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  1. Ikaruga, Raiden 4, and Dariusburst are the holy trinity of SHMUP plats in my book. I have 2 of them....but Raiden 4 is just too painful and tedious for my liking. One day I might finish it when the pressure from my friends becomes too great for me to handle, but until then it will sir incomplete on my profile 😭 Anyways. My fun plat suggestions are Jamestown and Velocity 2X. Both are great games with UR platinums.
  2. Hmmmm I would say the slide ability is pretty useful for a few bosses as you wont have to time your dodging quite so accurately. I wouldnt go as far as to say it’s essential though.
  3. Rice pudding
  4. I used Proto man for Mr Perfect cuz his shield and slide ability are extremely useful. For hard mode I used Mega Man, cuz he can tank allot of damage. Ohhh and by the way. You can save during the Wily stages...but it will put you right back at the start once you reload the game on normal and hard difficulty. I found this out the hard way 😡 As for using shops in the Wily stages when you die Im unsure on this one as I didn’t actually need to use a continue. Just go in to it fully stocked and save your half damage item for the boss rush. It should be ok.
  5. Cheers man. Its always nice to meet Another sane person.
  6. Look in the dictionary if you want a definition.
  7. If you get someone else to do your homework....it’s cheating.
  8. It doesn’t contradict my point at all, and It really is that simple. If your passing the controller to someone so they can do a trophy for you then your cheating. Shareplay should be used for Boosting and co op purposes only 👌
  9. Im glad that the majority of people in this thread seem to agree with me. For a second I felt like I stepped into the twilight zone whilst reading some of the comments in the session. I guess the people in that thread that were disagreeing with my point of view, are the exact same people that are happy to let people do trophies for them.
  10. If you cant get the trophy yourself, then you don’t deserve to have it. Simple as that. I cant believe this is even up for debate 😁
  11. Easy looking list. Amazing looking game. Getting this day one.
  12. Finally a sane person
  13. Anyone else getting fed up of seeing boosting sessions for RE2 popping up all the while?
  14. You just got a new follower haha. Spiffing old boy 😂

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  15. Im not sure that would be possible haha. Maybe removing the comment altogether might be a better solution.