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  1. Good job I got good already in that case. Cuz I got the plat a few months ago 👍
  2. Sat on the sofa playing Final Fantasy IX, whilst my daughter takes a nap on me....Good times 😁

    1. WhiteDragonAura


      Sounds like a a lasting memory for you. :D

    2. KaKrackle


      I like to think Im educating her haha. 

    3. WhiteDragonAura


      That's one way to make education fun. :lol:

  3. Im Adding Ikaruga to this list. It’s easily the hardest plat of 2018. Trust me.
  4. Well, that’s Mamorukun Curse complete and another great SHMUP plat for my collection 😁

    Its a extremely fun game and I can’t recommend it enough,  but personally I found it to be a little overrated in the difficulty department.

    I would  Probably only give it a difficulty rating of 6.5, and say that it’s a great starting place for those looking to get into STG’s.

  5. Not my rarest, but definitely my favourite 😁
  6. Finally. Someone who agrees with me.
  7. Pretty quiet on here lately....
  8. When you gonna get that Dead Space 2 platinum? I need you to do it so I can steal your strategies when my turn arrives 😁
  9. Mamorukun Curse. I’m playing it right now, and it offers just the right amount of difficulty and frustration 👍
  10. Super meat boy - Impossible boy Trials Fusion - Is there anything you can’t do? Nuclear Throne - Unstoppable I Am Bread - Turophile Ikaruga - Stage 3 S++ ..... and pretty much every trophy in Trackmania Turbo, cuz I well and truly suck at racing games.
  11. You already know what Im about to say DP.... God damn Raiden 4!!!!
  12. Silent Hill. No contest. Im A huge survival horror fan and nothing else on ps1 comes close. Other suggestions would be Dino crisis, Resident evil, and parasite eve.