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  1. @panikooooos & @lilpain97.... I think you should both settle this like men and fight each other to the death.
  2. Uncharted. Utter wank in my opinion.
  3. Already plat both of these games a while back. But to anyone who cares, I would give Nioh a 4/10 difficulty rating, and Outlast 2 a 7/10 (not because its hard, but because its fucking tedious though) Hmmmmm and Im also thinking Outlast 2 will probably be a sub 1% platinum now its on ps+. Good times. Peace out ✌️
  4. Cricket good
  5. Inevitable @The Blakk Vulture Guide on its way
  6. Talks the talk, but dosent walk the walk.
  7. There’s always one....
  8. Arghhh Im spoiled for choice with this and Medievil being released at the same time!!
  9. Claim to fame - Injustice gods among us 0.12% Walk of shame - Sekiro 28%
  10. Usually Im not one for speed running games, but I gotta admit that Im extremely happy with my Fast Striker completion time!

    1. zajac9999


      Pretty juicy haha. Nice work man. :D

  11. Silent Hill 2 and 3 you fools!!!
  12. I would rather pick up a nasty STD over this game.
  13. Theres some light RNG, but Nothing heavy. To be honest All you need to complete this game, is a good memory, and cold blood. Also in my experience I found this game to be more tedious than difficult.
  14. Bugs. Hmmmmm theres some slug like enemies on stage 2 😂..... Anyway I digress. When this game was released it was a glitchy mess. Its since been patched though. So other than a dodgy frame rate in a few places it works just fine.