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  1. Published first guide Guides have exceeded 10k views Single guide has exceeded 50k views (Sims 4 Trophy Walkthrough)
  2. Ended up having a busier day than intended so only managed 6 trophies. Should be easy to beat next year.
  3. Tis all good. I'm just too lazy to path the plat myself. I started it and it gave me a budget Witcher 3 feel and I can't be bothered to jump into that. How does this compare to old school Survival Horror games? Heard it's in the style of 90s survival horror
  4. You appear to have spelt Greedfall wrong 🤔. Looks good, can't wait till the game is on PS4.
  5. I played through both the EU and NA version without experiencing this. Have you tried reinstalling the game? Maybe corrupt download has affected it?
  6. I don't believe so. I recently boosted this for a friend and we had to make several alt accounts to get matched together. Be prepared to spend money on points if you still want this trophy
  7. Yeah that's the quick matches at the bottom. Each player should get the 10 gold medals on the last match
  8. Yeah this was more designed for both being fresh to the game. Maybe I should rename it.
  9. Hi all, boosted the online trophies yesterday with a friend and have a few tips to share as to get all these trophies as efficiently as possible. Make sure that whoever doesn't win comes in second to ensure you both get the medley win. Before you start, both go into your athlete and change a part of their face. Then go into your first teammate and do the same. Finally, change the outfit on your character and your first team mate. Create a private match and invite your boosting partner. Medley 1 Preset Medley - Fighting P1 wins Judo P2 wins Boxing Both get trophies for winning an online medley and for playing a preset Medley online. Medley 2 Custom Medley Set to 100m and Baseball P1 wins 100m (and set an online record) P2 wins Baseball 2 Medleys won Medley 3 Custom Medley Set to 110m Hurdles and Basketball P1 wins 110m P2 wins Basketball Medley 4 Custom Medley Set to Beach Volleyball and Football Both players on same team Win both events Medley 5 Custom Medley Set to Doubles Tennis and Doubles Table Tennis Both players on same team Win both events Medley 6 Custom Medley Set to 100m Freestyle and 200m Individual Medley P1 wins 100m P2 wins 200m Medley 7 Custom Medley Set to BMX and Long Jump P1 wins BMX P2 wins Long Jump Medley 8 Custom Medley Set to Hammer Throw and Rugby Sevens P1 wins Hammer Throw P2 wins Rugby Sevens Medley 9 Set to Sport climbing and 4x100m Relay P1 wins Sport Climbing P2 wins 4x100m Relay Medley 10 Custom Medley Set to Tennis and Table Tennis singles P1 wins Tennis P2 wins Table Tennis On to quick matches, the player not winning won't matter for any placements now. Quick Match 1 Judo P2 wins Quick Match 2 Boxing P1 wins Quick Match 3 100m P2 wins Quick Match 4 Baseball P1 wins Quick Match 5 110m hurdles P2 wins Quick Match 6 Basketball P1 wins Quick Match 7 100m Freestyle P2 wins Quick Match 8 200m Individual Medley P1 wins Quick Match 9 BMX P2 wins Quick Match 10 Long Jump P1 wins Quick Match 11 Hammer throw P2 wins (and set an online record) Quick Match 12 Rugby Sevens P1 wins Quick Match 13 Sport climbing P2 wins Quick Match 14 4x100m relay P1 wins Quick Match 15 Table tennis doubles Both on same team Win Quick Match 16 Table tennis doubles Both on same team Win Quick Match 17 Table tennis doubles Both on same team Win Last but not least, back out of online and head to ranked. Both complete a match (you don't have to win) and you will have the online trophies. You should now have every win first event trophy as well as for playing in each event once as well as all the online trophies and more than enough points to buy everything in the store. If you buy everything and pop the trophy, stay on the screen and exit the application. When you reload you will still have all your points. All you should have left to do now are the offline trophies. Hope this helps!
  10. In addition to this, all trophies can be earned in private matches so grab yourself a friend and boost these together. For medley, go on opposite teams and do 2x100m. Alternate getting 1st and 2nd and you will earn 7 points each and both get a win. Do these 10 times and you'll grab that trophy.
  11. Try to delete save data and try again
  12. You can join a friend who has reached season level 53 and do the mission together to get this trophy so if you know someone who has that level that is the quickest way to get this trophy.
  13. Unfortunately EA doesn't really give a toffee about console Sims players so I can see this being an issue far into the future. Little annoying as I was expecting it to run as well as it should have on the ps4 on the ps5 but that was a dream clearly
  14. This version seems to have an alphabet key down the bottom that corresponds to where the ball will go. As each ball is sent, a letter disappears. Looks to be more difficult (guess that's why the name change too) EDIT: Each letter has a corresponding position. With some practice you can remember where these go and anticipate well. Someone can probably map these to make life easier for people
  15. Surviving Mars (plus DLC) PS4 Starting today Will gladly accept any help Gonna start working on this after work. Want to get it out of the way while the 100% is fresh in my mind.