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  1. Resident Evil Zero, cuz is about as much fun as sticking pins in your eyes.
  2. Just got an A on chapter 2 you need a chain of over 95.
  3. Shout out to whichever dick head thought that the jump in 176 through that pylon was a smart idea 😑
  4. Day 1 purchase for me. Fuck everything else. Ikaruga is all what matters lol. I have been itching to play it again 🀘
  5. Im loving the hype for this game 😁 This is a guaranteed ultra plat.
  6. I think it refers to difficulty, but then I only ever played it single player. So it could be possible to co op them. S++ trophies.
  7. No doubt about it man. Hahaha. No doubt about it man. Hahaha. I was hoping to finish Trackmania this week, but that’s clearly not gonna be happening for a while longer yet.
  8. I have played Ikaruga before. Trust me. This is gonna be one of the hardest plats on PlayStation. Harder than Dariusburst and SMB.
  9. Well excited for the new Trials game!!

    1. Dark


      Me too :)Β 

  10. I beat this game twice Sure this games hard. Im not scared to admit that the arcade primary fire only run pissed me off for a short while. But when you compare it to a few other shmups available, it really not so bad. The Bird of legend trophy in Dariusburst for example, is way harder than anything Sine Mora has to offer if you ask me. And if Ikaruga gets the full steam achievement set when it gets released, then god help us.
  11. I will beat it. I always do, one way or another. I always choke towards the end though. Im an idiot like that haha.
  12. Im struggling with tack 167. As much as I enjoy TMT, the game is shear hell to me lol. I have no chance in ever getting 150 Trackmasters 😭 Never, ever, ever....
  13. Mori is right. The games a bit shit. Buy Fusion instead. Its infinetly better.
  14. Unfortunately not. Its still off by 6 achievers. This is a start at least.
  15. Finally. My trophy list is looking much healthier now 😁 This is great news.