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  1. Did not expect to see this game pop up. Expectations arent to high for it. We shall see!!
  2. With DOOM 64 being announced on Switch....think it'll come to ps4???

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    2. Leenewbe
    3. ruffedgz


      well there goes my theory :P

      still dont care about these classics coming to console myself, PC would be a bit different story...

    4. ShonenCat


      I’m like so looking forward to this rerelease 😈

  3. Good. The Trophies have been crazy stupid thanks to king of the hill. Looking forward to getting this platinum
  4. I find it a little weird that Drawn to Death on ps4 will be going offline as well. Both are Jaffe games
  5. I really think Capcom is the worst when it comes to trophies.
  6. I've been working on this trophy for a couple days now. Every time I get close to playing for an hour, I get the blue error screen. My fear is that the trophy popped but I technically didn't get it. Anyone else having issues with Power Hour trophy?
  7. I like
  8. WHAT!?
  9. yuck
  10. Does capcom have a thing for stupid trophies and no platinums?
  11. All bronze no platinum. Didn't expect much coming from the team that did the Megaman collection