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  1. Well I was hesitating to buy the season pass, but you guys convinced me not to lol The game wasn't bad compared to BL3 but I agree it's lazy af... these shouldn't be DLC, I don't like games releasing DLC few weeks after the release, it means it was made long time ago and only made to milk players. Gonna wait for a discount ... I'm also afraid of a season pass 2 like they did with BL3, wtf.
  2. It's also a good way to farm books (a bit useless once endgame reached but still)
  3. The best faith is by far the "Ngunesis of Misery" for 2 reasons : - Auto MP recovery +3 - Abn. State Res. +1 Might not be the best at start but in endgame, it's the best, it basically halves every abn. stat and if you use it with the passive skill "abn. stat. res" you're immune to any abnormal state. As endgame bosses are using them a lot (especially the 3 lasts bosses), you're gonna cheese them with that. Also, go for EVA as much as you can, once you reached 750/800 EVA (ain't hard) you're gonna be untouchable, I did every fights in automode like that, with 5 ninja/tamers
  4. How could you even know lol, the game was released 40min ago, nobody finished the game yet (even if I saw some ppl with 91% completion, wtf) and as I said, it seems like lvl30 isn't the maximum lvl because of the 4* rank mastery title (once you're lvl 30 you see only 1 star, I guess we can go further and get 4*, that's why we didn't get the trophy, my bet is we unlock further in the game the ability to increase our rank to 2*, 3* and 4*) Also, it was faster on trial because it requiered only 30 anima shards to get 1 lvl from scratch, now it's 50 on full version, seems like it was easier/faster to train jobs on trial version. But anyway, I guess w'll unlock more anima shards at the end of the game. But still, it seemed usefull to grind it in trial, w'll see in endgame how it went.
  5. The trophy list seems extremly easy but a lot of grind! I've maxxed every jobs to lvl30 on demo, which is around 30h of playing, but it's only the 1* star rank, from the trophy description it seems we have 4* to do. Also we couldn't unlock every jobs so I guess we have like 30jobs to do Sounds fun ngl, it's like a dark souls but a lot more dynamic and gameplay seems less old than DS games
  6. As titled, this quest is bugged for some people from what i've read on reddit, does anyone know if there is a way to get it (a fix or workaround?) The quest has 4 questions and the last one is bugged, we can't answer it (the nickname of driggol). It gives the collectible "Villedor Newscast 4" (Or, does anyone could invite me ingame to get it? I tried to join several sessions without being able to make the host going for the quest, it would be awesome.)
  7. My whole game advancement rollbacked while I was trying to join random sessions to get the last missing audio file. I'm back to the VNC tower quest, with almost every sub quests to redo (ofc not the only one I needed) Glad I finished the game before it happened... gosh it's awefull lol. Ultramarathon and One audio file left to get the platinum but it's a pain at this point.
  8. Well my save is messed up too, as I can't finish the quest "quizz : person of interests" (the 4th answer doesn't work, it's a known bug if we assignated the area to survivors instead of peacekeepers) Tried to join many sessions of random players to do this quest but they never had it or already did or didn't want to teleport on the NPC to do it... sigh it's my only one audio tape remaining..
  9. Easy list, only 1 missable trophy, it's all good.
  10. Right it worked, thanks Well seems like only story trophies are bugged for me lol, hope I didn't mess with collectables ! the game is awesome but the bugs huuugh
  11. Got 4 trophies which didn't pop for me yet : - First shot (story) - Herzlich Wilkommen! (story) - Debris and ashes (story) - Tickets please! (use metro for the first time) I mean.. seriously lol. Can't wait NG+...
  12. Same for me, for once it's a "nice glitch", not like the 2 story trophies that didn't unlock, forcing me to do a new game ...
  13. Meh.. I did 100% 2 years ago and now i'll have to go back ingame with 13 dlc to do? it's gonna be hard, was hopping they wouldn't do that..
  14. As they won't ever fix trophies for the DLC, couldn't psnprofile staff remove them from their website? it would be nice though
  15. I've already played Micromon (the first one), Nexomon and Nexomon Extinction, great saga, but once you play Extinction it feels weird to play "original" nexomon cause it lacks features. The game is so badly translated in my language (french), meh. Also fun fact I didn't notice in my first run on android : you can catch several times the legendaries (like fona, got 2 for now.. one caught in netherworld, the other one in normal world) For all locations : - - Great game and easy, almost done with only 17h on my playthrough