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  1. The answer from their support.. LMAO... "We know the crash but deal with it, speedrun the level to not have the crash" really?
  2. I made tickets to team17, not even an answer.. sigh. Also, I've another bug : vol12 (in the prison, once you dig with a shovel, it's in a bag), I tried to get it several times and still it doesn't appear in the bag..
  3. If you can't do the raiden technic, there is a (longer) but safer technic : do the parry as liu kang, with the good timing you can do at least 5 parry per match which is 10 hits (it's through their shield). Finally done with that. Took too long to harass wb support and things.. never again a mk game !
  4. Simplier to anyone with physical version : delete the game, re-install in 1.0, chaos 3 is 900% exp (offline) Farm graveyard world boss with porcelain pipe bomb, takes about 1min to kill him roughly ... +250k exp per minutes.
  5. FYI : The best way to level up is to farm Thieves landing, I've grinded a lot of levels this way, it's much faster than the story mission "kill them all" at fort mercer! (about 2 levels / hours between levels 31-42, only need few levels now to reach 50 but it wouldn't take more than 5h or so...) Farming thieves landing with : - dead eyes : 1 buckle - headshots : 1 buckle - using the same weapon : 1 buckle - on horse : 1 buckle - crafting special ammo every 100 ammos : 1 buckle >> 5 buckles to reset every 1000 kills.. You can also kill them with a bow (headshots) (1 buckle to reset every 100 kills), much faster but only 40 arrows
  6. Have spammed everything I could, (supports, twitters, etc) I think it won't be fixed.
  7. 8/10, as hard as "rogue legacy" tbh, but still manageable.
  8. Thanks, it requieres a "high" rank though because of "special ammos" and his skills are all requiering at least lvl 28+, I was thinking about this method once I reach the good rank
  9. Anyone got an answer from Mortal Kombat community managers on twitter etc? or even PSN staff? If WB games doesn't know, maybe the editors/devs do?
  10. Thanks for your answer! I've tried to play "series" (big matches), but there are often players lvl 100/200/300 rolling over everyone (4 skills unlocked, better skills, skills lvl 3, cores lvl 10 each, weapons upgraded to the max, etc) ... so it's almost impossible to be 1st, the most affordable game mode is the horse race, all you need is a good horse (which can be bought lvl 1 if you have gold nuggets), but it provides only 200xp.. also being 1st in an event gives between 300 and 400xp, which is almost impossible, I think it's too late to grind in these events as there are too much high levels in online now, this way would be possible and efficient the first days PS : Hard to enjoy pvp when high levels one shot you while you need at least 4-5 bullets to kill someone (it might be a good way once lvl 50 reached as you unlock more weapons/customized weapons/skills unlocked and lvl 3 if you got enough money), for now I'm only lvl 23 @Arcesius : thanks for your answer! I heard some buckles could be reseted but for now I couldn't, maybe it's only about fishes buckles, I'll try these! thanks I'll also try your routine farming method at manor! it might be a good way if ennemies spawn during the routine, it's the same method than fort mercer but without the requierments of being 2 to launch the mission + loading times during each missions!
  11. Howdy partners' Could anyone tell me what would be the most efficient way to get level 50 in few efforts/time ? I'm using the technic at Fort Mercer, but it takes way too long to get a rank.. Thanks for sharing your methods
  12. I've been reporting this already, also i've opened an issue here : You can also open a request too . Also, i've contacted wbgames support on twitter : @WBGamesSupport "Hello, there is no "invasion events" on Mortal Kombat X (PS4) since 24th july, it used to be every 3-4 days, could you check if something happened? cheers" Their answer : "Thank you for your report! I have submitted a bug report to the game team on your behalf so that they can ensure Invasion Events in MKX are working as intended." Now wait and see..
  13. Seems like there is no invasion since 24th july 19, the platinum might not be possible now.
  14. Didnt see the invasion since 2 weeks, is it over for good or what?
  15. 1. 2 years after the ps4 release, they released it on many supports since. Also there were some updates since release, bringing events, items and stuff, it's not like if they were away since the release. 2. They haven't a p2w cashshop, neither a real cashshop (except 2-3 skins) So why the hell should they release a content DLC (which is tbh great, the rift are funs, the new stuff is interesting, there are new features/blocks, etc) for free?10 bucks for this DLC is more legit than 10 bucks for many of other games DLC (FFXV, AC, etc) Your arguments are invalids. (still it's up to you, but you're so wrong criticizing this game because they release a DLC with real content for 10 bucks while there are many other games with p2win cash shop and paid DLC every months, at the same prices and not bringing much content..)