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  1. Thanks I'll try that soon as😁
  2. I'm just about to start my kill playthrough but in my first playthrough I accidently killed one of the racket bosses. What I was wondering is when the 'no loose ends' trophy says ALL racket bosses does that have to be in one playthrough or is it just 16 bosses which can be over 2 like 'The new boss'. Similarly could I just recruit the boss I killed in my first playthrough and kill the rest on my second playthrough?
  3. Ok, thanks for the help I'll try this. Do you by any chance know how to back up a save as it's uncharted waters for me?
  4. Firstly, I know that there are other threads on incident occurrence but I think I have found a way to make incidents occur in a short space of time and that to help people see this information a new thread would be best. I have tried previous methods of leaving my game on overnight and had an astonishing 2 raider attacks and a dead vault so I tried this method. I advise to try the AFK method first in the other threads to see if that works for you but as of now this is the only method that works for me. I have spent the last 4 days testing certain lengths of time to time skip to make incidents and especially raider attacks more common for the trophy 'Get Off My lawn' which is in my opinion the grindiest trophy in the game. I found the best time to time skip for incidents is 1 day, 1 hour and 55 minutes. My vault at the moment has 29 dwellers, I have maxed resources and around 10k caps. I also have done the bottle and cappy mission as they are a great help to indicate when an incident is likely to happen So my method is: - load your vault up as normal and collect everything. At this point I also send someone into the wasteland and 3 on a quest to also contribute to their according trophies. - Next enter settings > Date and time > set using the internet and untick the bock saying update time automatically to prevent corrupted saves - Now go back to Date and time and set the date 1 day 1 hour and 55 minutes ahead - Now head back to the game where you should have the daily report and music indicating bottle and cappy are on their way. - From my testing, you should then get an incident in the next 0-8 minutes and with less than 30 dwellers the only incidents that can occur are fires, raider and roach attacks - You should then deal with the occurring incident and (if you are trying for other trophies) then complete the quest and recall people from the wasteland but this isn't necessary. - Now repeat the method from step 3 (setting the time forward) and rinse and repeat. Key points to know: - Bottle and cappy ,I found, are a great indicator in what incident will happen normally. Fires and radroaches occur when they are still in your vault for the first time and I found raider attacks happen more often when they leave or arrive for the second time. - If an incident hasn't occurred within the 8 minutes of waiting I would time skip again from step 3 and an incident should happen quicker the next time - Like I said before, this is a great way to also complete other quests along the way such as leveling up dwellers to 50, completing quests, objectives and scrapping materials but only complete a quest after the incident has occurred. - I found the best way to pass the time in the 0-8 minute waiting time is to sort out your storage (for scaptastic trophy) or occupy yourself with something else e.g. I went on my phone for a while. My results from this method (For proof that this has worked for me and hopefully will with you) 1 - roach - 4:43 11 - fire - 3:04 21 - roach - 4:06 2 - fire - 2:24 12 - raider - 3:19 22 - fire - 2:25 3 - raider - 4:19 13 - roach - 5:46 23 - raider - 4:11 4 - fire - 0:41 14 - roach - 2:56 24 - over 8 mins 5 - fire - 1:54 15 - raider - 6:35 25 - raider 1:14 6 - raider - 5:25 16 - fire - 1:27 26 - fire - 3:45 7 - roach - 4:24 17 - raider - 3:58 27 - fire - 2:12 8 - over 6 mins so I skipped 18 - raider - 4:21 28 - raider - 6:33 9 - roach - 0:12 19 - fire - 3:44 29 - roach - 3:50 10 - raider - 5:04 20 - fire - 0:36 30 - raider - 7:04 As you can see in about 2 hours I had 11 raider attacks which may not seem much but it is a lot better than 2 in about 9 hours of sleep. It does seem to be very random in my results so you may get 4 raider or 4 fires in a row but for me at least this is a sure way of making an incident happen. Hope this helps. Tom
  5. No Problem😄 Like if you want
  6. I think this might be a bit long to put in their but I'll suggest people to look at the forum for help.
  7. Yes, if you kick out dwellers to 30 or bellow (by dragging them to the door and selecting the evict button in the bottom left) then you will only get raiders, fires and radroaches as incidents making the trophy easier.
  8. Happened with me as well. I tried it first with a weapon blueprint and it didn't work so I did it with an attachment instead. Keep trying different item types eg attachments, gloves weapons and eventually it should pop. Hope this helped Tom