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  1. Basically what has been said already: - Monitor / TV needs to support HDMI 2.1, everything below that cannot do 4K/120 on HDMI - If you have a monitor / TV with HDMI 2.1, be aware that on many devices, not all the HDMI ports are also HDMI 2.1. So if your monitor supports 120 hz over HDMI 2.1, double check if the HDMI port you're plugged in to is one of those that support HDMI 2.1 - Also, don't use a very old HDMI cable. It needs to support HDMI 2.1 as well - No PSVR can be connected to the console (also disables HDR) - The video output information in the PS5 settings will tell you what your console can output to the monitor it's hooked up to - Also, check your monitor / TV settings, sometimes, depending on the image mode, it doesn't support all the frequencies. Most nowadays have a "game mode" or something similar, which is usually the fastest.
  2. Does this mean that using my Gold Wireless PS4 Headset will give me the exact same experience as the 3D Pulse Headset and therefore I shouldn't bother considering it? I was always thinking that there's something special about the 3D Pulse Headset that would make the 3D Audio better on there than on other speakers.
  3. I just somehow cannot imagine that simply loading up my save in Nioh 1 Remastered will auto-pop every trophy. As an example, I can tell you that I played Worms Rumble on PS4 and then on PS5 and many trophies did pop very quickly because I already fullfilled the requirements on PS4 but they did not pop automatically. For example a trophy for reaching a certain level only popped after the next time I had a level up, a trophy for playing 10 matches on a specific map only popped after I played that map again etc. So I think there might be things we will need to do in the game for it to check again if the trophy requirements are met. Therefore I think that maybe we will need to use a hot spring again to pop the hot spring trophies, level up once again for the level 100 trophy and so on... I guess time will tell. There is a difference though between Worms and Nioh. Worms doesnt really have a save game transfer, it's more of an online profile on their servers.
  4. I'm wondering if the collection will count as a single game and have a trophy list that somehow features trophies for both games and one platinum for the collection or if it will be treated like two different games with two different trophy lists with Nioh 1 PS5 Version and Nioh 2 PS5 Version respectively. (with their own platinum trophies) Also I'm wondering - since I have the plat in Nioh 1 - if the trophies will all auto-pop when I load in my PS4 save... and if this would count as cheating on PSNP? I haven't bought Nioh 2 yet since I always wanted to finish the Nioh 1 DLC first. (stuck at Date Masamune...) Since this has Cross Gen Save Transfer, I'll buy the collection and continue my Nioh 1 DLC journey on PS5 and then start with Nioh 2. But trophywise, it would be weird if I'd then only get the DLC trophies for Nioh 1 on PS5 and not the main game ones So I hope the trophies from my PS4 saves will simply pop.
  5. what I had with Demon's Souls is that I got the last trophy and then the platinum to pop but when I looked into the trophy list and on PSNP, the platinum was synced but the last trophy was not 😂 But 5 minutes later or so, everything was in order again.
  6. Started the new year off with my first PS5 Platinum :) Happy that it is Demon's Souls, as I never finished the PS3 original :D So that's off the bucket list ;) 

  7. well, farming the babies wasn't fun but I killed the remaining phantoms and luckily, got my PWCT and the Ally's ring. Only one ring left now
  8. apparently, even with password you now need to be around the same soul level or you can't match... there's a thread about it here in the forum. see, I knew there would be something I owuld have missed! Thanks!
  9. OK so I'm still in NG and want to get the ring for PWCT before NG+ just to get it out of the way. I want to kill all the Black Phantoms... but to get to them, as you know, I need PBWT in the respective worlds. To get PBWT in a world, die enough times in the world in body form, right? Done that in some but there are two worlds left... but I have no more Stone of Ephemeral Eyes left! Pretty much got them all in the game, there is one left in Patches inventory and one left in the inventory of the Filthy Lady... and that's it. Somehow I fucked it up and now there aren't enough to die often enough in every world to get them all to PBWT. I don't know how I did it. I may have used some up because for some reason I wanted a world to be PWBT at some point... Anyhow, long story short: for whatever reason, I don't have enough stones left to switch the remaining two worlds (= 14 stones) to PBWT purely by using a stone, dying, using a stone again, dying again etc. Alright, you might say, just to help some people out with bosses to get your body form back, then go to the world, die, get summoned again, rinse and repeat. I wanted to do that. The thing is: I'm not getting summoned! Like, at all! Standing around for hours at pretty much every boss, never got a summon! I got summoned in the beginning of the game at Tower Knight, when I was still low level... but now? I'm SL90 and not getting summoned I don't know if it is because of my SL or if no one's playing anymore... but no summons for me... And even if a random summon would suddenly happen after many hours of waiting... I would need many summons to get back to body form enough times to drop a worlds tendency to black... so it would take ages... Alright, you might say... forget the BPs. Get invaded and kill the invaders. Might be a bit hard if you're not a PvP pro but why not give it a try? Right? Well, I tried to get invaded... but guess what? No invasions either! Sitting around in 4-1 for ages, nothing happening... (and yes, I'm online :p) So, how the fuck can I get back to body form enough times, so that I can die enough times to get the PBWT needed to get the last Black Phantoms? There are no blue stones left and I don't get summoned so that I could help out with bosses ... I also don't get invaded so that I could not bother with the BPs. Boosting is apparently not an option anymore because they seemed to have patched something so that you now need to be on the same SL, otherwise you can't play together... I also don't have a friend who plays and doing organising Boosting Sessions online can be such a chore... also, I want to do the shit NOW and not set up a session and have to wait for a day or two before there is someone who wants to participate... So basically... Am I fucked? Other than going for PWCT in NG+ of course... is there anything I'm missing? A way to make sure I get invaded for example? Maybe a way to somehow glitch and dupe the Stones (can still buy one from Patches) so that I can return to Body Form as often as I want? Again, I'm not sure if the remaining two BPs would be enough to get me to PWCT but I would like to try it ... If they aren't enough, then at least I will probably be close enough that one or two invader kills would be enough... I would then just have to wait and hope that someone invades me at some point... and that I beat them... Probably easier to just go for the ring in NG+?
  10. also, don't forget they are working on an Online Mode... if they do it right and if it only gets a 10th of the popularity of GTA Online, it will print them money.
  11. well, they sold 13 million units... that's with the refunds already factored in. The pre-orders alone were 8 million an apparently that was enough to break even. They then sold another 5 million units. So they are in a good position. Most problems are on last gen consoles... but according to them, almost 60% of all their sales were on PC. So the game is still a success, despite everything that happened. Also, you probably know that they are the people behind The revenue stream from GOG alone is quite big. In 2019, CD Project had a revenue of 142 Million USD, with a net income of around 47 million.
  12. PS5 is awesome! :) Demon's Souls looks stunning and I'm still playing on 1080p... can't wait to get a 4K TV next year!

  13. which may help is knowing that some activities are only available at night, others only in the day. Some activities are consequences of other side stories and stuff and may only appear after some other content has been done first. and even then they don't appear immediately but may take a while, as some time in the game needs to pass. I got my Watson trophy today and I thought I'd done verything and that it bugged out on me, then I played other stuff and suddenly one more gig appeared on the Watson map after a while. Completed that one, got the trophy! It's a bit of an annoying thing to do but the best would be to crosscheck your completed Journal log with the lists of gis that are available online for each region. You might find out that you are still missing one.
  14. Playing the devil's advocate here but I think the date is simply because they sent most of their staff on Christmas holidays, as they definitely deserve a break after months of crunch. I don't think there is any other ulterior motive behind the date. Generally, lots of companies pretty much close up shop for the last two weeks of the year. That's also why they said they would put out one of two updates now and then the next one would not come until January. I can't imagine that they would be prepared to receive the backlash it woudl cause when they would force their employees to forgo their end of the year holidays...
  15. I'm satisfied with how it looks and runs on my PS4 Pro, so I'll not refund it. The crashes annoy me a lot and yes, there are annoying but also sometimes funny bugs. But overall, I think the game is in a good state on PS4. I know I'm a minority in this but I must also say I NEVER expected the game to look anything like the trailers or the PC version on PS4. Knowing that RedEngine 4 is basically just RedEngine 3 with RTX tacked on, I did not expect it to look or perform better as the Witcher 3, which is already over 5 years old. And granted, there are things that probably can be fine-tuned so that it still looks and performs better (and these updates will come, I'm sure of it), but as of today, I think it's fine. Not great or super-awesome, but fine. Looks and runs better than other games that I own (mostly Bethesda games ) Day 1 was a bit messy... playable, but disappointing. It looked even worse sometimes than Witcher 3. But the patch 1.04 that came out a day later was - in my opinion - already good enough when it comes to performance and graphics. Now, 1.05 is out and from what I heard, it's even better now. So yes, the launch was bad but the game is now in a much better state and it's a bit of a shame that the internet is still extremely exgaggerating the problems. Because I think, since 1.04, the game is enjoyable on both PS4 and PS4 Pro. But a lot of people still cry about the graphics and what not... different priorities when it comes to gaming, I guess. For me, it could look like GTA 3 if the gameplay and story is great, I wouldn't care. I sometimes even still play GTA 3 VC on my OG Xbox these days, so graphics aren't the most important thing. Also, I know many people IRL that don't hang around on internet forums and what not and are simply playing the game and ejoying themselves on base PS4, not even knowing about most of the drama that's happening online. Ignorance is a bliss, I guess? I already beat the game and I will go on to get the Plat. Doing all this on PS4 Pro. I'm at over 60 hours now, it's great fun. I would feel bad getting the plat and then refunding it - if I played for so long and had fun, why would I refund? Seems like a dick move, I paid to get entertained and apparently, I got entertained, so I got my money's worth. People that genuinely don't enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 on PS4 for whatever reason should get their refunds. But people that plat the game, which takes around 50 hours or so at least I think, and then refund it, should get a week of diarrhea! 😈 When the true PS5 version comes out and the improvements are significant and if it has it's own trophy list, I may go through it again. After all, I will get the PS5 upgrade for free, so why not? But I rarely play games more than once these days, so if it doesn't have it's own trophy list, then we'll see... I'm more curious about the coming Witcher 3 Next-Gen Upgrade and also hoping for a new trophy list there But even more so - slightly off-topic - I would like to get a PS5 version of Death Stranding yes, there is a Stadia version. No, PS4 and Pro would not be the same, it is (slightly) different hardware with different features as well (resolutions, HDR) and therefore at least testing needs to be done on every version of the platform. It gets especially ridiculous on Xbox.