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  1. why does this look like ben 10 lol
  2. awesome
  3. pretty basic like the rest of them nontheless amazing and fun to play
  4. your guide on youtube is horrendous mate too quick to follow i tried and went too quick... how about you actally put a text guide and slow down jeees
  5. i did the clear one didnt get it
  6. so this the only level this seems to be happening anyone got any advice ive tried everything. i lowered the difficulty and it works but when doing it on grounded on this it crashes the app also went past the levels and it works fine but its just this link for the crash However doing this level on survivor or any levels pas descent on grounded is fine wth?
  7. it would gd to have a text option no one has a guide anywhere for the plat i am stuck
  8. fianlly got it the pattern was no jumping luck me
  9. last level is annoying as hell
  10. can you please post more trophies
  11. hopefully a guide is out soon
  12. these games are fun
  13. not this shit again... face palm
  14. ur the man dude thank you got the plat when it was rob the bank
  15. what about twerk?