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  1. Excellent stuff.
  2. Nice one man 😁 Did you by any chance record your run? If you did it would be cool to see it.
  3. No problem pal 😁
  4. Ok. So technically this is the hardest trophy in the game. I spent quite a long time trying to do it legit... Maybe 40 + hours!. Eveytime I even got close I would be screwed over by terrible RNG. One of my runs was even fucked up by a power cut. This caused me to loose my temper pretty badly, because I was at level 9 too!!!! Eventualy I settled for cheeseing it with crown of hate though, cuz it was pissing me off big time. Basically I started my runs with crown of hate equipped. Transformed into skeleton in 6-1. Looped the game. Then proceeded to make my way too L1 1-2. You will now find that you can farm rads infinitely from the proto chest at the cost of 1hp a time. Just kill all but 1 of the crown guardians, and use the health packs his energy ball leave behind to keep your health full. This was a strategy I concocted, and is a guaranteed win. I can confirm it works 100% because it got me the platinum. You can also try to farm rads in 6-1 after you have transformed, by leaving a Necromancer alive, and letting him repeatedly resurrect enemies. This apparently works, but when I tried it eventually the Necromancer stopped using his resurrection ability. It’s also incredibly tedious, and might take a few hours. Hope this help man 😁 Feel free to ask away if you have any more questions.
  5. Honestly mate, I have no idea. Thats just where it dropped for me. Conveniently, right next to a crown vault statue too.... All I can say is keep trying and it will definitely drop at some point for you.
  6. I just looped the game with Robot and crown of guns like I said, then it appeared in l1 1-2. Its a random drop, so keep trying and you will get it eventually. I do remember though that I went through the pizza sewer area, and through both vaults before I looped the game though. This increases the difficulty as you know, but the higher the difficulty the better your chances of rare weapon drops. If you just use the oasis skip at the start of the game for example, then the game will continuously hand you low tier guns. I cant promise that doing this will guarantee you the GunGun, as it’s possible that I just got lucky. But I picked it up on my second try this way.
  7. I went with the Robot and gun gun method. I wouldn’t recommend the YV method tbh. Hard mode is mostly just cheating, unfair garbage and best steered clear of as much as possible.
  8. Auto crossbow + bolt marrow with a jackhammer as back up is a great combo. If you can get these early on, then your basically in for a decent run. Personally I hated all other melee weapons though. The wrench and spade give you random ammo drops, and the E. Sword is too energy hungry. But hey! Each to their own I suppose.
  9. The Thing The Exorcist Alien The Shining Mama Mia!
  10. Your exactly right haha. I misread the question 🤯
  11. Pass...its complete wank.
  12. I just have a feeling that deathless carts will be a thing. Edmund is a troll. I remember him saying in an interview I saw somewhere that he basically designs trophy lists / achievements specifically to piss people off 😂 Who knows though. It’s still early days yet.
  13. I think that everyone’s is underestimating this game, I think completeing some of them carts is gonna be a bitch.
  14. Lets hope so! I would be pretty upset if I didn’t get a trophy at the end of Super mega cart!!!! Im just enjoying the game though currently. Been waiting fir this one ever since I saw it announced last year.