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  1. Its probably Domus that is ruining the 100% it did the same thing too me too. I had to re do it for it register.
  2. Finally got that sweet Trials Fusion 100%. Feels good 😁

    1. Orphioon


      Amazing man, once i clean up my multiplayer backlog i cant wait to get back into that game.


      Nothing like resetting a stage over and over a million times all in the first several seconds of the stage on those redlynx times.

    2. Jaco
    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  3. Platinums mean nothing to me. What matters to me is quality and rarity. I will respect someone wayyyyyy more if they have a few ultra rare, super challenging trophies on there profile, rather than 300 shit platinums. Also, anyone that dismisses a game for not having a platinum is a fool quite frankly.
  4. Strafe platinum, and the top spot on the fastest achievers leaderboard achieved 👍

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    2. ee28max


      Well done 💯

    3. Jaco


      Nicely done!

    4. KaKrackle


      Actually, aside from a few annoying trophies it wasn't as hard as everyone told me it was going to be. It's about a 9 out of 10 difficulty wise if you play with a control pad, but less if you were to play the game with a keyboard and mouse.

  5. Dies Irae from Sine mora 0.09%
  6. Just gotta suicide another 700 times to get the final trophy in STRAFE 😁

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    2. PooPDeePie


      @Super Sand Virginia that's why you haven't 100%ed Alien Isolation because of the "die 100 times by the alien." true :P

    3. Super Sand Virginia

      Super Sand Virginia

      @PooPDeePie Exactly. If I purposely die in a game, won't that weaken my resolve  and I just give up in real life?

    4. KaKrackle


      It’s actually been a pretty good ride. Theres a few frame rate issues later on in the game still, but nothing too major. I would recommend it if you want a nice challengeing platinum.

  7. Lets hope so man. I want the plat already 😳
  8. It’s probably never gonna get fixed. I abandoned hope on this game a while ago now.
  9. As usual, I agree with you MMDE. I dont think Gerhman killed me once either. The abhorrent and headless beasts in the dungeons are what I found to be the most challenging parts of the game.
  10. Thanks man. Its funny though that I find this less Irritating to complete than that annoying Hangtime mini game in Strafe.
  11. Nice to see some love for this game again. Im thinking of doing the ps3 version soon for a full stack.
  12. I see. Keep at it. You will get through. When you get too doing the A ranks on score attack, you always start with a level 1 weapon anyway, so consider it good practice 👌 I pretty much have a full playlist of the game if its of any use to you. Some gameplay is old though, so my performance is a little up and down as times, due to not being familiar sith the game at the time.
  13. Which version are you talking about. Ur profile is set to private.
  14. I would probably still eat it though. No point in waisting good cheese. ughhhhh....I'm pretty sure that it's impossible to talk to anyone about IAB without sounding like an insane, crazy person... Anyway. Good luck with the platinum. I only recorded the story mode A++ times and a few cheese hunt levels, so I hope they help.
  15. I just want to point out that deliciousness does not affect A++ runs. Don't bother wasting time with it. Edibility + time, are most important. If you do insist on being delicious though, then you must cover yourself in jam and butter 😄 Allot like in real life....