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  1. it's not 2 regions na and eu stackable but eu is enough for me 30quid and bus sim is coming out when is that trophy list coming out?
  2. nope the devs say they are working on it but dk
  3. thanks dude
  4. looks fun nothing too difficult
  5. sup brothA>> frog

  6. u can create an na account and use it on ur main acc which ever region ur from it dont matter as long as ur na is primary to ur ps4 dude
  7. let me know i it works
  8. it dont matter tbh if we change the date or not its our game once we buy it so we can do whatever we like with it but they should fix this for the price and no plat
  9. yh i dont even get what u meant to do here.
  10. so i did the save 5 different readings with different dates didn't unlock looks like i'm not the only one
  11. muwhwuhuwhwuhwahhahahaaahahahaha
  12. so installed the game and the jump don't even respond wth? i reinstalled the game and still no luck please fix this
  13. why was this thread closed? i think it's a rip off these prices
  14. hahaha it's funny looool