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  1. Which kingdom you chose? I reached level 500 for All-seeing Eye, but seems impossible to win using delve team. I have hoard level 185
  2. Hi, I want to buy this game, but is it possible to play without Taiko controller (so like the PSP version)?
  3. People, maybe I have the answer, a friend had the same problem and I solved it to him: There are 2 chapters in hospital: 1) Matt alone (I think everyone has this one), 2) Matt + May. To get this, follow these steps: - go to the hotel - break the window - trust in May - don't fight with the guy in the street If you did all well, May will not be kidnapped here, and she will call Sebastian's family, then you both will go to the hospital
  4. Edit: I did 6 playthroughs, endings count = 4, it's not a +1 for each ending regardless of what you do. Last one I tried to take "The Coward" trophy going home: I did, but it didn't pop, and the count isn't increased to 5.
  5. Hi all, I like very much this game, but I don't know if I got a bug or what: I did 4 runs by now, that way: 1) ending 1, endings count = 1 2) ending 1, endings count = 2 3) ending 2, ending count = 2 4) ending 1, ending count = 3 Is ending count bugged? Does it mean that if I end the game 4 more times like first run, I'll get "collect 7 endings" trophy :/??
  6. I'm interested too! I'm in a solo guild now, but asa game'll finish re-download, i'll leave it.
  7. @TheYuriG I did it: took a trophy, asked a friend to see my list, but games are still not showing up. @Satoshi I read it on August, tried it, but still bugged.. Btw, thanks both of you!
  8. Hi all, some months ago i have hidden 8 games in my list (including DragonBall Xenoverse). 2 months ago I decided to show up again all of them, but actually only 5 are shown. The strange thing is that none of them has the check mark in privacy settings. I tried several times to sync new trophies, including Xenoverse's, but nothing happened. Still "16 trophies hidden" on my profile (approximately 5 per game). Is there a fix for it? I have only one PS4, no PS3 or Vita, so I'm sure I haven't hidden them on other consoles. Thanks for every reply