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  1. The campaign is really good for the first 3 missions, then it's just a rushed mess. Just a set up for a sequel, bit disappointing, had a lot of potential.
  2. Fallout 4, also mainly because my percentage will be low due to all the dlc's too, regardless of if I can manage the base game. I platinum'd spider-man and still have 62% B Rank, because so many people have the DLC
  3. I haven't seen it mention on these forums. Good to know they're trying to fix it
  4. I recently won my first blackout game. 8th of october. The trophy didn't pop, I won again and it still didn't pop. Did the recent patch break the trophy? I'm getting getting tired of how poor this game has been made, I'm a zombies player, but I stopped playing it while waiting for them to fix it. So I'm trying to get trophies from other parts of the game, but it seems to be just as bad. It's sad I like Treyarch
  5. I'm pretty sure there's a hidden specialist ingame, that's why it hasn't popped, most likely they'll release a black pass only specialist in the next few weeks
  6. Anyone found a quick way to collect these? Best way I've come up with is to come back everyday from them to respawn (Similar to AC). If anyone has any tips on collecting them I'd appreciate it! FYI, If you start digging holes everywhere you do get shells sometimes