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  1. Actually glad, tbh. This is one of the only disc games I had and the dog ate it like 2 days after I got platinum. Was never really planning on returning to this game so it seemed fine until I was worried that some new update a million years later would bump me down to 84%.
  2. Aside from having really tight and responsive controls MGSV is one of the worst games I've ever played and certainly the #1 game I was glad to never touch again after I beat it.
  3. Its incredibly repetitive (even for a video game) but I am shocked at how much I have enjoyed my time with Legends so far.
  4. Not at all. Steal all my kills. I'm just here for the bonus objectives and the actual completion.
  5. Last of Us and Last of Us Remastered are two of my rarest platinums and they're the only one I could start again tomorrow no problem. I actually think the MP is severely underrated and was disappointed Part II did not launch with any type of MP.
  6. This fight nearly broke me. I remember at release everyone was talking about how the fire dog from the Defiled dungeon was the hardest boss they had ever played against and somehow I beat it on my first try. I was feeling pretty high on myself. Then I met Defiled Amygdala. Only boss in the entire Soulsbornekiro saga that ever actually stressed me out to the point of physical anguish. Godspeed.
  7. I accidentally brought this game up for half a second when I was logged into my main account and if I get slapped with a trophy list on release I'm glad it doesn't look TOO overbearing.
  8. Wrapping up last few trophies for plat and pretty much agree. Aside from potential DLC I don't foresee myself returning to this game for any reason in the future.
  9. If I gave Kuro the rice am I locked into the Return ending or can I still get the other non Shura endings? I have not backed up a save yet and have given Kuro the rice and am at the first Owl fight. Wondering if I can still save here and do whatever specific post Owl stuff needs to be done.
  10. Edit - got the ring. Would still happily take a Wolf Knight Great Shield if anyone has one to spare.