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  1. Don’t think I would rate it more than 7/10 difficulty. It’s not so bad.
  2. So I have Been playing Injustice Gods among us. I’m level 26 and haven’t been given a single access card. Can anyone explain why this is? I have been doing the online boosting first, and I’m concerned I might have to restart.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Copanele


      Weird glitch indeed. Glad that it fixed with the restart :D

    3. KaKrackle


      Good job I noticed at such an early level tbh! It’s still a few hours wasted though 😡

    4. SlimSanta94


      It may be a problem with your save file. I'd uninstall the game and start over.

  3. Hmmmm I already have a full time job, so I can confirm I bought my desktop specifically for watching porn and browsing crap.
  4. So its officially confirmed then that the guide writer was taking drugs at time of writing I guess 😵 Im still going to get this either way, simply just based on the fact that I loved MM10.
  5. Soooo I know it’s been a while since anyone commented here, but I’m thinking of buying this and just needed some confirmation on something that been bugging me.... is this game really a 5/10 difficulty, or is the guide writer a massive troll?
  6. It’s because your using the PS3 version. It’s ridiculously buggy. Use the ps4 version and it works just fine.
  7. @Spaz I couldn’t be arsed to read your post as usual. But I just wanted to say that thats a lovely hat your wearing in your photo.
  8. Street fighter 5
  9. You mad bro?!!!! Theres 58 genders. Hmmmm but Im thinking of starting a 59th 🤔

  10. My least favourite ps1 Final fantasy, but still brilliant non the less. Probably gonna be a Day one purchase for me.
  11. No silver trophies. Not buying!
  12. Uh oh!!!!!.....Comments from whinging pricks incoming!!!!!
  13. You should definitely get one in that case. Very relaxing.
  14. Is there any chance you could make an in depth video guide on how to de-lime scale a small fish tank?
  15. I had close to 300 hours when I got the plat.