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  1. Super meat boy, I am Bread, Nuclear Throne, and Dariusburst.
  2. It's not a platinum, but I'm gonna say Shenanigans from cloudberry kingdom.
  3. What platinum should I go for next. Raiden 4 or Surgeon Simulator..... Hmmmmm decisions, decisions.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dark


      Raiden for sure. I’d say SS but nothing in that game looks appealing to me at all. Only reason I’d say to do it is since you have IAB done so recently.

    3. KaKrackle


      Hell yes I am orphioon haha. I have both games purchased and ready to go, but I'm definetly leaning towards Raiden. And even though SS only cost me £2.50, I still feel as though I have been ripped off somehow....

    4. ee28max


      Raiden 4, for sure :) 

  4. What about Ludwig though. The first time you see him pick up the moonlight greatsword is fucking brilliant. And his theme is just one of the best too. Damnnnnnn. I'm really think this game should have beat the witcher for game of the year.
  5. Haha. This makes me happy man. I too had my ass kicked by Amelia. I was quite ashamed at the time, cuz like you said, she is considered easy. Orphan of Kos was pretty tough for me too. But everything about the boss is so cool, that I forgave it in the end for making me swear allot. I never actually tried to beat Lawrence, so I can't comment on him, but just talking in this thread makes me want to play the game again.
  6. Never quite understood why anyone has problems with the watchdog. It only has a few attacks, which aren't to hard to avoid. Abhorrent / bloodletting beast are Definetly much harder. Also expect a heavy ass whooping from Ludwig in the DLC. He's pretty brutal. But on the other hand he was easily the most epic boss in the game for me.
  7. Half way towards my goal of 10 platinums under 1% now
  8. Get street fighter v finished and I will gladly take it 😊
  9. Dariusburst chronicle saviors
  10. Half way towards my goal of 10 platinums under 1% 😀 Good times!!

    1. AlchemistWer


      Good luck and reach you goal!

    2. ee28max


      Best of luck! :D 

  11. Best get good at fighting him, seen as the game insists on spawning him regularly towards the end. He's not so bad once you get used to him though. The only reason he's difficult the first time you fight him is because of the confined space you find yourself in. Hino Emna on the next stage is much harder.
  12. This I like
  13. Only a few more missions left in Dariusburst CS. Then the true pain begins...

    1. Dark


      Dang you’re flying through. Probably be done before I am.

    2. KaKrackle


      That all depends on QUZ route man. It’s gonna be rough god damn ride.

    3. Dark


      Good luck. You don’t need it tho, you got the skillz. Looking forward to the video :P

  14. I downloaded it whilst it was free. Completed it once, but couldn’t be arsed to get 100%. It’s probably quite easy, but for me it is was just to slow. It does look incredible though.