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  1. Mass Effect 2 Platinum. Completed in 6 years, 10 months :-D
  2. You can check on your own via
  3. Hehe no just 100%ed Fortnite :] Maybe give it a shot in the near future again.
  4. Tried it exactly 2 times. First time to 29 (then failed at the Boss-Knight) 2nd try to 33 failed on the Black-Wood-Spinning-Guys . But I need to play a bit Battlefield 1, which I have for 2 weeks now, but never played yet. And here, is my playthrough for people who can't get through the Story or want to learn the enemy pattern. (This is on NG+) A Bastard's Tale | Complete Playthrough | NG+ | PS4 |
  5. Saw it on the Trophy page that you finished the game. Very good buddy. Cheers. Just started the game today and played for a bit (didn't play non-stop) and it's fun, but made a little bit angry a few times
  6. Me ... May take a while ...
  7. Here is the Ingame Trailer. Seems to be from an older (published January 2015) X-Bone console. // Eww, just saw how old this thread is ... feeling like a gravedigger now.
  8. Same problem here.
  9. 1. Borderlands 1 2. Resistance: Fall of Man 3. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion