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  1. The random beep can sometimes be associated with the hard drive. Is it a longer beep than if you were turning it off? Usually it occurs when the HDD has an issue reading data or so I have read before.
  2. Yep this happened to me too.
  3. Hi @skewbald_DIPS, did you make sure that the Circle of Life SIM was married to one of the people in the family you imported them into?
  4. Indeed, thanks for mentioning it @HusKy. @StressEater it is less fun on the PS4 due to the shocking port of the game.
  5. Celebrations are Punchlines. Equip one from the store or the Battle Pass and you'll get the trophy. Big air popped eventually just keep going. I got it before I got level 40 in the battle pass.
  6. @Vetranom seems to have been the first to plat it but yeah it sucks that people have been given random stores today. Not sure if it's a bug or intended
  7. I've seen middle a few times now. Diving on to seesaws can help as well. I have noticed that when you dive into a platform you get up quicker than if you roll about and have to get up.
  8. I'm up to around 10 or 11. Most in a row was 4. Can get to the final quite consistently but have the odd round that I lose before the final.
  9. Yeah there definitely hasn't been one in store so I think it is either some sort of special code given by the Devs or hacked. Someone on the PSN also has the 50 items trophy and I'm fairly sure there hasn't been 50 items in rotation yet.
  10. I've had the door on the right but not the middle yet so I think it is random. Also I have had a game on tip toe where the very last tile was fake and we had to run all the way to the other side to find the next hard tile. That has only happened once but take care
  11. Yeah it's gonna be on rotation I think. They've done a Hotline Miami Collab which I think might be legendary but not at PS4 atm Yea any that you can equip count as "custom"
  12. I wouldn't have agreed with this until today, when a guy flat out stole my tail in the last round from a good metre behind me and then I physically grabbed him back and didn't get the tail... Ah well, you win some, you lose a lot.
  13. Unfortunately that seems like it was a day one glitch as I tried this earlier and didn't get it
  14. Same here got 4 in a row and lost in the final and came second 😭
  15. The trophies are definitely fixed now. Just platted it and didn't come across a single glitched trophy, all in all, playthroughs took me about 15-20 hours. I accidentally got the Speed run trophy on my first playthrough so all I was left with was the Janitor trophy at the very end.