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  1. No longer available in Aus :((
  2. Hey all! First post on my forums and I thought it might as well be one i've been thinking about for a while. What are some games with just really great purely for their game-play?? Last year I finished both Dead Island games on mute while playing podcasts. I found the experience really great, getting to listen to a bunch of my podcast backlog while having fun and earning a couple of trophies (always a plus). Since finishing these i've been looking for games with really superb game-play to dig into Yup Yup
  3. From what i've played probably Doom. Most fun i've had in a game this year
  4. Stuart Little (It looks like your profile pic is a mouse)
  5. Probably Arkham Knight (The statue is dope but unfortunately very cheap plastic) *~* I'm very jealous of those who got the TLOU Pandemic Edition though god damn I want one but they go for so much
  6. I see you ended up getting it again Good work on the plat!
  7. Currently playing a lot of Battlefield 1 multi (And finding the Rank 2 Support trophy kinda annoying) and Final Fantasy XIII which i'm actually enjoying despite how much negativity the game gets
  8. Didnt see any recent topics for their new game Any ideas as to what it's gonna be like?
  9. I remember playing the TRON game and liking it
  10. Maybe they were looking at an old document about the rumoured Shadow of the Colossus styled Tomb Raider game that they were prototyping a while back?
  11. Playing through Ico for the first time as we speak From what i've played they are certainly worth it You could also get them pretty cheap digitally when they go on sale
  12. I very much agree with you there, I find that the 4 is way smoother and makes going back to PS3 hard
  13. Knowing EA they might put it out as a 'Retro' DLC pack and charge $5
  14. They were almost in Duke Nukem Forever territory
  15. Battlefield Bad Company 2, picked it up for $4 yesterday to see what all the talk is about