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  1. For me this game was a blast. Until now I thought GoT was overhyped, and personally I didn't expected much of it. Sure, Act I was slow and it took me some time, but since Act II until end everything was great. There wasn't game in some time that made my heart race while playing it. I even really enjoyed every sidequest and finding all collectibles. I'm happy that I didn't join hype train, because I'm sure It wouldn't be as fun to play at it was. And about bashing Jin's head from behind? I've felt it was only natural to happen, because Jin wasn't expecting that Ryuzo could do something like that to him. If it fell to you that it takes enjoinment from you then fine, but I don't think a lot of people will have the same opinion as you.
  2. I've got super deluxe edition with steelbook, but now I'm only buying season pass only after nice sale. Way overpriced for something I dont want and need, and I'm not really looking up to that since I only liked like half of the dlc from first season pass.
  3. Aw, bummer, and I wanted to play that since release... :c Good thing I've checked how hard some trophies are, since now this game is on nice sale...
  4. Thank you for answer, this thread is so big so it's hard to search it for something.
  5. Hey @HusKy, I really like your psnp+, I finally don't need to search every time any game I own, I just need to add it to my list. I've got a question - it's even possible to add something like trophy advisor, only for games in lists? I'm curious, because it would be awesome feature.
  6. October Update: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q Q+ R S T U V W X X+ Y Z Z+ Tales of Berseria Start: 16.09.2020 | Finish: 08.10.2020 Dokuro Start: 07.10.2020 | Finish: 21.10.2020 Darksiders Warmastered Edition Start: 13.10.2020 | Finish: 27.10.2020 And this is my final entry to this challenge, because these are my last games. Yay. This event really helped me to finally play games that I endlessly saved for later or didn't dare to touch them for different reasons. I had fun even when I had problems with my broken hand. Because of that I'll probably don't touch my backup games, because they need skills and right now It's mostly impossible for me (and who knows when my hand will be fully functional again). But anyway my games collection shrunk and it's time to buy something on Black Friday
  7. September Update: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q Q+ R S T U V W X X+ Y Z Z+ Batman: Arkham City Start: 22.05.2020 | Finish: 12.09.2020 I finally got my cast off and first thing I did was finishing Batman, lol. Luckily I finished most of my fights before I broke my wrist, because idk how I would get out with it.
  8. Nothing from me this month, my wrist is still healing, maybe I'll be back in September.
  9. Does other games than fps exist? I feel like there is not a lot of other genres this days on ps+ :/
  10. July Update: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q Q+ R S T U V W X X+ Y Z Z+ Erica Start: 08.07.2020 | Finish: 12.07.2020 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Start: 15.07.2020 | Finish: 24.07.2020 Since there are no other games left that will let me play with broken wrist, there is big chance that's it for me for now...
  11. It's now on PSV too. It showed on 24.07 at EU store and I'm not 100% sure, but it's day earlier for US?
  12. So. as pretty unlucky fellow, today (well, actually yesterday), just by lifting one light thing I've broken caphoid bone in my left wrist (my doctor said that my hands are slim even for a female). Since there is no chance that I'll start anything in a near future (I'm happy that I've just finished everything I've played, except for Batman), I'm on hold with this event and I hope that my hand will heal properly 😒
  13. @ArtikSkarab, I've completed Persona 5 in april, but it's not checked as complete. Add it whenever you'll have time
  14. June Update: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q Q+ R S T U V W X X+ Y Z Z+ Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony Start: 02.05.2020 | Finish: 05.06.2020 Moss Start: 05.06.2020 | Finish: 08.06.2020 The Order: 1886 Start: 11.06.2020 | Finish: 11.06.2020 VA-11 Hall-A Start: 15.06.2020 | Finish: 29.06.2020 And there is like 6 months later. When I looked first at my list before start of this event, I was afraid that it will be hard to actually finish it on time, since I didn't know If I'll actually play them. This list was mosty about games that were interesting for me but somehow I couldn't start. Now, when I look at everything, I'm glad I'm participating in this event, because I could finally find motivation and play a lot of nice games. After all this time, I think that I could actually choose more "difficult" or time consuming ones, since even when I played not only games from this list I mostly dedicated myself with this event So there are 6 months and 6 games left, so there is chance that I'll also touch my backup games when I'll finish all of my 29 games.
  15. Ah, something I like, really important plot in some rhythm game *sarcasm* I'm not a bit surprised that this game is having something that will really matter later, since Nomura can't help himself. As much as I love KH franchise (I'm fan since 2005), I'm not really up to play this since mini games tends to be so frustrating... I'll probably check this later, but definitely not on day one and only after big discount. (And why they're using overused 1&2 KH graphics, they're really so lazy bums?)