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  1. God of Trials! Pahhhh don’t make me laugh. Hes a scrub. I rate @Angus1343 as a better player.
  2. 100 hours aint so bad. If it was me I would have made it 1000 hours.
  3. If your looking for something to fit in your bum, then you cant go wrong with @lilpain97
  4. Thats a very fetching tea cosy your wearing.
  5. If the run is seeded it technically was random once I suppose, but you can reload the seed if you fuck up, and everything will remain static. So basically you can practice the same maps over and over, until you complete the seed. A non seeded run will be randomly generated every time. So there is no chance to practice. Anyways, As a survivor of the original game, I can tell you now that Low Scorer will be your biggest nightmare should you want to plat this.
  6. It’s pretty obvious tbh. Non seeded is random...seeded isnt I Loved the first game, but I think I will probably skip this myself for now, cuz I cba with games lately.
  7. No. They should be hung, drawn, and quartered
  8. Is there any chance that you could narrate your next video in a high pitch girls voice??
  9. I think you guys would benefit from a little more red meat in your diets, and a few thousand hours in the gym. Maybe a spray tan to. Other than that decent video.
  10. My girlfriends usually has her hands full tbh 👊 💦
  11. I would think of a witty reply to this, but unfortunately Im far to busy building a nuclear fallout shelter in my garden.
  12. Ughhhh I know right!!! God damn 2020!!!! Pandemics....floodings....race riots... then just when you think things cant get any worse, SquareEnix goes and fucks up the multiplayer in Crystal Chronicles. It truly is the end of days.
  13. Played this on gamecube waaaaaaay back in the day. It was complete toss then, and it will most likely still be complete toss now. Avoid!!!!
  14. Best get hitting them triceps harder in that case!!!