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  1. Did you have a bunch of other deaths at this point or was it just this single death? Only died twice so far and nearly at this level so wondering if a farm some other deaths first or can just die in this level.
  2. I feel like this may be related to something near the end of the game.
  3. Spot on with this. Some of the secret areas and getting 100% souls can be challenging for some levels but nowhere near needing a guide to get through the game. That being said I might look at writing one cos I loved the game so much back in the day if someone hasn't already jumped on it. (my first written walkthrough was to this game and posted to a friend via actual physical mail lol)
  4. You can redo all levels and some things cannot be accessed on the first attempt at a level as you may not have the right items/weapons. I don't believe anything will be truly missable. I don't remember anything about lost souls in the original and there is a trophy for this but as the levels are repeatable this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Definitely gonna save this for my 150 milestone. I enjoyed the demo a lot and cannot wait now. Going full hype mode.
  5. I absolutely loved this game as a kid. Clunky controls and minor glitches aside it was great fun and will be a day one purchase. What does everyone think of the list? Looks relatively simple after a quick glance at work
  6. I have been putting this off for some time cos the thought of the grind/RNG crushed my soul. Thanks for this I'll check it out and hope it helps me. Will report back
  7. I managed to get this in Assault with Mystical Mail but I don't know if this method works any more. Absolutely loved going for this Platinum and enjoyed the game a lot but it's been a while since I played so all my info is likely out of date.
  8. Severed was an extremely pleasant surprise and a very stress free platinum. Absolutely love my vita for on the go gaming
  9. Yeah got about halfway through Witcher 3 before I realised that it was your D3 guide I followed 😂😂. Looking forward to getting back on to Persona. Really loved the game but just left it for a while and can't really remember what I was doing
  10. I'm at palace 4 I believe but will definitely be restarting to follow your guide. Have used your Witcher 3, Diablo 3, Fallout 4, Resident evil 0, Dark souls 3 and Resident Evil 2 (after 2 blind playthroughs) guides and loved them. Currently following your Dragons Dogma video guide as well. Always well laid out and easy for an absolute beginner to follow. I better get Dragons Dogma done in the next few days lol.
  11. Drowning EU. A nice simple walking simulator that I actually played instead of skipping the scenes. I enjoyed it
  12. FFXIV. I love the game but can't be bothered for the grind for the platinum 😂😂
  13. Platted 5 games today for a nice happy birthday to the vita. Got real disheartened after losing my save data so didn't get much further on my list. Platted Criminal Girls Invite Only, Jack and Jill DX, FullBlast and Super Destronaut DX from my list and managed to finish something for my backlog as well Civilization Revolution 2 Plus. Now to start work on next year haha
  14. I'd like to sign up for this got a couple of these already picked out but I may need advice for some of the others. At work atm so will update with some choices later on EDIT: B1 That you started but didn't finish goes to Criminal Girls Invite Only of which I finished the story and got the platinum today. I2 goes to Civilization Revolution 2 which although does not have a story per second, I completed the platinum today and would therefore consider this game "complete" G2 shall be Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story which I got yesterday and started today. G1 will be Spyro 3.
  15. It's been a long time coming but Criminal Girls: Invite Only is ready to pop (technically it's two trophies to pop but they both come from killing the last boss which I'm saved right outside.) Difficulty wise the game didn't pose too much of a problem but due to forgotten saves I sometimes lost a couple hours progress. I enjoyed it however and am moving on to the second one now. Progress update regarding persona 4g. Really wanted to plat this one by the anniversary but due to a snafu with save files I have lost all progress (:'( ) and will have to restart so I'd like to remove it if possible. Can I add Word Search by POWGI and Word Sudoku by POWGI? Thanks