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  1. I just opened a support ticket with Bethesda, don't know what else to do. Hopefully they can somehow reset the quest for me or get the trophy to pop. :/
  2. Damn, I just checked again and I can see a completed Quest "Recruitment Blues" in my Pipboy, but I don't have the trophy. Now I don't know what to do ...
  3. I'm a bit lost as well. As you can see in my trophies, I got Heart of the Enemy already but not Recruitement Blues. The Guide says that Recruitment Blues is needed before being able to start Heart of the Enemy... Well, I have access to the laser grid elevator inside Fort Defiance and can go to the fourth floor and can get the Heart of the Enemy Daily Quest there... but I don't have Recruitment Blues in my Quest Log anywhere (I sure as hell never went through the whole DMV quest, I did the solider thing at one point though). I can also read Wilson's Terminal (which is the last step op the Recruitment Blues quest) but nothing happes and no trophy popped either. So how can I fix this? :/
  4. Trying to get through the Nioh DLCs before buying Nioh 2... but Date Masamune is kicking my ass :/

    1. Copanele


      Pro tip for Monsieur Date :


      1. Let him wail with his LW form until his stamina drop then whack him. Takes lots of time.

      2. Headshot the sucker with a bow/gun then backstab him. Quite fast and very cheesy.


      Best of luck xD 

  5. I live by a simple rule: as long as you are having fun, time is not wasted. No matter what it is you are doing.
  6. wow, never heard this one before
  7. One way to get rewarded by spending more money than others on games is by buying Collector's Editions
  8. well either they are assholes or they are afraid that you really don't have the necessary build and that having you in the group longer (and thus blocking a slot) might prevent a potential player with the right build to join them.
  9. I'm usually very good at this but even I don't know (yet) which song you mean. Do you remember the melody? If so, try this:
  10. I think it depends on the situation to be honest. If you are in a group that wants to follow a specific meta, or course you only want people in that group that play like the meta is supposed to be played. If you are looking for a healer, you want a healer, not a tank. That's not necessary elitism, it's more of a strategic thing. If you are playing football and your team captain says "we will use the following tactic" and you do something completely different and hurt the team, you are not a team player and neither your coach nor your teammates are then "elitist" to point that out. However, if you say "you need to have at least this and this level of armor to participate" while the meta would be perfectly playable in any other armor and the requirement is not really necessary, that's when it starts to form into elitism. You basically say that armor level and skill are the same and think that only skilled players can have armor level X and therefore you make X an requirement because you think that then only good players will join you. To take up the football example again: pointing out that someone is not playing the tactic you want is not elitism. Only accepting players in your team that wear shoes that at least are worth 200 bucks because you think that makes em better players and that would filter out the bad ones, might be elitist. It's like saying "you are only true metal if you listen to X" - "you are only a real movie nerd if you have the following movie setup at home..." - "you are only good at this game if you have this armor" ...
  11. that's too specific. Elitism is also when you think you have the authority to tell someone, what they should do or how they should behave etc. When you think up "rules" that "everyone" in the scene should follow (because, as you said, you think you are better than the others or you know better), that's a form of elitism. For example: Elitism in the Punkrock Scene would be when you tell someone that he has to listen to this band and this band to "belong" and that the band he is listening to is not "true" punkrock or some BS like that. This happens in gaming a lot as well. "oh, mobile games aren't real games, you should play CS:GO on a competitive level or you are not really a gamer" "oh Sims is a game for filthy casuals only, no real gamer would touch that" and also "if you don't play with this build and at least this much DPS etc. we won't take you with us because god forbid we would wipe and you could have a learning experience, git gud first and then come back" all forms of elitism.
  12. Unfortunately, Elitism is a thing in pretty much every community, hobby, scene etc... The Gaming Scene is no exception.
  13. If you have a gaming PC, remember that all Microsoft published titles will be available in the Game Pass on Day 1. And the Game Pass is already a good value to begin with... so if you are a PC gamer and want to play Hellblade 2, one month of Game Pass will be a lot cheaper than buying an Xbox X. But I guess if you are on PC, you could also simply outright buy the game on there ...
  14. buy Yakuza 6 , you can play the Arcade version of Puyo Puyo in there Now if that woukld not be a ridiculous reason to buy a game, I don't know what is But go for it I feel you! Even though I don't have every Dragon Ball game, I have three shelves dedicated only to Dragon Ball stuff (Games, Figurines, DVD's, Blu-Ray's...)
  15. I probably wouldn't have The Witcher 3... finding all the Gwent cards and knowing where to make a save in the DLC before the point of no return for the two endings are just two of many things I probably would not have figured out on my own. Same thing for Fallout 4. Other than that... hmmm ... most plats I have that don't fall in the "Telltale-easy" category are quite straight forward in their trophy descriptions (DOOM, Mortal Kombat, Battlefront 2, God of War etc.) and/or don't have that many missables. So I guess I'd probably have around five'ish less than I have now. And since I only have 44 platinums, that means I'd have almost 12% less plats.