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  1. What's cool is that my local skatepark, Péitruss, is in the game and it looks super realistic. The park is at a very beautiful place under a beautiful bridge and the bridge is in the game as well. What's not cool is that the park is apparently only available in the Deluxe Edition. The game seems to be very realistic, idk if I would like it. I prefer the more arcade-like THPS games. A demo would be perfect.
  2. too often I eat these while gaming, because they are very good (not because of the PKMN branding)
  3. Just wanted to say that Saint's Row is great fun and you should all be playing it :P

  4. is there still no car selling in the game?
  5. since the overarching AC story is absolutely mediocre at best and since Ubisoft wrote themselves in a corner ages ago, OP is probably better off simply watching a YouTube recap instead of playing a whole collection of games just to be able to try Valhalla.
  6. The game is full of them so IDK what you are on about. And, in my opinion, JimRobs is so much funnier than RimJobs... much smarter as well, less "on the nose". When jokes are too obvious, they become cringe. Which was a bit of a problem with older SR games.
  7. seems weird to me since the character creator is more powerful than ever and the range of clothing options etc. is insane. I roleplayed as Walter White in this game 😁
  8. It simply can't be a bad game since I'm still playing it every day since I started it. Sometimes, some annoying bugs happen but overall, I'm having a good time! There is also a nice amount of detail in the game and of course, many fun references and easter eggs. My favorite one so far was finding a huge comb in the desert Mel Brooks fans will know!
  9. OK I just realised that I am a mega stupid idiot. The shop has multiple tabs and I just checked the first one ... So, there is no issue and this thread can be closed.
  10. I had a very bad week so far. Please post some feel good stories and news

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    2. MidnightDragon


      Cute pic to make you smile.



    3. Sicho


      what is with all that fruit-based bedding?

    4. AK-1138


      Lee Brilleaux is long dead so there are no more good Feelgood stories 😔

  11. it is reasonable to expect that every shop in the game carries something different. The first tattoo shop I went into only had like 5 tattoos or so. Now this one also only has 5 or 6 or something and I own them all already. But I do not own all the tattoos in the game, just all the ones this shop offers.
  12. nah, fuck that, too much trouble. I send a bug report to them, hopefully they can fix this in a future update. It seems easily fixable, shops simply need to do a check if you alread yown everything and if you do, they should be marked as completed automatically.
  13. in the end, the only thing we do is pushing buttons on a gamepad. this discussion is weird
  14. I cannot "complete" the Smelterville Tattoo Shop because I already own every tattoo they have on offer, so I can't purchase an item there. Therefore, I cannot complete this district. Any idea what I can do about this?
  15. I think this is even better than The Third, which, for me, was the best one of the series so far.