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  1. try replying the last level or delete the game and install it again worked for me
  2. thank you
  3. it's all solo some trophies were off the new edition only ps3 has it
  5. yes
  6. go in to settings ps4 and press anyone then no one save then back to anyone save should sort it FifeCollege 10 Started conversation: 1 hour ago · Report I managed to get it working by getting a trophy on private, syncing and then Open to all and resyncing all on the ps4, hope it works for you Quote
  7. this what i thought my mates works fine and everyone elses is going down
  8. all off them i haven't changed any settings it was working perfect an hour ago
  9. happened here to looks like other people to got worried
  10. I haven't changed anything and also did this before posting nothing seems like a site issue as it's not only me
  11. thanks bro looks like site issue dk if sly knows
  12. LOOL i was like i got banned or something went into panic mode