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  1. Thank you, @HusKy, for always being open to suggestions for future enhancements. It's getting to the point where using the site without PSNP+ is like knowing broadband internet is out there, yet having to use dial-up. I would like to float another suggestion your way as it's something I find myself doing repetitively when I load my profile page. Maybe it's just me, but I prefer my default view to be the "Completion (Not 100%)" filter as opposed to the default filter that shows all games on the profile. It would be nice if there was an optional setting to change the profile game list filter on load. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. July: Uncharted The Lost Legacy Rage 2
  3. @HusKy, just wanted to throw a minor suggestion your way for a future enhancement. Small thing, but something I would use a lot for sure. On the Stats page, there is a breakdown for Grades (i.e. the number of games with S rank, A rank, B rank, etc). It would be lovely to be able to click on those and go to an appropriately filtered list of those games. For example, I have 9 games with an E rank. If I wanted to clean those up, it would be lovely to click on the E (9) item in the Stats page to see those games. I don’t believe there is an existing filter to accommodate this on the games list, so it may be a no go. I appreciate your consideration, however.
  4. June: Uncharted The Lost Legacy Rage 2
  5. I know nothing of this game nor this trophy, but I’ll just offer input as a character witness. I’ve played/boosted with Birdzilla and have had him on my friends list since 2016. Ostensibly, he enjoys gaming and trophy hunting and is willing to put in the effort to get things done.
  6. May: Killzone Shadow Fall Uncharted The Lost Legacy
  7. @HusKy, sorry for the additional ping, but I wanted to suggest a little quality of life enhancement to the lists feature. If it is easy to do and you believe it worthwhile, please consider adding a move option where a game can easily be moved from one list to another (eg wishlist to backlog) instead of having to remove from one and add to the other. Little thing, sure, but it would be a nice-to-have. Thank you for considering it. You’re knocking it out of the park with this stuff.
  8. @HusKy, apologies if I'm being daft and missing how to do it. Is there a way to automatically migrate my existing backlog to a new list (called backlog) since you will be phasing out the backlog list? I have ~600 titles in the backlog, so I'd really like to avoid having to manually recreate it. Thank you.
  9. Thanks @HusKy. Being able to have both a wishlist and backlog is what I’ve wanted from this site from the beginning. Kudos, my man. Quick question, though, with the introduction of multiple lists. One of my favorite features of the backlog has been automatic removal of an entry once that game is started. Will this continue to be the case in the future? Is there a way to specify that behavior for each/all custom lists? Thanks again.
  10. April: * Watch Dogs 2 * Killzone Shadow Fall
  11. At the moment, I believe the only unobtainable trophy is Grindin' Solos. I unfortunately missed the window to get that booger done.
  12. Thank you, @HusKy. Figured I'd throw one more quality of life improvement suggestion at you for your consideration. On the Trophy Advisor tab, would it be possible to include trophies for games that are on the backlog? Folks that don't want this could toggle a boolean option in the PSNP+ settings panel perhaps (even disabling the feature by default). I once had a 423 day trophy streak and have recently started one back up again. An informationally complete Trophy Advisor feature, inclusive of all my games' trophies, would be so very useful. Again, I appreciate your consideration.
  13. The region issue is confirmed to be my problem. I had a UK disc and did not know it (pre-ordered from a major US vendor; go figure).
  14. I submitted a support ticket at the following link. I would advise you to do the same in an attempt to get attention on the matter. Attach a screenshot of the error message from in game if you can. https://service-en.bandainamcoent.eu/app/list_title/st/4/p/7568/page/1
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