me after BL2 plat
  7. Looking for lvl50 crew PSN: Prokky_pew
  8. Borderlands 2 for sure, had a lot of fun with it
  9. I received an update yesterday, but it doesnt seem to fix achievements
  10. Oh, that makes sense
  11. I currently have 8 trophies of 12 total, which is round 66% percent, but both psn and psnprofiles says it 42%, which means the total achievement count is around 19 (im bad at maths). Is that some kind of a bug, or some trophies are hidden yet and may appear later with some content update?
  12. About 45-50h, just to get platinum
  13. It's true, it's not a clean way to get an achievement. But it's still only a scripted X press, you still need to do all the movement and fighting by yourself, if you don't have No encounters armor as I did, and the character gets easily stuck under lightning towers, so you need to move it manually. It's not that kind of a bot, that you press a key and go for a cup of tea for 30min. There's much space for discussion here, IMO with appearance of PS4 Remote and easy way of scripting, rules should be described more specifically regarding this question, so there will be no doubts concerning if this way of scripting legal or not.
  14. Yep, but you still need patience for 20min and a bit of timing skill to do it. But after doing Chocobo Rider and Chocobo Master, I haven't left any for 200 lighning dodges.
  15. So, I found easy way to get Lightning Dancer trophy using PS4 Remote Play and Autohotkey. You basically launch the game in Remote Play and run this script in Autohotkey software. I took the script for PC version on the internet, tweaked a bit, and it worked like a charm. Basically, what a script does is on F1 press it checks for Remote Play window and grabs its focus, then scans the 20x20 pixel square at given coords (1500-1520 x 560-580) and if it meets the color we need (#CFCEFE), it presses Enter (which acts like X in remote play) for 50ms and sleeps for 250ms in case of phantom presses. For this method, you need a LAN attached to your console and PC for a fast network connection. You may also need to tweak coordinates and color for your monitor.