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  1. It's really not asking much to want people to not be assholes to each other. Some communities are full of awful people and need to be called out as such.
  2. Gatekeeping is a big one. In general making it hard for new people to enter the community, especially if they want to play casually, is pretty toxic. Acting like anyone is playing a game "wrong", outside of actual cheating/ negatively affecting other players. The Undertale community had an issue with this where many players were hostile towards those they perceived as playing the game incorrectly. The Souls community is often like this towards people who summon other players when stuck. And obviously racism and sexism are the worst and should never be tolerated.
  3. And yet Y3 is arguably the hardest plat in the series.
  4. I don't think this was ever intended to be a "trap". This DLC seems like it was made on a low budget and I'm guessing they needed additional money for The Surge 2.
  5. It's very much known that Bungie was just as unorganized then. Microsoft was constantly micromanaging them to keep them in shape. It's part of why they were so willing to part with them.
  6. This is just silly fear mongering. There's no reason to think there would be MTX, even if Activision is publishing.
  7. I genuinely don't care what the framerate is above 30fps. There are so many things above that in a game that are higher priority to me.
  8. New Game + is already out. No trophies. But there is a unique armor set for beating it.
  9. How long does it take to get 1000 jumps? As in, how much time passes between jump 1 and jump 1000. How long do I have to maintain concentration?
  10. I think I liked this one the best out of the three. I found the story to be pretty good
  11. You can but honestly I'd recommend getting Riku to level 99 on Easy. It'll take less time overall. You can beat his story on Easy is like 3 hours and enemies have a lot less health and you do more damage. Overall it would save you time.
  12. Personally I think it's easiest on Vita because you can put it in sleep mode if you need a break.
  13. Honestly I find getting Riku to level 99 far worse than the non-stacking difficulties. Playing the game isn't nearly as bad as sitting there fighting the same enemies in the same rooms for 10 hours. It's one of the worst trophy grinds ever.
  14. What map? Remember the Nave has all the upper balcony areas.
  15. But if you go to "Completion Rate" in the journal you'll notice the Story isn't at 100%. You need to make 1 of every Dream Eater, beat Julius, and get the secret ending.