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  1. I never knew I need that Mr. X Skin for the handler. Now that I saw this video... I need it sooooo bad!
  2. this and I need to replace the windows in my apartment
  3. I know I'm late to this but this isn't true: you can switch instances - called "Online Sessions" in the Quest Board. Just click on Online Session and then Matchmake to get matched to another Session or search for one there.
  4. this has always been true, aside from Assignment Quests. The chances however are better in Investigations and Expeditions.
  5. remember: when you have Felyne Weakener active when you start your own investigation, you have higher chances that the monster is a small crown
  6. oh I know that but I'm missing mostly Elders, besides two small crowns.
  7. base game does count. I got the small crown trophy by going into the Wildspire Waste and catching the ants with a net. But I don't remember if I went there on a MR or HR quest.
  8. would be interesting to know if this is true for the base game as well. I am still missing a handful there. Maybe they patched it in...
  9. well it is available on the german Amazon site
  10. I know that I won't watch a new non-MCU Spider-Man movie. I'm not really into Spider-Man as a character, I find him boring and the MCU connection is what made him and the movies interesting for me. Didn't watch the Pre-MCU Spider-Man movies either except the very first Raimi one. But even though I'm not a fan of Spider-Man, I really enjoyed the recent videogame.
  11. anyhwere you can pre-order the physical collection? (preferably an EU Site?) Haven't found anything so far, there's no option to pre-order on the official site as well, even though it says "Pre-Order now" I really want to add this to my Yakuza shelf ...
  12. just FYI, if you buy the Elsweyr chapter, Morrowind and Summerset are included as well. At least it was the case for the physical release I bought.
  13. Got a trophy with missing timestamp in Ni No Kuni, now my trophy milestones are all different trophies than before :( Oh well ...

  14. There are towers that only pair you up with one fighter and others where you fight as a team of three. You need one of the latter ones to get this trophy. The one I played had Scorpion as opponent. When you play these fights, you can switch between Fullscreen Mode and Theater Mode and you can help the current team fighter with modifiers while you aren't fighting yourself. The button prompts for this are only visible in Theater mode.
  15. it says so in the trophy. Kasual matches! There is only one category of Kasual matches and the rooms aren't in that one.