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  1. Dude he literally sent me the exact same message 😂 Also pestered me for Trials a few tines lol
  2. Sigh.... the catching on this website really is getting out of hand now. What a joke.

    1. MidnightDragon
    2. ShonenCat


      I believe he means captcha. Must of auto-corrected on him 😅

    3. KaKrackle


      Nope. No auto correction here.  Catching Is basically when a cheater gets removed from a games leaderboard, but their completion is still included in the overall rarity of the trophy. Take a look at the Nuclear Throne or Dariusbust leaderboards and you will see what I mean.

  3. Its ok. I understand the confusion. Ratalika and shit games are synonymous.
  4. This gives me hope that ultimate ghosts and goblins might get a hd remaster, complete with a ridiculously hard trophy list.
  5. Nice man. That would definitely get allot of views.
  6. @The Blakk Vulture Is there any chance you could narrate your next video in a high pitch girls voice?
  7. The other day I accidentally slammed my cock in a car door. It hurt, but was still less painful than playing a Rat game.
  8. I have been offered money off a few different idiots to finish games for them. Usually either I am bread or Trials Fusion.... Unfortunately though we exist in a backwards society, where naming and shaming these cheating scum would probably land you some warning points and not the other way around.
  9. My girlfriend moaning because I haven’t washed up
  10. Nice. Now go check out Hard corps uprising.
  11. @BB-BakkerJ Thats great news. Insane, no pick ups is quite a bit harder than all them score attack A ranks though so I highly recommend you use @DeathShark22s guide.
  12. @BB-BakkerJ Thanks. Im glad they could be of use. I recorded them when I first got the game so my gameplay is a bit shitty in places, due to the fact that I was still getting used to the game. But If you try and follow my route through stage 4 though it should get you an A-S rank though.
  13. Sort out the catching!!!!!!!! Nearly all my trophy raritys are wrong!