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  1. Imagine doing that for 5 years and then shortly before you finally hit 99 you die and everything is lost... which is the problem with the trophy being for HC 99 ...
  2. this will sound very condescending but honestly, I don't care The people who claim that whataboutisms are legit or true are, in the best case, ignorant or uninformed or, in the worst case, stupid, evil people that want to push an agenda. Also, there is this little thing called "counterintuitive". And many facts, especially when talking about the environment or climate change, etc. are actually counterintuitive. Counterintuitive means that something is completely different than you might think it is, even though logic seems to indicate that how you think it is, is right. Classic examples are that we burn calories when we sleep or that there are people that like you more when you treat them badly. Intuitively and logically, you would think that treating someone bad makes them hate you but in truth, there are many people where this doesn't apply, thus making this counterintuitive. That's why I said that in the best case, people are simply ignorant and are basing their opinion on things that they intuitively think are right, but actually aren't. Let me give you a good example of what I mean that is in line with the topic at hand: Here in the EU, many people argue that it is bullshit that "everyone" is "attacking" cars for CO2 pollution and climate change when there are for example hundreds of planes in the air every day that, according to their logic and intuition, pollute way more than cars. Therefore, the whataboutism "but what about the planes??" gets used when plans to abolish cars with combustion engines or similar actions are being discussed. But here is the cold hard truth: in the EU, we actually have the stats and the data. And surprisingly (to some), when all the CO2 that gets emitted by traffic in the EU (cars, trains, planes, ships... the whole shebang) gets analyzed, it turns out that of all the CO2 that gets emitted for transportation, 72% are emitted by road traffic (cars and trucks and motorcycles, etc.) and of that 72%, 60% are emitted by cars! And planes/air traffic only contributes to around 13.5% of the whole transportation CO2 emissions! So yes, it may be counterintuitive, but cars, due to their sheer number and daily usage and highly inefficient engines and fuels, emit more CO2 than the whole EU air traffic. So it makes sense to target them first! (I put an image with the source of this information in the following spoilertag) And the same is true for many things... lightbulbs were mentioned in this thread. Since switching (by law!) from traditional lightbulbs to LED lights in the EU (in 2013, iirc), the EU was able to save up to around 9 TWh of energy per year - that's the whole energy consumption of a country called Estonia, to put this in perspective. So yes, even these "small" changes on the "consumer-level" can have big impacts. And the same is true for PC Standby regulations - as I already explained in my other post in this thread. This WILL make a difference. The PCs targeted by this are not your self-built gaming PCs - this will mostly affect computers that are used by dozens and hundreds in public spaces like libraries or schools or whatnot. Public establishments need to be compliant. And it will also affect office PCs in companies etc. This WILL lead to PC manufactures and SI's building more energy-efficient PCs in general, which will then have an impact not only in the mentioned states but worldwide. I already did the math in my other post on how much of an impact this can make in one state/grid. It is NOT negligible. Especially when you remind yourself, that we are talking about standby/sleeping states here - states, where the PC is virtually doing NOTHING. So the energy gets used unproductively. As I said in my previous post, the requirements/limits are very reasonable and could realistically even be stricter. It should be possible that a computer - or any other device for that matter - could be in a sleeping or standby state without using much power at all. Currently, a lot of machines are quite literally wasting energy to do nothing. And to go back to the whataboutisms and counterintuitive things... many people (on Twitter etc.) mention electric cars and use stupid sentences like "a Tesla is alright but an Alienware PC is not, even though it uses more energy!!!" ... let me once again explain, why people who claim such things are simply uninformed. The reality is: electric cars actually help SAVE energy and if every car was electric, we would have MORE energy at our disposal than we have right now! Sounds weird? Unlogical? Doesn't make sense? Well, that's why it's called counterintuitive... but it's the truth. Here's why: First, you need to be aware that an electric car doesn't consume energy all day long. If I remember the stats correctly (too lazy to google now), 95% of all the cars are only driven 1-2h per day, and simply stay put the remaining 22 hours. During that time, if the car is plugged into a charger, it charges its battery but it won't draw energy from the plug for the whole 22h. So basically, it is not really consuming energy most of the day. Then you need to know that a lot of renewable energy gets lost every day. Why? Because there are little to no means to store said energy. Renewable energy fluctuates. Sometimes, renewables produce more energy than the grid needs (f.ex. during an extremely windy day) and if that energy cannot be stored anywhere, it gets lost - or not produced, as the wind turbines get locked depending on the load on the grid. Now enter that 95% of electric cars, that stand around all day.. guess what? You can use their battery to save excessive energy. And when the grid needs more power, it takes it back from the cars! Imagine all the cars being electric and plugged in - that's millions and millions of batteries the grid can use to store energy. This is called "Vehicle 2 Grid" and if you want to know more about this, simply google it. The questions you probably have now like "how can I make sure that my car is always charged enough when the grid can take power from it" or "do I get paid if the grid uses my energy" etc. are already answered - but this is out of the scope for this forum post It is quite long already... But that's not even the good part. Vehicle 2 Grid is an "IF" scenario... IF it gets realized and IF people are on board and IF the infrastructure is in place, this COULD be a reality. So let's take about something more tangible that's already true today. Many people forget that producing gasoline or diesel not only needs oil and whatnot... but also huge amounts of energy! And here is the kicker: an electric car consumes less power for a certain mileage than f.ex. a diesel car would. If you speak German you can read more details here but let me summarize it quickly for you: according to the NEFZ-Cycle, a mid-class diesel car uses up to around 4.5l of diesel for 100km - which is considered to be a very good value. To manufacture said 4.5l of diesel, according to Exxon and this graphic uses up around 42kWh. So that's 42kWh of power for 100km on diesel. Even today, a standard mid-class electric car can reach about 200km or more with the same amount of power! Also, be aware, this calculation considers the energy consumption for extraction oil, transporting oil, refining oil, and the transportation of the finished gasoline/diesel to the gas stations BUTthe energy the gas stations themselves consume (pumping the gas into your car) isn't even factored in yet! So in reality, the difference is probably even slightly bigger. That is why electric cars are considered efficient (and the efficiency will only go up!) and why we will even save energy if everybody has an EV. That's one of the reasons why "everyone" is pushing towards EVs (the industry, the politics, etc.) And there are many more good reasons to do so. (local pollution, noise pollution, and many other things to consider like not paying a dictatorship for their oil...) It makes sense and it will make a difference. And just as with this PC stuff, this might feel like it's only a small thing and might not change much and intuitively, makes things maybe even worse? But that's because, in reality, the whole thing is counterintuitive! And many many bright people already thought about a lot of things you don't even think about now way before any of this got pushed. All of the "arguments" many people always come up with (like the energy used to create batteries) have been discussed and basically solved already years ago before it became a public topic. Good night
  3. I'm sorry to say this but the majority of the comments in this thread are beyond stupid and full of idiotic whataboutisms. ( ) "But what about the ACs, the crypto mining, the plastic... "... stop doing that! 50kWh/year works out to 5.7W continuous consumption, assuming the computer is in a sleep state all year long. This is a completely reasonable limit for standby power. In my opinion, it should even be less because remember: the PC is doing NOTHING! To understand WHY they are doing this, you need to do a bit of math. For the individual, the consumer, the saved energy will barely have an impact. But in the large, overall picture, it is a lot. Example: If your computer draws, let's say, 20W at standby, and your computer was on standby for an entire month, that would work out to be something like $5.76 per month, in Hawaii where power is $0.40/kWh. In the rest of the lower 48 states, it would be more like $1.73 ($0.12/kWh). The bottom line is that, for most people, this is unnoticeable. However, when you manage the grid for a state, you don't see 20W, you see maybe 10 million computers drawing a total of 200MW - and those 200MW are used up for doing nothing productive! If they can shave that down to 50MW by only having the standby computers use up a fourth of the power, that will help them reduce demand on the grid in the future and save energy (and carbon and air pollution). The regulation is also helping the customer out since standby power usage is not a feature that you would know about without taking the computer home and testing it. Check the testing referenced here: There was at least one computer that was drawing 80W at Standby! Imagine if you bought that one and you are wondering why your power bill is suddenly so high! This is very bad design and a customer would have a hard time figuring it out. So by having rules that prevent a crappy computer from running up your power bill, they are actually protecting consumers! In the long term, what will happen here is you won't see separate CA, WA, OR, HI, VT computers and you will not have to worry about this. Most vendors and manufacturers are just going to design all the computers to be more energy efficient on standby. The limit they have set is not unreasonable. If they put some engineering time into the problem, they could probably reduce the standby consumption even more. And since the computer in standby is literally doing nothing productive, using less power in that state is a win for everybody. By the way: next year, the regulation will go into effect for monitors as well. Also, for PC gamers, make note that this affects ONLY pre-builts! If you built your own PC, it doesn't affect you at all. This targets the mass market, not the enthusiasts.
  4. Just do give you another point of view on this A trophy/achievement is, simply put, just a way to prove that you achieved something. And if I achieved a certain thing, I shouldn't have to do it again and prove again that I can achieve it, don't you think? I don't have to redo my High School diploma every time I change jobs, do I? (stupid analogy maybe, but I think you get my point) If I reached Level 50 in Game X and got a trophy for that and then I play the game on the next console, why should I have to prove again that I'm able to play the game until Level 50 when I've already done so before? Just give me my token of proof immediately, since I already have proven it and you have the records (as in the "old" trophy) to check if I really did it. That being said: Sony's fault - in respect to trophies, as it has certain advantages in other areas - is that they designed their system in the way that every version of a game counts as its own game with its own trophy list. I would be OK with there being just one list for all the versions like it works on Xbox. That would remove auto-pop without forcing anyone to replay their trophies. But if they continue using every version as its own game with its own trophy list (which, IMO, they will since the changes necessary are probably too big and complicated for the legacy stuff, etc.), then auto-pop needs to stay IMO. Because again: why redo stuff just because you changed platforms? There's a reason Zenimax/Bethesda is getting shit for not allowing Auto-Pop on PS5 DOOM Eternal and TESO. Especially since loading your save game (which, in TESO, is your account) disables your ability to unlock trophies in the PS5 version if you already got them in the PS4 version and vice versa - unless, you really start from scratch again. For TESO, this means creating a new character and redoing literally hundreds of hours of gameplay. For DOOM, it means replaying the whole game again, collecting everything again, doing the whole multiplayer again... and all that, just because you want to play a "better" version of the game... And this sucks especially if you want to switch versions during the course of your playthrough. For TESO, you could imagine someone buying a PS5 and maybe putting the PS4 in their bedroom. They then may want to be able to enjoy the game in both rooms at different times and want the trophy list to be synched between the versions. This is not the case right now and as I said, unlocking one trophy in one version disables you from getting it in the other version unless you replay everything. And that's why, IMO, auto-pop not only needs to stay but should be mandatory for every cross-gen game release! And all that being said: it annoys me that my THPS1&2 PS5 auto-pop is now my fastest platinum on my profile (1 second).
  5. A bit like the Bene Gesserit Reverend Mother's "Other Memory" thing in DUNE. So it would not be the first time this has been done in fiction and therefore could be a reasonable possibility.
  6. It wasn't like that in the main game, therefore the question. In DLC 1, having 5 was enough. Turns out it is like that in DLC2 as well. I answered the question myself because I just beat several minutes ago and I had 7 lives (had 8 but lost one right at the end of the boss fight lol) and got the trophy. But in the main game, iirc, you had to have 13 lives (10 + the three to start with) to get the trophy that says "Beat Extra Life Mode with 10 Extra Lives".
  7. the same question as with the main game and the first DLC: does +5 mean having 5 extra lives at the end or having 8 (the initial 3 + 5)?
  8. How opinions can differ. DOOM 3 is the worst of them all in my book. DOOM, for me, is not about thrilling horror and jump scares, it's about ripping and tearing, metal soundtrack, gore, blood, mindless violence and awesome weaponry! Ultimate Power Fantasy! Try DOOM 64 for one of the best, if not THE best, pre-DOOM 2016 DOOMs. That being said, I love DOOM 2016 and DOOM Eternal, I think they are absolutely awesome!
  9. the games aren't free though. You have to play a monthly fee to play them, the PS+ subscription. "Free Games" for me means that I could keep the game forever, even if I stop paying the subscription... like MS did with Xbox 360 titles in "Games for Gold". Or like the games on Twitch Prime/Prime Gaming, that you claim once and have forever, even if you stop paying for Amazon Prime. Or, you know, really free, like the free games on the Epic Games Store or some games at etc., where you don't have to pay anything at all. Just log in and claim the game. So yeah, the PS+ games aren't "free" games. They are part of the content of your subscription and that subscription is not free. No one considers the PS NOW library to be "free games", so why do you do that with the PS+ library? I think that's weird.
  10. I would say to start with Kiwami 1 and Kiwami 2 and then with 0. Simply because 0 is sooo big, it's easy to feel "saturated" afterwards and you might get "Yakuza Fatigue" from it for a while.
  11. Basically what has been said already: - Monitor / TV needs to support HDMI 2.1, everything below that cannot do 4K/120 on HDMI - If you have a monitor / TV with HDMI 2.1, be aware that on many devices, not all the HDMI ports are also HDMI 2.1. So if your monitor supports 120 hz over HDMI 2.1, double check if the HDMI port you're plugged in to is one of those that support HDMI 2.1 - Also, don't use a very old HDMI cable. It needs to support HDMI 2.1 as well - No PSVR can be connected to the console (also disables HDR) - The video output information in the PS5 settings will tell you what your console can output to the monitor it's hooked up to - Also, check your monitor / TV settings, sometimes, depending on the image mode, it doesn't support all the frequencies. Most nowadays have a "game mode" or something similar, which is usually the fastest.
  12. Does this mean that using my Gold Wireless PS4 Headset will give me the exact same experience as the 3D Pulse Headset and therefore I shouldn't bother considering it? I was always thinking that there's something special about the 3D Pulse Headset that would make the 3D Audio better on there than on other speakers.
  13. I just somehow cannot imagine that simply loading up my save in Nioh 1 Remastered will auto-pop every trophy. As an example, I can tell you that I played Worms Rumble on PS4 and then on PS5 and many trophies did pop very quickly because I already fullfilled the requirements on PS4 but they did not pop automatically. For example a trophy for reaching a certain level only popped after the next time I had a level up, a trophy for playing 10 matches on a specific map only popped after I played that map again etc. So I think there might be things we will need to do in the game for it to check again if the trophy requirements are met. Therefore I think that maybe we will need to use a hot spring again to pop the hot spring trophies, level up once again for the level 100 trophy and so on... I guess time will tell. There is a difference though between Worms and Nioh. Worms doesnt really have a save game transfer, it's more of an online profile on their servers.
  14. I'm wondering if the collection will count as a single game and have a trophy list that somehow features trophies for both games and one platinum for the collection or if it will be treated like two different games with two different trophy lists with Nioh 1 PS5 Version and Nioh 2 PS5 Version respectively. (with their own platinum trophies) Also I'm wondering - since I have the plat in Nioh 1 - if the trophies will all auto-pop when I load in my PS4 save... and if this would count as cheating on PSNP? I haven't bought Nioh 2 yet since I always wanted to finish the Nioh 1 DLC first. (stuck at Date Masamune...) Since this has Cross Gen Save Transfer, I'll buy the collection and continue my Nioh 1 DLC journey on PS5 and then start with Nioh 2. But trophywise, it would be weird if I'd then only get the DLC trophies for Nioh 1 on PS5 and not the main game ones So I hope the trophies from my PS4 saves will simply pop.
  15. what I had with Demon's Souls is that I got the last trophy and then the platinum to pop but when I looked into the trophy list and on PSNP, the platinum was synced but the last trophy was not 😂 But 5 minutes later or so, everything was in order again.