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  1. I love it! Thank you very much, @Dragon-Archon, for your time, effort, and care. This was precisely the sort of image I saw in my mind's eye. I have no expectation here, but would you consider sharing the raw images and editable cover image, so they I may add others or rearrange them over time? If so, I'd be happy to pass along my e-mail address in a private message. Thank you again.
  2. @Umych #1 is a good point. I hadn't even considered it. It could have been an early copy that was played/completed prior to trophies being on the PSN server. In such a case, an initial sync would presumably have popped all trophies. I really don't know how this works, so I'll give benefit of the doubt on that. Given there is only one such instance, and it was on August 8th, I will assume that the game is perfectly fine and safe to play for legitimate trophy hunting.
  3. How in the blue hell does someone have one of the most difficult platinums on PS4 complete in 8 minutes and 41 seconds? Looking at the timestamps, there is a trophy popping every few seconds. Is this is known glitch with the game or an exploit/cheat? If this is an individual doing something underhanded, that's one thing (and they should be flagged). If this, however, is a problem with the game, it makes me want to avoid booting it up until it is resolved (I had planned to play this next).
  4. Thank you for doing this. Consider my name tossed in that lovely bowler hat.
  5. This question, or a variant thereof, is a recurring one on this forum. I think @Stay-Pationt answered it very well in the linked video (discussion starts at the 2:20 mark; wrap-up/summary around the 18:30 mark).
  6. I've purchased 18 to date and picked up 6 other F2P/Plus VR titles. I absolutely love PSVR and am continually pleased with Sony's continuing support for the tech.
  7. I'm extremely pleased with the VR offerings being part of Plus. I've come so close to picking up UD: Rush of Blood multiple times. I'm glad I didn't. I'm also looking forward to giving Bound a try. RIGS was a fantastic PS+ VR freebie; a very polished game. In my humble opinion, PS+ has been on a roll of late. I'm a satisfied customer.
  8. I have plenty of games where the online servers have shuttered and I will never taste the platinum as a result. If I could pick one, however, it would be Resistance 2. I had a blast playing that game online --- I just didn't do enough of it.
  9. If you're still accepting requests, I humbly submit one for consideration. I'm no artist myself, so I believe putting rigid parameters on the request to be a disservice to the artist. For a theme or inspiration, however, it would be amazing to see inclusion of one or more of the protagonists from some of my favorite PlayStation era games. That would include these ten: Natan Hale (Resistance series), BJ Blaskowicz (Wolfenstein series), Aloy (Horizon Zero Dawn), 2B (Nier: Automata), Senua (Hellblade), Samanosuke (Onimusha series), Captain Price (Call of Duty), Lara Croft (Tomb Raider series - new), Luke Skywalker (Star Wars Battlefront), and Ethan Mars (Heavy Rain). Thank you for your consideration.
  10. Getting 100 wins in that mode is going to be some kind of fun. Best of luck to you all.
  11. BadDriver, I really appreciate your content. Thank you for all you do to support the trophy hunting community.
  12. I was with you in spirit, but the Vita did not cooperate while on travel. Zero trophies for me :-(. Good on you to everyone else.
  13. Same here. I really enjoyed the game; much more so than Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy (so far), and TWD A New Frontier and it was on par with The Wolf Among Us, TWD Season 2, and Borderlands. Ah, the beauty of subjectivity.
  14. Great idea for an event. Thanks for doing this. Poor timing for me as I will be on travel; but maybe I can bust out the Vita and earn a trophy or two.
  15. What a grind, but finally after over 11 months, I can place this ultra rare platinum in my trophy case and claim it as platinum #100. WWE 2K17 (PS4)