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  1. Have you ever earned a trophy that you regret? Perhaps for the way you popped it, or the timing of when you popped it, or for putting a game officially on your backlog that you’d rather not have in your history, or any other reason at all.
  2. Understanding that the IGC is only one facet of PS+ membership, I still thought it a worthwhile exercise to see how many titles made available through PS+ I already owned versus how many I’ve actually played from the IGC. What I found was that I’ve already owned 22 titles (no benefit) versus 18 titles played (realized benefit). To date, the IGC has not really provided me value. I do love the quality online service and cloud saves, however.
  3. It’s sad to me that people even have to be concerned about such things. Open dialogue and respecting another’s point of view, regardless of how severe it may depart from your own, is a cornerstone of civilized societies. Seeing the erosion of that basic tenet troubles me deeply.
  4. Touché. Then again, I wouldn’t trust them to be precise with their wording given their inability to capitalize proper nouns or utilize correct spelling and punctuation.
  5. With it being a part of PS+, Sony ostensibly assumes the political disposition of everyone with PS+ or the developers behind 2064 ROM lack integrity. Those developers were adamant that they didn’t want Trump voters buying their game. By subscribing to PS+, many just did. In my opinion, it would be a reasonable request to ask for a full or partial month subscription refund to enable at least partial purchase of an alternative game. Not honoring such a request would be akin to Sony also saying, “Fuck off.”
  6. Did episode two ever go live on the store today before the decision to pull it all?
  7. I popped 30 today; had hoped for more. I won’t have a chance to do more before the event ends. Thanks for organizing it @Beyondthegrave07
  8. I popped 19 trophies in the wee hours of the morning after the event started. Tied up most of the day, but will aim to get more this evening before the event ends.
  9. I've started writing the guide for SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy (PS4). No help required, but if someone wanted to contribute, they are welcome to reach out to me.
  10. @MMDE, it looks like Dark_Roxas99 has hidden the game and is back on the leaderboards. It seems appropriate to lock this thread now.
  11. Sucks for those of us that suffered through the trophy requirements to see that 1.00% ultra rare plat get fudged up. @KANERKB and I spent many hours on that.
  12. It’s the standard Unix time epoch. Jan 1, 1970 is the default (or zero) time. It just means that the release date hasn’t been populated yet. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unix_time
  13. It has happened to many. The flag won’t be lifted. You can hide the game and reappear on the leaderboards assuming this isn’t your third flag.
  14. NCAA Basketball 10 (PS3) should be added to the list of PS3 games with unobtainable platinums due to server closures.
  15. The site had a notification for much of the day that stated that updating was suspended due to site maintenance. It should be going again and will catch everyone up.