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  1. It's very unlikely they will patch this out. I check every time there is a new update (wife plays it regularly) and will update the guide if they do take it out. This patch was mainly for the new expansion.
  2. Deleting then redoing the last level showed a new end screen which popped the trophy thanks.
  3. This has just happened to me too on the vita version. Anyone got a fix apart from completing the whole game again?
  4. Good to hear. I doubt it will get patched to be honest. I check the Patch Notes every so often just in case but I feel like if they did patch it it would be an unmentioned change snuck in there.
  5. What issues are you having exactly? Which trophy is not popping? They may have patched it but I know someone achieved it via this method recently.
  6. Tempted by Guacamelee 2 love the first one. Been watching through Stranger Things with the wife so perfect time to get a co-op game based on it, we were wondering what we were gonna do after the last 4 EPs we have to watch ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. Yeah I've been doing some testing on this today. It seems if you duplicate items but don't sell them, you can put stacks in other chests. If you put more than one stack in the same chest however the items will go way down from what you duped. Gonna do so I'm e further testing on it. You can dupe Omni Geodes and then take them to the blacksmith and easily get loads of gems and minerals for the museum. Gonna fiddle around with it as some items seem to go back to 1 when you sleep no matter how you put them in chests and things.
  8. I can recommend My Big Sister. It is one that you actually have to complete the game to get the Plat. I enjoyed my time with it and bought Just Ignore Them and Red Bow because of My Big Sister.
  9. I did many rounds as every operator before it popped. It seems rounds in unranked/newcomer don't count. Only rounds in ranked and quick play count for the trophy.
  10. Yes my game glitched crashed and just plain lost progress several times going for this Plat. A number of times, the terrain just disappeared, meaning my Cyclops would be under the map. It would then reappear as I surfaced and would break my Cyclops because it was colliding with the floor... I enjoyed the game for the most part and enjoyed the mechanics and building outposts for myself but I was glad once I got the plat and haven't been back since.
  11. Thanks for the praise! I do need to go back over the guide and make changes because I realise that if you've never played Sims before, the game doesn't make it easy to work out lol. I haven't had a chance to do it yet but I will take your notes on board when I do. Also culinary is a pain. I am planning to re-upload the family with her closer to a promotion.
  12. For those keeping track, I finally got the Platinum for this on my main account. Made it my 175th milestone
  13. Culinary needs to go to work and get a Promotion. Mixing drinks is her daily task. Once she has gone to work and received her promotion, the trophy will pop.
  14. Yeah need a working oven to make the cake. Odd that it broke that quickly though.
  15. Yeah you get it later on, the trophy only seems to pop when they actually move in to a house rather than just having a ghost in the house.