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  1. As per title, is there save transfer between versions and any trophy pops?
  2. In a few hours after work when I can finally play it for the first time in years I’ll give it a go and see what happens with me. I have all online trophies and am level 100+
  3. I usually opt for higher frame rates in games. I had heard the same thing after looking it up and thought I’d give RT a go, and it’s pretty good actually. Haven’t tried higher FR because I simply haven’t needed to. I’d say fo with RT and you’ll be fine
  4. Haven’t really explored the online side of it so unsure if it’s possible, but if you can split screen and play online together I wonder if you could use that to start race without having to wait for another player while also doubling the KM count if all players’ efforts add up, as suggested above. Perhaps wishful thinking on my part… I just hate online trophies!
  5. Yes I would love to know this too… left mine on overnight and did 1,998 laps of a track (forget the name but it was 900m long) so around 1500-2,000km without the math, however l also exited and the KMs didn’t count. Only way to know is to see if the first ‘going the distance’ trophy pops but I haven’t tried yet. If anyone knows id also love to know!