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  1. So this is my draft - I still don't know if I'll use it for final list because personally I don't have huge backlog. Usually I try to buy games and finish them, so I could play some games before 2020. This list consist mostly of games that I wanted to play, but I wasn't motivated enough, and/or games that I want to buy/borrow in next year. I don't choose game without plat and I prioritize PS4 games over Vita ones, but probably i'll play one game on each platform (since I tend to play on vita when i don't want to turn on PS4). And if some game have version on Vita, I'll probably choose this one. ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission (PS4) Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS4) ChäoS;Child (PSV) Darksiders Warmastered Edition OR Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (PS4) Elden Ring (PS4) (if it will come out in 2020) Frostpunk (PS4) OR Final Fantasy X HD (PSV) God of War (PSV) Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice (PS4) inFAMOUS Second Son (PS4) Judgement (PS4) K ??? √Letter (PSV) Moss (PS4) NG (PSV) The Order: 1886 (PS4) Persona 5 (PS4) Q ??? RiME (PS4) Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (PS4) Tales of Berseria (PS4) Until Dawn (PS4) VA-11 HALL-A (PSV) Word Sudoku by Powgi (PSV) X ??? YOMAWARI (PSV) Z ??? There are some grindy games, so i'll probably exchange them for something else later.
  2. Nah, I don't think so... I've used to use a lot if golden keys and I've tended to use like 100 in one go and weapons could be really terrible, no matter which game. Maybe bad luck?
  3. I know about that trick since i've started to play my first borderlands game and I assume this trick worked since 2nd game. So it's nothing new.
  4. Hey, I've got question about with games starting with symbol, like √Letter? Should I use R for Root (√), L for letter, or it depends on what I want to choose, similar to numbers?
  5. It would be nice that for ps4 would look similiar. I don't really enjoy characters trophies, so I'll don't need to play character I don't like.
  6. well, I always wanted to play the walking dead, but I always found other games or was discouraged by only 100% completion and closing of telltale. I really like this kind of games (I like reading and interactive movies/books are always nice), so I'll play this.
  7. yup, I've started puzzle, but I didn't finished it, and then I started another one.
  8. I really like this idea and I think I'll join (I don't have problem with 100% 20+ games), but I have questions. What about really easy games? Like click few times and you'll get plat (e.g. my name is mayo) and visual novels, that can be finished in 0.5-2h? I ignore that first type exist, but I personally really like vns (but I don't skip them, I read them normally). Do they count? I would find under 2h skip plat really unfair, especially when some people plan to finish grindy games. Btw what about games we'll do in a meantime in 2020? Maybe there could be extra reward for people who did alphabet AND extra games? Because if you have lengthy games and you still could play other games, it can be challenging.
  9. well, when I played, I actually saved few last and trophies normally popped? Maybe I was just lucky one
  10. I would say - check games for vita and if there are games you would like to play then get it. Online shouldn't be closed in some time, and at least for me there isn't a lot of games with online features. I already own vita and 3DS and I'm really mostly playing on psv. There are more games that are interesting for me (I'm not really interested in Marios or Zeldas). That's why I'm not even considering Switch. And you can always use vita as remote play.
  11. I own few physical vita games and i would love to get more, but it's really hard to get vita games in my contry. And getting them from UK (or other parts of EU) costs too much for me to be worth it.
  12. I need to play Origins yet (my friend did and she really liked game), but I really like Odyssey. I'm more ancient Greece fan (Greek mythology is favourite of mine) and I'm greatly enjoying game. It's actually first AC game I'm actually using and enjoying stealth and I'm not even playing assassin character, lol. I think it's really depends from people and which mythology/country they enjoy more, and of they played earlier game before. Since Egypt and its mythology is at 3rd place right after nordic myths, I don't think origins will beat odyssey for me.
  13. Oh, pretty nice list, shouldn't be bad if you don't skip text. One of the hardest can be stepladder vs ladder, because there was shit ton of conversations like that, but otherwise, if you try to do everything, it should come naturally. At least I remember I've got o lot things from trophy list. I'm not really surprised it's one trophy list tho, I've expected that.
  14. Well, it's not just elemental finisher. At first I thought that too, but its 100% not that. You need to use highest spell possible. Normally highest lvl are firaga, thuntaga etc. but with combo finisher, you can use even higher lvl spell, like firaza, waterza. And that's is grand magic.
  15. I'm pretty sure that stats are not up to date and they count games from vita (otherwise I wouldn't have so many plats in vid, I'm supposed to have 45 ps4 plats, right now I have 49 and I've got at least 9 for vita games only). I suppose they take trophies since PS4 release. First game: Driveclub Hours played: 2681 in 50 different games TOP 3: Kingdom Hearts HD1.5 + 2.5 REMIX - 412h Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - 270h Bloodborne - 225h Rarest Trophy: The Speedy Duo (Tales of Zestiria) - 3,026 archievers I'm really surprised that I've played KH that much, I was sure it was a bit less :"D But I've got all plats, and played more than once, so...