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  1. I absolutely loved Bound.
  2. I'm just happy with a YGO plat finally. Gonna be a milestone for me
  3. Got a free 5-day rental of Doom Eternal. Should be fun.

  4. Looks like EA is taking another break on the series to revamp. Not sure if they will return anytime soon, but hope they stick around as NBA 2K needs competition.
  5. Going to have to hold off on The Outer Worlds for a few weeks due to school. Looking forward to playing it soon though.

  6. I'll throw my name into the Bound hat. It's a great game, doesn't take long, just memorising routes and whatnot. Came with PS+. Not really a better one you could ask for.
  7. Flying out to Las Vegas in a 11 days. Super excited for EVO.

    1. PermaFox


      Wow!  That sounds fantastic!  Are you staying at the Mandalay or somewhere else?

    2. KingGuy420


      Competing or watching?

    3. Tearraven


      @Commander Waffles Staying with a friend

      @KingGuy420 Both

  8. Might be time for Yomawari finally.
  9. Games with the worst UI experience? Go.

    1. BlindMango


      Call of Duty WWII's multiplayer menus - absolutely atrocious lol

  10. Spending time in Seattle has been fun. Actually met someone who recognised the website over my shoulder in a coffee shop and we talked trophies. Even if I'm not much into hunting lately, the community can be quite nice when it wants to be.

    1. kidson2004


      That’s awesome 

    2. Orphioon


      It's easy to fall into a spiral of negativity with any community, sounds nice though, having a bit of a break every now and then from trophies is very healthy, to focus on other life pursuits and hobbies.

  11. Can confirm that World Domination pops after first game on current character even if completed before. Trophy pops at Post Game Summary screen.
  12. Considering your only UR trophies are simple grinds, maybe you should be thankful the list is easier. Any harder and you probably wouldn't have been able to get the plat. Wouldn't have made a difference to us as we still would have had to listen to you whine though.
  13. Ah yes. In stereotypical weeb fashion, the world is split into two parts. "Japan" and "Not Japan"
  14. Yeah.... this has been known for awhile. Showcased on GDQ and more.