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  1. ‘Twas a magical day son
  2. Ikaruga. For 2 reasons. 1 - Its one of the most legendarily difficult shmups ever made. 2 - The co op trophy helped introduced me to my future wife. @lilpain97s mum.
  3. Y’now Im glad someone else out there puts Trackmania as one of their hardest completions, cuz I swear I felt like I had taken a trip to crazy land for a while whilst playing that shit.... yet the few people I actually speak to on psn seemed to rinse it no problem.
  4. Doooooo it!!!! Or better yet. Just pay someone to do it!
  5. Pfffffft Non of that matters until you beat me at Top Roach 😂 Until then I reign supreme.
  6. Im still interested to know if anyone has came close to my Top Roach time yet.....many scumbags like @lilpain97 have tried to beat it.... but most fail
  7. Coca Cola!!.... pahhhh !!! By the time us Brits are 14 we have move on to Special brew and Wild Turkey!
  8. Hmmmm true that. Even my nan likes a game of COD, and shes 103.
  9. You still are considered a super geek mate 😂
  10. Agreed! Easily the shittest metal gear. Self indulgent garbage imo.
  11. Your mum gey
  12. I bought 2. One for cosplay, and a second for walking the dog in.
  13. I pretty much thought it was a big let down. It has probably been abandoned forever on my account too.
  14. I used to care. But now I dont give a fuck.
  15. Yeah. It will be there, forever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and ever.....so you best just avoid buying it!!!!..... thats unless you just delete the trophy list while its at 0%