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  1. All trophies must be earned outside of training or vs AI
  2. Have you met the requirements for a trophy to pop yet? This game will not show up on your list until you do pop a trophy.
  3. Fine by me. No harm in just some casual stuff. Since there isn't money on the line or anything, it'd be just so chill sparring I'd imagine.
  4. The only reason I could see using this is if my phone isn't with me and I want to see who is online while at work or something. Aside from that, this website probably won't get much use from me.
  5. Rebuilding your database is a good start. If that doesn't work, then maybe initialize the PS4 again.
  6. This is correct. You get every common, rare, and epic card from four pantheons with the Founder's Pack plus 20 core packs. At least I did when I picked it up a few days ago. Personally, if you're going for the plat and want to skip a decent part of the grind by having decent cards accessible, I'd suggest this. Other Core Sets will be available to purchase individually when the game launches.
  7. Trophies have been popping for me fine. All offline modes are currently glitched and don't work. Stick to online modes and you'll be fine. Patch should go live with the final release tomorrow.
  8. The offline modes have an issue with being stuck on "Waiting for Opponent..." HiRez is aware of this issue and stated it is their top priority to get this fixed. Online modes should work without issue. If you are experiencing a different issue then please provide more detail.
  9. I would like to see this as something of just a starting point and nothing too serious for anyone. Just people who enjoy the game having fun in a casual environment.
  10. I believe that it's more along the lines that only four people play the game enough to feel comfortable in a somewhat competitive environment. That being said, I'd really enjoy having more people participate in this event.
  11. Shadow of the Colossus remake is hands down the most gorgeous game I have played in quite some time. 14GB for this?! Bluepoint has done a damn good job.

  12. Something awfully funny about posting the same thing back to back and talking about lag in the same post. Glad to see others joining.
  13. The colossi in this remake are nothing compared to the PS3 version. Apply yourself and you will get them in time.
  14. Here is your update for plats achieved in January 2018! xZoneHunter Final Fantasy Type-0 HD: 62.3175 points Valkyria Revolution: 90.18 points SMITE: 124.1375 points Score for January: 276.635 points Previous total score: 2545.56 points ---------------------------------------------------+ Total score: 2822.195 points Kent10201 Persona 4: Dancing All Night: 30.73 points Life is Strange: Before the Storm: 25.61 points Dungeon Punks: 91.85 points Parappa the Rapper: 60.51 points Rogue Legacy: 121.3625 points Score for January: 330.0625 points Previous total score: 2226.8525 -----------------------------------------------------+ Total score: 2556.915 Tearraven Black & White Bushido: 4.5525 points 36 Fragments of Midnight (PS4): 4.0225 points 36 Fragments of Midnight (Vita): 5.0675 points Orc Slayer: 3.7475 points Aaero (Original Stack): 92.19 points Monster Jam: Battlegrounds: 11.995 points Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear: 25.86 points Minecraft: Story Mode (PS3): 39.92 points Steins;Gate (PS3): 11.6425 points The Wolf Among Us (PS3): 29.1 points Toy Story Mania: 10.3975 points Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands: 37.02 points Energy Invasion (EU PS4): 5.4625 points Demetrios (NA PS4): 3.47 points Twin Robots (EU PS4): 5.04 points Demetrios (EU PS4): 4.375 points AER: 4.54 points Twin Robots (NA PS4): 4.8225 points LEGO: Jurassic World: 10.795 points Demetrios (NA Vita): 6.7575 points Twin Robots (NA Vita): 6.705 points Energy Invasion (NA Vita): 4.135 points The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS3): 12.3225 points The Walking Dead Season 1 (PS4): 6.6525 points Late Shift: 7.6025 points Energy Invasion (NA PS4): 5.865 points Magus: 4.9125 points Aaero (New Stack): 91.87 points Score for January: 460.8425 points Previous total score: 1691.2825 points ---------------------------------------------------+ Total score: 2152.125 points man_with_wdjat Downwell: 122.6375 points Crash Bandicoot: 85.5 points Raiden V: 121.7375 points Score for January: 329.875 points Previous total score: 1138.0275 points --------------------------------------------------+ Total score: 1467.9025 points LucasV9991 Need for Speed: Most Wanted: 94.22 points Score for January: 94.22 points Previous total score: 567.34 points ----------------------------------------------------+ Total score: 661.56 points ratchetdude231 Score for January: 0 points Previous total score: 378.9325 points ---------------------------------------------------+ Total score: 378.9325 points
  15. I wasn't announcing a win. Was simply stating that I believed we had the points needed for the win and requested a count. There's nothing "shady" or wrong about this. I love how my team put up record shattering points and your response is to not praise but to scold and put down. If you knew we didn't meet the requirement, you could have announced it and we would have wrapped it up in less than the six hours. My team took a well deserved rest after a strong push into wrapping up the finals quickly.