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  1. No one is getting shafted. It’s not an entitlement. It’s a nice thing they are offering. Same thing with the real platinum trophies in Australia. Be thankful for the nice benefits when they are offered; there is zero requirement for them to offer any of it and the lack of these benefits wasn’t keeping anyone from trophy hunting for enjoyment prior to their implementation.
  2. I still have 38 PS3 titles that I intend to earn trophies for. I've written off 49 others. I want them done, but I always seem to choose the PS4. To combat this, I intend to clear at least one PS3 title a month.
  3. I have an embarrassing amount of qualifying plats this month. Thanks for doing this. Very kind. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6490-burly-men-at-sea/DrEvilGuapo https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/6455-energy-cycle/DrEvilGuapo https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7125-little-adventure-on-the-prairie/DrEvilGuapo https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7276-little-adventure-on-the-prairie/DrEvilGuapo https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7233-midnight-deluxe/DrEvilGuapo https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/7232-midnight-deluxe/DrEvilGuapo
  4. Apologies, that's not stated anywhere in the original post. This may have been implied based on the contest in previous years. No worries; doesn't matter to me, but I would recommend being specific about this for future contests.
  5. Battlefront 2 = (100-1.42) * 2.2 * (735/1200) = 132.84 Here They Lie = (100-3.97) * 1.0 * (285/285) = 96.03 Monster Jam = (100-52.01) * 1.0 * (1230/1230) = 47.99 Lollipop Chainsaw = (100-14.08) * 1.2 * (525/1230) = 44.01 Pixel Gear = (100-18.74) * 0.5 * (1230/1230) = 40.63 Energy Balance = (100-61.62) * 1.0 * (1185/1185) = 38.38 Unearthing Mars = (100-25.31) * 0.5 * (300/300) = 37.35 Battlefront = (100-2.64) * 1.5 * (270/1140) = 34.59 Accounting+ = (100-45.81) * 0.5 * (1170/1170) = 27.10 Uncanny Valley = (100-10.44) * 0.5 * (165/315) = 23.46 WWE 2K15 = (100-2.21) * 1.4 * (195/1170) = 22.82 Titanfall 2 = (100-10.08) * 1.1 * (225/1200) = 18.55 Energy Invasion Vita = (100-75.42) * 0.5 * (1155/1155) = 12.29 Energy Invasion PS4 = (100-85.42) * 0.5 * (1155/1155) = 7.29 CoD WaW = (100-7.16) * 1.2 * (75/1170) = 7.14 Summer Lesson = (100-2.48) * 1.2 * (30/675) = 5.20 Infamous First Light = (100-22.54) * 1.1 * (60/1230) = 4.16 Saints Row 3 = (100-13.02) * 1.4 * (30/1230) = 2.97 Saints Row 4 = (100-17.36) * 1.4 * (30/1230) = 2.82 Total = 605.62 points
  6. You were the reason I added LA Cops and Sheltered to my backlog. I swear I'll get to them at some point. Best of luck on all your gaming goals for the year. Let me know if you ever need a boosting/coop partner.
  7. I suggested this last April, but it didn't gain traction. Obviously, I'm in favor.
  8. I just received an e-mail from PlayStation with my personalized 2017 year in review. Unfortunately, as I find with all of their 'personalized' e-mails, the data is wrong. This fact seriously detracts from what otherwise would be a very fun review of an individual's annual gaming data. It covered first game of 2017, first trophy of 2017, number of hours logged, top three most played games, and number of trophies earned. The more complete report, which you can reach at a link, covers some other data including the most played games by the PSN community, the most time spent in online games, money saved through PS+ discounts, and a few other tidbits. The e-mail errantly claims that I earned 2649 trophies in 2017 (versus the actual count of 2983), for an error rate of 11.2%. My platinum trophy count was off by 8 (actual 76 versus 68 in their e-mail). Even my 2016 data is still off (actual 2246 trophies versus 2191 in their e-mail; 2.4% error). It also claimed that I earned my first platinum trophy in 2017 with South Park: The Fractured But Whole. That, however, was platinum #116! I shouldn't expect more from a service that still hasn't recognized my platinum in Horizon Zero Dawn (from back in March) and inaccurately reflects which titles have already been purchased in the PSN store. I'd be interested to know if it is getting anyone's data correct. It would be such a cool feature if they did. Edit: for what it's worth, they did throw in this disclaimer pretty much saying the data is inaccurate. LEGAL You found the magic egg! Well… maybe not. But we did want to let you know that your accomplishments were pulled from data through the end of 2017. While there may be some data latency and inaccuracies, we didn't want to spoil the fun of sharing your stats with you.
  9. Up to 624 trophies with fewer than 1k achievers, bringing my obscurity rating to 11.02% (624/5826).
  10. 2018 will mark my third year as a trophy hunter. Over the last two years, I've accrued an insane backlog and really need to focus on burning through those games before picking up any new titles. I exceeded all of my goals last year with the exception of a net backlog decrease. My goals for 2018 are: Earn 36 platinum trophies (average 3 per month) [2016: 41, 2017: 76] Earn three ultra rare platinum trophies [2016: 2, 2017: 4] Increase PSN level from 31 to 40 [2016: 8->19, 2017: 19->31] Net decrease for in-progress game backlog [started year at 42] Net decrease for unplayed game backlog (excludes F2P, PS+, and Humble Bundle) [started year at 93] Raise my game collection earned value (% progress * $ spent) to 70% [started year at 58.5%] Raise my overall completion percentage to 85% [started year at 82.97%]
  11. ✅ Earned 76 platinum trophies (exceeding 2017 goal of 25 and 2016 actuals of 41). ✅ Earned 4 ultra rare platinum trophies (exceeding 2017 goal of 1 and 2016 actuals of 2). ✅ Increased PSN level to 31 from 19 (exceeding 2017 goal of 25 and besting 2016 increase of +11). ✅ Ranked 3,414 on the US leaderboard (exceeding 2017 goal of <10,000; 2016 ranking was 25,967). ❌Started 104 new games and completed 100 games for a +4 backlog increase.
  12. 2017 marked my second year as a 'trophy hunter' and it was a productive one with over 3,000 new trophies. I'm bookmarking my year from my 2016 post to the time of this post on 12/30/2017. Bronze Trophies: from 1749 to 3256 (+1507) Silver Trophies: from 688 to 1668 (+980) Gold Trophies: from 204 to 665 (+461) Platinum Trophies: from 41 to 117 (+76) PSN Level: from 19 to 31 (+12) I played over 100 games this year, with many standouts on both ends of the spectrum, which makes naming one game in the best and worst categories difficult to do. Instead, like last year, I will use the trophy system to name my top four in each category from fourth (bronze) to first (platinum). Best games I played: Bronze: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. This was my introduction to the Resident Evil series and to PSVR. The immersion offered by virtual reality paired with the superb environments, story pacing, and well designed gameplay had me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. The experience was so intense that I have not yet gone back for my second and third playthroughs to secure the platinum. With enough of a time gap, I hope to enjoy this game like it were the first time all over again. Silver: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. In a year full of amazing AAA experiences, Ninja Theory provided a very pleasant indie surprise with Hellblade. One thing I value above all else in gaming is an immersive experience and boy did this deliver. There is no need to think about trophies as they all come naturally, leaving you to delve deep into the madness and experience a protagonist's struggle like no other game I have ever played. If you are yet to play this gem, please do follow the on-screen advice and wear a headset throughout. Gold: Horizon Zero Dawn. Though it started a tad slow, the stunningly beautiful environment, crisp game mechanics, and intrigue surrounding the 'what' and 'how' this game's setting came to pass was enough to hook me. As the story unfolded, I was treated to an elaborate, interesting, and extremely well-told narrative that was well suited for my deep interest in history, nature, technology, and the arc of civilization. I simply did not want to put this game down and I wasn't alone. This game has been on this site's top 10 games currently being played since launch; no other title has come close to that kind of staying power. For a 40+ hour platinum, it also has the highest PSN rarity I can recall. Platinum: Nier: Automata. I've never before (or since) heard of a demo blowing people away the way it did with this game. It piqued my curiosity enough to pre-order and jump right in at the game's release. The story, the characters, and the environment were gripping from the start. I loved exploring the open world, marveling at the way the gameplay style changed time and time again, and listening to the best score I've ever heard in gaming. Multiple playthroughs of a game is something I loathe, but I couldn't wait for my second playthrough of Nier and I was pleasantly surprised when the majority of that second playthrough was unique. When the credits finally roll on this gem, you're in for yet another surprising and impactful moment. Honorable Mentions: DOOM, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Inside. Worst games I played: Bronze: 1000 Top Rated. A very simple sliding puzzle game that was easier and faster than My Name Is Mayo. For shame! At least it was honest about being platinum bait, and was subsequently pulled from the PSN store for advertising itself as such. Silver: South Park: The Fractured But Whole. I am a huge South Park fan; I've been on board since the very first episode aired when I was in high school. I've especially been a fan since they began inserting thoughtful social commentary. To that end, they have been great at making everyone 'fair game' compelling society to look in the mirror to see the absurdity in their thoughts and actions. This game was not worthy of the South Park name. It felt like a propaganda engine with a South Park coat of paint. Ubisoft San Francisco indeed. As this game dragged on, I found myself sighing and muttering out loud, "Come on!". I was so glad to be done with this turd. Gold: Wheels of Aurelia. 20 playthroughs of some of the most boring drivel and gameplay ever encountered is required to get the platinum in this game. It was so difficult to stay awake when trying to finish this one off. I wouldn't recommend it to a soul. Platinum: Albedo: Eyes From Outer Space. It's oddly appropriate to use the exact same wording I used for this 'award' last year with Orc Slayer: "What a steaming pile of garbage. I picked this one up for a low price looking for an easy platinum. It was so bad, I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it through. It should be completed in one sitting, but I had to step away and hate-finish it later on." Dishonorable Mentions: Adam's Venture: Origins, Magus, Severed, NCIS, Energy Cycle.
  13. I've heard it pings after the credits. I haven't finished yet; I hope it doesn't bug on me when I finally get around to finishing it after Christmas. I hope it's just an issue of needing to wait through the credits for you. Maybe reload the last boss fight and finish again. Best of luck.
  14. I know I'll get blown out of the water, but I'll give it a go as I'm slowly working through my backlog anyway.
  15. For what it's worth, there is a list available that denotes all permanently unobtainable trophies across the PS3, PS4, and Vita. That could certainly be leveraged in initial population of flags. The site could then potentially leverage its user base to help maintain the feature going forward by allowing premium users to tag newly unobtainable trophies for admin review (the way reporting users works now).