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  1. PS4 version has all DLC included so get that one.
  2. Definitely not recommended, friend. Even when this game was recently released back in 2008, you'd be looking at several months of online play to fulfil the frankly ridiculous trophy requirements. Reaching max level 'legit' was a herculean slog, as was winning every race combination on every race track (something like 108 varieties), as well as keeping track of every different type of solo and team-based game mode. Not to mention beating the three co-op mission times with random teammates? Forget about it. Even with boosting, you're looking at a serious commitment to find willing partners, and slog through all the requirements, keeping a close eye on tracking everything you're doing, just in case you miss something and have to start all over again. I would recommend climbing Everest or learning Hungarian before recommending what you're suggesting, OP.
  3. Hey guys, I just want to say thank you for all the helpful information in this topic. I'm proud to say that I finally completed Littlebigplanet to 100% after a staggering 11 years and two months. I am a UK gamer so I had to create a dummy US account on my PS3 to download the POTC dlc and a US version of the game. I had a few difficulties to overcome to carry this out. Buying the dlc from Bestbuy was pretty easy; registering my credit card or Paypal on the US PSN store was the hard part for me. I ended up using ebay in the UK to buy PSN voucher codes in dollars which can be redeemed on the store to buy the game. For anyone else doing this method, remember that the PSN store might not display the full price of the game including taxes. So while the game is advertised at $19.99, the price including taxes is around $21.74 or something like that, meaning a $20 PSN gift card is not sufficient: I learned this the hard way. The trophies themselves are not that hard really. There are only two levels that have multiplayer levels, and both of them can be done yourself with two controllers. Even the 4-player section can be done solo with 2 controllers - there are videos showing how to do this. It's not tricky at all. Collecting all the other prize bubbles can be done in an hour or two if you are following the video guides. Acing The Kraken level can be a pain. One great tip is to disable the pirate ships by destroying their cannons, but keeping them otherwise alive. They can't hurt you at this point so you can just wait for them to leave you alone. The hardest trophy for me was getting 7000 points on the diving challenge, which is similar in difficulty to the VR mission in the MGS dlc. If you are having difficulty with this, try turning up the colour setting on your TV to be better able to see the bubbles and spiky obstacles, and try to stay alive as long as possible, grabbing air bubbles regularly and not taking many risks. Remember that there is a score penalty for dying, so don't suicide as soon as you reach 7000 points, keep going for longer. So once again, thanks everyone, and good luck to anyone who still needs to complete this dlc.