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  1. That's wrong on so many points, every enemies can be OS if you have a decent build (except the world bosses), there is no such thing as "bullet sponge enemies", melees aren't better than ranged, it's just a matter of builds and stuff, it takes 5minutes to find the informations of the best builds (if you can't create your own and theorycraft) For those who don't know, unyielded + junkie (or bloodied) builds are overpowered. Even more since secret service suit got released, you can basically be always invisible and deal tons of damage. Once more : if you can't grind fallout76 solo and build an overpowered build by lvl100, it's not because of the game, it's your lack of knowledge about this game, nothing more, nothing less.
  2. The game is "hard" only if you don't read perks, make a coherent build and run towards ennemies screaming YOLO. The game was easy at the beta and is even easier now, I'm playing melee, before wastlanders I played with 150 attk and used X01 armor but now I'm at 1500 attk (I often hit at 2k per hit and even 4k with critical) and about 450/400 defense right now (without X01, Powered armor are so useless now) and my build ain't even finished, I'll prolly reach 500-550 defense once my build will be finished with the right perks. Just play bloodied or junky and u'll roll over the game, especially with the new armors (secret service armors) TLDR : The game is hard if you play no-brain but is a cake if you take few minutes to think about a decent build with the good perks
  3. You can get reputation trophies by dailies, it doesn't have to do with who you chose for the raid. But you have to do 2 runs for the trophies "a golden future" and "go for the gold". It's a shame, I would rather avoiding that even if the game became very enjoyable/fun
  4. I wish they didn't add trophies, now i'll have to go back in this game just for these, sigh, hope the game isn't as bad as it was the first year. Trophies don't look hard though
  5. I didn't like the part with these "fate ghosts", it's non-sense, plus the last chapter... they change the timeline so everything happening after midgar in FF7 and FF7AC don't exist? no way. Also, the fact we already beat the "emerald weapon" and "rubis weapon" in chapter 18 is meh....why... And the last chapter reminds me too much kingdom hearts, it's like if they copied KH level design.
  6. You can do both but as the first chapters are mostly the easiest, it's better to start from chapter 1 to get more manuscrits
  7. Well, once you get the game mechanics and understand that 80% of the materias are useless, you can grind hard mode pretty easily, i'm at chapter 14 for now and I never went below 75% of my MP, even more I didn't spend any MP on some. Just missed 1 manuscrit so far (chapter 9) but I bet it's related to whom give you the quests (M or Sam) so you can't get every manuscrit without 2 runs (and i'm pissed, I did already 4 runs of this chapter for the dresses... I think i'll just ignore it.) VR last matches should be easier by now, i'll figure it at chapter 17!
  8. Yep should be easier once I finish at least 10 chapters in hard mode to get manuscrits + the another "elemental" materia + I'll farm 2 othre "chain bangles"
  9. Damn that's one of the 3 last trophy I didn't get... thanks for the tips, it's a game changer I definitly need it!
  10. Wait you found 2 elemental materias? I got only one so far I'll try this kind of setup, thanks, also you got a lot of HP UP materias, I reach almost 9k HP with only one, is 4 materias really helpful? (i guess we can't go further than 9999) The problem with "her" isn't her damage, it's the fact she heals herself and I don't deal much dmg to her ahah but i'll try again after finishing hard run to get more manuscrits!
  11. Can't wait videos for the setup of the last VR matches, even the first is causing me hard time because she heals herself so fast.
  12. Thanks i'll try these 2 runs and see if it unlocks everything! I really dislike this trophy though, redoing the 3 same chapters in a raw is a pain
  13. I'm almost done with every trophies except 2-3, these questions are for you @Archavia : Thanks in advance
  14. Well I went too far in my previous save, barret asks me if I want to climb the wall if I approach the wall, I see the letter on the floor but can't pick it ahah i'll redo the ch14 thanks!
  15. Just noticed a trophy I don't have yet and no clue how to get "divine gratitude : get a letter from an angel" what's that?