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  1. Hi there, wrote the guide and platted both versions. The slow burn trophy requires you to not open more than one pack at once so you use all the buildings till you only have the open pack button left on the inventory till you get to 1000 points. Explorer pops after 40 islands completed but can seem longer. I'm pretty sure an update hasn't been released since I played it but I will try and go through on an alt at the weekend to test them. What other trophies were you having issues with?
  2. You've both definitely got the chess bit right. Gonna dig out my Rubik's cube to confirm the rest 😂
  3. Can't believe I also missed that about the name. @DrBloodmoney you can do spoiler tags on mobile by writing [ spoiler ] your text here [ /spoiler ] without the spaces.
  4. It certainly does seem this way but after we overcomplicated the last one I went for the simplest option 😂
  5. Yes ofc it is. Gonna have to wait for my lunch break to do the wordsearch though lol
  6. As in you don't know what they are?
  7. For sure, if I didn't have my 2 friends also downloading it, I wouldn't bother normally which is a shame cos I played the first Killing Floor for 100s of hours back on PC
  8. Probably overcomplicating it now
  9. Me and 2 friends redownload it every time a new trophy gets added. It's rather annoying having to download a game every ~3 months to spend less than 10 minutes getting the trophy to keep it at 100% so I can see why people don't do it.
  10. So reversed the alphabet, A becomes Z, B becomes Y and so on.