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  1. Currently on my way to becoming the all time slowest Silent Hill 2 platinum achiever boys 🤘 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KaKrackle


      Fucking hell!!!!! Now that’s unfortunate. 

    3. Honor_Hand


      lmao xD


      Good luck on SH2 👍


      I gave up on it when I realized I had to do like a hundred playthroughs to get those trophies ;-;

    4. KaKrackle


      It needs 6 playthroughs and one Maria scenario run. I thought it would be a little boring repeatedly going through the game, but tbh it’s not so bad. I basically have done every play through on hard mode to train myself for the 10 star run.

      I reckon I can get it done by the end of next week if I pull some late night sessions 👍

  2. Add Nuclear Throne and Trackmania to your list too, if you want some hard plats.
  3. YeahI agree with what your saying. I played SMB Forever last year at EGX and the whole auto runner idea isn’t selling it to me so far either. We should all Fear the End is Nigh if it ever comes to ps4. Especially if theres full play through, no deaths trophy attatached to it, like on Steam.
  4. Them issues will soon vanish once you get the plat. Then you can repat the whole process again next year when SMB Forever is released.
  5. I bought this day 1 on the gamecube, it was pretty average from what I remember. Its neither epic, or vast.
  6. The 1000 deaths trophy in Strafe was pretty dull. It took me about 14 hours or something.
  7. Well. After a long break I finally managed to get the Trackmania Turbo Plat😁

    Playing it has helped me realise something.....I’m extremely shit at racing games.

  8. I never completed Alex Kidd
  9. Awwwww yeah!!!! Only 8 tracks left to complete for that sweet Trackmania  Turbo plat.

    1. ee28max


      Good luck! :) 

    2. KaKrackle


      Thanks. I will be glad to never see this shit game again once it’s done. 

  10. See you on the leaderboards in that case brother. I can imagine a full Ultra nightmare play through with be considerably harder than a Mein leben run.
  11. Im thinking that Bethesda is gonna continue the mein leben trend in Doom Eternal, by including a full ultra nightmare play through trophy. Bronze grade of course....
  12. Ikaruga is shear hell and really separates the men from the boys. Trust me Theres not many games out there that beat it difficulty wise. But just like SMB (and unlike I am bread, and Nuclear Throne) above all, its fair. It will be under 1% in the future. Trust me. Once all the shmup masters have beaten it, and all thats left are novice players, the rarity will drop.
  13. If you want to feel what true pain feels like Spaz then you should forget about SMB and play Ikaruga instead 😂
  14. Maybe it was that guy who gave Necrodancer a 9.5 difficulty, playing on a different account? That mother fuckers got skills bruh!!!