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  1. Not only did I finally get the plat today, but it was also on my birthday. So many close calls throughout the weeks but I couldn't be happier! Also its my 100th plat, just to flex a little more For a general tip, if you get stopped by a level on a good run each time. Do that level earlier or even first to practise it. That way you force yourself to play it more. Good luck to anyone else attempting this nightmare.
  2. Huge thanks to @ObsidianPlayzz for helping me with Fae Flayer and Infinity +1 Sword. He's the real deal!
  3. Just checked on the forums, EA has seen your post. A community manager has removed the tags with the reasoning: (<Spam tags removed! Please read and respect the forum rules>). Might I suggest that you guys calm it down a bit? Screaming and demanding that EA fixes this problem is not going to improve our situation at all. I understand that this isn't "fair" but its EA were are talking about. They don't really care about a few angry trophy hunters. Besides, a game from 2012 just isn't a top priority for them. I'll see if I can message the community manager, she might be able to help because she saw the posts. Again I understand were you guys are coming from, a game that you can't complete is never fun but sometimes its just how things are. I think the best approach is still to respectfully ask EA to fix this issue. I personally don't mind waiting a few months
  4. EA is beginning to phase out the multiplayer of this game. They started by removing the ability to start combat missions sometime mid november, making it impossible to recieve the "Job Done" trophy. In the coming weeks / months I expect that everything will be shut down so if you already have this trophy now is your chance to get the remaining mulitplayer trophies. As for the other trophies, TDM is still active as are some other modes so you can still obtain most of the multiplayer stuff. Thanks to @Letenko22 for doing the research.
  5. Of course the week I started playing this game its beginning the proces of phasing out the multiplayer.. talk about timing. I also have a support ticket running but now I know what answer to expect. Thanks for your efforts Letenko
  6. Hey guys, I saw that no one from EA responded to Lijon88's post on the EA Answer HQ forums. I don't think and old game will get much attention on the forums so I've made an support ticket about this problem. I will keep you posted on any developments.
  7. Just checked, I have the same issue. I can find servers for every game mode except combat missions.. Not sure whats happening. The game is old so I'm not excepting any miracle fixes from EA. Be warned If you are looking to start earning trophies for this game. Better to stay of it for now untill it gets fixed (if ever).
  8. Good Question, I honestly don't now because didn't really keep track of how many wins I got. My stats tell me I've played 63 ranked matches (that also includes the matches I've lost). From this I'm guessing you're looking at about 30~40 wins. The connection issue I've had sometimes, rebooting the game worked for me.
  9. Hello, in this post I'll be explaining how to boost sheep rank in ranked V 2.0. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some general stuff: - This boost is best done with 2 people. - If everything goes well this trophy can be achieved in 1~2 days. - This mini-guide is written for ranked v 2.0, so if the devs decide to update the ranked matches again this post will be irrelevent. - I advice chatting in a party with your boosting partner. The premise: This boost involves two people searching for a ranked 1v1 match at the same time, one person has to get to sheep rank first then the other. This is so you don't lose points. When you search you will eventually find someone. Before the match starts you can see the person you going up against, If this person is NOT your boosting partner do the following: 1) Quickly push the PS button and quit the worms application/game. 2) Boot the game up and check your rank and points to see if you lost any progress. 3) Continue to search with your boosting partner. If you find your boosting partner spawn your worms in, and let the person thats not on the winning side surrender. The points: To get to sheep rank you need to go through six ranks, from rank 1 to rank 7. Luckily collecting points became a lot easier in V 2.0, you basically only need 100 points for each rank, you also wil not get demoted to a previous rank for losing matches. You'll get less points for winning a match everytime you promote to the next rank, there's also some bonus points for being on a winning streak. The winning streak bonus takes affect after three consecutive wins. Other Notes: Unfortunatly this games suffers from numerous glitches and bugs that can occur during your boost, several times the game decided to reset my rank after I rebooted it, It didn't strip away some points It just reset me back to a different rank with different points. Strangely enough, nothing like this ever happend to my boosting partner, so I'm not sure how rare this actually is. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thats pretty much It, I hope this helps anyone looking to get this trophy, If there's any other questions don't be affraid to ask them.
  10. Its actually not to bad, you can lose points after you win matches thats true, however you wil never get demoted to a previous rank from losing matches. I actually did get demoted a couple of times but the reason that happened was because the gameservers messed up and lost track of my progress. This never happened to my boosting partner, so I hope it won't happen to you aswell. In any case, If everything goes well, you could knock this out in a day. It all depends on possible hiccups from the gameservers and the luck of finding your boosting partner. Good Luck.
  11. I boosted sheep ranked recently in the new ranked 2.0. A big chance is that sheep rank is no longer the 5th rank, its now the 7th. (There are 10 ranks in total) Getting to the next rank requires 100 points, everytime you win a match you'll recieve some points. There is also a small bonus for being on a winning streak. The points you get for winning games get lower as you go up in the ranks.
  12. So today I found out that its not possible to create a private game or rent a server for this game, then again from what I can tell the MP for this game is pretty dead, meaning there's not that many randoms that can screw things up. Lets say I get a group of people together, would I have a hard time obtaining the MP trophies? I'd love to hear what you guys think.
  13. Judging from your answer I suspect there was no problem with sub-goals until a recent patch in (my guess) december broke it, the only thing we can do now is wait until another patch fixes it. The last patch they rolled out didn't fix anything so I'm hoping the next one will.
  14. I'm not sure about your bug, I haven't gotten that far yet in the campaign. What about the mission: Tank you for the memories? Did you have no problems with the sub-goals, if so when did you last play it? Was it before December 30th 2016? Sub-goals appair to cause a lot disturbence for some people, so maybe I could contact Team 17 about my problem while also mentioning yours. If we keep contacting them it might bring some more attention to this problem. I'll keep you guys posted.
  15. Just noticed the update file yesterday, so hopefully everything is fixed now. I will test this later.