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  1. Can confirm that World Domination pops after first game on current character even if completed before. Trophy pops at Post Game Summary screen.
  2. Considering your only UR trophies are simple grinds, maybe you should be thankful the list is easier. Any harder and you probably wouldn't have been able to get the plat. Wouldn't have made a difference to us as we still would have had to listen to you whine though.
  3. Ah yes. In stereotypical weeb fashion, the world is split into two parts. "Japan" and "Not Japan"
  4. Yeah.... this has been known for awhile. Showcased on GDQ and more.
  5. Considering two people got the trophy in the last 24 hours, I doubt it's glitched for everyone. Not sure what could be the issue on your end though.
  6. Hide the game and it shouldn't get flagged.
  7. Added to the main spreadsheet. All counts will be updated accordingly. I've added my first two to the spreadsheet but I'll announce them here. Injustice Series Madden Series The spreadsheet has been updated for those who wish to view it! August Info Updated Here. The top three positions are the same while the other positions have shifted some and have been notated accordingly.
  8. I've been a premium member for awhile and have been IP banned for a bit three separate times. It happens way too easily especially if you are running an event. Currently am right now.
  9. I'll give it a shot. PSN: Tearraven Level: 44
  10. For Browsers Chrome Care Your Eyes Dark Reader Firefox Dark Mode Dark Reader For Smartphones Android OS Blue Light Filter Darker iOS Safari has this built-in I believe, but I could be wrong as I don't own an iPhone or iPad at this point in time. Information that I have found on how to do this can be found Here
  11. Name Plat Gold Silver Bronze Total Plat Count MrUnknown625 24 18 12 4 58 2 Kent10201 0 30 38 24 92 0 Jesaya815 12 30 28 24 94 1 In spite of the two plats, we will be saying goodbye to @MrUnknown625 for this season's CWC and welcoming the last two participants to the final round of THL Season 23 CWC. @Kent and @Jesaya815 are the final two! The round began 32 minutes ago. We will be sharing final score of the season this time tomorrow!
  12. Second Round of CWC finishes in 22 minutes. Please sync your accounts ASAP after that time has elapsed and let us know here when that is done. Good luck
  13. Name Plat Gold Silver Bronze Total Plat Count MrUnknown625 0 12 24 6 42 0 Kent10201 0 18 40 26 84 0 shadowhood1111 12 6 6 10 34 1 Jesaya815 12 30 22 17 81 1 The first round will eliminate @shadowhood1111 Keep pushing forward and we will see more results tomorrow! Good luck!
  14. Please either post here or give rep to show that you are synced. @Jesaya815 @shadowhood1111 @MrUnknown625 @Kent
  15. I've reached out to Lucas, but he has been quite busy lately. Since it's the last fixture, basically whoever you haven't gone against is you are paired with I believe. Apologies for the lack of update but we will get one out as soon as I hear back from him.