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  1. just FYI, if you buy the Elsweyr chapter, Morrowind and Summerset are included as well. At least it was the case for the physical release I bought.
  2. Got a trophy with missing timestamp in Ni No Kuni, now my trophy milestones are all different trophies than before :( Oh well ...

  3. There are towers that only pair you up with one fighter and others where you fight as a team of three. You need one of the latter ones to get this trophy. The one I played had Scorpion as opponent. When you play these fights, you can switch between Fullscreen Mode and Theater Mode and you can help the current team fighter with modifiers while you aren't fighting yourself. The button prompts for this are only visible in Theater mode.
  4. it says so in the trophy. Kasual matches! There is only one category of Kasual matches and the rooms aren't in that one.
  5. There surely is some lag when playing over Share Play, which would make this even harder? So I don't know if someone can help via Share Play. Just know that I'm not a master gamer or something and I was able to do these after a while. Took me a week or so but it's doable.
  6. IIRC there is a setting in Controls where you can enable diagonal inputs!!!
  7. How could the fatality trophies in X take weeks? There where easy Fataility Tokens in that game as well. So even back then, it all boiled down to Holding R2 and then press X or O. And you got a bunch of those tokens in the Krypt. Also, spamming uppercuts is not how to activate a Brutality. Brutalities are generally "harder" than Fatalities simply because a Fatality is simply a button combo you press during a sequence where you have the time do it (and you can even pause the game and look up the button combo) while the Brutalities have to be done during the fight AND are bound to conditions. The uppercut one has as a condition that you are not allowed to block ANYTHING during the last round and then the killing hit has to be an uppercut ... but not simply an uppercut, you need to hold the Triangle button during the uppercut. So it's not the same as "spamming" uppercuts as a "simple" uppercut will not trigger the brutality, the Triangle button needs to be held for a certain amount of time. Any opponent worth his salt will obliterate you if you do nothing besides spamming uppercuts and secondly, not blocking is something you will probably not do against a good opponent. Maybe you are one of those players who rarely block at all, which often works fine against the AI but against a human opponent (or the AI on harder difficulties), more often than not you will not be able to use the Uppercut Brutality because you had to block attacks. The only "easy" thing I see about the brutalities is that now all the kharacters have one that's the same (the Uppercut one) and it's conditions and button combo are very easy to remember and the same for everyone. Some of the kharacter specific brutalities aren't as simple though. Some conditions are harder (f.ex. "don't lose a single round"), some have button combos that need to be pressed during a move/throw etc. Some are easy (Scorpions "Crispy" f.ex.) but I don't see that they are generally easier or different than in X. It is pretty much the same thing as in X.
  8. I play this game for a week now but only yesterday I got the last tutorial trophy. The timing on some of the combos feels really weird but they are all feasible if you concentrate enough.. It also doesn't help that sometimes, when I push f.ex. right on my digipad, the game also registers a push on up. I don't know if it's my controller or if the PS4 digipad is generally not that good. I checked it in practice, I literally only press the right button on the digipad and I'd say on 5 button presses, it registers a button press on up as well at least two times. (and yes, my thumb doesn't touch the up button ) Anyhow, what I found that helped was looking for visual clues on when to press the buttons in the demo mode. So I watched when the button combo was pressed on the controller in the demo mode and then f.ex. looked at what moment during the opponents animation this happened. I found this easier than f.ex. counting seconds or try to get the timing down by hearing (the clicks). Especially for the Flawless Blocks. Also there are some very simple tuts with Scorpion vs. Raiden where you have to do something easy like left and square but some of them are a bit buggy as you can't move around but the opponent is a pixel or two out of reach. You can bypass this by doing a move that propels you forward and then do the move that you're asked to do.
  9. The Warrior Shrine, at -995, 5510 It's where the statues of the MK1 fighters are standing. This was a stage in MK1. There you have two walls with the stone heads of the fighters on it and in front of every stone head is a podium with a lance on it and a small chest in front of it. These are the chests you walk up to. Then the head of the fighter will be impaled on the podium and the chest opens.
  10. let me rephrase my question: is it confirmed that only tower kills count?
  11. but why can't this be done by just setting up a Vs Match against an AI opponent? And then fighting the same one over and over again? Why does it have to be in Towers?
  12. why do people think this is the case? Yes, there are several different currencies in the game... but only ONE of them is buy-able with real-money and that one only unlocks some skins and Easy Fatality tokens... all the other things CANNOT BE BOUGHT WITH REAL MONEY! So basically "nothing" is locked behind payments besides some skins that you can ALSO unlock via gameplay. It really is one of the most harmless MTX cases ever... yet people build this up like it's the worst because many think you can somehow buy everything in the game which is not the case ... The grind in MK11 is the same as in previous MK games. Anyone remember the Krypt in Deadly Alliance or Deception? It also had half a dozen or so different currencies ...
  13. So it seems that 50 fatalities versus a kharacter nets you a head... this seems to be confirmed, according to this topic. Makes sense, it sounds like a reasonable requirement, lots of grinding if you want all of them but reasonable if you want a specific head. However, in this thread it was also mentioned that only fights in towers count? Is this confirmed? Would be easier/faster to grind it in Vs and Online Matches.
  14. People being salty about Kurt losing at WM... why? It's how it should be! The one who's retiring is doing the honors! Winning doesn't help him anymore, he's gone. Losing on the other hand puts the other talent over.